Deal Done, Banta-Cain Signs

Update: 10:40am — Per John Clayton the two parties have reached an agreement. Per ESPN he will receive a three-year, $12.2 million contract that will pay him $4 million in 2007, but NFL Network is reportingthree years, $8.7 million with $2.9 million to sign.

07:55am — Tully Banta-Cain and the 49ers are very close on a contract agreement. An announcement could come later in the day.

“We’re working it out,” said Jim Sims, Banta-Cain’s Oakland-based agent.

03.05.07 — 06:27pm — Latest reports (Maiocco) is that Banta-Cain is still in town and his agent Jim Sims is heading that direction from his office in Oakland. Looking more and more like a deal may in fact be offered.

04:36pm — Adam Schefter is reporting that the 49ers hosted a visit with free agent linebacker Tully Banta-Cain (Patriots) on Monday.

Well, if you can’t get Adalius Thomas or Joey Porter, then the next one on the list is Banta-Cain. Banta-Cain has local ties to the area he played college ball at Cal and who grew up Mountain View, not far from 49ers headquarters.It should be noted that at the beginning of free agency the 49ers contacted TBC’s agent, Jim Sims, but at the time it looked as if Adalius Thomas was going to be a 49er, so TBC and Co. felt it wasn’t in there best interest to visit at that time. Well, Adalius Thomas is no longer in the picture and interest in Joey Porter is minimal (at least per reports) and if the 49ers continue with the ‘If You Visit, They Will Sign’ motto. It looks as if Banta-Cain will be the next one to sign.

A couple more things, the Rams offered Banta-Cain a contract, but he left St Louis without it signed and Banta-Cain is set to visit the Steelers on Tuesday.


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  1. this guy is ours

  2. Nice.

  3. he is a good pass rusher and can help lawson learn the tricks of the trade to be a good pass rusher too

  4. This I like.

    This is wise.

  5. This is good.

  6. i like all that we done so far but this WHO IS THIS GUY?

  7. Jeremy, He was the OLB for the patriots last year. He is a very solid player, and he is only 27. He had 5.5 sacks this season.

  8. banta cain man the ninerz could get porter for the same offer their just stalling i bet if they offered porter a 15 million contract porter would sign at the headquarters.

  9. jrizzz…Banta-Cain will be much cheaper.

  10. Jrizz, Porter is not going to be a Niner, Trust me. Banta-Cain will not leave SF without a contract. Plus this will save us some money for what we need….A RECIEVER!! Nolan knows exactly what he is doing. IM ROLLIN’ WITH NOLAN!!

  11. Eh…I’d still prefer Porter, because he’s better suited to mentor Lawson, plus he’d inject that mean streak into the D…or hell maybe both of them?

    I’m being greedy I know, I know…

  12. man all the niners gotta do is trade their 1st round pick and maybe round 2 or 3 and bammm we got calvin trust me the lions will trade because they arnt interested in an early pick

  13. Porter’s older, more expensive, and also more likely to cause chemistry problems with his lame-ass attitude.

    Banta-Cain is a very good idea.

  14. if we sign him would he be the starting OLB opposite of Lawson or will he be situational?

  15. porter won the superbowl for the steelers imagine wat kind of defense we would have with walt and nate clements along with lewis, but i still think roman should get cut hes horrible

  16. Go Bears Tully. Pittsburgh sucks. No comparison in terms of quality of life.

  17. ofcourse he would start hed propably replace lawson at right and lawson would replace moore at left.

  18. Direct from Matt Maiocco’s Blog

    “Tully Banta-Cain is meeting with the 49ers today (Monday). He is scheduled to visit the Steelers tomorrow, so the key will be for the 49ers to make sure he doesn’t get on the plane. I’ll report it again because people don’t believe me: The 49ers are not interested in Joey Porter. –Matt M.”

  19. The Pats benched him for being run-over. He get’s to the QB but can’t tackle in the open field very well. He’s good moving forward. The Pats plain and simple gave-up on this guy. Alexander and Jackson would drool if he’s in the game. He’s fast and a good blitzer. You get good and bad with this dude.

  20. Nolan will use him in the right situation trust me

  21. porter is the way to go see porter will go to san fran thinking ehh im really interested in the chargers but little does he know the ninerz have more money plus guarantee a starting job trust me if tomlinso ran up the middle hed think twice before running into porter now whos scared of banti cain huh not even barlow.

  22. Where did you read that JB? Just curious.

  23. ESPN Insider report on Tully: 2006 Scouting Report – Scouts Inc.
    Grade: 66 | Key
    Alert: None

    Banta-Cain has some natural tools for a 3-4 outside linebacker, which could translate to solid production with more playing time. (He contributed chiefly on special teams in 2005.) He is big, athletic and strong. He has good initial quickness on the pass rush and the speed to close coming off the edge. He can separate and come clean off inside games. He has active hands and an explosive first step. He has good closing speed in backside pursuit. Banta-Cain uses his hands pretty well but needs to be more violent when engaging and extending blockers. He needs to develop more countermoves to work off his initial pass rush. He doesn’t appear comfortable in coverage and seems to lack instincts, especially in man-to-man situations. He can be late to react to blocking patterns. He needs to do a better job of setting the edge and disengaging blocks against the run.

