Lee, Hicks, and Wragge Tendered

The San Francisco 49ers announced Tuesday that they have tendered contract offers to restricted free agents P Andy Lee, and RB Maurice Hicks as well as exclusive rights free agent G Tony Wragge.


~ by 49ersNews on February 27, 2007.

16 Responses to “Lee, Hicks, and Wragge Tendered”

  1. m.hicks signs with another team no draft pick.andy lee was one of the best punters this past year.and tony wraggedid a decent,was a good back up and only we can sign him unless we trade him.hope we can keep them all.

  2. Wragge is a stud! They got him for nothing. Just gooood scouting! I was at the game in Seattle when he took over for Heitmann. They took control with him in there!!! Bravo ‘Niners!!! There are alot of 6th and 7th round guys playing these days. Also guys that don’t get drafted are making the teams more and more. You’ve got to have good scouting, and good coaching. Warhop has ‘Cowboy’ smarts. Just ask Larry A…. When you pay mega millions for one guy, and then he gets hurt or declines in ability, you look like a schmuck if you’re the G.M. Free agents are risks! They are not for certain. We’ve got to be careful with the bank. We blew-it once before. Don’t forget!……..P.S. Blow Me!

  3. I say keep them all as well unless we get a substantial offer in return (good draft choices). All of these players are necessary on our team and work hard….why not keep them around?

  4. there is going to be alot of first round talent fall to the second and third round this year.because there is a lot of dept at a lot of positions mostly at defensive end, safties,corners.the only place i dont see a lot of dept is at the offensive and defensive lineman,linebackers,quarterbacks.i hope we get some good rookie free agents after the draft.hopefully we can trade some of our third and forth round picks to move up in second round for good players too.

  5. What the fuck, Baas didnt see one play this whole year. NOT ONE? Can someone please talk to me and tell me why he didnt see any action when allen went out, o yeah i think nolan said something like we are gonna keep him on 2nd center so we can be consistant. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED WHEN HEITMAN WAS OUT..WRAGGE CAME IN, why not BAAS?? Anyone got answers for me????
    J.Jennings Larry Allen Heitmann Steinbach L. Davis
    Snyder Wragge Baas Wragge Snyder
    Thats a fucking all star line and back up…Gore is gonna break record next year if he gets that line and has depth like that, o and if he doesnt get himself injured.

  6. you do know kwame is actually better than snyder at RT right.

  7. Wragge moved ahead of Baas ‘according’ to Nolan. There is 3 Off.-lineman we got from Europe. They all made the team. They are all huge, athletic, and don’t cost shit.

  8. I’m not sure about Hicks, I would like to see someone else back there when Gore gets a breather.

  9. Scott…. u 4got Smiley RG STARTER….Smiley is good and aint going no where……..WE wont get both Steinbach an Davis……… one of them will be at RT if they sign………. LT Jennings, LG Allen, C Heitmann, RG Smiley,RT Steinbach or Davis…..

  10. Corey…. Feel u on that, i dont want Hicks to be the main backup 4 Gore…would like to get Michael Bush if he falls to the 3rd round

  11. we got mike robinson as a back up,but he is only a short yardage back,i feel durring the dever game they should have used robinson to see how good he realy is.but they wanted gore to break the record at the time.i think we need a good back up too.

  12. denver game….i ment

  13. well,if we need a back-up runningback,we should go with darius walker from Notre Dame.he should fall into the second or third round.can catch and run.pretty fast too.if we can’t get jamal lewis from the ravens.

  14. then we could use robinson as a running back/last minute quarterback.

  15. for some weird and unusual reason…I doubt we even use a pick on a running back in the draft. I think Nolan is going to wait and see what happens to Hicks as well if Robinson is going to develop into what he thought he could.

  16. WEST I hear you man and i agreee i guess im just looking at the best chance of gore breaking the record and plus there are a few saying smiley could get traded.

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