Free Agent Visit Watchlist

pray.pngI’m going to try and keep all the free agents visiting in this thread. I’ll update it back to the top when more visits come in.

09:36pm — John Clayton is reporting Aubrayo Franklin is signed 3 yr 6 million dollar deal.

– The 49ers are closing in on Ravens free-agent nose tackle Aubrayo Franklin.

Nate Clements (DB – Bills) is at the 49ers facility. John Clayton is reporting deal will most likely get done. Signed 8 years. $80 million

Michael Lewis (S – Eagles) is at the 49ers facility. Signed no word on contract.

– Adalius Thomas (LB – Ravens) is expected to visit the 49ers.

– Jarrett Johnson (DE – Ravens) Adam Schefter is reporting 49ers are making a run for his services.


~ by 49ersNews on March 2, 2007.

81 Responses to “Free Agent Visit Watchlist”

  1. Ohh Hell yeah, Get all of Them. Gettr Done

  2. well it looks like we’ve locked up Clements. WE NEED THOMAS!!!!! Clements is nice and all but our top priority is Adalius

  3. almost seems like they want to lock up Clements first than turn all focus to Thomas. Clements being signed would help land Thomas as well. Or Thomas has already agree (per previous reports before FA) and will make it official when he visits Saturday.

  4. Erickson… do you know if he’s visiting SF first? I had read that he was visiting today, but if he’s not, does that mean he’s visiting NE?

  5. GETT’ER DONE!!!…..Lewis is a HAMMER! He had 15 tackles in one game against us!!!!! He was all-pro two years ago!!! GETT’ER FUCKIN DONE!!!!

  6. I agree with jimmy, Lewis is a beast. He would be a huge improvement for us

  7. Big M…what I’ve heard is he is to visit SF on Saturday and NE on Saturday as well…that will be hard on him, so who knows. I just hope he doesn’t go to NE first.

  8. OMG. If this goes through, this will be the first step in becoming the most dominant defense in the NFL. C’mon front office, do yo thang!!!!!

  9. thanks Erickson

  10. Thanks for the info, and keep keeping us posted.

    Go Niners

  11. Schefter reporting deal between NE and Thomas may be done in 24 hours….crap.

  12. Wow! I never expected Lewis to visit. I hope we sign all four.

  13. At least with Porter on the market there’s at least a backup plan if Thomas goes elsewhere.

    I don’t think Thomas will sign until he hears the proposals from the jets 9ers and pats, and then gets the 2nd offers. Honestly I think Clements will be getting other offers as well before getting an official signing.

  14. 2 Down 2 to go at least for Defense!!!! GO NINERS!!!!

  15. Thomas signed with NE . . . fuckers

  16. [quote]I don’t think Thomas will sign until he hears the proposals from the jets 9ers and pats, and then gets the 2nd offers. Honestly I think Clements will be getting other offers as well before getting an official signing.[/quote]

    you dumb? he signed with the pats already

  17. is jarrett johnson any good? i never paid atention to him and banta-cain.

  18. bye bye Adalius. the 49erswebzone said that he has just agreed in terms with the Patriots. Fuck the patriots. I hope Tom Brady gets fuckin herpes!!

  19. he hasn’t signed yet, but there are a lot of reports saying he is going to

  20. no i have seen reports saying that he has agreed to terms


    According to a league source with knowledge of the negotiations, the Patriots are about to make the splash of free agency by agreeing to a contract with Ravens linebacker Adalius Thomas, considered one of the top players on the market.

    This doesn’t surprise me since he really didn’t fit into our 26 to 27 year old FA plans. Thomas will make the Pats great but the AFC is extremely competitive and they’ll need more then that. I wouldn’t hold my breath on Porter either, we’re planning for a few years to be at the Superbowl not in 2007.

  22. Let’s go after Bennett or Stallworth and then we can focus on Carriker or Landry in the draft.

  23. Bennet isnt coming to the 49ers. He is interviewing with several other teams (including the rams). Stallworth wants way too much money. Our WR core is not looking good at all. Our defense improved but out offence is in trouble right now

  24. go after some offensive linemen now!!!

