Clements Signs for $80 Million

n-clements.png04:21pm — Breaking News on NFL Network Adam Schefter is reporting 49ers and Clements have agreed to terms. Terms of the deal, 8 yrs., $80M, $22M guaranteed. So much for those saying York is cheap.
04:05pm — NFL Network reporting Clements to sign w/49ers.
01:19pm — Sirius Radio is reporting that cornerback Nate Clements is negotiating with the 49ers right now. A 49ers spokesperson would not confirm the talks.
09:11am — Rumors are already flying Clements has agreed to a deal. At this time it is all speculation. The 49ers are not signing anyone until they pass a physical (don’t want to go through the Jennings thing again) and Mike Nolan is not expected in his office until 9:00 so unless Clements passed a physical in 11 minutes, the reports out right now take with a grain of salt.

Update: 03.02.07 — Sirius satellite radio’s 2 minute drill is reporting the 49ers have made an offer to Nate Clements. One thing to take into consideration Clements agent is Todd France, the same agent Jennings has and they struck a deal quickly with Jennings so both sides know how to work a deal.03.01.07 — is reporting that Adam Caplan of says the 49ers are very interested in Bills cornerback Nate Clements, and that the Niners are prepared to make him an offer soon after 12:01 a.m EST Friday.

The Browns are believed to be poised to make a quick run at Clements, too.


~ by 49ersNews on March 2, 2007.

132 Responses to “Clements Signs for $80 Million”

  1. We need to make a faster run at A. Thomas…. 1st

  2. Let’s do it! Clements can be that shut down corner we haven’t had since ’94 with Deion. Then we can look to Adalius or Joey Porter baby!

  3. Gett’er Done….

  4. from some of the metric analysis KC Joyner of ESPN Insider has done… Clements isnt really the best corner. If anything he’s over rated and I hope we don’t over pay for him.

  5. If we sign all three…Porter, Adalius, and Clements THEN I am OK with us going after Ginn jr. because this would adress a major issue and unless Landry or Branch are available then he kind of makes sense NOW because he can return kicks and could be a good receiver that we need this year…then sign Bennett.

  6. Niners hire new QB Coach.

  7. I say Fred Smoot, Adalius Thomas, Craig Terril(6th rnd compensation), Ian Scott, Brian Russel(Backup S), Ashley lelie, Donte Stallworth, Kelly washington, Musa Smith, Tony Pashos and Kawika Mitchel and we’ll have a solid play off bound TEAM.

  8. I think Porter and Thomas combined would break the bank. It’s a nice dream though for sure. Can you imagine them with Lawson as the understudy? LOL LOL …Yeah Baby!

  9. I dont want Porter because is thirty in a few months and injury prone, i say we trade D smith or Ulbrich and start moving up for the draft.

  10. In the next 60 days we will have a new and vastly improved fooball team!……I want some news tonite!!!!!!………I think Pashos might be a 49er because of his conncetion to Nolan. He could replace ‘Kwame-the-Shame.’

  11. donnie edwards voided his contract to become free agent…that could happen with manusky on boarf what do you guys think

  12. on board i mean obviously

  13. This is the priority free agents:

    1. Adalius Thomas
    2. Nate Clements
    3. Donte Stallworth
    4. Donnie Edwards
    5. Eric Steinbach

    **Note: I wanted to stay away from Porter cause he would break our bank with the rest of the guys up there.

    Then the Draft we can address the D-line.

  14. I agree with the list above, except for Donnie Edwards. Like Coach Nolan said, we’re not looking for a quick fix. and Donnie Edwards being 34 yrs. old doesnt seem very reasonable.

  15. i didnt realize he was that old

  16. That’s what 1 year contracts are for. Nothing wrong with having lots of talent and depth.

  17. fuck it……. i want everyone on the free agent list,i want them all, and then i want to draft every player in the draft and win the superbowl for the next decade and beyond.