  24. we are not getting porter, there is like maybe 10% chance we will get him and that might even be a lie but he most likely wont be a 49er

  25. Jrizz, give it up. MAT MAIOCCO reported that we have no interest in Porter. We are talking about MAIOCCO here!!! HE FOLLOWS THE TEAM. we aren’t signing Porter, thats it. Banta-Cain is a very good player. You people seem to dislike everyone who you have never heard of! A lot of people besides 49er fans prob. don’t have any idea who Arnaz Battle is, and yet he is a good player. Just because you haven’t heard of a guy doesn’t mean he isn’t good. Remember, the big signing might not always be the best one. I hope some of you agree with me on this one.

  26. have u guys heard of go to it and tell me joey wont be a niner

  27. Okay. We’re not interested in Porter.

    Everyone — comprende?

  28. i strongly agree with you 49er for life, seriously everyone doubts battle and he quietly put together a pretty good season, i think banta-cain can help as a rusher and if we sign him should get between 5-8 sacks next year, i like banta-cain alot

  29. okay so ur not interested in porter well theres thousands of fans that disagree with u man anything could happen banta cain might go with the rams then wat whos next porter or simmons.

  30. Look just because Porter wants to be a niner doesn’t mean he will be one. He ain’t coming here. Banta-Cain will be a fine pickup if we sign him

  31. porter wont be a 49er and i doubt simmons will be either, banta-cain will be a 49er before porter will be

  32. Cory, awsome point!

  33. hey 49er for life a big reason why clements got that phat check was cuz he said he wanted to be a niner so i have to say that you are wrong about a players opinion my friend.

  34. There’s nothing about “ur not interested in porter” — Matt Maiocco says that the team is not interested in Porter, and basically put that in stone. I’d say it’s on pretty good authority that Porter won’t be a Niner.

  35. WHAT! hold the phone now lol!! Every single expert says that we signed Clements to such a big deal for two reasons (I agree with them). 1) We needed him badly and we had to lock him up. Our division has the best recievers in the NFL. 2) Other teams were also going to offer him big money so the 49ers made sure he didn’t go to another team. LETS NOT FORGET AARON RODGERS!!! Aaron wore a Joe Monatan shirt under his jersey during every game at CAL. He said he wanted to be a 49er in the worst way. He grew up being a 49er fan. BUT!!!! we didnt draft him did we lol. The point is that people wanting to be part of a certain team has little to do with where they end up.

  36. yeah man but rodgers doesnt have the game to back up what he wants to be a niner like porter

  37. how do you know, he nevers plays 🙂

  38. i dont care wat maiocco says he aint mike nolan and nolan calls the shots

  39. I would Sign Porter No matter What…. Porter’s a great coverage LB and an even better blitzer…. Banta Cain cant support the run, porter can… also porter would give Lawson a mentor, and hopefully the nasty streak…. Then to back both of them up i would go wit Shantee Orr from the texans who is a year youngerand had 7 sacks 2 years ago as a backup in houston’s old 3-4 defense…. Then at receiver sign Kelly Washington and Bobby Wade…. also i would sign Seth Payne who is a Veteren 3-4 NT and would rotate wit franklin, and finally i would get Jermaine Wiggins to be the Duke’s Backup…. wit all of dis we would be set

  40. jrizz just zip it. First you can say w/e you want to say but dont force people on what they should think. And everyone knows NinerCaphell and atfer it talked about porter it said dont take the radio rumors as a legit statement. So it means nothing.
    Second 1st round pick and maybe a round 2 pick wont be enough to get the #4 overall this year, calvin johnson is a steal because he should be the #1 overall. AND third Roman is one of the best freelancers this team has seen in a long time, and nolan really likes the guy considering you slowly got rid of tony parrish because of him. I heard what you said but just stop talking now becuase what you are saying makes no sense.


  42. I still would prefer Porter but I wouldn’t mind Banta Cain for depth. Porter brings leadership, fire, fear, and super bowl experience with him along with his obvious talents of tackling, covering, and most importantly getting after the qb. Please Nolan, make Porter a Niner!

  43. scott who the hell r u the towel boy just shut the hell up man because u know nothing about this thats going on ok i doubt the niners will sign banta cain because he already has an offer from the rams who he will go to and roman he sux straight up and was nothing compared to parrish alright if u were a coach ud be coaching the houston texans. and im not talking im typing man.

  44. Jrizz ur wrong. Just deal with it. Porter isnt coming here, Roman is obviously good if Nolan chose to start him, and Banta Cain isn’t going to the rams

  45. However Banta Cain might be a good pick up this year for a cheap deal because it might allow us to determine whether Haralson or Green could be our long term answer at OLB. I have heard a lot of positives about Haralson & Green was amazing at getting after the qb in the limited time he played last year. Even Banta Cain could turn out to be a beast as well and he could become our long term answer. So i guess Porter isn’t all that important. I just like the passion, leadership, and fear he brings out on the field.

