Maiocco: Draft Guessing

Here is Matt Maiocco’s percentage on what the 49ers might do with the number 11 pick.

Standing pat at No. 11: 79 percent

Trading up: 12 percent

Trading back: 9 percent

And the 49ers’ first selection in the 2007 draft will be –

DE Adam Carriker 23 percent (Has great size and seems to be ideal fit for a 3-4 defense).

S LaRon Landry 19 percent (He’s better than his brother, who was an all-rookie selection at the same position for the Ravens).

LB Patrick Willis 12 percent (Would bring the kind of speed the 49ers currently lack at this spot).

WR Ted Ginn 7 percent (Fantastic speed but does not have the kind of physique the 49ers are seeking).

DT Alan Branch 6 percent (The 49ers might be drooling over him, but they’d probably have to trade up to have any shot).

DT Amobi Okoye 6 percent (Like Anthony Adams, is probably better-suited to play in a 4-3).

DE Jamal Anderson 5 percent (Has a chance to be a hybrid DE/OLB, but likely will already be chosen).

OT Levi Brown 5 percent (He’s the second-best offensive lineman in the draft and would certainly be tempting if he makes it this far).

WR Dwayne Bowe 4 percent (He’s a big target, but he would most likely end up with 49ers only if team trades back).

CB Darrelle Revis 4 percent (He becomes more tempting at No. 11 if 49ers don’t land a corner in free agency).

DE Gaines Adams 2 percent (The best D-lineman in the draft will probably be long gone).

CB Leon Hall 2 percent (See Revis).

CB Daymeion Hughes 2 percent (See Revis and Hall).

WR Dwayne Jarrett .01 percent (I only put him in here because people might have thought I forgot about him; there are questions whether he can get separation at the next level).

Other: 2.99 percent (Just covering my butt for the outside possibility the 49ers might surprise me and draft someone like Reggie Nelson or pool together all their picks to get Calvin Johnson).


~ by 49ersNews on February 27, 2007.

35 Responses to “Maiocco: Draft Guessing”

  1. Thank you for the comment about Dwayne Jarrett. Hands and size are one thing, but if isn’t physical enough and can’t seperate then who cares…this would be a waste of our pick. BUST BUST BUST BUST!!!

  2. to early still ,we still have 2 months to first round picks are carriker,landry,branch and meachem . dwayne jarrett or steve smith in the second.

  3. i will wait until free agentcy to see what are needs are.a true 49ers nut is right about being to early.if it was up to me i would trade down and get more picks. for a first and a extra second for our first round pick.

  4. I’m not overly educated on exactly how good each are, but doesn’t this depend on who we sign during free agency? And from what I’ve been hearing on NFL network and ESPN, will Adam Carriker still be available by pick #11? Or will we need to move up? We have the extra picks in the later rounds, don’t we?

  5. Honestly, pooling up all our picks for Johnson is not Nolan´s style. They way I see it we´re going to stick with eleven and package our 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounders to get a late first rounder. Landry willbe an option if we cant get Clements. Same deal with Willis, hge´ll be an option if we dont sign Adalius. To me Carriker is the best fit (assuming we land Thomas and Clements).

  6. does demarkus(the tank)tyler fit into our defensive system?he was the strongest at the bench pressing at 44xs but they said he only benched 42xs because he didnt bring the bar all the way up 2xs.and does patrick willis fit into our 3-4 systeme since his weight is at 234 pounds?isnt that to small for a 3-4 middle linebacker?

  7. TIMMY….Bench 44thats nice but… We got some1 just like da TANK already….Issac Sponga.. something like dat… remember set da record last year…. how is he doin….NO TANK PLEASE

  8. what do the 49ers have, 6-8 picks in the 3rd and 4th rounds? There better be some trades with them to move up their 2nd or first 3rd.

    I will add this, after the season Nolan flat out said that getting a real #1 wr would be a high priority, but there’s only 1 real #1 receiver available in free agency and the draft. Maybe he just made that comment before he really got to study the two markets, but I wouldn’t be shocked if he wasn’t at least on the Phone to see what’s what. Keep in mind he has put extreme pressure on himself and his team to succeed this year, so trading away something from next year might not be as important as this year’s success.