  18. Donnie Edwards is the real deal!! He was a late bloomer. He’s still got it! One more year for sure…We gotta have depth, and leadership. He’s from a playoff club the last few years….I CAN’T WAIT FOR FRIDAY AFTERNOON! MANY ’49ER FANS AROUND THE WORLD SAY IT HASN’T BEEN LIKE THIS SINCE ’94!!!

  19. today is going to be great…i have a feeling i am going to wake up to great news

  20. just read on espn we set up visits for a. thomas and clements as expected….thomas is coming in today and clements date was not in article because so many teams have contacted him

  21. Clements is not worth a $20 M signing bonus.

    A good pass rush can disguise a mediocre secondary:

    Adalius Thomas + other front seven help…maybe a 2nd-tier safety or CB.

    A WR (or two) on offense. Maybe a tackle like Stinchcomb or someone else to replace Kwame.

  22. My cock is so hard from the FA List. If Nate Clements don’t fall through we can always try for Felatio Fred aka Sexual Smoot who just got released. Also we could always give Sizurp Terrance Kiel a shot. A lot of beefy defensive players got released, and my cock is bulgin from this.

  23. I love the idea of trading down in the first round and draft Robert Meachem. Get A. Thomas, Nate Clements and get a 3rd WR in free agency.

  24. Nate Clements is NOT over rated, he’s never been hurt and when you look at his stats over the years he’s been very consistant with his play. I like the idea of going after him especially since he’s only 27 years old!

  25. I dont want to end up like Wasington…..all that talent and no salary cap money to spend…. I would like Thomas and Clement!! after that I say we go for a couple of younger FAs that wont cost as much… Banta-Cain (came up in a winning org.) and Drew Bennett……then we can get a DT or DE in the 1st round of the draft and a WR in the 2nd….the draft is deep at WR…. And whats this I hear that we have to spend 85% of our cap? is that true and why?

  26. its 930 in jersey and the fourty niners didnt sign anyone yet i figured i would wake up and we would have a.thomas and clements signed by

  27. Boomer you are an idiot sayin we could just post and wait and get a WR in the 2nd round of the draft. We just released Antonio fuckin Bryant our WR core is fucked right now. Arnaz Battle, Taylor Jacobs, Bryan Gilmore, Brandon Williams probably the worst in the league right now at this exact point. With that list of must haves with Adalius Thomas and Nate Clements I think we gotta throw in Donte Stallworth. He was injured almost half the year last year, but when he did play he stepped his game up big time. The other 2 we need to look at is Joe Horn and Eric Moulds. I think both these guys still got a lil somethin left they could contribute. I think Joe Horn would be good if he isn’t asking for to much. He would be the verteran leader on the offense I think we could use. He was always the one keepin his team fired up, begining from when the hurricane happened. Anyhow we need to make a signing NOWWWW!!!!


    clements is a niner

  29. sqpat…um no. Niners are not signing anyone until they pass a physical. Clements has not signed yet.

  30. i dont want to break the back but i do want two good free agents to come to town and stay we still have some holes we have to fill so we got to be smart with how we spend this money

  31. I’m praying this all works out for thomas and clements but clements might want too much money so if we don’t get him I’m thinking fred smoot the only thing about smoot is when they played the bengals he got burnt by chad johnson but for the most part smoot is cool.

    Getting thomas and porter probably will break the bank so the niners need to spend wisely I wonder if there’s any interest in porter?

  32. I forgot to mention donnie edwards.

  33. I agree with baaqi

  34. hell yeah!

  35. From ESPN’s John Clayton

    Rumor Central

    Niners close to signing Clements
    The 49ers have made significant progress in their pursuit of Clements, and could get a deal done today, reports’s John Clayton. Clements, the top cornerback on the market, is also a target of the Titans and Browns. However, neither team has as much money as San Francisco, which has good chance of getting the deal done.

  36. Hope we hear something today that’s for real!……GETT’ER DONE!!!!!!

  37. ESPN Insider: Niners close to signing Clements
    The 49ers have made significant progress in their pursuit of Clements, and could get a deal done today, reports’s John Clayton. Clements, the top cornerback on the market, is also a target of the Titans and Browns. However, neither team has as much money as San Francisco, which has good chance of getting the deal done.