  46. Can’t all the ‘9er fans just get along. I’ll take Porter or Banta-Cain even though TBC looks much more likely but you never know. Don’t be too suprised if TBC doesn’t sign along with no one wanting to pay Porter big money. This could mean that Porter could become available to us much cheaper than we thought. I’m lovin how this team is comin together and I love the thought of trading up to get C-J, we have enough draft picks to throw around. Imagine that offense (VD, CJ, FG, our underrated O-Line) with a defense that will turn some heads this year. Go ‘9ers

  47. Banta grew up in california, played at cal, and the niners are intrested in him. So he isnt going to the rams, and what you just about Roman and if i was a coach i would be coaching the texans, then you just pretty much said nolan shouldnt be coaching the 9ers anymore. Peace im off to work, love you 9ers for life, and i know some others got my back on this one.

  48. ok maybe the ninerz will sign banta cain but u cant disagree that porter is a better player am i right all yall that want porter keep ur hopes up cuz remember when the ninerz pretty much guaranteed adalius thomas but in the end who got him?

  49. jriz, what does adalius thomas signing with the pats have to do with the niner’s non-interest in porter?

  50. u just dont get the point man. ANYTHING could happen in the draft that means porter hasnt signed with anyone so he still can be a niner no matter what u say

  51. Yea, seriously like this isn’t our opinions its just cold hard facts. We aren’t interested in Porter = Fact.

  52. who r u to say we you R NOT sitting at a table at niner headquarters saying whos getting signed and who isnt r u

  53. yeah i agree with my boy jrizz hes got a point joey porter still has not signed a contract so the possibilities are still high.

  54. i might not be at 49ers headquarters in contact with staff, but matt maiocco is. when he reports that the niners are not interested in porter, its more than just an opinion.

  55. i didnt understand a word you just said

  56. Jrizz speak english

  57. gOr3 u hit the nail right on the head

  58. well i dont care i just want porter as a niner.

  59. no i dont want this guy eeeeewwwwwwwww no make it go away get porter make hima tasty offer he is the missing link on D then just hit up a WR in the draft i like jarrets freaksh skills of catching the ball and he is 6,5ft ok speed dont matter its about making plays and he makes plays so stop saying people he isnt fast enough its about making plays ok say it come on now making plays and jarret makes play after play after play after play ok 49ers4life

  60. I agree with jrizzz roman was nothing compared to parrish!! And now parrish is a cowboy!!!! That makes me mad!

    Also Porter is better then Banta-Cain but landing either one of them is still better than nothing.

  61. he didnt put nothing on the head ok.porter is available

  62. why are half the niner fans on this page incapable of stringing together a coherent english sentence? are you guys 9 years old?

  63. lmao

  64. go3 did u ever go to a party in your life its called slang typing for those like go3 who were born yesterday

  65. hahahah jesus christ i think your mother hit the crackpipe a few hundred times too many when she was pregnant with your dumb ass.

  66. who do yall think will be the number 1 receiver next year

  67. oh look at go3 with his jokes. i havent said a joke like that since i was at preschool and i actually thoughtabout it before i said it.

  68. Calvin Johnson!!!!!!!!!!!! I just hope we trade up, you never know Matt Millen will probably take a 1st, a 3rd and Kwame Harris, for the 4th overall draft pick.

  69. it wasn’t a joke. i’m dead serious. your linguistic skills imply that you have severe degenerative brain damage, likely caused by substance abuse during your development as a fetus.

  70. foo i know ur still a virgin u loser ohhh fetus wat did u get on ur first christmas a dictionary. maybe thats why u type like virgin

  71. lol this whole argument started over Joey Porter. Thats pretty hard to believe

  72. Latest update from Matt Maiocco is that he is still at 9er headquarters and his agent is in his office in Oakland and plans to go down to 9er headquarters soon. This from Matt’s blog.

  73. Nolan wants character guys.. That’s why the Niners aren’t interestedin Porter. They took a chance on Bryant and look how that worked out. Plus why would the Steelers just ket the guy walk if he is truly that damn good. There is something that people just aren’t saying.

  74. guys, Banta-Cain is a solid player as of right now, porter might be a little bit older, but more polished. if you want a defense nasty…porter is your guy!

  75. Nice, if his agent is coming to SF it looks like we have him locked up

  76. if whos agent goes to san fran

  77. Banta-cain

  78. Also, I know that Nolan wants character guys, but he knows the defense needs a “makeover.” Spend a little bit more and get the play maker! I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but i am worried about the right side of the offensive line. What do you think?

  79. Same here, I think we need to sign Banta-Cain, A right tackle, and a WR

  80. i think we should replace derek smith i mean he has been around for a long time but he hasn’t made an impact yet i mean hes a solid LB but i think a new guy is needed.

  81. i’m pretty confident nolan knows what he’s doing. heck he got us to where we are right now.

  82. If we get TBC all we are goin to need is a pass rushing defensive end, someone to fill Kwame’s hole, maybe Snyder can do that, and a true number one wideout (Calvin Johnson trading up) and I will be smelling the playoffs

  83. 1. Maiocco says we’re not interested in Porter.
    2. Porter bitched and moaned all year about his contract.
    3. Porter’s “mean streak” is more like an “attitude problem.”
    4. He’s going to take up a large chunk of cap room.