  25. This works out fine then because we signed the best free agent on the market and Michael Lewis so now all we need to do is draft on the front 7 and get a great WR in free agency and we are set along with plenty of cheds to spare

  26. If we don’t sign Thomas then we go after Stallworth and Porter.

  27. to bad there is no great WR in FA. stallworth is as good as it gets. we have clements and lewis, thomas is with pats, we need to put weapons around smith now. our WR core is not good trading up for calvin johnson is unlikely but would solve that so i say 1st round goes to D-line and 2nd and 3rd to toward a WR

  28. From Matt Maiocco with the Press Democrat:
    The 49ers just held a mini-press conference to announce the signings of Nate Clements and Michael Lewis. Clements will start at left cornerback, with the possibility that he will match up against the opposition’s best player. Shawntae Spencer and Walt Harris will compete for the starting job on the other side. Harris will play the slot in nickel situations. Lewis will start at strong safety, with Mark Roman right now scheduled to start at free safety. Lewis (six-year contract, no money terms available) has the ability to slide down and play the dime back, which is closer to the line of scrimmage. Coach Mike Nolan confirmed that Ravens nose tackle Aubrayo Franklin will be arriving tonight. No contract for Franklin is official, but unless something unforeseen occurs, he will also be signing. Nolan said the signing of Clements (eight years, $80 million) does not take the 49ers out of the competition for linebacker Adalius Thomas. Other than that, Nolan declined to comment on Thomas. Nolan said Franklin is the only player who has scheduled a visit with the 49ers.

  29. If we’re drafting WRs in the second round I like Steve Smith. Name alone says something and he had a great Combine. Running the 40 in 4.4 and a verticle leap of 38. He’s also showed his hands of clue by catching everthing in the drills and aced the cone relay. I think/hope he’ll be there at number 42 in round 2.

  30. So has Thomas fucking signed with the Pats or what? If he has, big loss but we can’t dwell on that. Erickson, What are our chances of signing Joey Porter? I have a feeling that they are slim to none but I feel he would be a great addition especially if Thomas is off the market. Either way, we signed Nasty Nate so drink up Niners fans! It’s going to be a great season

  31. we should get one of theys LB joey porter or a.thamas WE HAVE TO GET A WR AND HES THE ONE WHOS BIGG AND SPEEDY AND HE WELL HELA HELP A.SMITH
    stallworths or c.june and that one de from atl

  32. mannie- kerney is the de from atlanta he is going to the broncos or the seahawks we dont want him anyways he is old and we need younger guys we already have a good vet and leader in bryant young…i wouldnt mind porter but i want to know where we are with are cap room right now…we still have to sign gore dont forget and that wont be cheap and it shouldnt be in my opinion

  33. Bring on Joey Porter, I love the nasty attitude he would bring.

  34. he gets the whole d ready to go before the games hes great…awesome player

  35. Man I love the 49ers Im a big fan but I think we’re screwed paying nate that amount I think he is seriously not going to do shit, sure hes a big upgrade but we could have gotten somebody better in the draft for less. And we may go broke again and Id hate that to happen

    As for what FA to get we should get A.Thomas or J.Porter at least one of the two

    Also we should trade up for Calvin Johnson because hes worth it!!
    Steve Smith would be a steal if we got him in the late 2nd round the guy is that good!!!!!

  36. ITs DONE…the Pats have signed him. Its all over ESPN>

  37. So with Framklin coming over from the Ravens. What is the draft going to look like for us in the 1st round? If Franklin signs then we won’t need Branch. Question is: do we go for WR Jarrett or ILB Willis. Jarrett will be a star with Smith throwing to him, but Willis may turn out to be the Defensive Leader down the road. I’m lobbying for the 9ers to trade up (trade away the 2nd and their 3rd round for a late 1st round to get Willis). Of course this all depends on what they do in addressing the WR and LB issues.. But solid right now in the secondary.. Good job so farin day 1. GO NINERS!!

  38. draft steve smith in the second round,it will be alex smith to steve smith.smith to smith babe…in a 3-4 is brandon moore a outside or inside linebacker?

  39. To Frank Gore Rules, check this out.

    You say you’re a “big fan.” Sounds like a newbie to me. We all sleep, eat and wear the Red and Gold proud on this board. Clements is not the only piece to our pizzle. When it’s done, either this year or next, we’ll be like the Niners of old. No holes on D or O. Check out some of the stats on Clements!!

    Clements, 27, is in the prime of his career and, playing a premium position, he was poised for a huge contract.

    The former Ohio State star, a first-round choice of the Bills in the 2001 draft, is a physical cornerback who combines size, speed and raw coverage skills. In his six years with the Bills, he never missed a game, appearing in 96 straight outings. He registered 432 tackles, 23 interceptions, 61 passes defensed, 1½ sacks, 13 forced fumbles and four recoveries.

  40. bye A thomas he is going to the pats we need a linebacker cause derek smith couldnt cover john york

  41. 13 forced fumbles is unbelieveable!! Combine that with his INTs and that’s 6 takes aways per year! That’s the kind of stuff that can win you a few extra games. Doesn’t sound like a guy who’s going to “shit” to me.