  38. Yo Titans and Browns, Clements is not’yo cheese!!! Shiiiit.

  39. My momma’s aunt Ruthy told me we are probably getting Thomas by the weekend.

  40. ERIKSON…WHATZ update on A. Thomas?? some1 said da PATS could have him n 48 hrs…. is dat true?? where we stand??

  41. I think Thomas will sign with us. He wants money! And we got it. The Patriots don’t! Even winning a SuperBowl and making less money was his true priority he would have stayed put in Baltimore. Add the Nolan factor and the fact that he could be the face of the D (unlike in Baltimore with Ray Lewis), I think are chances are golden!!!

  42. i heard that too. this is not lookin good at all!!

  43. im gettin nervious

  44. Plus, Clements signing with us with help get Thomas. More importantly, the Pats are getting old. That ship has already sailed. The Pats are done as currently composed.

  45. I’ve been watching taped Buffalo games recently, and I must say that Clements will be worth every penny that we pay him if he plays like that over here. He is a true shutdown corner, and doesn’t miss too many tackles…complete player this guy.

  46. i think their gonna get db’s in fa and linebackers in the draft. their first 2 interviews are clements and lewis from the eagles. we need wr’s bad now. joe horn anyone? we get horn or bennet, then we draft a good second round wr to learn behing him. go niners, we finally got money and we gotta waste 80% i think, so do the damn thing!!! go niners!!!

  47. Deion Sanders was the only ‘true shutdown corner.’ Champ Bailey is close, but in the way PrimeTime was.

    That being said, the 49ers need to sign Clements anyway. I just hope there’s enough $$$ left over for Adalius Thomas.

  48. I meant NOT in the way PrimeTime was.

  49. Since I am an NFL expert, (LOL) this is what I see us doing. Clements is as good as ours, The Pats are going to fuck us over on Thomas, (he thinks he has a better shot at a ring with those cats) and we will snatch up Joey Porter to fill that J. Peterson spot. He will be a lot more cost efficient too.

  50. i have a question for erickson.. how do you know so much about the niners.. do you know people inside the organization ? or what

  51. Well regardless of what happens today, it’s definitely better than what we were doing last year in free agency

  52. clint…let’s just say I have my sources. Some inside, some outside. But I get more info from those outside.

  53. well i cant thank you enough for what you do

  54. Someone on another post on this website is saying that KNBR stated that Adalius is in SF!? True? Anyone?

  55. No Thomas is not in SF. Reports are false.

  56. It was probably Tolbert!!

  57. DOnt overpay for anyone. I ccertainly would hope they make a fair run at Thomas, Clements, Porter, L. Davis, and or Drew Bennet or ene Stallworth. IF at the end of free agency there is cap space left I would seek to leave enough money for Rooks and then accelerate and restructure a few contracts to front load and create future cap space.

  58. I think “Corey” has made a good point. Also, I hope we sign LEWIS too! Hey ERICKSON (thanks for the good work) is there any word about any other F.A.’s comming for a visit this weekend?!

  59. IMO Clements became our #1 prioity the moment Porter was released. No one saw this coming and maybe Scott and Nolan are now focused on Clements b/c he is all by himself on tier 1 when all the other CB are on tier shit.

    Porter or Thomas
    Bennet or Stallworth
    FA RT
    FA NT

    Plus our draft picks

    This would be an awesome offseason! I am so pumped and for the guy mentioning he has a boner. “Eew”


  61. no a.thomas,hello championship pats,no porter going to miami . hello clements going to 49ers with some ravens left overs.

  62. If we don’t get Thomas then EXPECT us to draft willis.

  63. Hey 49er in 707….or wherever the FUCK you are!! all I said is that the 49ers shouldnt go for a WR in the 1st round dumbass….I still want them to address the need for a WR, but you cant have a ROOKIE come in and be the #1 its too much responsibility and pressure…. so get a FA , I like Bennett the best thats why I said his name, but i will take Horn or moulds- they are good pros they will teach well…..but we are not getting Calvin Johnson and I dont want Jarret (not a deep threat)….so lets pick someone up in the 2nd that we can groom!!

