Number 81 is Cursed

Updating an article from yesterday the 49ers released wide receiver Antonio Bryant. The release of Bryant will count only $800,000 against this years cap. Therefore, the 49ers will save about $1.5 million in cap room with the decision to part ways with Bryant.

It seems that Terrell Owens may have put some sort of Voodoo Curse on the number 81. First Rashaun Woods is traded and now Antonio Bryant is released. If the Niners sign Stallworht, Bennett, or if there is someway the Niners draft Calvin Johnson, please do not give any of them number 81.


~ by 49ersNews on March 1, 2007.

22 Responses to “Number 81 is Cursed”

  1. lets hope no more rec. get that number. retire it now!

  2. nice site

  3. Who are going to be our WR’s?? Wow – we’re going to have a new team.

  4. one of our recievers this year should sport 18 wich is 81 in reverse to counter the

  5. well throw Alan Branch out now,, if we dont bring in someone like stallworth we better get either Finn or Jarrett in the draft,,, sayin Calvin Johnson ffallin down with us was hopefully sarcasm if not its a tremendous lack of knowledge

  6. Someone on the KC Joiner thread said Jerry Porter was cut….didn’t he just change his number to 81???? LOL

  7. we need kelly washington or the anti t.o. #81 in stallworth.or are we going to go the nolan/McCoughan traditnal ways of offense first(alex smith,vernon davis) now robert meachem or dwayne bowe?i guess we will find out in the next couple of weeks.

  8. i think, you are thinking of the wrong porter. joey porter the linebacker of the steelers just got cut.

  9. The number should be retired anyway–T.O. earned it.

  10. did anyone else hear that someone called mike nolan a rasist because he didnt interview a black coach for the offensive cordinator can they call him a rasist when his first hire as a head coach was mike singletary and it wasnt like no one was going to let us interview a coach any way this late in a season. to me this is some media bull shit so we have a hard time signing players like ,a.thomas and nate clements to me.

  11. I say we give Kwame a new number, 81.

  12. Thanks jerry, and lol AM

  13. To answer Jerry’s question…the reason someone said that is because there are SOME people that will play the race card no matter what happens until they die…it is really sad because you have a great point. The best thing to do is ignore morons like that because they have NO credibility. Even though Bryant left…there STILL is no way we take a receiver with our first pick unless we trade up for Calvin Johson…there is just TOO much of a talent drop off after him…most mock drafts have Jarrett and Bowe dropping into the REALLY late teens or early twenties….it would be like us whoever the Seahawks drafted last year up in the 30th pick with our 11th pick…it just wouldn’t make sense. NONE of the receivers we could get….Jarrett, Bowe, Meachum are worth that.

  14. Ginn is an option, but I still say defense…even though our likelyhook of taking Ginn Jr. rose dramatically with this cut of Bryant.

  15. Robert Meachem

  16. just like some one else said on here a little while ago. we need to get kelly washington and then draft another wide receiver that can block and catch like,meachem,jarrett hicks or ryan moore of miami.and in the third or fourth round get paul williams from freno state as a third or fourth receiver.

  17. I don’t think anyone has mentioned this, but Frank Cignetti is Alex Smith’s new quarterbacks coach.

  18. Also, according to Pro Football Talk, the Niners will make an offer to Nate Clements as soon as midnight strikes tonight

  19. He’ll be stupid and NOT take it because he is going to want to max it out and turn himself into this years Ty Law.

  20. merry christmas everybody now the fun begins

  21. They released Bryant? Am I the only one surprised by this? I mean, sure, he wasn’t the big threat everyone thought he would be. And, he was more of a pain in the butt than anything. But, to outright release him? I hope the Niners have a major backup plan. Because we simply do not have the depth at WR to do something like this. And, for the record, Stallworth is too injury prone to make him the only answer. Meaning if they do sign him and that’s it, they better find a way to get Calvin Johnson also.

  22. Hey, the Saints released Joe Horn. Maybe the Niners can look into picking him up?

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