Bryant and 49ers to Part Ways?

antonio-bryant.pngIt seems that the 49ers and receiver Antonio Bryant may be parting ways. According to a league source.”The staff and players were upset that there was one set of rules for him and another set for everybody else,” the source said.

Nolan and Bryant met in Indianapolis during the combine last week. 49ers spokesman Aaron Sulkin said there has been no resolution to that meeting.

The cap hit in letting Bryant go would be roughly around $2 million.

Source: [Matt Maiocco]


~ by 49ersNews on February 28, 2007.

69 Responses to “Bryant and 49ers to Part Ways?”

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  2. Let him go and sign some REAL team players who know how to not drive drunk in a Lamborgini at 120 MPH….this thug crap lifestyle is killing the reputation of the game and making everyone about”ME,ME,ME…to hell with the team”.

  3. Can anyone say Stallworth? One thing to take into consideration is Hostler has coached Stallworth…hmmmm….

  4. We are going to need some definite help at WR now.

  5. My erection says Stallworth is a lock a dock.

  6. what does this do to our cap room erickson…it will hurt us wont it

  7. I like AB’s skills and he is cheap. Who cares about all the bullshit thug lifestyle business. It’s a game! Now we bascially get to start over again with no receivers, just like before he got AB! Stallworth wants way too much money.

  8. i wouldnt mind trying out c. rogers and bring in stallworth

  9. supposedly it would be a 2 million dollar cap hit.

  10. Greg…rumors are Charles Rogers ran a 4.8 when he tried out with the Chiefs.

  11. According to it would be exactly 2.25 million dollars towards our cap. It is a BIG decision because if we get rid of him we have NO receivers, but if we keep him we still have mini TO and won’t have him for the first two games of the season because of his stupid “Thug Life”. Pro sports in America is going to hell in a hand basket because of these idiots want to be 50 cent.

  12. Any cap hits if we trade him. Maybe negotiate we pay 50% of his salary thsi year. 1 Mill caphit instead of 2.

  13. The following athletes are what is wrong with sports and is shaping the minds of our youth to think,”It’s ok, I don’t need to pass the ball, I don’t need to be a team player, screw the team, pay me, pay me, I’m above the law, and could NOT care less about anybody else, but me.” ………….Kobe Bryant, Antonio Bryant, Lebron James, Pacman Jones, Carmelo Anthony, Ron Artest (you know Ron Ron is on charges for starving and abadonding his dogs), Stephon Marbury, The ENTIRE NBA minus Steve Nash, Ray Lewis, Terrell Owens, Randy Moss, Michael Vick, Jamal Lewis, Kevan Barlow, Kelen Winslow Jr., Jeremy Shockey, Larry Johnson, and the list goes on forever…….where do we draw the line and say,”Hey, you need the league a lot more than they need you…either act your age and play or shut up and go work at McDonalds.”

  14. Hey Ryan, it’s time to come down off your soap box.

  15. Not to mention Bryant will miss the fist 2 games next year due to that DUI. The guys is a head case.

  16. erickson should have put that picture of a.bryant with his pants down.we should get stalworth and draft some one decent in the second round like steve smith or jason hill or paul williams in the third round.unless we to me moulds is too old and slow and will retire next year anyway.can you say bryant might become a charger.lmao.

  17. I say keep Antonio he is cheap and he ia a quality player. We do not need to take any hits in the salary cap. I know he has his ups and downs, but at least he is not Pac Man. When the ball is in his hand he is productive.

  18. or do we go with the nolan/ McCloughan tradition…. offensive player three years in a row alex smith 2 years ago and vernon davis/mannylawson as our first round pic last it wide receiver this year as our nuber one?

  19. even without the soap box do you HONESTLY think I don’t have a point about these type of athletes that don’t care about anyone, but themselves and their money.

  20. number one ? i ment

  21. thats the way all sports has been ryan. since the salory cap its ,sad that the salory cap brings out the real person in players in sports.but there is nothing the fans can do about it except, not watch sports anymore and im not doing that.i have no choose i work at a sports bar.

  22. Lots of caproom left. The guys a “Pacman”. I don’t really want to hear about his tirades every other week on the news. Let him go, take the hit and get a FA and pursue the draft.

  23. really…I used to work in a bar too….do you get drunk a lot???

  24. He’s got ability, and no brains. Bye bye a.b….Also Robinson the “running nack” need to go away. He stinks!!!!! He blew the ‘lambs’ game. 3rd and INCHES and runs into the back of his own guy with no one else around him! In the game at Seattle, on the fake punt there was only one guy between him and the goal, and he runs right into the guy. Never tried to fake him , or juke him. Could have jumped over him, the guy was on his KNEES!!! He ran straight into him!!!! Draft another running back. PLEASE!!!!!