    We’re not getting Porter. Come to grips with it.

    Also, “slang typing”? Dude, it’s English. It’s neither difficult nor time-consuming to punctuate and spell.

  84. Can someone give me the link to Maiocco article on Banta-Cain and that were not intrested in Porter.

  85. fuck you justin we want porter u can just suck it

  86. Wish in one hand, crap in the other. There are enough reasons to make a healthy wager that Porter does NOT make sense. “BUT HES GOOD OLB!!1AND WE NEEDZ HIM” isn’t a valid reason.

  87. FRISCO here’s a link

    Guys you need to also remember Banta-Cain only started part of the season due to the injury to Seau. 5+ sacks is awesome for a part time starter and we can get him on the rise at 27.

  88. Why would the 9ers be so willing to pay Adalius Thomas but not Joey Porter? Joey Porter has actually had more productive years so far. And I just don’t know how we got from supposedly giving Adalius a blank check, and we were suppose to get Banta-Cain. Now they are being stingy and trying to only sign Banta-Cain.

  89. One more thing, if we don’t get Joey Porter or trade for Lance Briggs. We better end up with at least Banta-Cain and Donte Stallworth, cuze this is just ballshit. I think they could have saved a lil money where they gave Michael Lewis $10 mill guaranteed. Even though I like the guy, it wasn’t a MUST HAVE need. Now Keith Lewis gets pushed to the bench, and where’s Mike Adams going? Even farther down.

  90. Thanks TJ I think Banta Cain will be a good pick up. He really improved his stats last year. He racked up career highs in sacks with 5.5 and tackles with 31. She he is defintly improving in th leauge. As for Joey Porter almost even team in the Leauge would love his presents on there team I mean he is fast, and very athletic. He would be good in SF with Manny Lawson, But Banta Cain is younger and will save us some cap room for our daft picks or even a WR. Speacking of WR Stallworth is going to Visit with the Titans tommarrow and the Patriots according to Pro Football Talk

  91. Don’t know about Stallworth guys, he could be a bigger headache then a productive WR. He is currently enrolled in the NFL substance abuse program and is only willing to take a one year contract to prove himself. That doesn’t sound like qualities we’re looking for in a player. Sorry to say but the well is drying up on FA wideouts.

    Remember this is not a sprint to the playoffs, we need to build through both FA and the draft.


  93. where did you see this?

  94. bye bye porter your off to miami.

  95. where did you see that ‘niner nation’

  96. its all over google .

  97. post a link.

  98. OK I know that we want the niners to do great next year, but stallworth? Everyone is saying that we shouldn’t sign porter (to much money), but spend lots of money for stallworth. If we are to spend any money it should be on the biggest concern…passrush! Porter is worth the money stallworth is not! After making that decision address the right side of the offense line. Questions…Comments?

  99. wait. ill give one shortly but the deal is closed the contract was signed at 8:21 pm

  100. Maiocco totally mislead us on Ad.Thomas! He was confused, and fooled on that one. He did not have “insider” information. I wouldn’t be surprised if Porter signed with us. Maiocco gets alot of his information from the web. I know he has ‘connections’ and ‘informed’ sources with the ‘Niners. However, have you ever noticed he just plays it safe most of the time. But on Thomas he blew-it. Once-in-awhile he gets a “scoop.”

  101. well if Banta Cain is in San Francisco then that mean he will sign in an hour because it is 7:24 right now

  102. Looks like I’m joining Maiooco on Porter….Whoops…he still blew it on Thomas…COMPLETELY

  103. i dont see anywhere on sites that banta-cain signed

  104. niner nation…he may have signed but it is not all over Google.

  105. yeah what erickson said

  106. dudes lyin

  107. I can’t find anything about CoCain signing! Where on Google???! Niner nation, is you’re real name Matt Maiocco?

  108. I have just been informed that Joey Porter is in Nolan’s office as we speak and that Porter just passed his physical. Banta Cain, however too is at the facility too. This could be interesting.

  109. WTF EVER

  110. cocain, nice one haha…i thought porter just signed with miami

  111. haha i think he is the same guy who posted that niners signed Stallworth

  112. Porter is not in my office. Matt Maiocco is a lying moron.

  113. does anyone have a reliable source that banta-cain signed or that porter is visiting with nolan?

  114. somebody mind telling me what the hell is going on here

  115. yea seriously lol alot of things are flyin around here

  116. banta cain was signed over porter

  117. your all morons

  118. easy man, there was alot things goin around no one knew what was goin on

  119. whats the link?!?!

  120. Enough fiddlefuckery, children.

    Porter’s not in Nolan’s office. Christ.

  121. Banta Cain has not yet been signed. He may sign, he may not sign. At this time no reports are out there that he has. Porter is not looking like he’ll visit and Niners are showing little interest. If BC signs then all Porter talk can end.

  122. Thank you for clearing everthing up

  123. If that Banta-Cain contract figue is right it´s a amzing steal. Cost-Benefit would be one of the biggest in these free agency. We filled the need, paying like 60% less what we would´ve paid for Porter. Guys come on, that is really nasty management by Nolan and Co. if that number is true. Porter was asking something in the neighborhood of the 5Mill a year, we just signed a guy with great upside for a third of that.

