49ers Come Out Swinging

mike-nolan.pngFor what seems the first time in a long time, the 49ers came out swinging on the first day of free agency. I guess $30+ million will do that to you. On a day when all thoughts were that the 49ers would sign Adalius Thomas, the 49ers went a different way. Instead of showing Thomas the money, they made cornerback Nate Clements the highest paid defensive back in the league, they awarded Clements an eight year, $80 million deal with $22 million of it guaranteed.

They didn’t stop there however, they proceeded to strengthen their secondary by acquiring former Eagles safety Michael Lewis. The deal reportedly is a six year deal, with at least $10 million in guarantees. After those two signings you figured they were done for the day, right? Wrong. The latest reports are the 49ers and Ravens defensive tackle Aubrayo Franklin have agreed to a 3-year, $6 million contract that includes a $3 million signing bonus.

Three player visits, three signings. So far the 49ers are batting 1.000 and the latest reports to end the day are that the 49ers are interested in Dolphins linebacker Donnie Spragan, and all signs are pointing to them landing him as well.

All I have to say is I can’t wait to see what days two and three bring for us.


~ by 49ersNews on March 2, 2007.

70 Responses to “49ers Come Out Swinging”

  1. Good start. I just hope they have a plan for Gore.

  2. Indeed… Gore deserves to be taken care of.

  3. We could of used some of that money from Franklin on Gore!……Calm down #6 Pick Im just kidding.

  4. we will adress gore nex year when the cap increases by about 6 million nolan knows what he is doing.

  5. excuse me i mean our overall cap from this year wih bryant young retiring

  6. Waiting for close to a guys free agent period kinda worries me with the amount of talent Gore has, and the thing the worries me more is the blood sucking agent that works for Gore.

  7. Speaking of Dolphins is WR Wes Welker have any chance of landing on the 49ers Erickson? Ive seen him play a few games he looks like a pretty good receiver and Im sure hes like 25 right?

  8. id rather see them go after Drew Bennett and Kevin Curtis.

  9. I think Drew Bennett has a better chance of landing here. He’s a west coast guy. and from rumors on other sites has the 49ers on or near top of his list of teams to play for. Kevin Curtis would be nice. Stallworth I like the idea but dont see it happening. Lelie another choice should be on cheap side due to lack of stats last few years. and is not great at anything but running go routes. decent deep threat. Thing with Welker is he’s Restricted fa not sure what pick would have to give up to sign him. could go Engram to. not a top wideout but guy who will lay his body out decent hands. can’t hurt to add another possesion guy. then deep wr draft. get a guy in 3rd or see who falls to 2nd day. if you put a core of #2 recievers together with a 3 here an there its a solid group. you don’t need to have that one stand out guy.

  10. Anyone else worried we paid too much for Franklin? He hasn’t really done much in the five years he’s been w/ the Ravens…

  11. I hear the niners are going to go after donte stallworth, but they’re going to see how his situation plays out, maybe give it a day or two..

  12. i see franklin as a plugger…but i wish sopoaga would play more consistent, he’d be real good if he played consistently..

  13. Ron…I think the Franklin situation is along the same lines as when they signed Marques Douglas. Nolan is familiar with him and not a big name, but solid enough to contribute and who knows may surprise. Hell Adalius Thomas started off on Special Teams. It almost seems like the Ravens backups on that defense could be big time starters on other teams.

  14. The 49ers are idiots. 80 mil? that too much for clements. he is a top 15 corner at best

  15. Donte Stallworth is from Sacramento I think we will get him

  16. i agree with oscar

  17. Now it’s time to get Joey Porter or Shawn Phillips. Buffalo is shopping Takeo Spikes for a forth rd pick. All we need is Stallworth and Porter and were good. Then let’s take Branch or Okobe and a middle lb in the second

  18. 8 and 80 for clements, what does Gore get? 10 and 200?