  25. Go thing he is leaving bring to much troble well what you expect from a former dallas cowboy (except Larry Allen)

    and Jumpin Jimmy We shouldnt cut Micheal Robinson he is a rookie nd rookies do that kind of stuff he will grow out of it nd while he played college ball at Penn State he was a QB this was he 1st year as a RB give him tim he will come to

  26. Nolan knew he was taking a chance on AB when he signed and it’s sad that it has come this. AB is a talented reciever but the NFL is certainly taking on an ugly image these days. Tuff call for sure, but Nolan has preached from the start that NO ONE PLAYER IS BIGGER THEN THE TEAM!

  27. i agree frisco…you dont cut someone over a few plays, we should probably cut frank gore too for fumbling in key situations then right…he was a captain at penn state and its only his first year at the position…we do need to draft another rb but definately dont cut robinson…i am from pennsylvania and he is great watched his whole career just give him some time

  28. This guy is not a Pac Man that’s ridiculous. I will say we need to restruct his contract and put some stipulations if possible. This guy can be beneficial down the line. Obviously he is not perfect but he is a asset.

  29. last year, we were 6th in rushing offense? sound good?
    we were also 28th in passing offense. This averaged to 26th total offense.
    You want to take away bryant? Our 1/2 are battle/jacobs. In other words, we’re down to the worst recieving corps in the NFL. I really hope they don’t do this, especially if they plan to replace him with a guy like stallworth who wants 40 mill over 6 years, Adalius Thomas won’t even make that much.

  30. From 49ers dot com

    In response to rumors that Antonio Bryant will be released, 49ers head coach Mike Nolan denied Wednesday that the team has made any decision on the future of its suspended wide receiver.

    Nolan did say he talked to Bryant at the NFL Combine, but wouldn’t say what about. Bryant is the Niners’ only deep threat, so San Francisco would have just one more hole to fill if he’s released this offseason.

    Doesn’t sound like a done deal to me.

  31. I’ve been watching this game for almost 50 years. You guys are right about alot. I like your spirit, and your love of the ‘Niners!!!! Your loyalty is unquestionable!…. Converting guys to running back rarely works! Robinson has NO moves. Runs like a fullback, but isn’t big enough. He’s an average special teams player. I would be very surprised if he’s on the team this time next year. Nolan needed some bodies to fill some gaps. In two more years it’s going to be tough, once again, to make the team, and play for the Super Bowl Champion San Francisco 49’ers!!!!………P.S. – Blow Me

  32. Who’s the IDIOT using the word ‘frisco’?!? Loose-it, you fucking retard!

  33. so this is just speculation not fact. i didnt see it on the bottum of espn.

  34. We need to bring in Tall receivers big targets 6’3 – to 6-6. Like when we had JJ Stokes and you no who O.T. wahtever his nameis the Cowhick.

  35. I say let’s see if the guy is getting with the program. In other words, don’t cut him if he’s really sorry, because he’d be missed on the field. A lot of Frank Gore’s yards were due to some of AB’s downfield blocks. I wouldn’t mind the Niners picking up a good wide receiver in the draft, but you can’t count on a rookie to be a number one receiver.

  36. yea we need big receivres. 6’3 is kinda short we need 6’6+ and 250lbs+
    gotta give alex the biggest target possible so he wont overthrow or underthrow them

  37. Can You Say Randy Moss? why not, i can dream!

  38. I think we should take a look at Jamal Lewis as a short-yardage back. Frank Cignetti is the front-runner for the open QB coach position. That would be a great choice. He did wonders for Fresno State when he was there as OC. If hired, I think he’ll make a push for us drafting WR Paul Williams from Fresno State. Williams was looked at as a late 3rd rounder, but he might be a late 2nd or early 3rd with his great combine performance. He is a big, fast, and can make plays, and he should do well in at the next level.

  39. Man I’ll be happy if they get rid of his ass! Frankly, I’ve seen it enough of his dookie booty.

  40. oh and I am set on Patrick Willis with our 1st round pick. He is the top MLB, had a great workout at the combine, Nolan and Singletary love him, and he has amazing character. I just found an ESPN the Magazine with an article on him and his life before college. amazing.

  41. Eric Moulds was just released by the Texans. I consider Moulds to be a vast improvement over A.B., due to the maturity and leadership that Moulds could provide. Acquiring Moulds could save $$$ that would be spent on overpaying for Stallworth.

  42. He why does ever time Antino Bryant gets takle he pants fall down haha it ture…sorry just though i would at that

  43. and jimmy your gay


  45. “–isco Fitted. The only thing you got ‘fitted’ is that dick in your mouth. That word ‘frisco’ in an insult to people from San Francisco. We HATE hearing it. Only a punk fool would be dumb enough to use it. Your obviously trailer trash from L.A

  46. forget widereceivers we run most of the time anyway!just get a shit load of tight ends that can block a corner and throw it deep to vernon davis and run the ball and every once in a while throw a runningback,fullback or tight end screen.we dont need wide receivers.

