Thomas and 49ers: A Deal in Place? is reporting this so it is merely a rumor/speculation. Of course if there are any truths to it, I believe it would be considered tampering. Of course both sides can deny it until Thursday at 9:01pm PST. So take it for what it’s worth.

An industry source tells us that Ravens linebacker Adalius Thomas already has a deal in place with the San Francisco 49ers.

Thomas and Niners coach Mike Nolan were together in Baltimore, when Nolan was on Brian Billick’s staff.

On Sunday, Thomas admitted that the Ravens “don’t have the money” to re-sign him.


~ by 49ersNews on February 26, 2007.

37 Responses to “Thomas and 49ers: A Deal in Place?”

  1. I kinda figured something might get worked out a little early. I hope they sign him. A pass rush is a must need.

  2. mike nolan said he would like too sign some free agents early in his press conf. .the lions are looking to trade james hall what do you guys think .

  3. do you guys think we should trade to get him?kwame harris! ye right that and a 3rd round pick.

  4. Man-O-Man this is lovely. Let us not forget what the Rams did last year signing Glover before free agency even started, and nothing happened to them. Man if he is already locked up then we can really persue Nasty Nate Clements and Leonard Davis.

  5. i wouldnt be surprised if they did sign leonard davis already too.hhhehehehe.


  7. there is AAALOT of talent this year.specially at the wide receivers,corners,safties and defensive lineman this year.

  8. Hey Craig, remember not too many, if any teams, can out bid SF since we have the most cap room. And with the relationship that Nolan has with Thomas it just makes sense to me. Besides, are we forgetting what team we’re talking about…the Niners Baby!!

  9. i wish we knew who we interviewed from the college ranks.even if he was signed a.thomas already, they would denied it until mach 2nd or 3rd.i wouldnt mind having james hall as a de for a third round pick.i wonder if keith traylor from the dolphins is going to retire he is a free agent this year and he is over 30,the niners like them over 30 any way.

  10. Craig…take that crap somewhere else. The equation is pretty simple…NO ONE HAS THE MONEY WE DO…we are going to pay him and he is going to get to lead his own defense (get out of Ray Lewis’s shadow) and go back to his mentor. I’m not saying we are the ONLY option, but if you think that it would be unheard of for Adalius to sign early then you just aren’t paying attention.

  11. Nicely said…..Ryn

  12. nicely said ……..jerry ……………..Ryn

  13. I have a rock solid boner from this topic. I think I need to release the tension built up in my urethra now, bye. Oh yeah GOOOOOO 9ERS.

  14. beefy__boner,tank.l.jones and jerry kid,are all the same person.another geek hiding behind a keyboard .that gets his ass kicked buy his parents for jerking of to the computer and star track/star wars videos and now niner sites.

  15. LEROY – In Matt Maiocco’s blog today he said Nolan left Indy w/o talking to the college-coash-to-be-named-later. Said that party would have to come out to Santa Clara to talk to Nolan.

  16. Craig- Don’t forget about the Edge last year he saw the $ and did’nt have to look elsewhere. Nolan is pulling it all together.AMEN!!!

  17. listen, craig is right. This is a fake. NFL rules state that teams can’t create a deal with a free agent before free agency begins. This is truly against the rules. There may be some strong feelings coming from Adalius saying that he WANTS to get a deal done as soon as free agency starts BUT they have not come up with a deal b/c it is against NFL rules to do so at this time. This article is fake do not believe it.

    -49er for life

  18. Tampering happens all the time.. it’s all about who gets away with it and who doesn’t. I’m not saying the article is true, just saying that if it is, then the 49ers didn’t get away with it.

  19. maybe the niners have a deal waiting for him and he is waiting until march 3rd to sign it.its all rumars/speculation,it said in the post.

  20. This is AMERICA…if you REALLY believe that EVERYONE plays by the rules with this stuff then you aren’t paying attention…now I don’t want to jinx the niners, but this type of stuff doesn’t just appear out of thin air on pro ADALIUS….KNOW THE DARK SIDE OF THE FORCE AND JOIN US!!!!

  21. Norv Turner is a fake ass bitch wanna be head coach….

  22. so is jerry jones

  23. is just taking advantage of the fact that the niners are the frontrunner for A.T……Then when he does sign with us (crossing my fingers) they can take the credit for it.

  24. That is actually a great possible explanation…..

  25. Craig is a loser and always will be

  26. We ain’t the only ones with alot of cap space. We’ve lost-out on several players the last two years. Despite that we are still moving ahead…… Don’t forget – we have eight picks the first day of the draft!! That’s huge! Those guys don’t cost alot of money, and some of them will be with the team for a long time! The same things can not be said about free agents. Gaining free agents is great, but it ain’t the end of the world if we don’t get all the ones we want….P.S. – Blow me!

  27. In other FA news….from Adam Shefter

    San Francisco has two factors that are going to be awfully enticing for free-agent offensive tackle Leonard Davis.

    For starters, the 49ers have more salary-cap room than any team in the league — close to $40 million.

    And second, the 49ers offensive line coach is George Warhop, the former Cardinals offensive line coach who drafted and tutored Davis during his time in Arizona.

    Those two factors could make the 49ers the favorite to land Davis.

    But Dallas and Washington also will be interested.

  28. i wonder if melvin oliver is going to be better this year.he has a year under his belt and they say it takes a defensive lineman a year to develope.

  29. Melvin Oliver is the real deal. He was also a steal of-a-deal. He is going to get better and better. Mark my words “49er Nut.”

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