  19. pintor98, were eye to eye on that one. Stallworth grew up a Niner fan, we released A.B. and now were back to where we were last season WR wise. I like Donte Stallworth, I think the cards are lined up with this one.

  20. Peace out ya’ll….Cant wait to see what Santa (Nolan) brings us tommorow!

  21. for those who think we need to pay Gore…just sit back an think a min….remember when Kevan Barlow Had a Good Year an we Paid him like 5 MIL the next season…then he didnt run so well after he got Paid and went to the Jets were he floped….so I like the Idea of letting Gore Prove He Can stay Consistent an not be Injury Prone before we give him his Big Contract

  22. I Heard Barlow Might be going to the raiders haha thats hella funny

  23. No offense to “A True Niner Fan”, but I disagree with you. Comparing Frank Gore to Kevan Barlow is crazy. Frank gore’s upside is incredibly high considering that hes actually healthy during the offseason. He was injured every year while playing for Miami, rehabbing both knees, and even had shoulder surgery after his first year as a Niner. Now that he finally enters the Spring with no major injuries, it allows us to assume that he’s only going to get better; basically tacking on talent to a healthy body. Therefore, we MUST sign him.


  24. For everyone worried about those 80 million dollar we gave to Clements…don’t worry. The only number that truely matters is that 22-24 million dollar signing bonus. That is a relatively reasonable number when you compare what other players will get in this market. Everything except that signing bonus is NOT GUARANTEED. If Clements struggles and gets cut all that counts against us is that signing bonus. From looking around other site it also appears that the contract is heavily backloaded so we’re saving money short term and will be dishing it out later. We still have lots of cap room to get other really good players.

  25. From looking around other site it also appears that the contract is heavily backloaded so we’re saving money short term and will be dishing it out later.

    that is what got us into cap hell btw!

  26. You guys couldn’t be more wrong on this topic. Clements deal was a cap friendly one. He is only getting 7.5 a year! Thats pretty damn good. He gets 22.5 in guaranteed money. AND 34 million of the money will be given to him during the LAST 2 seasons. THis was a very good move. I’m willing to guarantee that the 49ers have a way to pay for Clements in the future and still have a decent cap space, other whys they wouldnt have signed him to a monster deal. FOr all those haters who say he is a top fifteen back, ur really wrong on this one. THis guy is top 5 and maybe even top 3 material. This guy have caused FIFTEEN forced fumbles. can you say “physical”? This guy averages 3 INT’s a year. He is exactly what we needed. If someone can name me some cornerbacks who are better than this guy (besides Champ Bailey and Asante) I’d be pretty damn suprised. The siging of Micahel Lewis was a good move as well. He can hit extremely hard. Franklin was a pretty good move. This guy is just like Casey Hampton. He doesn’t have big numbers, but he is a space eater. THis is what we need. We need a guy who can eat up two lineman so the linebackers, or DEs can get to the QB.I don’t think we should go after Spragan, this guy is up there in age. He isn’t that bad, but at this same time i dont think he is better than Ulbrich. We have to get a big name LB, and of course we need 2 recievers. I am dying to see how this is going to play out, because we don’t have that much cap space left. It’s estimated that we have 10-15 million left *gulp*.