  42. Franklin!!!!! Who the fuck is Franklin? Anyways this would obviuosly be nothing more than Nolan signing someone for the league minimum ( I would hope ) to bring competition in. By no means is this a DT solution. As far as A.Thomas goes, Joey Porter or Nap Harris anybody?

  43. To Ninerfan81.

    I understand what you are trying to say but dont call me a newbie OK! Ive been a fan since I was 4 so dont call me a newbie chump. I think Nate is good but he isn’t worth the money he is getting he may be like other players I hope not but he may bust as a ninerand all the money he is going to cost us is just too much!

  44. How is anyone doubting the skills of Nate Clements? This is as solid, dependable and healthy of a corner as you can get in the NFL. There is a reason that just about ANYBODY in the NFL has stated this is the top free agent this year AND he just turned 27! A.Thomas would have been good but the cat will be 31. A damn fine pick up if you ask me.

  45. Thomas’ deal is preliminary whatever the hell that means? No one is making it offical plus I would guess he has to pass a physical first. He was rumored to be visiting SF first. I hope this doesn’t mean it is off- but it sounds to me like the door is still cracked open. Go Niners!

  46. On the Michael Lewis signing…… In Mike Nolan and Scott McCloughan I trust.

  47. remember tony parish sucked with the bears and got better with us.but now he sucks with the cowgirls now we got lewis maybe he will get better with us.for some odd reason our team gets the veteran safties to play much better in our systeme tim mcdonald,merton hanks,tony parish and now michael lewis.

  48. Just heard on ESPN on Sportscenter. that an agreement has been reached between AT and Patriots. They said terms of the deal were not yet known. So There goes AT. maybe take a look at joey porter now. Need a pass rush from linebackers. 3-4 scheme just doesnt work without it. in a 3-4 the rush comes from linebacker core. the Dline is just there to take on blockers and open up holes for linebackers.



  51. Last time I checked, New England wasn’t exactly one of the warmest spots in the US. So much for Adalius’ bullshit about wanting to play somewhere warm


  53. On clayton says niners signed former raven NT Aubrayo Franklin to 3 yr 6 million dollar deal. Also says to watch for niners to sign ‘Phins LB Donnie Spragan. Spragan didnt sign just says niners may look at him.


    thats the link to the article for above statement

  55. WHAT!!!! 6 FUCKING MILLION!!!!!?????? WHO THE FUCK IS AUBRAYO FRANKLIN!!!!!! Did he do hella good in some imaginary fucking league? Come on, I dont know about this one Nolan, I know he came from the Ravens… You probably drafted him, but what in the fuck has this dude done? The only thing I see he has going for him is size. I guess size gets you 6 fucking Million!

  56. ARock, it is 6 million but over 3 years, making it 2 million a year. Take a deep breath and relax

  57. PLEASE READ, PAUSE, and THINK before you guys freak out. Damn, I hope you don’t live your real lives like this or else I’m really worried for you guys.

    6 million over 3 years… that’s 2 million a year. The NFL minimum salary is $500K. It’s not like that’s that much more. Jesus. He’s 320lbs and apparently pretty decent if you read up on him.

    And all you fools freaking out about the Clements deal. It’s not a $22m signing bonus. It’s $22m guaranteed. The deal is most likely heavily backloaded which means smaller $5-7m cap hits in the first few years. He’ll never see all that money, ever.

    Get a grip guys. Learn to read and think before you start shooting blanks.

  58. EasyE,
    Do you relize he got a 3 million dollar signing bonus. Do you know who Aubrayo Franklin even is? Also the guy has been in the league 4 years and has 1 sack. Sounds like a 6 Million dollar contract to me….

  59. Im all for Nate Clements and what ever he got money wise, Un- Like Franklin, Clements actually plays in the NFL.

  60. It’s so funny “Desert9er” —– it ain’t our money boys. For a change at least “we” have some to spend! Nobody on this page is paying A. Franklin a dime. Relax and enjoy. That guy is going be a hell-of-a player, and he comes pretty cheap. Just watch……….

  61. Let’s be thankful that Nolan has gotten York to financially commit to this franchise and it’s fans. I trust coach Nolan and his staff. They have drafted well and had a few strong FA pickups over the first two years. This is a thousand percent better than the days of Ericson, Donahue and being cash strapped from the win now Carmine Pollicy years.

