Adalius Thomas Coming to Town

a-thomas2.pngUpdate: All signs are pointing to him signing with the Patriots.

04:27pm— Per Thomas’ agent: The free agent linebacker is expected to decide later on Friday on where he will visit first on what is expected to be a short list of suitors. San Francisco, which could offer Thomas in excess of $20 million in guaranteed money, and New England are among the top teams on Thomas’ list, agent Bus Cook said Friday.
3:40 pm — Not looking good, reports are out there saying that a deal with the Patriots is very likely. John Clayton is reporting it could happen in the next 24 hours.
07:36am — John Clayton is reporting Adalius Thomas is set to visit the 49ers Saturday. Also it is rumored the Patriots are going to make a strong push for Thomas. So the 49ers can not allow Thomas to leave without a contract.


~ by 49ersNews on March 2, 2007.

49 Responses to “Adalius Thomas Coming to Town”

  1. make em stay makem stay……

  2. Ahhhhhh….crunch time….I really don’t know how we could let him leave town without a contract. This IS the guy we have wanted forever…Clements would be icing on the cake, but if we sign both of them…realize we now have to turn our attention (and money) to a little receiver fix solution as well as a Kwame solution. Then and only then will we be heading in the right direction. We can’t give Alex fewer weapons to work with than the year before and then say,”GET BETTER!”

  3. If we address the D in free agentncy (i.e. Clements and A. Thomas) This is a great draft for receivers and D-line so we should be able to upgrade those positions through the draft. We need to push for a quality O-linemen in free agency to replace kwame as well

  4. BAAQI….Did Polamalu resign wit Steelers???

  5. it doesnt make sense if he doesnt get a contract after leaving sf.

  6. Well boys here’s the icing on the cake!!!!!


    A fan site known as reports that Geoff Hobson of reports that the 49ers have signed or are in the process of signing cornerback Nate Clements.

    However, no such story currently appears on

    With all that said, we have reason to believe that the report is on the money. Stay tuned.

    I’ve said on this board several times that Clements is a key signing for us. Corners take longer to develop through the draft and Clements is young and a true shut down corner. I can’t wait for the official announcement!!

  7. It certainly is nice that the team can at least afford bot Thomas and Clements. The Antonio Bryant thing is a no brainer. He aint getting jack with his third disciplinary problem, trial, and sitting on atwo game suspension. HE may well come begging for a job week two at the vet minimum just to save his carre and I for one would love ot see him back for cheap. He did play and practice hard.

  8. for that clements rumor, anyone guess the years?

  9. The deal is said to be worth 23 million plus a signing bonus. I would guess a 3 or 4 year deal has been struck. The same agent that represents Clements was involved in signing Jonas Jennings a few years ago. The two sides know each other well and work quick to get a deal done!!

  10. I can smell a 1 -2 (Thomas and Clements sign on Day 1) punch coming right at the start by Nolan and his team. Go Niners!!!!

  11. it’s a $23 million SIGNING BONUS…he gets that as soon as the contract is signed. this is probably a 6-8 year deal with that kind of bonus.

  12. This Geoff Hobson of sounds like he is just making this shit up. I can’t find anything to support his assertion. Don’t get your hopes up yet. The Clement signing could be simply a rumour.

  13. Clements signed by San Francisco
    Friday, March 2, 2007 at 07:35:32 PT – Printer-friendly version

    According to Geoff Hobson of, free agent Nate Clements has been signed or will soon sign with the San Francisco 49ers. The report comes from Thomas Sorrell, a writer for RealFootball365.

    Email from Geoff Hobson:
    Clements is gone to san fran for $23 M to sign – a deal the Bengals could have done if they cut the few guys who do play defense.

    If this is true, the 49ers will likely make the announcement later today.

  14. I’ve updated the Clements thread. It is all specualtion/rumors at this time. Maiocco is reporting the 49ers will not sign anyone until they pass a physical and Nolan didn’t get to the office until 9:00am. So nothing is concrete.

  15. 9 in the morning? c’mon Nolan, you should been there 9 hours earlier. hahaha

    Damn I cant for these deals to be done

  16. Why the F is Nolcan coming in a 9am on the first day of free agency??? Any decent coach should be pulling an all nighter!

  17. We need Adalius Thomas much more so than Nate Clements. If we pay Clements what he wants, we’ll have to do the same for Adalius. Especially w/ the Patriots going after him. This is becoming very nervracking w/ all these rumors.

  18. My bad west, I didn’t get anything on polamalu I’m looking into it nobody has mentioned anything about him but I wouldn’t mind seeing him in a 49ers uniform.