    That being said, stay at 11, take the best defensive player available for a 3-4.

    Can’t believe the draft is still 2 months away and free agency hasn’t started yet..

  9. Look for us grab a cornerback in the second round if we get a defensive linemen in the first…unless Anthony Spencer is still available. Otherwise look for us to grab Dameion Hughes.

  10. thats if we dont get a corner in free agentcy first.i read the that we are interested in nate clements and tory james from the bengals.

  11. Patrick WIllis stock might have gone up. The Bee says Derek Smith had eye surgery and won’t play til September!

  12. i want jamaal anderson, laron landry, branch, cariker, reggie nelson, ted ginn or okoye. this year there will be a great selection of top tallent when were drafting. i know were gonna get one of these guys. jamaal anderson would be my pick if he makes it that far.

  13. anderson = overrated he would be an olb in our 3-4 scheme, truth is we cannot know what decisions we are going to make untill free agency comes along


  15. LANDRY stock has risen at the combine he ran a 4.35 in the 40 and wont last pass the 10th pick .and so has leon hall who ran a 4.38 and did good in the team drills.

  16. I like Leon Hall, but he isn’t worthy of our 11th pick…niner business is the ONLY business.

  17. It’s definatley going to be an excited draft to watch. There are so many ways the 49ers can go, and most the majority of the options are defense! I love it!

  18. I heard on ESPN that Dre Bly will be traded, and the niners are one of six teams interested in him.

  19. i heard he really wants to go to the atlanta falcons because him(bly) and hall are best friends and hall is pushing there new coach to get dre bly.i heard that story on espn last week.

  20. lets trade shaunte spencer and somebody else for him.

  21. oh yeah, dwayne jarret sucks.go with ginn or smith in the second round.

  22. I say we go with landry,I don’t think adam carriker can slow down reggie bush.yeah I said slow down,because nobody can catch him,he is so he idolized ronnie lott as a kid.hopefully he will be like him.

  23. has anyone seen or heard from rex grossman?he hasn’t said anything since that one guy went to go coach the chargers.

  24. nolan said in his press confrance that another option was to trade players with draft picks i wouldnt rule out getting dre bly i just hope he can tackle people like the rams running back steve jackson.

  25. nolan said in his press conf.that he would trade draft picks for players…….. i ment.

  26. Branch is out of our reach, but right now Landry STILL isn’t…Carriker is most likely who we are going to ACTUALLY get, but I would rather have Landry even over Okoye. The more I think about it…Okoye is built for the 4-3 not the 3-4. How do I get ahold of this press coference stuff. I would like to read what Nolan said.

  27. i seen it on the nfl net work.durring the combine i dont know if it got printed some where.

  28. I too see Nolan packaging some later picks to get another one in the 1st round. My prediction: Landry and Carricker become 49ers in the 1st round of the draft in the same fashion that Davis and Lawson did last year. GO NINERS!!!

  29. What about Carricker and a WR like Meachem in the first?

  30. Carriker, Branch, or Landry in the 1st, best available lb, cb, or wr in the 2nd.

  31. i dont see us getting carriker. that wont be utilizing his best strengths. in the first, i can see us going for: gaines adams, laron landry, patrick willis. in the second, i can see us going for: reggie nelson, anthony gonzalez, anthony spencer and in the third, going for paul williams. there are obviously other guys, but if we could land some of those players in those spots, we’d have a great draft to start out with.

  32. Carricker’s best strength is exactly that, his strength (and size). At 6’5 296 lbs – he’d be best suited for a 3-4 scheme as a DE in the NFL.

  33. Carriker does seem like the no brainer first round pick right now unless someone rated higher falls to us.

  34. What do you guys feel about drafting Paul Posluszny??

  35. Well I just think that we should just keep our 1st and 2nd round draft picks for ourselves, and then trade the rest of them to the Raiders for the first overall, Derrick Burgess and just cherry pick a second person from them just to complete the trade. then we can just take Calvin Johnson with the first overall, then Ryan Kalil with the eleventh overall and move him to Right Tackle, and then we can just pick whomever with our 2nd round pick. The deal would be greatly in both teams favor. We’d be set for a championship run now and the next few years to come, and the Raiders can re-start their rebuild phase out great by having around 19 picks total in this next draft.

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