Hostler named OC

Jim Hostler has been promoted to 49ers offensive coordinator, replacing Norv Turner, who left to become Chargers head coach two weeks ago.

Hostler, 40, spent the previous two seasons as 49ers quarterbacks coach, working closely with quarterback Alex Smith. He won the job after an impressive interview with coach Mike Nolan, who interviewed each of the 49ers’ five offensive coaches for the job.

Source: [Matt Maiocco]


~ by 49ersNews on February 28, 2007.

19 Responses to “Hostler named OC”

  1. Report on says Antonio Bryant may be cut. Meaning wideout has become even more important to address this offseason.

  2. A good Young coach thats going to Unleash Gore and the Duke it’s on NFC West Champs or bust

  3. Hey as long as we don’t draft a receiver in the first round in order to solve the problem then fine because we don’t need distraction no matter how talented the guy is. We won’t get him back until week three and neither will any other team who signs him. He did this to himself…we trusted him…and he screwed us. This would mean a 2.25 million cap hit.

  4. The Ravens just waived Jamal Lewis so they could free up more money for Adalius Thomas….

  5. ESPN NEWS just reported that eric moulds and jamal lewis was cut, yall think we should pick up moulds?

  6. thats cool he got the job. now we can promote the assistant quarterbacks(pep hamilton) coach to quarterback coach and not worry about replacing him(hostler).if thats the case about bryant then we are going to need 2 widereceivers or 3 more.

  7. Ryan….the Ravens cutting Lewis has been a given for sometime they could have tagged Thomas with the money saved by Lewis’ cut. But they would still be hurting themselves if they resign Thomas. They have Suggs a FA next season and can’t afford both Thomas and Suggs.

  8. Good move on Nolans part!! Keep in house.

  9. Yeah…keeping in house is probably the best move in order to keep the team thinking of each other as family instead of making them, “co-thugs” like the bengals.

  10. 3 birds with one stone…… 1. Gives Alex desperately needed continuity. 2. Hostler knows Nolan, his system and the values he has tried to bestow on the team. 3. Turner will not be able to hire him for OC in San Diego. My toughts on Bryant…… let him go, but that might change the way we attack the draft. Honestly, a receiver in the 2nd round is the pick almost for sure, or even trading up the the bottom of the first round. Or maybe just maybe we have a trade in place with someone like the Cardinals. We´ll have to wait and see. Question: Does the 2.25 mill affect our cap this year or can we save them?

  11. I love the lust of young and up and coming coaches the Niners have. This way it keeps them together for a few seasons, and under the radar.

  12. I meant to say “list” not “lust”……….My bad.

  13. good choice for OC. Don’t let Bryant go. He may be somewhat of a trouble maker but we just can’t afford to let him go right now. Alex needs weapons! Releasing him would make no sence since there isnt any #1 recievers on the market. We HAVE to keep him until we sign two very good recievers and that won’t happen for another few years.

  14. I think Moulds could hella help….this years version of Walt Harris

  15. I think moulds could help also…but only until we find a replacement for him because I STILL think he is at the same talent level as Battle.

  16. eric moulds would probably be better than a rookie.and keep bryant fo one more year.antonio that is,were allready keep the better one.we’ll be allright without bryant for two games,just look at the denver game.we did it without him. I pray to God that were the saints of last year this year.I think we’ll be, I have a does NFL network.

  17. were starting to get a little more respect from everyone.calling us a sleeper team,and soloman wilcotts predicted us as being a playoff team this year.he also predicted that norv was the best fit for the chargers…and guess what happened….so don’t be suprised when we win alot of games next year.

  18. bryant will learn. most of these guys do something wrong and they correct themselves and set examples for others. its not like he’s a bengal or pac man jones. the dude got drunk and got in his lambo, stupid? yes, very, but he isnt a thung or have that thug mentality. with good coaching he can be saved. many will not admit it but he is a very vital part to this team. other teams MUST respect his deep threat ability, he opens up the field. gore would not have that many yards if bryant wasnt there last season. get him a belt and some councelling and he’ll be good. its not like he’s making crazy amounts of money. and as someone said, there are no #1 wideouts available so that would be fucking alex smith again. damn this kid has been suffering since we drafted him. 1st year he got messed up because there was NO talent anywhere to be found, then he gets a new coordinator every year, then we get him a decent receiver and he gets suspended and there is no #1 caliber guys in free agency when were loaded with cap room. sorry alex, if what goes around comes around then your in for a great career my friend

  19. I’m one that hopes Bryant corrects his behavior. John Taylor got his trouble behind him and was a great help to Rice and the team. The on field stuff is still a worry to me. Smith doesn’t need that distraction. Although I saw very little after the beginning of the season.
    Is it true Bryant has a different set of rules? Doesn’t sound like Nolan. Unless he was more lenient because he didn’t have enough weapons, yet, and needed some talent for Smith to improve.

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