  47. lol thats funny stuff eddie anyways isnt their good free agent recievers out there right now…..what about that reciever from tennessee?? i forget his name but I know theres a couple of quality recievers out there that were forgetting about…

  48. Eric Moulds people….sign him!! once he is inked give bryant another chance, but any screw ups cut him then. either way dont put up with any bullshit from him or any other player. by the way Arnaz Battle was our best reciever last year. he made catches when it counted. i say sign him to an extension. i like his play and attitude. any one else agree

  49. Gee-ray, you have a point. Battle is definitely developing nicely. In a couple of years he may be a number one wide out, until then, we need a number one.

  50. Keep Bryant, he’s a speedster, but shorter, but he’s good. He’ll come along or mike nolan will set him straight and trade him. He needs to realize he’s on The True Americas Team the 49ers. Marcos Colstin People, we need to find some tall receivers in the draft. They do not have to be early round picks, look at colstin he was a seven rounder and he might be the next elite receiver. We need Tall receiving targets I’m tellin ya 6’3 – to 6,7 with reasonable size. I’m not sure if he’s available this year but look at “Maurice Purify” He is going to be a suprise in the NFL when he enters the draft.

  51. I’m telling you Maurice Purify He played for San francisco Junior college he’s from San francisco, and he’ll come and repesent and pu those Dallas Cowhicks were they need to be at the bottom, put them to shame. We need the Dallas Cowhicks a reality check once an fo all! we need to make T.O. cry and show that sell out where the he’ll the Best orginization, best football team is at. San Francisco needs to be again the palce were everbody in the NFL wants to go. The “Elite dynasty!”

  52. Maurice Purify would be a good choice for the future. He’s from here , he’s our Vince Young. He’s Big He’s Tall. He’s Gonna Be Good! Trust Me!

  53. Randy Moss would be a catastrophy on our team….I wouldn’t call that a dream, I would call that a nightmare. Also, Moulds and Stallworth would work, but should we use all of that cap on them when Adalius wants a $17 Million dollar signing bonus…according to

  54. How old is Moulds? I remember when he was great. Is he still good, or too old? I’m asking….Any of the W.R.’s mentioned would help.

  55. i can’t stand getting mooned every time this guy plays. so, please keep the football to at least a g rating.

  56. Aye Jimmy im live in San Francisco and “Frisco” is not offensive to San Franciscoians.and to you supposeable im some trash from LA see how much you know nd i done on here talkin trash cuz i dont talk to fake ass fans like you and if you see me at the Niners Game with a Frisco Fitted shirt or sign come talk we’ll see whats up.


  57. …isco’re not from S.F. That word frisco is very offensive to people from San Francisco. Only an uneducated idiot child molester like you would use it. You could of called yourself anything else. Instead you wanted to let everyone know your dumb…Ha Ha Ha LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. What’s so offensive about it? Educate.

  59. Horn got released from the Saints. I think Nolan would like to have a guy like him on the team. What do you guys think? 1 year contract?

  60. as long as he can stay healthy.

  61. That’s a big statement from coach Nolan that he won’t put up with off-field crap. Keep your record clean boys. We never had this problem with the Niner in the past and we don’t want to reflect this image now.

    Sign some talented WR’s either through FA or the draft and tell them to be proud to wear the Red and Gold and be part of the best team in the NFL!!

    This also sends the message that building a team takes time and the RIGHT minds’

  62. what about JOE HORN???? i know hes gettin old but hes a veteran who would bring some leadership an big play capability

  63. Well all this tells me is that nolan has some other reciever on his mind which makes me ok with this departure.

  64. So I’m guessing PacMan Jones isnt really on our radar….

    lol, oh well bye bye bryant. Lets hope we get someone better / comparable as a replacement.

  65. How about going after Jerry Porter? Interesting situations out there as many solid veterens are getting cut right and left. What about Joe Horn….another good possibility at the WR position….

    Damn, we are in good shape!

  66. […] 81 is Cursed Updating an article from yesterday the 49ers released wide receiver Antonio Bryant. The release of Bryant will count only $800,000 […]

  67. i really like A. Bryant but if some of the players did not like that he had a set of rules and they had a set of rules all this does now is put us in a postion that we really need a wide out now…..we got to take some of that 35million and use it to the fullest i hope we can find a wideout and we start a 49ers and retire a 49er we need i wish A Bryant the best

  68. now we have to sign 2 fuckin recievers!!!! I understand Bryant had some problems but this was no way to solve the teams WR issues. Our offense has now taken 2 setbacks. 1. loosing Norv Turner, and 2. loosing our best reciever. THis was a very bad decision and its going to hurt us. Alex was comfortable with Bryant. We simply keep throwing Alex curves. He is never going to develop like this. I think we have to sign Stallworth AND Bennet or another reciever. This is an awful move mark my words. Still though if we get another reciever we can still be a playoff team.

  69. i think it sucks to have to replace bryant, but if nolan’s gonna be a man of his word…. i.e. players with a team attitude, this proves his philosophy and long term sends a good message to the team. i would like this move. step back for next year, step forward for the future of the team and buildina a year in year out TEAM with Superbowls in mind.

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