  27. 49er for life you just hit the nail on the fuckin head about everything. Except I think we might have more cap room left then you’re sayin. I’m pretty sure we got at least 19-20 mill. Anyhow on to my point whoever said Nate Clements wasn’t worth the money, and is only a top 15 DB. You are gonna be the same guy on this guys nuts by next November sayin I KNEW WE SHOULD HAVE SIGNED HIM I KNEW IT. This guy has never missed a game 6 fuckin years 96 straight games. How many players in the NFL do that these days. On top of that this cat is one of the most physical DBs in the league. I am very excited about this signing. Michael Lewis was just icing on the cake, our secondary is pretty much set. Then Aubrayo Franklin was worth every penny of his measley 2 mill a year salary. If we are gonna run the 3-4 we need guys like Aubrayo Franklin to eat up space and be a gap filler. The reason why his stats aren’t up there with everyone else, is because he barely got any playing time in Baltimore. Everyone on that team is a fuckin all-star, but when Aubrayo Franklin got in the game he stepped his game up big time. I agree with not getting Donnie Spragan. I think that’s just a flat out waste of cap space. He definately ain’t better than Ulbrich, and he’s never done nothin spectacular. Plus he’s 31 this year, I say please don’t do it. I definately don’t want Drew Bennett or Kevin Curtis on the team. I don’t like either of those guys. I think we need to lock down Donte Stallworth for sure, to balance out the loss of Antonio Bryant. Then we need to look at someone like Joe Horn or Eric Moulds. Hell maybe even Ashlie Leile, there’s a couple decent WRs out there that could contribute to our squad definately. I’m a little disappointed about the whole Adalius Thomas situation. I was led to believe all off season when Free Agency came around the 49ers had a blank check for him. I thought he wanted to come here the most out of anywhere too. I thought he was the top priority and Clements was #2. I guess it was the other way around. Oh well let’s see what the next couple days brings, I’m fuckin juiced.

  28. We need a WR badly they have to get one in free agency you cant go into next year with battle as a #1 any1 got any info about the niners bringing in any wr for a try out. I hope not drew bennett or kevin curtis either those guys r no #1 wr we need eric moulds or maybe joe horn some1 Alex smith can trust. SINCE HE CANT TRUST THAT WASTE OF SPACE KWAME HARRIS TO BLOCK FOR TWO SECONDS.

  29. I’m thinking that Donnie Spragan is just for depth and in the rotation of OLBs/special teams. He can play either OLB position and he looks like the journeyman type, so I doubt we pay him much at all. Depth at the LB positions is key if we’ll be running a sucessful 3-4.

    At this point I’m just sitting back and watching in FA.

    The other 2 people I wanted : Steinbach and Thomas are already signed. Now I guess we can only hope for Bennett or Stalworth at WR. An OT to replace piano-boy wouldn’t be so bad either.

  30. Forget all these old expensive LB’s. I would love for the 9ers to draft Patrick Willis. Nolan got a chance to coach him at the Senior Bowl, and he led all tacklers with 16. He is a young Ray Lewis. I dont want to hear about that’s too early to draft a MLB/OLB. BULLSHIT..if you look back at the drafts that guys like Ray Lewis and Brian Urlacher were in, and you aksed the teams that picked before them if they wished they selected these guys..they would all say YES. Getting a guy like Willis ( 6-2 240 lbs ) runs and hits like a madman, should be a top priority. We can then have Lawson, Willis, Moore, Smith as our 4 backers. I would rather take him then trying to make another DE an OLB. Willis is fast enough and has the insticts to play anywhere on the field. Let him get coached by Singeltary and Manushy and see him flurish as a pass rusher. He was never asked to do that in college since he’s a MLB, who knows what he can do with some coaching. I think Willis is the best pure LB in the draft and we should be thrilled with him being available at #11. Ginn and Jarrett are VERY OVERRATED, Leon Hall is a joke. The only other player I would want is Branch, in case he falls to us. I think that Willis could be better than Adalius Thomas over time. Remember this guy was a special teams player until a couple years ago. Sure he flurished, but is now 30. How may more years does he have left? I say pick Willis in the 1st and OSU WR Gonzalez in the 2nd as a slot. Of course this is all after we sign Bennett or Stallworth.

    Here’s to you Mike Nolan!

  31. Speaking of wide receivers, after Battle as a #3 receiver, anyone have any info on what Nolan thinks of the other guys? He think any of them can develop or are they just taking up space until a real receiver shows up?