  64. Hmmmm, good point Ryan! I have no problem with that. The guy is an animal, and very fast! Still, i think nolan is thinking Branch and Okoye…..WE NEED MORE FA’s!!!! GETT’ER DONE!

  65. Erickson…is A.Thomas still set 2 visit us…. if he dont sign wit PATZ

  66. Damn I thought Adalius Thomas was the priority and Clements was #2. I think we shoulda gave everything we had into gettin Adalius, that man is somethin else. Clements is a top CB, and never misses games, but Adalius can play damn near every position on defense. I don’t know where New England got this money. First everyone thought they weren’t gonna have enough money to even keep Asante Samuel. Now they kept Samuel, and are very close to gettin Adalius, this is crazy. If we don’t get Adalius Thomas, and most likely I don’t see Porter comin to SF for some reason, I will cry.

  67. sweet!! I think Thomas is gonna sign with the Pats….we should go after Banta-Cain then…He will be great!!

  68. nfl net said the 49ers sign a 8 years 80million dollars for nate clements?can some one say over paid!

  69. and a 22million signing bonus do we have any money left for the season?

  70. 49er in 707, You from Vallejo bro?

  71. 80 MILLION!?!?!?! OMG im gunna have a heart-attack

  72. well you cant say that the 49ers are cheap anymore.and over paid former buffalo bills.clements/jennings.

  73. holly crap thats alot of money for 1 person. DAMN

  74. highest paid ever defensive player EVER!!!!!

  75. this is ridiculous theres gotta be certain terms that dont allow him to recieve money if he dont perform good enough

  76. we cant aford anyone else, 22million signing bonus,this year and the 10million you pay him this year 32 million in one year?

  77. this might be a blessing or a HUGE mistake

  78. look guys settle down we have to pay up for cb’s…there are to many busts in that position to draft high it is a hard position to scout…he is young and he is great…dont get me wrong i wanted a thomas too but holy shit we have a great cb on our team now…i would like to know what that does to our cap room but whatever we locked him up for 8 years he could retire a niner so learn to love him guys welcome him to the family…we can draft lb’s….

  79. eddie doesn’t work out like that..

  80. I’m happy but in another sense I’m upset that they gave him so much money know can we sign thomas after this contract?

  81. lol theres goes AT, Stallowrth, Bennet, Leonard Davis, and anyone else we wanted to sign

  82. 8 mill per year + 22 mill sign bonus/ 8yr =
    8 mill + 2.75 mill=
    $10.75 mill cap hit for this year.

    That means they still have about $19-20 million left in cap space

  83. He’s definatly welcome to the family, NO DOUBT!

  84. thanks erickson i was starting to get worried we couldnt aford anyone else this year.

  85. the $22 million signing bonus will split up over 8 years against the cap but i am not sure if that means he is around 13 million dollars a year cap hit or know i am not sure, erickson any idea on that

  86. Nothing like hearing from a bunch of people who know nothing on the subject. Payout does not break down like you folks think and similarly does not affect the cap like you are thinking. Chil.

  87. also thank ninermath.

  88. Michael Lewis also signs:

  89. sorry ninermath didnt see that nevermind

  90. Go Greg!!….YEAH BABY – CLEMENTS and LEWIS!!!…… Yes Yes Yes!!!…… GETT’ER FUCKIN DONE BABY!!…..GO ‘NINERS!!!!……Way to go!! HOO-RA!……All you negative M.F.’s – we ain’t done yet!!

  91. so i guess that harris and spencer will battle it out for number two spot.

  92. Clements m. lewis (rookie) landry LSU and w. harris thats a secondary

  93. what kinda cap hit a year is dat clements deal………

  94. 22 million signing bonus doesn’t have to get paid in one year you can spread it out.