  124. i was just kidding about the Matt maicco thing… I mean why does that bitch act like he knows everything to do with the niners… there are only two people who know what’s goin down and thats nolan and Scott McCoulgh…Maoicco just thinks he’s the shit by speculating stupid shit and trying to act all official about it. The fool’s part of the Media and they can get people to think whatever they want, likie The Adalius Thomas thing, according him we shoulda signed Thomas over Clements. This guy is getting paid to do what we do on this blog for free….speculate… the only diff. is that he’s got a degree in journalism or some bulshit

  125. I have looked in all major search engines, not a thing on any linebackers signing with the niners. Has anyone found anything?

  126. Banta cain could be something special under the tutaledge of Mike Singletary. He is only 26.

  127. Also Lance Briggs is screaming to get out of Chicago, this could ba a good trade opportunity for Nolan.

  128. Hey Erickson, do you think they will have a deal set for BC by the end of tonight?

  129. Where are you guys getting your numbers or percentages? Cain will cost 60% less. How do you know that? Yeah, more-than-likely he will be cheaper than porter, but do you know the exact number that both agents are asking for Zurdo?

  130. im sayin smiley and 3rd and maybe 4th if he fits with the system

  131. How do we know the people typing under the name Matt Maiocco, is really who he says it is?

  132. Briggs already has said he wont play in a 3-4 defense, he played it at arizona state and said he feels that it doesn’t suit him

  133. i was just kidding about the Matt maicco thing… I mean why does that bitch act like he knows everything to do with the niners… there are only two people who know what’s goin down and thats nolan and Scott McCoulgh…Maoicco just thinks he’s the shit by speculating stupid shit and trying to act all official about it. The fool’s part of the Media and they can get people to think whatever they want, likie The Adalius Thomas thing, according him we shoulda signed Thomas over Clements. This guy is getting paid to do what we do on this blog for free….speculate… the only diff. is that he’s got a degree in journalism or some bulshit

  134. i really doubt were trading with the lions

  135. aight is the other Matt Maiocco for real… cuz i got some questions for you

  136. I’m starting to think the Niners may be pretty good next year. I’m always up for a new underdog team in the league…..

    Hopefully the Bills don’t suffer too bad without Clements…I’ve been waiting forever to at least catch them in a playoff game again.

  137. if we traded up and got c.j. i would poop my pants

  138. yeah samra, and i wish i had his job.

  139. Looks like the rumors of the Lions were false. There is a new deal in the works with the heavens, if we give them a first rounder they’ll give us God. Stay tuned.

  140. is there any truth to this lions trade?

  141. Looks like the rumors of the Lions were false. There is a new deal in the works with the heavens, if we give them a first rounder they’ll give us God. Stay tuned…

  142. Cant Wait Till everything is done(Draft & Free Agency) and Football season starts

  143. whats up with banta-cain?

  144. i think this guy will be a good addition, he’ll deff add depth, i mean we already have a good linebacker core anyways, so this good,, we need a another receiver big time tho

  145. He’s taking a steamer.

  146. whats the plans with D.Smith and Ulbrich?

  147. Start giving us more updates on your blog.

  148. Arizona State does play a 3-4, but University of Arizona does not. Former UofA player, Briggs is not worth the franchise tag let alone the big contract he wants. I prefer to sign Banta-Cain and sit on the remaining monies for next year because more players will want to come. We are already getting 8-10 more players in the draft.

  149. word, we wanna know whats goin on

  150. Her guys the SeaBitches just signed Patrick Kerney for 5 years…hahaha… all in their late 30s wit Wistrom bein 31, Bryce Fisher is 30, and Kerney is 31…true all of them are in their prime but it wont last long…I think we all know who the next Redskins are….

  151. i just hope that B moore will get some serious playin time cuz hes sick

  152. darryl tapp will be a good pass rusher, i love that guy i wish he was a niner if we were a 4-3 team

  153. Hay Maicco whos’s the other starting ILB and his backup…will moore start at LOLB

  154. do you think Banta Cain will leave with a contract tonight? if so aprox. when?

  155. whats the scoop with banta-cain?

  156. give us an update of what’s going on right now. then post it on your blog. then i’ll believe this is the “real” matt

  157. The other ILB will be Bill Romonowski… Nolan is very high on him and will bring him in for a workout as soon as that stud Banta Cain is signed…. Next will be Troy Vincent who i said will be wit the niners no matter what last year

  158. Does anyone respond to any questions on here?

  159. Give us the Banta-Cain update, then update your blog. Then I’ll believe this is the “real” Matt.

  160. how do we know ur not the fake

  161. Where did you hear this Kevin Lynch

  162. there is no “real” matt on here.

  163. Hey Kevin Lynch do u have the link for dat cuz i cant find anything about the FA the niners workout

  164. Maiocco-

    How many more free agents, whether theyre big-time players or quality backups, are we looking at before the free agency concludes? And at what positions, so we know what to expect during the draft?

  165. Hey fellas, it’s Jerry Rice! Yes, I am the real Jerry Rice. So it seems like the 49ers are coming back to the glory days.

  166. okay this is just bullshit now.