  32. IF we sign stallworth then we shouldn’t get a receiver until the 3rd or 4th round. Sullivan can mold pretty much anyone with TALENT. Steve Breaston would be an option and then he could return kick offs. He is really fast, 6’3″, 210, great hands, but needs help running his routes.

  33. Thomas has inked with the pats, a 6 year deal.

  34. I love it! Nate Dogg Clements was the best signing ever. No commentator or football expert is talking negative about the signing. The all say the same thing, “he is one of the best corners in the league, up there with Champ and all the greats” just heard it on espn. Not only that, but it was a smart signing, i have to agree with For Life and 707. Smart move, yeah it 80 mil but divided into 8 years and 23 of it guaranteed!!! WE are back and now honestly, we need to attack and get Stallworth and maybe a guy like Joe Horn, but Dante for sure. That would balance out losing Trouble maker Bryant. Plus he is a true niner fan and lives around that area, he will be loyal. Well thats my opinion and im sticking to it! ha ha

  35. oh and yeah, where is Oscar and Frank_Gore_Rules? they are the only ediots who thought Clements is a top 15 corner? please. Thats all they said but did not back up what they say. Dont waste our time and go talk to your little neice who doesn’t know shi** about football. Nate Dogg Clements baby!!!

  36. Did anyone get any news on who’s going to sign the next 49ers contract? I’m excited on who we’re getting next

  37. We’ve contacted Joey Porter and so have 6 other teams…im also hearing about Ashlie Lelie…im here and there on him depends how he’d play for us….if he comes in like the old bronco he was then i’m all for him….and PLEAEE THE IDIOTS SAYING NATE CLEMENTS IS 15 Overall go learn some facts…he’s now the best corner in nfc and hes a niner feels good and 2nd best in league to champ bailey…clements is more physiacl than bailey and i cant think of a corner more physical than him….he will definately frighten opponent receivers lol cant wait to see him slam somebody…lets get it!!

  38. I’m hearing the same thing about Lelie. He’s expected to sign a contract with a team as early as today. Niners are in the running for sure. I don’t mind him but would be more excited about Stallworth. There’s also word that Alan Branch could fall out of the top 10 come draft day, that comes from NFL Network.

    Either him or Carriker is worth our #11 pick.

  39. Branch would be an ideal Nose Tackle….then we could go after Tank Tyler in the third round because we are going to draft the most talented corner, linebacker or receiver in the second depending on which position we have sured up in free agency by then. I REALLLY want Porter…that would bring some attitude to the niners.

  40. It sounds like Leleleleleleleee is either going to be a Texan, a niner, or some other stupid team according to profootballtalk.com

  41. We NEED a receiver BAD!!!!

  42. Maybe we can get lelie and stallworth, stallworth wants the 49ers to offer him a contract according to mark sclereth last night, we need receivers no doubt but PLEASE PICK UP PORTER BEFORE THE CARDINALS GET HIM.

  43. Is anyone meeting with Horn or Stallworth? Horn is a little too old, but can still play. I would rather have us go with Stallworth, he does have an injury problem every now and then.

  44. Porter’s agent said he’s wasn’t going to be meeting with any teams until sometime next week. I like Porter too but am worried about his age and performance level.

    Bennett has just signed a multi-year deal worth 4.5 million a season with the RAMS. Another good reason why we got clements on our team. I feel good that Spencer, Harris and Clements will match up with Bennett, Bruce and Holt.

  45. why does eveyone want ash lelie…..he sucks,he couldnt last with the sorry ass falcons or with denver.we need starters not third and forth stringers.

  46. reportedly, Nolan brought in pictures of Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Bolden, Tory Holt, and Deon Branch. Nolan then told Nate Clements that he will play these men eight times this season and proceeded to ask if he can shut them out. When Clements accepted the challenge, the negotiations began…

  47. it looks like the whole nfc west is starting to step there game up!in the next year or two we can be the dominating divition like the nfc east used to be.