  19. Nolan was prolly on the phones till 6 in the morning and wanted to go home and get refreshed, give the dude a break. Technology is a marvelous thing, there are things called cell phones and call forwarding! jeesus guys chill

  20. polamalu is not a fa

  21. There is speculation that the Pats will have Thomas locked up within 48 Porter would be a cheaper addition.

  22. Come on…. you have to be serious. Adalius is a Zillion years away from Porter. Porter has no upside. Adalius is primed for his 4 career years. Honestly, the only good thing would be that if we get Porter we could have anoither marquee player.

  23. IF the Pats sign Thomas, I will spawn a new unforgivable hatred for that organization. Thomas is the player that will help us turn the corner, we must have him. The Patriots better not make this move.

  24. I am in Hattiesburg, Ms and the rumor here is that the ex-USM Golden Eagle stand-out wants to play where it is warm. C’mon Niners make it happen….

  25. ZURDO,

  26. Zurdo, I agree with you completly, but if they can’t get the deal done we will still need some help at the LB position. Porter seems to be an option at least. The cost of Porter is just an added bonus.

  27. Apparently KNBR has reported that Adalius Thomas is at 49ers facilities now. Don’t know how true it is.

  28. Thomas is not in SF. He isn’t supposed to arrive until Sat am.

  29. Maiocco is on KNBR and is saying NE will most likely get first crack at Thomas.

  30. heres the thing about AT.

    Even if he is in New England, that is exactly what I would do if i were him too.

    He knows Nolan (no need to meet the guy) and he knows the niners have interest that will not die down. What he doesnt know is what sort of offer he can get around the league.

    So he goes to NE meets bill, sees the team, etc, finds out what they might be willing to pay him. If hes not totally blown away he just rings up mike says what the deal is/was/what he wants and then gets a deal done. BOOM. hes a niner.

  31. lets hope…i already fucking hate tom brady and i am going to fight every patriots fan i ever see from here on out if they sign thomas

  32. I HATE the patriots!!!! They only play just well enough to beat the other teams by 3… RAAAAAAA

  33. The thing is….the Patriots don’t want him to leave without a contract…if he does leave without a contract then he is ours, but it seems like we aren’t REALLY doing what we were supposed to. If Adalius meets with the niners then we will sign him….we WILL know by tonight.


  35. Erickson…is A.Thomas still set 2 visit us…. if he dont sign wit PATZ

  36. johnnnnnnn is a tool like most patriots fans, Go ‘9ers

  37. John,fuck u, ur a jerk!! We got clements the second best corner in the league. What the hell are u doing on the site if ur not a niner fan. If your a patriots fan let me just sit and laugh at you for losing to the Colts, releasing Corey Dillon, and for having ur star QB knock up some chick.

  38. 49ER 4 LIFE….LOL dont waist your tyme on dat cat… enjoy da moment…we c how it panz out

  39. good point west. ITS OFFICIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE HAVE JUST SIGNED CLEMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS ON NFL NETWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. 49er4lyfe…..4 how much.??. im at work

  41. 80 million 8 years. 22 million in guranteed

  42. When you think about it…clements makes more sense because he is younger and is offering more years in his prime. This is going to really upgrade the secondary, but if we don’t get Adalius Thomas then we are probably going to make a serious run at Donte Stallworth and then draft Willis because of the linebacker hole we will still have.

  43. Guys we should be REALLY happy we got Clements. Seriously, lock down corner who can hit too. and he’s still young. A lot of people have him as the top free agent. if we don’t get Adalius, then yeah it sucks, but we can surely get someone else, and our secondary wont be a liability. We should enjoy this a little bit. We also got Michael Lewis, who was in the Pro Bowl a few years ago. I think he just lost playing time cuz the Eagles knew they werent going to re-sign him.

  44. Just heard on ESPN on Sportscenter. that an agreement has been reached between AT and Patriots. They said terms of the deal were not yet known. So There goes AT. maybe take a look at joey porter now. Need a pass rush from linebackers. 3-4 scheme just doesnt work without it. in a 3-4 the rush comes from linebacker core. the Dline is just there to take on blockers and open up holes for linebackers.

  45. The agreement is not official as of yet. It states A.T is expected to sign with the patriots. Its not over yet niners. Keep your spirits up.

  46. so wat does this mean is the guy gonna be a pat or not i just want him or joey porter and im happy for this offseason i just dont know wat the hell is going on HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Niners Cap hell said that AT just signed with the Pats 6 years $60 Million with 17.5 bonus

  48. SO, bring on Porter….he will be even cheaper than Thomas and is STILL a QUALITY LEADER and HARD HITTER. If we don’t sign him then we BETTER get Stallworth.


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