Sammy Davis Cut

sammydavis.jpgThe 49ers cut Sammy Davis today, freeing up 1 million in doing so. With the release of the Candy Man the 49ers are now approximately $38.2 million under the salary cap. Which doesn’t account for the contracts for Moran Norris and Bryant Young. Young’s deal should be finalized by Thursday.

Also the 49ers released cornerback Donald Strickland, which was a formality to him being placed on injured reserve/minor at the end of last season. It was required that they release him before they can re-sign him. Strickland is expected to re-sign with the 49ers this week.

Source: [Matt Maiocco]


~ by 49ersNews on February 26, 2007.

31 Responses to “Sammy Davis Cut”

  1. Another cut and more cap money. Now, I am waiting to see what Nolan is going to do with it. Keep B.Y. he is good for the team young players. Get some good solid players from the free agents.

  2. i just seen it on nfl net.cullen jenkins defensive end of the packs just signed a 4 year deal along with chris kelsay of the bills and holles thomas of the saints.

  3. Nate Clements here we come

  4. i have a gut feeling that if landry or leon hall falls to us , one of them will be our man over carriker,branch.and im happy that sammy davis got seems kind of funny that sammy got cut right after we interviewed michigans c.b. leon hall. someone said that strickland would be cut before next year and he was right

  5. eddie…landry and hall would never be chosen over Branch if he is there. If the 49ers did that, I’d blow up the blog and never watch football again.

  6. has anyone else read that turner is looking to 49ers quarterback coaches jim hostler or assistant quarter back coach pep hamilton as chargers offensive cordinator.IM NOT (JERRYS KID) AS SOMEONE ELSE USED EARLER.

  7. Steinbach…D.Bly,,,K.Hamlin,,,A.Thomas…….could get Micheal Bush HB = Steal n the 3rd…. if wasnt hurt could have been 1st or early 2nd round pick…..Gore part 2

  8. Yeah….to Brandon…when I read the article about Landry and he said that Lott was the player he most wanted to emulate. It hit a very sensitive spot in my heart. We need a player like that on this team again. Landry…please come to the niners.

  9. We need Branch 2 feel up dat middle….then would come a better pass rush… tyme for catz to roam an make playz

  10. just remember anything is posable.i would love to have branch and carriker over landry and hall.a few mock drafts have us getting hall too.


  12. and at donnleys mock draft,dietzlersmock draft and krows mockdraft all have us getting leon hall so any thing is posable.

  13. I love that comment erickson…i would quit watching football as well…i also would be pissed if they picked hall over landry or nelson…we need to shore up the dl…i would take branch, adams, anderson, carriker and okoye over hall….we could get somebody like merriweather or eric wright in the second or trade up to a late first and get aaron ross but thats pushing it…they are not signing BY for one more year to teach rookies either they are signing because he can still play they have coaches to coach

  14. I’m still sticking to my Landry. Through thick and thin.
    The only guy even close to him (in terms of me, personally, wanting) is Amobi Okoye.
    Branch reminds me too much of last year’s Bunkley.
    And I most definately want that.

  15. Don’t want that, that is.

  16. Sammy Davis is up out of there baby,Damn I got a feeling this is going to be a good year for the 49ers, GO NINERS!

  17. Addition through subtraction.

    fuck Sammy Davis. the next season cant come any sooner

  18. Kerney the DE from the Falcons is now a free agent now and at only 30 years old I hope the Niners consider signing him because he has 5 good years left, sign him and A. Thomas and we are good to go with a first round DB. Nelson,Landry, Hall. Either one would be good to me. 1 game away from the division champs and playoffs, next season A PLAYOFF CONTENDER. GO NINERS!!!!

  19. I also really hate having a player where, any time he is substituted in, the camera zooms in on him, the announcers go “Sammy Davis is in, look for ____ to target him”, and the opposing QB jizzes his pants and throws at the WR Davis is covering even if he’s open or not. I didn’t think he could be this bad, but he is. Jesus Christ.

    Hell Yeah. He’s gone 😀

  20. Kerney has played in the 4-3 his whole career, he has talent but i dont know if he would fit.

  21. LOL at just the picture!!!!

  22. I know this is a little far fetched but with 38mill lets dream a little.If we can get A.T., Nate Clements, and possibly Keith Hamlin then we should select Okoye. What better person to select for Bryant Young to mentor for a year or two. As far as the o-line I would rather have that guy Steinberg from the Bengals over Davis. Something tells me he will not be worth the money. Oh Yeah if we can’t get Hamlin then select Landry or Hall and try to get Ian Scott for the D-line.

  23. Ecxuse me I meant Steinbach from Cincy!!

  24. I know one thing. We need a damn solid #2 WR. Arnaz Battles is improving but not there yet and very inconsistent and we need to spread the offense and then Gore could really have his way, i’m talking about 2,000 yard season. Feel me? i know we are all talking about defense but lets not forget that when V. Davis went down for 5 games that took away our deep threat and A.Bryant numbers dropped so it’s important to have a speedy guy with good hands through the draft or free agency. Get rid of #84 because he is speed with no knowledge at wr position. He is less than #3 wr. Damn I even forgot his name.

  25. May Robert Meachem or Paul Williams from Fresno State. Alex Smith numbers would improve.

  26. #84 is bryan gilmore they will keep him because he is a good special teams player

  27. I doubt robert meachem, he is like #2 wide reciever behind calvin johnson.

  28. I don’t see how bryan gilmore is good on special teams because he doesn’t do anything special. Maurice Hicks is a KR Pro Bowl caliber player. It’s nice that 49ers kept him around to keep improving himself.

  29. yeah gilmore freakin sucks balls!!!!!!!!

  30. Gilmore needs to do more like leave. What are our chances on getting Stallworth ? since we are focusing on the defensive side of the ball. I mean don’t get me wrong defense win championships. However I would like to see some flash at that wr position other than the niner helmet.

  31. there is a god!

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