  167. Oh ok, nevermind. Based on everyones comments, I’ve been fooled by this “real” matt. haha. My apologies.

  168. i dont believe anyone until i have sources.

  169. I’m at the HQ as well. That is actually Matt and Kevin waving at each other!

  170. the same person is saying they are jerry matt and kevin and it isnt funny anymore. its also 8:23 at night and you wouldnt be “hanging” out there if you were jerry rice. you would be inside.

  171. this is getting pretty lame now

  172. hey dude fuck off your not funny.

  173. can you leave this site and go back to your own?

  174. Hey guys reports are that Joey Porter is still in Bakersfeild and that may visit the Niners tommorow and the bengals are trying to get him in on weds.

  175. if you continue please dont give out any more false info.

  176. I doubt we’re getting Porter.

  177. why isnt nolan going after him?

  178. Hahahhaha, whatta fuckin’ moron!

  179. why are you guys all against porter? he is an amazing player. i would be fine with banta-cain tho.


  181. what is the deal with banta how good is this guy

  182. what is the source?

  183. Banta cain could be something special under the tutaledge of Mike Singletary. He is only 26..

  184. yea I cant find anything

  185. i think top-flight is wrong i searched like 10 pgs of google and found nothing.

  186. linebackers are a dime a dozen and we should get one in the draft.Spend your money on stalworth to have him and lelie two of the faster recievers in the league.

  187. its true we sign banta-cain…

  188. Career GP/GS: 54/5 (10/2)

    * In 54 career games over three NFL seasons, Banta- Cain has registered 52 special teams tackles, an average of more than one per game.
    * Banta-Cain finished second on the team with 23 special teams tackles in 2004.
    * Banta-Cain recorded three takeaways in 2004, intercepting a pass and recovering one fumble on defense and one fumble on special teams.
    * Banta-Cain registered his first career interception when he picked off a J.P. Losman pass intended for Tim Euhus in the fourth quarter of the Patriots’ 29-6 victory over Buffalo (11/14/04).
    * Banta-Cain registered his first career sack as a rookie, dropping Drew Bledsoe for a seven-yard loss in the Patriots’ 31-0 victory over Buffalo (12/27/03).


  190. NEW RULE From now on if u want something to be shared and deemed legit then u should give ur source to ur statement



  193. Year Team G/S TT UT A S Yds No Yds Avg TD PD FF FR Spt
    2003 Patriots 9/0 3 2 1 1.0 7.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9
    2004 Patriots 16/0 11 6 5 1.5 3.5 1 4 4.0 0 1 0 0 23
    2005 Patriots 13/0 7 4 3 0.5 2.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 10
    2006 Patriots 16/5 40 27 13 5.5 35.5 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 10
    Totals 54/5 61 39 22 8.5 48.0 1 4 4.0 0 1 1 0 52

  194. 2006 Season
    2006 (16/5/0/0): Finished fourth on the team with a career-high 5.5 sacks … Led the team or tied for the team lead in sacks three times in 2006 (at NYJ, at MIN, vs. HOU) … Tied for the team lead in special teams tackles four times in 2006 (vs. DEN, at BUF, vs. NYJ, at GB) … Tied for team lead in quarterback hits four times in 2006 (at MIN, at GB, vs. HOU, at JAX) … Started his first career NFL game at outside linebacker in the Patriots’ 19-17 victory over Buffalo (9/10/06).

  195. College
    Banta-Cain finished his career with 112 tackles (91 solos), 26.5 sacks for 230 yards, 52 stops behind the line of scrimmage, three fumble recoveries and eight forced fumbles in 39 games … Only Andre Carter (31, 1997-200) and Regan Upshaw (28, 1993-95) had more quarterback sacks in a career for the Bears … His 52 stops for losses rank fourth in school annals … Originally came to Cal as an outside linebacker, but made the switch to rush end before his sophomore year … Sprung an invite to the Senior Bowl personally by Dom Capers … Recorded one of the three sacks in the game. 2002 (Senior): CNN/SI All-American second-team selection … All-Pac 10 Conference first-team choice, as he finished second in the conference in sacks and tackles for losses … Named team Defensive Most Valuable Player … Lined up at weakside defensive end … Recorded 39 tackles (30 solos) with 13 sacks for 100 yards and 22 stops for losses of 126 yards … Only Andre Carter (13.5 in 2000) had more sacks in a season for the Bears … His 22 stops behind the line of scrimmage rank fourth on the school’s season-record list. 2001 (Junior): Recipient of the Brick Muller Award, given to the team’s Most Valuable Defensive Lineman … Started every game, except vs. Arizona at strongside defensive end … Recorded 33 tackles (26 solos) with eight sacks and 17 stops for losses of 80 yards. 2000 (Sophomore): Recipient of the Bob Tessier Award as the team’s most improved lineman … Lined up at strongside defensive end … Recorded 35 tackles (31 solos) with 5.5 sacks for 73 yards and 13 stops for losses of 92 yards. 1999 (Redshirt): Appeared in five games on special teams, recording five tackles (4 solos). 1998 (Freshman): Redshirted as a freshman.

  196. signing stallworth looks unlikely. go to pats seem to have a big advantage.

