Video: Kwame Harris 2006 Hi…Lowlights

We’ve brought you highlights of Frank Gore, Alex Smith, Walt Harris and now we bring you the highlights lowlights of Kwame Harris. Enjoy


~ by 49ersNews on March 1, 2007.

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  2. Wow, pretty sad former number one pick. Kwame has gotta go! Big like tank, smart like dumptruck!!! Sign Leonard Davis!!

  3. The one thing that jumps out at me more in that video than how bad Kwame Harris is, is how many nice plays Alex and Frank made with his guy barrelling down on them.

    Two words: LEONARD DAVIS

  4. man forward this tape to mike nolan this should be all the evidence he needs .. that guy gotts to go …

  5. Hahaha. Much props, this video was brilliant.

    but on a serious note, even Sammy Davis is gone Im still gonna have nightmares if Kwame isnt next.

  6. YES dump Kwame Harris for . . . . . . a MORE EXPENSIVE KWAME HARRIS!!!!!!! great idea o.o

  7. I used to think people were a little too hard on kwame, but man, it’s amazing Alex and Frank aren’t dead with a guy like that blocking for them.

  8. He’s so ridicilous. He gets burned all the time. Not funny man 😦

  9. my god i cant even watch half of this without getting pissed off all over again.. if hes back next year i will be one unhappy ninner fan

  10. Harris bit on alot of those plays, but there were a few screen plays when his job is to release his block and run up field. Alex, ot his credit held onto the ball to help the play develop, but was rocked on many of them showing his toughness.

    The one thing about Kwame is that he has problems in many areas. His concentration sucks, he doesn’t seem able to have an answer for the moves that are put on him, and he doesn’t play with any intensity. Besides being a 1st round pick, his play would be considered shit for a 7th rounder. Atleast Kosier, a 7th rounder, showed more discipline and ability. Simply sad. Now we want L.Davis? Sounds like we’re jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

  11. WOWWWWW!!!! I know we want Adalius bad but we need a solid tackle badly. Those highlights showed me where we won and lost games on Kwame alone. Don’t confuse my beginning comments on Adalius we need him badly. I hope our hearts don’t get hurt come free agency. Keep a band aid near.

  12. i never actually focused on kawame harris when watching the niners paly. but after watching this, he totally sucks. get rid of him now.

  13. I’m surprised Smith ever completed a pass having to glance to his right all the time. He’s also lucky he never broke anything with how many wiffs Kwame had….

  14. i cant watch the princess play anymore im getting sick to my stomach watching this.

  15. I don’t understand how Kwame Harris keeps gettin all these chances. He’s been fuckin up like this since day 1 he was in the league. If they let Rashaun Woods go and Sammy Davis go they need to let this bastard fly away too. He’s done worse things then both of those combined. Sammy Davis actually had a couple decent games, can’t say the same for Cock Suckin Kwame.

    side note-great music choice, sums up the way we are all feelin

  16. ROFL, those ends were ready to tee off on smith when they see harris in front of them. smith showed some nice pocket presence on some of those plays.. guess he had a lot of practice avoiding tacklers

  17. OH MY FREAKING GOSH!!!!!!!
    This video deserves a FREAKING OSCAR featuring the best ACTRESS—KWAME as a REAL Football Player—-YEAH RIGht!!!
    The Video should also get best supporting Actors—-Every Defensive End that lined up against her–& slapped that Bitch ON STAGE–and every 4 downs thereafter!!!
    The 49ers should make a trade with the TEXANS—God knows they another lineman who allows 50000 sacks a season—-tooo freaking funny—dissappointing—-and if only we had taken that 3rd round offer from the Falcons last season??!!

  18. hahahahahahahahaha thos songs are killing!!!

  19. LOL at the part where Vernon doesn’t give Kwame a high five. lmao!

  20. Don’t worry he will be the waterboy next year.

  21. I thought we were all too hard on Kwame at one point, but this changed my mind. It’s painful to see how many sacks on Alex were because of him, ugh. on the other hand, seeing Alex, and Gore on some plays, make something out of a bad situation was very encouraging. Getting anyone new in his position will make a hell of a difference next year.

  22. not only does this highlight how bad harris is but also how well alex did at making plays, taking hits…………..please please lets replace this muppet!!

  23. Did yall see how stressed he was making mike nolan I was saying it all along he was trash truck juice and what takes the cake is when alex smith threw that beautiful touchdown pass to antonio bryant and it was called back because of who, KWAME HARRIS the way that looked he should’ve been released today and not bryant.

