Free Agency: The Final Countdown

I know it’s hard to be taken away from the Kwame Harris 2006 Lowlights Video, but in about 13 1/2 hours free agency is ready to begin and the 49ers are looking to add five to seven starters. Names that have been thrown around are Adalius Thomas, Nate Clements, Leonard Davis, Donte Stallworth, Drew Bennett, Ken Hamelin and others. If the 49ers could walk away with two of the big name free agents, they would certainly be in great shape. This is going to be a long ass 13 hours and hopefully by hour 14, Adalius Thomas is already locked up and then the team can go from there.

<>One more thing. I’m gonna go ahead and make the prediction that the 49ers will sign Thomas, Leonard Davis and Stallworth.
<>(pipes in Europe’s Final Countdown to get the juices flowing)


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~ by 49ersNews on March 1, 2007.

49 Responses to “Free Agency: The Final Countdown”

  1. Can’t wait to see who we get. I hope I can sleep tonight. My wish list:

    Adalius Thomas, Leonard Davis and Drew Bennett. If we keep Bryant we can call our WRs the “Killer Bees” BRYANT, BATTLE AND BENNETT!

  2. Come on niner fan…. that going to leave leave us with like 28 mill to go. We need to use at least 20 mill by league rules.

  3. What’s the deal on Clements? I want Clements, or draft Landry. We need some secondary!

  4. I am waiting and anticipating as well Niner fan. I would love to wake up and see Adalius Thomas, Michael Lewis, Steinbach, Ian Scott,and Nate Clements. However Nate Clements is from Ohio so he might be a certain color. At that point I would take Fred Smoot or Macklin. What about Cato June or Brian Simmons ? any thoughts on those guys on the team. Oh Yeah Bennett is under rated I think he would be a good fit. As far as Stallworth I think he is good but a little over rated for the money. I would take Ashley from the falcons.

  5. Sign Adalius and Clements for the D. Steinbach for the O. Keep AB. Get a burner in Stallworth or Lelie. Draft the best front defensive player left at number 11. Load up on the D with our early picks. Get playoff tickets.

  6. Man if we get Adalius that will bring back the Nasty to the defense. If we don’t I am going to be hurt. Is it Friday yet ?

  7. Is it Friday yet ?

  8. We need to draft for Maurice Purify in the Future, He’s from San Francisco, He’s Big He’s Tall, He’s Explosive. He’ll make a Big impact in the NFL., with an NFL Quarterback! I’m tellin Ya! Listen and watch!

  9. Guys we wont sign anyone on the first day due to the report of possible tampering with Adalius. However I’m pretty sure that we will get him and Leonard Davis.

  10. Okay and Steinbach too. Just get rid of Harris. I know send his sorry butt to Washington and trade up to get their pick. They might even agree to pay some of his salary. Yeah…that’s the ticket!!

    As for the draft (if we don’t trade up) I like Landry or Carriker. Steve Smith in the second round. Could be the next Levernous Coles.

  11. I am sad to say that it is HIGHLY unlikely that we will get a shot at Landry because both the Dolphins and the Falcons want him bad so unless the Dolphins draft Quinn (kind of likely) or the Falcons take Jarrett (not so likely) we won’t get him. Therefore the reality is going to be Okoye, Carriker, or Willis with our pick.

  12. ESPN has Branch falling to 11. Could that happen?

  13. Willis is going to be out of reach it seems he had a great combine. It seems he´s going to be the # 1 LB in the draft.

  14. Yes Branch could fall after the showing Willis had.

  15. We desperately need D-Line help so my bet for the #11 is Carriker. Add him to Adalius, Stallworth, Tractor Traylor, and Leonard Davis and Nolan can bring out his “Win the West” banner again!

  16. a thomas, clements or dre bly, and steinbach

  17. ummmm…if we sign them all do we get a group discount?

  18. go Gettem Niners!

    LB Adalius Thomas
    WR Drew Bennett
    WR Donte’ Stallworth
    OT Leonard Davis
    CB Nate Clements
    CB Nick Harper
    WR Kevin Curtis

  19. bly already has a deal with the broncos Greg

  20. wr.,kelly washington and guard/tackle eric steibach from the bengals.titans de/dt- randy starks or rien from colts rob morris.anr ravens a.thomas and cornerback fred smoot,and leonard new starters(my wish list).

  21. There is no way we would be able to afford all of those players and still even come close to signing our draft picks.

  22. But, the first four we could.

  23. We won’t need to wait till tomorrow. For us on the west coast we have till 9:01 pm tonight. If a deal is done for A.T. We might see it tonight by about 9:30pm.