  197. Tully comes from an athletic family. His cousins include former San Francisco Giants outfielder Jeff Leonard and current NBA forward Rodney Rogers.

    Tully’s first name is the product of a dream his mother had the night before he was born.

    Tully was named MVP of the 2003 East-West Shrine Game. He recorded two sacks and forced two fumbles for the West squad.


  199. im down for banta cain but hopefully he was pretty cheap

  200. he better have been considerably more cheap than porter.



  203. who said 5year 8mil??


  205. i hope not.

  206. willis is sick he will be better than porter in a few years


  208. How about Amobi Okoye from Louisville he is only 19 years old 6’2 280 i think that would be a good pick

  209. his potential is sky high

  210. Banta Cain hasnt signed shit.



  213. There aint no report on NFL network, I just saw the bottom line it just said he visited today.

  214. KOO


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  216. Wow..that was some seriously funny comments. I laughed like a mf! It all started with one guy who wrote that the “Niner players would like to have BantaCains “presents” istead of presence! Then this guy “Samra” was funny as hell. He was followed by “Matt Maiocco.”…Best laugh i’ve had in days. Or for our friend “Frisco” maybe i should say ‘Daze.’…LOL LOL

  217. i thought it was funny until they started putting up fake info that people believed.

  218. so are we or arent we getting cain

  219. No Banta-Cain yet. I’m sure we’ll hear something maybe late this eve or early in the am. He’s supposed to visit the Steelers tomorrow, so for those that want Banta-Cain pray he doesn’t leave SF. I’m done for the night, so you all are on your own for updates and such. Oh and don’t believe the yayhoo running around saying he signed (per NFL Ticker) as of 9:42pm PST he has not signed.

  220. we should try for eric moulds

  221. yeah i saw they took that down from

  222. Banta-cain would be nice but I still say get porter draft branch and trade up and draft bowe from lsu

  223. KRON and KNBR mentioned today that Joey Porter could be in town and supposedly will be meeting with 49ers officials tonight. However, Schefter reported that Porter met with Miami during the weekend and will visit with Cincinnati on Wednesday, so don’t take the radio rumors as fact.

  224. If he comes tonite they gonna bag him up real quick

  225. Well we’ll just have to hang tight, be patient and see what tomorrow brings. I think we got a little bit spoiled with how active we were out the gate. But Nolan did say it wasn’t a sprint, nor a marathon, but in between. I’d say we pretty much came out sprinting, but we didn’t get Thomas, so now we could use Banta-Cainl, while still looking for help through the draft.

  226. hopefully….

  227. Restricted FA Andy Lee paid a visit to the Pittsburgh Steelers today. If he is signed to an offer sheet, the 49ers have right of first refusal to match the offer or allow him to walk and receive a 6th rounder in return. Lee played his college ball at Pitt. Also, unrestricted FA Eric Johnson will be visiting New Orleans tomorrow.


  229. well we have seemed a little tired after that sprint. Nothing since lelie, so i hope we can catch that middle drift now after that rest.

  230. let johnson go and match any offer for lee unless it is rediculous.

  231. Walker will be a good te so forget johnson and lee can be lost he’s just a punter and we will get another pick hopefully we get porter or banta-cain so we can draft either an ilb or a dl in the first