  95. This is great news. The price tag is about right around the range everybody should have been expecting, opposed to all the “Niner Fans” that were hoping for some miraculous signing where we could land him for anything less. There is still money out there to lure in another upper tier FA (AD hopefully) and still have money to pay the draft picks. All in all, I am very satisfied and actually pretty damn excited to see the blocks starting to fall into place…

  96. Looks like we are close to signing Aubrayo Franklin (6’1″ 320), also from the Ravens…maybe trying to get as many of Adalius’ old buddies as we can to try to lure him over to the Bay.

  97. that kool but damn if we didnt make him the highest paid corner out there…I hope he doesnt let us down….or get injured, thats alot of money we just gambled

  98. “JEFF” where did you hear about Franklin??! Does anyone know anything about him?

  99. I found it…gonna research this guy.

  100. I read it here:

    I really have no idea about the guy, seems pretty big…

  101. Just going back to ninermath’s salary breakdown, is there any chance that Nate’s salary is frontloaded or backloaded? Or probably pretty even throughout the 8 years?

    Damn I hope AT doesn’t sign with the Pats. 😦

  102. I’m going to go with the attitude that he is still very likely to sign with the Niners, of course all the media guys (John Clayton…that rat bast*rd) are going to say he is leaning towards the Pat’s cause the latest news out right now is that he is getting heavy pressure from them…we have to remember we were the first team in the race and still have some money to throw at him, sounds almost like the Pat’s are getting desperate and trying all they can to muster up as much money as they can bankroll before he comes to visit the Bay.

  103. its not a 22 mil bonus its 22 mil guaranteed out of 80 mil….and that 22 guaranteed could be split up so many diff ways…it could be on the back end or front loaded…dont freak out……they are not gonna fuck themselves!!

  104. Now we need adalius thomas and 2 key WR

  105. more than likely he will not see the last 3-4 years of that contract which is probably something rediculous like 12 mil a year- niners will have the option to sign him and they prob wont…. so he will prob only see half of that 80 mil


  107. Wow, that’s alot of money, but he’s the guy I’ve said on this board that if I had the chance to get it would be him. Shut down corners are VERY hard to find and he’s worth every penny if we get closer to the Superbowl. As for Harris and Spencer it’s said that Spencer could play a little nickel and rotate with Harris. Besides, we’re all tired of those Zona WRs beating us and breaking tackles for touchdowns…NOT ANY MORE!

  108. Further to the Clements signing, if we don’t get Thomas there’s more LB in the sea but only one quality corner back.

  109. This is going to be bigg

  110. Wonderful NO Thomas! he signs with pats. we sign clements for 8 yr 80 mil! at least we signed lewis for undisclosed amount. hopefully we put some more weapons around smith

  111. Ninerfan81 has a point with that one….I foresee (unless Landry or Branch come to us) we are going to go Willis or Ginn Jr. Now because Michael Lewis and Clements are GOING to start along with walt harris. What about Roman? We NEED receivers now so I guess it boils down to who is most talented player available. Just think if we sign Thomas tomorrow then we really are going to need to get some receivers in the draft….I am NOT sold on Leonard Davis…spend the money on Stallworth and draft a tackle…or start Baas. He has to be better than PRINCESS KWAME.

  112. We stil need help….Also, “Boomer” is right. Clements will probably play 4-5 years. Only 22 million is guaranteed…Franklin looks ok. From a good school. A pure NT. A big plug in the middle of our line. He’s young, and he’s going to be cheap. Nolan knows this guy well…Maybe they are thinking FA’s for deffense, and Draft choices for Offense. That will give the new OC and QbC some young loyal followers. Well, time will tell for sure…….What a day!! There hasn’t been this much excitement around the ’49ers in a long long time! GETT’ER FUCKIN DONE BABY!

  113. o and everyone that says “gett’er done” is a loser and a hick

  114. league sources say the deal is essentially is a 7.25 million a year for six year deal. Not sure how that effects our cap but it doesn’t sound like anything we didn’t expect. A true shutdown corner will really improve our entire D. Worth every penny, now lets go get more.

