KC Joyner is My New Best Friend

KC Joyner of ESPN’s Sportsnation was asked this question recently in one of Sportsnation’s chats.

Q: With 30 million in cap space, how aggresive do you believe the 49ers will be, and do you believe Adaleus Thomas would be the best fit for their defense?

A: SportsNation KC Joyner: I think that if the 49ers could pair Thomas up with Manny Lawson, San Francisco could possibly have the best set of outside LBs in the NFL since LT and Carl Banks of the 80s Giants.


~ by 49ersNews on March 1, 2007.

22 Responses to “KC Joyner is My New Best Friend”

  1. erickson can you please get his address for me so i can start sending him christmas and birthday cards…thanks i appreciate it

  2. That is some very high praise and since I’m a diehard 49er fan I will believe it as fact.

  3. just imagine if we would of resigned j. peterson

  4. I’m loving that LT,Carl Banks comparison, COME ON LET’S DO IT

  5. I dont think thats true, but it would be a huge upgrade and put us in the conversation of Top OLB’s

  6. When Manny Lawson realizes his potential I think his assessment could absolutely be true.

  7. …”Greg”..if we would have resigned peterson we wouldn’t have all the money for a guy like A.T…Can you imagine Thomas playing with Petetrson? WOW!!…..Seattle has a fair amount of cap space…Hmmmmm..I think they are going to use it for Steinbach. That’s the rumor anyway. As long as they use smallish defensive lineman Frank Gore will run thru them like they are swiss cheese….Gore at the 30, at the 20, at the 10, touchdown Forty ‘Niners!!!!………I love the thought of Thomas and Lawson. It’s got a nice sound to it.

  8. i was just watching Nfl Live guys great news the niners are the top teams to sign Adalius Thomas and Nate Clements according to Mike Golic and Mike Smith from ESPN. this is fuckin great guys i smell number 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. …The Niners have been very busy today. WOW!…GOOD things are happening!…. Thomas and Clements would be awesome!

  10. JOEY PORTER cut! It’s hard to imagine………

  11. Joe HOrn just got cut…that would be a great one to two year solution to the receiver problem along with Donte as long as he isn’t going to Jonas Jennings us. We should get Stallworth as long as there are some injury clauses in there because he is REALLY injury prone and it kind of has me questioning him.

  12. Love joe Horn, but he’s 35 now. The new OC and QB coach were his coaches before in New Orleans. You never know…..What about Joey P. and Thomas?! Can you imagine them together. It would probably take 30 million up-front. That would be one killer defense.

  13. …A.B. CUT!! Bye Bye mother-fucker. Thanks for nothing!

  14. i like the post thomas-n-lawson .then we can draft a cheerleader in the first round ,ooooo sorry we have kwame harris.you got to always protect your mcnuggets.

  15. Who’s going to play WR?????

  16. mike nolan

  17. Jerry Porter Cut????? Didn’t he just change to number 81? Lmaooooo… the curse is REAL!!!!!

  18. Okay…Joey Porter…I was close. =)

  19. We NEED receivers REALLY bad now. I know Horn is 35, but a one year contract wouldn’t hurt us so much because if we don’t get any receivers then we are SCREWED….EVERYONE will stack the box and say, “Who are you going to pass to…Battle?”

  20. lets sign thomas, fred smoot should come cheaper, sign stallworth and steinbach and draft landry and whoops were an instant playoff team with a good D

  21. well, that was a waste of time,now it’s just manny lawson,who are we going to get know?I don’t think joey porter will fit a 3-4 defense.

  22. what are you talking about….that is ALL he has played. Porter would be perfect for us not only because he is a good player, but he has attitude.

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