Nolan to Interview a College Coach

Matt Maiocco is reporting that head coach Mike Nolan will interview a college coach in Indianapolis on Monday. The name of the coach is unknown at this time and not sure if the interview is for the OC position or one of the other positions that would open up if the OC is hired from current staff.

Jim Hostler (QB Coach) and Pete Hoener (TE Coach) still appear to be the frontrunners.


~ by 49ersNews on February 25, 2007.

20 Responses to “Nolan to Interview a College Coach”

  1. it might just be a quarterback coach or tightend coach to replace one of the front runner.

  2. if they hire jim hostler as offensive cordinator i hope they look into norte dames quarterbacks coach.

  3. Maybe OC from BYU Robert Anae? He had one of the top offenses in college football.

  4. dwayne jarrett didnt particapate in the combine today because of a hamstring injury.

  5. He is such a waste…he is going to either be Keyshawn Johnson or Mike Williams…either way neither lived up to the hype….a theme that seems to be all too common with USC players (outside of Reggie Bush).

  6. Ohhh and by the way….I just read an article on the website…we HAVE TO spend at least 85 % of our cap money this offseason or be forced to spend it on our existing players that we have on the roster already. SO, hope the organization doesn’t think they can be CHEAP this offseason by bowing out on the talent.

  7. thats been out for a couple days.nolan said he only wants to spend half on free agentcy and another part on gore-since he wants a new contract and on draft picks.even though we are still going to spend some money the 49ers dont want to blow the whole load on free agentcy.

  8. fred smoot might get cut.

  9. defensive tackle demarcus (tank) tyler 6-2 305 pounds just benched 42xs

  10. why pay gore more money now? he is still in contract, and after that he’ll be a restricted fa.

  11. Because then his agent won’t be able to convince him that the niners are the devil…he has had a talent for that in the past. Gore would see that we are committed to him and no one else…we WANT him to stick around…so let’s pay our best offensive threat.

  12. 1,695 yards…. 5.4 yds per carry….. 15 carries of 20 or more yards….. the starting tailback in this years probowl…..broke all niner rushing records….. Thats why you pay Gore now.

  13. i remember hearing this from some one else in a diffrent 49ers chat room,get leonard davis as a guard because nolan likes maulers and trade smiley for a second round pick and trade up and get calvin johnson.what do you guys think.

  14. a second round pic would not get us anywhere close to cj. i saw somewhere that it would take 7 of our pics to get in the top 3. not worth one player. nolan will not be stupid like ditka and give a whole draft class for one player. thats a posible 7 starters. realisticly about 3or 4 starters for 1 wr. no deal homie. hopefully jamaal anderson is still there when we draft, i think he’s the most talented defensive player in the draft. a guy that big and that fast that gets crazy numbers like this guy? with him we can have a sick DE or LB wherever they wanna use him

  15. 7 picks for #3 overall? *rofl*
    the browns won the #3 spot. so if nolan and mccoughlin try to get cj, they have to trade picks with them. #3 is worth 2200, #11 1250. 950 to go. our round 1 pick next year and a 3rd or 4rth rounder this year could do it.

    i wouldn’t do it, but it’s entirely possibel.

  16. I would never do it because historically 90% of the receivers taken in the first round were BIG TIME BUSTS….STOP TALKING ABOUT DWAYNE Jarrett…if we draft him then we might as well put Vernon Davis out to receiver because Dwayne Jarrett is an extremely slow receiver…he runs a 4.78. Yeah, he is tall and has good hands, but can’t separate at ALL!!! If we HAD TO go after a receiver I take Ginn because at least he can return kicks…which we need…or trade up and take Bowe because I GUARANTEE YOU THAT BOTH WILL MAKE A BIGGER IMPACT in the NFL.

  17. We aren’t going to take a receiver with our first pick…it just isn’t going to happen. There are TOO MANY players that Nolan wants (and is in a good position to get) on the defensive side of the ball. We would be EXTREMELY FOOLISH to trade up in this draft at all. We need to the picks because it is a DEEP draft.

  18. I read in the Sacramento paper that he has made inquiries about 50 outside candidates and has narrowed the list to like 10…

  19. watch this video. ted ginn rapes them !!!

  20. who is this coach?hopefully it’s someone from Notre Dame……cough..cough..charlie weis…..that would be a long shot,but remeber he was offensive coordinator for the pats when they went to the superbowl.

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