  48. Where did you hear that story about the pics and Clements. That’s gangster. Nolan’s hard core. I love the guy.

  49. That is gangster! In the second half of last season, the Bills put Clements on the opposition’s best wide receiver. In that role, he held Indianapolis’ Marvin Harrison to two catches and dominated Houston’s Andre Johnson.

    He looks forward to doing the same in San Francisco.

    “That’s where I stake my claim,” he said.

    This is the man! I just heard him on NFL Network. He beleives that he is the best. Thats confidence. Thats what we need.

  50. That IS pretty impressive…when are we going to hear about Banta Cain….I thought we were going to talk to him and the defensive end from the Ravens.

  51. dolphines shopping randy mcmichal.. 49ers n hunt 4 him

  52. NATE DOGG CLEMENTS!!! Bring on Boldin, Bring on Fitz, Bring on Holt, Bring on Branch. We akready own the Seahawks, we should of beat the rams both games last year and now we are set to beat the Cardinals. The only reason we could not beat Arizona was because we could not match with thir big physical receivers. GUESS WHAT? Now we have BIG PHYSICAL SHUT DOWN CORNER Nate Clements. Bring it!!

  53. NOT for a high draft pick like they’re asking for…that would be stupid.

  54. Us in the hunt to trade for randy mcmichael is hard to believe…we have vernon davis…theres not a big chance we make trade for him….if we did i’d be shocked…its vernon’s time to shine in the starting spot

  55. Niners Sign a 2 year contract extension for Walt Harris worth 2.72million

  56. and resigned Bryan Gillmore

  57. GOOD MOVE!

  58. Can you get some news on what free agent is next to sign the niners I’m itching to know?

  59. Need Frank Gore to sign an extension now, and get some free agent WR’s.

  60. ryan i think the rams signed banta -cain yesterday.im not really shore but i beleave i saw that yesrerday on nfl net.

  61. on the hummer poll at sf49er.com said the last time we voted on we should get a corner over linebacker,defensive lineman and saftey and our top signing was nate clements.now the next hummer question is (today)what is the next position we should get in free agentcy linebacker,wide receiver,offensive lineman?by 49percent say we need wide receiver help over anything else.so i beleave our next big signing will be one of the next top receivers out there.

  62. Yeah…I thought they might….DAMN!! He is pretty good too!! We should go after Porter aggressively. He is WORTH IT!!! Has anyone heard any news of us pursuing Stallworth or any other receiver?

  63. cbssportsline is reporting that Brandon Stockley has just been released by the Colts. The hell with Stallworth, Bennett and Curtis. Stockley is the #1 WR available. Lets hope Nolan does his homework.

  64. i think the fact that the niners went after clements first and not thomas means they are pretty fucking high on some linebacker in the draft and not too high on guys like revis or other cb’s in the draft. or moore’s moving to the outside and they’re big on willis.

  65. PRIMETIME….dolphines want a 3rd round pick for R.McMichals…. Nolan is tryin to keep Norvs system… We ran a 2 TE set @ tymez

  66. how much money do we still have? i would love to get joey porter and stokely, joe horn, bennet or stallworth. and as for the skeptics who say the deal is worth too much. im sure its back loaded. he’s only garaunteed 22 or 23 mill. they can cut their losses in like 3 years if he doesnt pan out but i highly doubt that, clements is the real deal !!! since we hooked up the secondary big time, were goin lb and wr in draft. GO NINERS!!!

  67. Mario….Bennet signed wit RAMZ


  69. must have happened after that i didnt see it. oh well, lots of good receivers in this draft, plus we got lelie. we’ll be fine, nolan has a good plan going. secondary in the draft is a crap shoot most of the time, lb’s are safer picks. as for wr, we havent been so lucky in the draft for a long time. woods, hamilton, the jury is still out on brandon williams but he doesnt look too good so far, then again he didnt really get a shot at wideout either so we’ll see. choose wisely nolan

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