  115. Who the hell is Aubrayo Franklin? Never heard of him.

  116. Aubrayo Franklin? He’s wide.

  117. “MoneyMike” you’re a fuckin idiot. The guy who invented that saying made 125 million dollars last year. You’re a loser for trying to rain on everyones parade, and take away the fun we had today, along ‘with’ the ‘Niners. I’m no hick you fuckin idiot moron. GETT’ER DONE MORONMIKE – MORONMIKE’S FAVORITE DRINK IS SEMEN….. GETT’ER DONE MOROMIKE, OPEN YOUR MOUTH NOW BOY. HERE IT COMES MORONMIKE – GETT’ER DONE MIKE! GETT’ER DONE


  119. OMG there is bunch of people now saying with loss of thomas were gonna go WR or WIllis in first round now. First off draft is deep at Wide Reciever. I could see 49ers usin 2nd round on wide out. but still some #2-3 recievers out there. act like free agency is over for niners. and second of all nothin against Willis b/c i believe he will be a good player but if we are going to go linebacker b/c thomas goes to pats its outside linebacker and willis is inside. willis has to much trouble getting off blocks to play outside. anyone who watched him during college season will tell u that.he was a tackling machine in college but thats all. D. Smith isn’t going anywhere we just signed him to a deal last offseason so people need to forget the idea about him. The guy had a bad year give him a break. He’s gettin his eyes fixed this offseason so next year he should be fine. Willis will be a good MLB but we need a rushing OLB. so either trade down to get Timmons from FSU or trade down for more hybrid de/olb. or we go Dline or FS which is more likely. we spent last what 3 years on offense this year is gonna be def. atleast first round. Michael Lewis signing gives us a starting SS. keith lewis is a good special teams and backup but by no means a starter. Roman will be nice backup to have and add depth. A starting FS with addition of clements and lewis. would make our secondary improve drastically.

  120. Scott, you cant trade a guy like Derek Smith, lets just trade BY while we’re at it too. Derek Smith is the one defensive player we can rely on year in and year out. Jeff Ulbrich is well worth his price, backup or starter, and we dont need to trade up, we have 7 picks on the 1st day……

  121. 80 mil. Will that come back to haunt us as far as cap space is concerned? A. Smith got a nice chunk of change being the #1 overall pick, V. Davis is the highest paid TE in the league, Clements is now the highest paid CB. Whats the deal Erickson?

  122. There’s still Joey Porter he’s from Bakerfield. Phillips from SD is a restricted free agent it would cost a 4th rd pick. Also Buffalo is trying to trade Takeo Spikes for a 4th. We should get Stallworth he’s from Sacramento

  123. adalius thomas has just reached a preliminary agreement with the pats so thats doone with…we could make a push for joey porter, and i think it just might could BECAUSE these past few days we heard the titans were strong on clement’s wish list, look where he signed.adalius was heavily ored to be frisco bound, but look where he went. Joey porter is said to be pursued by miami and cincy, but you never know.. also i heard we are going to make a push for stallworth in a few days, see how his situation plays out…

  124. hmmm “gett’er done” started by some unfunny idiots with some more idiotic fans. lots of people have money doesnt make them better then anyone else. and figures u would bring in some gay shit like that, now we know whats really goin on in your mind. jumpin jimmy is a loser and always will be

  125. also, another thing to keep in mind… the bills are also trying to shop takeo spikes around, and if they dont get anything they like, they will probably release him

  126. i just dont see that happening though…

  127. Porter will cost too much ……we need to go get Banta-Cain from New England!! And we are #1 on his list of places he wants to be….. hes basically a younger Thomas and just as versatile!! then we need to bring either moulds, horn or bennett…..all those guys are class acts and good!!