  24. Omg i cant w8 for toomorrow!

  25. If we somehow managed to get Nate Clements (that’s a big if), along with our newest star (Adalius Thomas), and the possible departure of Antonio “DUI” Bryant….what do you think about trading up to #3 to get Calvin Johnson? We all know Tampa wants him. What do you think about possibly trading our 11th pick, and 3rd and 4th round picks, along with a player….We would still have some good picks to get players in the draft, along with the young talent we already have. I don’t know if Kwame would entice them, but possibly for Eric Johnson( since Winslow is injury proned). Shoot if we get Clements, I wouldn’t mind trading for the picks and Shantae Spencer…since I know they need a corner, and that trade might appeal to them. An improved front 7, could relieve the pressure on the secondary, and Spencer’s departure wouldn’t kill us. Anyways, there is no real good WR’s in FA, with Stallworth is the closest thing, why would you want to pay him soo much cash for a player with his history. His agent (Rosenous..don’t know how to spell it) wants a big time contract for him. Tell me what you guys think!!

  26. nfl live just said that the steelers are going to release joey porter.

  27. i dont think they are going to release a.bryant. i would try to trade him and to get a extra draft pick even if its a 4,5,6.7nth round pick.

  28. we cannot trade eric johnson he is an ufa…good thought about trading up to #3 but would never happen because we want to build through the draft and this draft is extremely deep plus we can’t trade compensatory picks and according to the trade value chart we would have to come up with 950 points including our first so it just would not happen in my opinion…i would like to work out a deal with new england somehow to get their two first round picks but i am also dreaming

  29. Joey Porter was just cut by the steelers I’m shocked but is he a nolan guy and can he play the 3-4.

  30. wow pick A. Thomas and porter up move lawson inside…thats better than christmas…then we wouldnt need a corner..the qb would have no time to throw they could sign me to league minimum to play cb haha just kidding

  31. maurice purify

  32. JOEY PORTER! Let’s do this! He’s a Cali kid, from Bakersfield!

  33. haha

  34. lawson isnt an inside backer… if we pick up porter he would be playing inside most likely, but it would give us the added dimension of being able to shift around the backers.

  35. im going to say the first need for the niners is Thomas..he can change the “d” with a lot of young talent it could be scary. secondly in the first round the niners must get a pass rusher..again, that would change the game and make the most moderate cb’s look good. after those two needs the niners should pick up drew bennet. hes a good wide out who’s tall and has great hands. he has proven that he can be the “man” in any offence with his 1,200+ yards and 10 td’s two years ago. he has proved to dominate games and be a deep threat.his numbers were down due to vince young not being a good passing qb. we can pick up a solid wr. in the second round..but for now we need to think of D..and as for kwame harris, hes the worst lineman i have ever seen..yes, hes that bad..he ruined too many drives and saying that without him the niners make it to the playoffs last year..but we will never we HAVE to find a solid lineman to take over his spot..becasue he is trash

  36. I say forget clements plus he’s going to cost alot of money and according to rumor mill he said the titans were on the top of his wish list, but get thomas and porter and pick up a solid young corner in the draft or see who else gets cut before tomorrows deadline, OUR D THIS YEAR IS GOING TO BE SICK!

  37. BAAQI….. Has Polamalu signed??

  38. I’m not sure I’m about to go check right now.

  39. I didn’t get anything yet on Polamalu but I just found out that Joe Horn was released too.

  40. BAAQI…thankz… where u findin dat

  41. Leon Hall is a good cover corner we should consider picking up.. I heard he was a top ten pick, but with the obvious talent and depth in this years draft(especially on the defensive side) it is a possibility that he could fall to us… if Alan Branch is there though, thats a no-brainer (to me).. now I know he got booty- raped by jarrett and manningham, but he still has pretty good speed and excellent instincts. as far as j. porter goes, i love the guy but if we get a.t. I’d say our LB core is pretty solid…remember, Brandon Moore emerged last year as a key playmaker in the D and with Smith better, I see a lot of problems in the future for Leinart, Hasselbeck and Bulger..

  42. …as far as Leon Hall goes, he never got burned by Manningham b/c that is his teammate. Also, its unfair to judge what Hall did against Jarrett because they were off the field for a month and a half while USC was only off for a couple weeks. Other then against Jarrett he was money. The only aspect of Hall’s game that people were concerned about was his speed and he took care of that at the Combine running a 4.39.

  43. “One more thing. I’m gonna go ahead and make the prediction that the 49ers will sign Thomas, Leonard Davis and Stallworth.”
    This would be heaven. Kwame could finally play the position he is best at, waterboy. And we would have someone wanting blood on defense and someone to strech the field for battle and bryant who both are possession recievers in my pov.

  44. Is Asante Samual a FA. He would be amazing next to Walt Harris. If he is we should go for him not Clements.

  45. Samuel got tagged so he is not a FA

  46. I like your thinking NachoCheese. It would be a great mastercard commercial.

    Sign Adalius and Clements for the D. Steinbach for the O. 20 million dollars

    Keep AB. Get a burner in Stallworth or Lelie. 5 million dollars

    Draft the best front defensive player left at number 11. 6 million dollars

    Load up on the D with our early picks. 10 million dollars

    Get playoff tickets. 300 dollars

    Watching the 49ers come back to greatness, priceless.

  47. the niners need bennet now

  48. i like stallworth more. i think he is the answer to our problems.

  49. my bad, i meant to say ginn jr…as far as samuels goes, he got tagged by the pats so we’d have to give up two first round picks.. definitely not a good move..

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