  62. Arock49 U do realize that Franklin is a NT. the job of a NT is not to get sacks its to take up blockers. Does no one realize the job of a DLINE in 3-4 system is not to get sacks. The job for a 3-4 dline is to take up blockers and open lanes for your LINEBACKERS TO GET SACKS. to many people are frigin hung up on dline getting sacks and rushin Qb IN THIS DEFENSE THAT IS NOT THERE JOB. ITS TO TAKE ON BLOCKS OPEN LANES. EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ UP ON 3-4 SCHEME B/C APPARENTLY MOST OF PEOPLE DON’T REALIZE ROLES OF PLAYERS ON IT.

  63. I think you misquoted me Jimmy. I was not knockin’ the Franklin deal. I was saying 2 million a year is NOT a lot… in the grand scheme of things it’s slightly more than the league minimum. I was knockin the folks freaking out about the money when so far we really haven’t spent that much against the cap.

    Do you know who Aubrayo Franklin is Arock49? Yeah, in the two years he started (36 games), yes, he has 1 sack, 35 solo tackles and 2PDs. But he’s not a sack specialist.. he’s 320 goddamn lbs! In the Raven’s D he plugs holes.

  64. Well said Mike. And I fully agree with Jimmy.

  65. Dont get me wrong, obviously I hope he pans out… I PREY IM WRONG HERE…. I get that we finnally have money to spend and Nolan has the OK, doesnt mean you cant be concerned where it goes, even if its not my money. I have alot of emotions invested in this team, I just want the best, no mistakes you know.

  66. 6 Million? Are you kidding me? That ain’t shit. It’s for 3 years. If the guy can play, I don’t care how many sacks or starts he has. Since when has Nolan gave you reason not to trust the way he builds the team? Sit down and shutup.

  67. mikes the man,i been try to say that for the last year,since ive been on this sight . one of the best nose tackles is casey hampton. that the reason nose tackles never gets any atention because linebackers get it all for the sacks and tackles behind the line of scrimage.

  68. Because #6 Pick, If the guy cant play, that money could have gone elsewhere maybe used to land another BIG time Free agent. Im sure teams wernt linening up for this guys services. Nolan could have waited. Now please you sit down and you shut the fuck up’

  69. You are required to have a lot more players on your team then 11 on offense and 11 on defense. You have to have backups. Every player on the team can’t be a big name guy and that 6 million dollar contract is pretty average. I guess you liked it more when we signed guys off the street when we got thin due to injuries… Think about it.

  70. A>T signs with New England 17 million guaranteed @ 7 million a year

  71. Hey guys how serious are the talks with Joey Porter i need some 411 common guys help HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Bring in Donte Stallworth!!!!!

  73. AT just signed with the lets sign that LB from Miami,eric steinbach,and maybe joe horn or kevin curtis.oh and/or drew bennet.

  74. Joe Horn or Drew Bennett(if he survives the lambs), Bennett and Banta Cain were last visiting the lambs…..I hope neither of them sign. Banta Cain would be an upgrade.

  75. Tully from here… went 2 school n SUNNYVALE

  76. Jarrett Johns re-signed with Baltimore. Three years, $13 M.

  77. *Johnson

  78. Drew Bennett signed with the rams.

  79. some you guys are nuts…the nose tackle dosent get sacks he plugs holes for the runs and opens lane for the lb to crush …its a great move and will finaly help BY.. we need porter… a wr maybe stokley. and with the draft we need a dead on WR or a LB. calm down aobu tall the money spent too be thankfull we have the most to spend..9ers 4 life!!

  80. Well I just think that we should just keep our 1st and 2nd round draft picks for ourselves, and then trade the rest of them to the Raiders for the first overall, Derrick Burgess and just cherry pick a second person from them just to complete the trade. then we can just take Calvin Johnson with the first overall, then Ryan Kalil with the eleventh overall and move him to Right Tackle, and then we can just pick whomever with our 2nd round pick. The deal would be greatly in both teams favor. We’d be set for a championship run now and the next few years to come, and the Raiders can re-start their rebuild phase out great by having around 19 picks total in this next draft.

  81. Len Pasquarelli, of, reports Chicago Bears LB Lance Briggs says he does not want to play another game for the team unless the Bears rescind the franchise tag placed on him this offseason. “There’s a difference between the Chicago Bears team and the Chicago Bears organization,” Briggs said Sunday, March 4. “The Chicago Bears team? The coaches, players, city and fans? Yeah, I could stay there forever. I love it. But the Chicago Bears organization? I don’t want to be there anymore. I won’t play for them and I’ll do everything in my power to keep from playing there.” “They need to either [rescind] the franchise tag, and let me move on, or trade me to another team,” Briggs added. “Because that’s about the only way this thing can have any kind of a positive resolution.”

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