  128. I’m going to elaborate on some of the previous posts to come up with a fresh one for all.. I’ve been thinking about the Clements signing all AM. I was thrilled about finally getting a real CB, but the contract $ got me worried. I know for a fact that the guy wanted to hit the 10/year mark, and he would have gotten it from some team out there. He said last year that he wanted a contract bigger than Champ Bailey’s 63 over 7, or 9/year signed in 2004/2005. Usually contracts go up 1-2M per year, so the request was not that out of the ordinary. Look at the contract OG Steinbech signed yesterday at 7yr/$49M, that’s almost Hutch money! Still I needed to look into the contract more. I found a couple interesting facts….

    34 Million of the money ( which the 9ers can void without taking a cap hit ), is in the last two years. The last year alone is for 16 Million; the 9ers will never pay that last year. So the deal breaks down to =

    6years /$46M, 7.6 Million per year
    7years /$64M, 9 Million per year

    It looks like Clements deal wasn’t as bad as I feared. He’s really ONLY getting 7.6 a year, that’s what the Bills were giving him last year when he was franchised. Plus he’s 27 years old and in his prime. He’s never missed a game and is probably the 3rd best CB in the league.

    Champ Bailey
    Asante Samuel

    I think you can make an argument to put Nate in that spot due to his combo of coverage skills, run stopping ability, work ethic and durability.

    The 9ers just singed Michael Lewis ( 26 years old ) to help in the run stuffing SS spot. They also signed a big ass Ravens defensive nose tackle Aubrayo Franklin ( 6-1 320, 27 years old ). They need him to be the run stuffer in the 3-4, love thse two gap players that make everyone around them better. I also love that the three guys they signed are all young ( 27,26,27 ). They could all still have their best years in front of them. Now we need to sign a WR ( Stallworth or Bennett ), then we will be ready for the draft. Since the 9ers got a DT, I know exactly who the 9ers should select…..PATRICK WILLIS!!! I have a serious man crush on this guy. He has everything you want in a LB, he’s 6-2 240lbs, is one of the most athletic and explosive linebackers in college. He has incredible instincts to sniff out the ball carrier and solid tackling skills. Willis has good speed and quickness and can cover a lot of ground sideline to sideline. He is strong and powerful and delivers the big hit to lay people the FUCK OUT ( do they have a drill for that quality in the combine??? hmmmmmm ). Willis led Mississippi with 137 ( #6 in the nation ). He was also the 2006 Butkus Award winner, given to the best LB in college. He has Ray Lewis written all over him. Plus Nolan got to coach him at the senior bowl, ahhh haaaaaa. He led all tacklers at the senior bowl with 16 tackles. He’ll have Mike Singeltary coaching him in SF along with Greg Manusky who just signed on as our D-coordinator. He was the LB coach for SD the past 3 years, I think they had a couple good LB’s too if I’m not mistaken. Nolan loves picking up guys with great work ethic and great leaders. That’s why he drafted Lawson ( captain of NC state when Mario Williams was there ) and my man Michael Robinson who Nolan said he drafted based on his play at the Senior Bowl.

    Check out this clip on Willis =

    Willis brings great leadership on the field and contributes extensively to the community off the field. He has the versatility to play inside or outside linebacker in the NFL. Willis has decent coverage skills to cover running backs and tight ends downfield. He has a great work ethic and determination along with his tremendous skills to be a premier linebacker in the NFL. Willis’ tremendous talent and strong character make him a solid choice in the first round. With solid workouts, look for Willis to be the first linebacker selected around the middle of the first round.

    Put him on one side and Manny Lawson on the other and we have a set of LB’s for the next decade. Then in the 2nd round I would like the 9ers to draft OSU WR Gonzalez to be a slot WR. I dont remember the last time the 9ers started off the offseason with such a bang. Nolan is serious in getting the 9ers back to the big show, I’m loving what I see so far.

  129. Tully from here… went 2 school n SUNNYVALE…. just wonder if we gonna look @ him… we need 2 bring him n

  130. LET’S DO IT!

  131. holy shhit, MY BUTT IS BIGGET THAN I THOUGHT!!

  132. sorry i mispelled bigger my bad.

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