    It’s amazing he’s still a 49er right now but I got a good ass laugh when the I keep holding on song came on and no wonder vernon davis leaves him hanging.

  24. That’s one of the best videos I’ve seen!


  26. Kwame being Kwame

  27. One of the funniest sports clips ever. I knew he was bad but come on…it looked like a high schooler out there.

  28. coach nolan better be getting head from kwame and his mother with his sister sitting on his face while his grand ma is cooking breakfast in the kitchen cause i dont know how else his loppy ass still has a job!

  29. the jason keep these clips coming man, brilliant!

  30. 2 years ago I started the saying ‘If something goes wrong, ‘Blame Kwame’. Have to deal with my anger through making fun of it or else I will punch a wall. If i sucked at a job that bad, I would have been fired long time ago!! Time for Kwame to start his new job as a turn stile since he is so good as letting people right on through.

  31. Kwame Harris sucks so bad … Jenna Jamison learned something watching him

    Get rid of this clown so we can get in the playoffs

    How many big plays did he cost us in that clip????

  32. Look’s like he’s just not quick enough off the ball, he’s getting beat outside and in because he doesn’t know where the rush is coming from and he’s not getting any help with alex constantly rolling to the right. His angle is all off. Needs more practice. You gotta put a TE next to him to help his blocking, he’s just too slow. Great Video tho, didn’t think anyone was that interested in the Niners to do that, and, yes, I hope Nolan (defensive coach in his youth) gets a gander at this tape. Still, we were better than the year before, Smith sure took a beatin outta change his name to Timex.

  33. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,
    thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,
    thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you
    for making this video. Finally some hard evidence to refute
    the ones who say Kwame is OK and point to his statistics.
    His statistics do not demonstrate all the blown plays
    that resulted from his ineptitude. Many times Alex did a remarkable job in being able to run out of the collapsing
    Until we fix our RT position…
    Playoffs!?!? Playoffs!? Are you kidding me? Don’t talk about playoffs!!!

  34. I am so confused on why Nolan still has this chump on the roster. He is taking playing time away from guys that can do better until a replacement is found. I really do not see another team offering more than a 7th round pick, if they do, consider us extremely lucky !

  35. LMAO!!!!!!!! The absolute WORST offensive linemen ever. why is this guy still playing for the niners? every back up tackle in the nfl is better than kwame. c’mon nolan… cut him

  36. Alright, I’m with the thousands of fans who hate Kwame Harris as an offensive lineman (as a matter of fact, I came up with the slogan “Blame Kwame” for every offensive flag ever thrown in a 49ers game, even when the 49ers offense wasn’t on the field) but to his credit, any highlight reel that shows the lowpoints of a person’s season is going to make him look bad.

    Yes he sucks, yes he can’t block, yes he holds, yes he should be replaced. But we did win 7 this year and we only won 4 last year. And to give him some credit, he’s helping Smith and Gore get better because his lack of skill forces them to work under pressure.

    So look at the good as well as the bad, without Harris, Smith might not have progressed as much as he did. He certainly has learned how to handle pressure a lot better. Smith did go from a single TD in his first season to 11 (or whatever the number was… I’m not a huge stats person) last season. Kwame at least helped on SOME of those, right?

    But until Nolan finally realizes what we’ve all been realizing all along, we’ll just have to hope that Kwame can get his hands out of his ass and actually block someone (without the holding penalties, please).

  37. Yo I’m glad this cat wasn’t blockin for me… But maybe the coach sees potential in practice and it just hasn’t translated to the game yet I say give the kid one more year he’s still young what 26????

  38. This is quite possibly one of the funniest things Ive ever seen. How do you get in contact with Mike Nolan? Someone really should send this to him.

  39. did he actually play football at stanford or just go there?

  40. WOW! That’s an amazing video and a absolute EYE opener. This guy was a 1st rounder and has played in the NFL for 4 years now. He absolutely looks lost and has ZERO Heart!

  41. WAIT! Don’t get rid of him!I’m sure it’s coach Nolan’s plan to keep Kwame in the team so that Alex becomes the first QB that can play without a RT and Frank the first RB that is able to rung offtackles to the right side whithout any blocking.

    Can’t you see he’s imporvin the Niners passing game,’cause when you face a lot of &20 %25 sitautions it helps your QB to get the feel for the deep pass. :D:D

    Or the niners can give him to dallas as a thank you gift for the magnificent job of releasing Larry Allen. :D:D

  42. You’re all incompetent cranks who have nothing better to do than bash somebody. Get a life.

  43. kwames horrible him and derek i get ran over smith should be traded or released

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