  234. 2007 Salary Cap Numbers:
    Name: Position: Number: Signed Thru: 2007 Salary: 2007 Base Salary: Bonus Money: College: How Acquired:
    Clements, Nate CB 2014/2013 $11,100,000 $600,000 $10,500,000 Ohio State 2007-UFA/BUF
    Smith, Alex QB 11 2010 $7,535,000 $1,675,000 $5,860,000 Utah 2005-1st
    Jennings, Jonas LT 75 2011 $6,050,000 $3,650,000 $2,400,000 Georgia 2005-U/BUF
    Allen, Larry LG 71 2007 $5,000,000 $2,600,000 $2,400,000 Sonoma State 2006-FA/DAL
    Smith, Derek MLB 50 2008 $4,833,333 $2,665,000 $2,168,333 Arizona State 2001-U/WSH
    Young, Bryant DE/DT 97 2007 $4,250,000 $2,250,000 $2,000,000 Notre Dame 1994-1st
    Lelie, Ashley WR 2008 $3,200,000 Hawaii 2007-UFA/ATL
    Lewis, Michael SS/FS 2012 $3,000,000 Colorado 2007-UFA/PHI
    Davis, Vernon TE 85 2010 $2,690,000 $360,000 $2,330,000 Maryland 2006-1st
    Battle, Arnaz WR 83 2009 $2,437,500 $1,200,000 $1,237,500 Notre Dame 2003-6th
    Franklin, Aubrayo DT 2009 $2,000,000 Tennessee 2007-UFA/BAL
    Douglas, Marques DE/DT 94 2007 $1,958,334 $1,500,000 $458,334 Howard 2005-U/BAL
    Ulbrich, Jeff MLB/OLB 53 2009 $1,925,000 $1,525,000 $400,000 Hawaii 2000-3rd
    Spencer, Shawntae CB 36 2012 $1,843,333 $510,000 $1,333,333 Pittsburgh 2004-2nd
    Moore, Brandon MLB/OLB 56 2010 $1,420,000 $850,000 $570,000 Oklahoma 2002-UDFA
    Harris, Kwame RT 77 2007 $1,419,793 $811,684 $608,109 Stanford 2003-1st
    Roman, Mark FS/SS 26 2009 $1,416,666 $725,000 $691,666 LSU 2006-FA/GB
    Harris, Walt CB 27 2009 $1,400,000 $900,000 $500,000 Mississippi State 2006-FA/WSH
    Nedney, Joe PK 6 2009 $1,397,500 $1,007,500 $390,000 San Jose State 2005-FA/TEN
    Lawson, Manny OLB/DE 99 2010 $1,364,500 $360,000 $1,004,500 N.C. State 2006-1st
    Heitmann, Eric C 66 2008 $1,360,000 $1,035,000 $325,000 Stanford 2001-7th
    Snyder, Adam RT/LT 68 2011 $1,345,000 $435,000 $910,000 Oregon 2005-3rd
    Dilfer, Trent QB 12 2008 $1,000,000 $1,000,000 $0 Fresno State 2006-T/CLE
    Norris, Moran FB 40 2009 $1,000,000 Kansas 2006-FA/HOU
    Smiley, Justin RG 65 2007 $971,668 $510,000 $461,668 Alabama 2004-2nd
    Jennings, Brian LS/TE 86 2009 $903,333 $720,000 $183,333 Arizona State 2000-7th
    Hicks, Maurice RB/KR 43 RFA $850,000 $850,000 $0 N.C. A&T 2003-FA/CHI
    Lee, Andy P 4 RFA $850,000 $850,000 $0 Pittsburgh 2004-6th
    Baas, David LG/C 64 2009 $849,375 $449,375 $400,000 Michigan 2005-2nd
    Lewis, Keith FS/SS 28 2009 $776,666 $510,000 $266,666 Oregon 2004-6th
    Gore, Frank RB 21 2007 $624,835 $435,000 $189,835 Miami(Fla.) 2005-3rd
    Sopoaga, Issac DT 90 2007 $619,500 $510,000 $109,500 Hawaii 2004-4th
    Wragge, Tony C/OG 69 2008 $600,000 $510,000 $90,000 New Mexico 2005-FA/ARZ
    Hill, Shaun QB 13 2007 $595,000 $595,000 $0 Maryland 2006-U/MIN
    Jacobs, Taylor WR 88 2007 $595,000 $595,000 $0 Florida 2006-T/WSH
    Gilmore, Bryan WR 84 2007 $595,000 $595,000 $0 Midwestern State 2006-UFA/MIA
    Williams, Brandon WR/RS 17 2009 $529,750 $360,000 $169,750 Wisconsin 2006-3rd
    Duckett, Damane DT/DE 95 2007 $510,000 $510,000 $0 East Carolina 2006-FA/NYG
    Green, Roderick DE/OLB 54 2007 $510,000 $510,000 $0 Central Mo. State 2006-W/BAL
    Robinson, Michael RB 24 2009 $505,200 $360,000 $145,200 Penn State 2006-6th
    Fields, Ronald DE/DT 93 2008 $482,250 $435,000 $47,250 Mississippi State 2005-5th
    Estes, Patrick OT 78 2008 $444,750 $435,000 $9,750 Virginia 2005-7th
    Bajema, Billy TE 47 2007 $444,535 $435,000 $9,535 Oklahoma State 2005-7th
    Williams, Renauld OLB 59 2007 $435,000 $435,000 $0 Hofstra 2004-UDFA
    Tucker, B.J. CB 22 2007 $435,000 $435,000 $0 Wisconsin 2005-FA/DAL
    Haralson, Parys OLB/DE 98 2009 $404,000 $360,000 $44,000 Tennessee 2006-5th
    Walker, Delanie TE 46 2009 $385,500 $360,000 $25,500 Central Mo. State 2006-6th
    Hudson, Marcus CB/FS 23 2009 $382,500 $360,000 $22,500 N.C. State 2006-6th
    Oliver, Melvin DE 96 2009 $381,320 $360,000 $21,320 LSU 2006-6th
    Vaughn, Vickiel(NFLE) SS/FS 32 2009 $368,383 $360,000 $8,383 Arkansas 2006-7th
    Dahl, Harvey OG/OT 76 2007 $360,000 $360,000 $0 Nevada 2005-W/DAL
    Maxwell, Marcus(NFLE) WR 19 2008 $360,000 $285,000 $0 Oregon 2005-7th
    Keasey, Zak FB 45 2008 $360,000 $360,000 $0 Princeton 2005-FA/WSH
    Hardy, Jermaine(NFLE) CB/S 2008 $360,000 $285,000 $0 Virginia 2007-FA/CAR
    Steitz, Nick OG/OT 74 2007 $285,000 $285,000 $0 Oregon 2006-PS/WSH
    Brewer, C.J.(NFLE) WR 14 2008 $285,000 $285,000 $0 Wyoming 2006-UDFA
    Washington, Tavares(NFLE) OT 67 2008 $285,000 $285,000 $0 Florida 2006-UDFA

    Cap Total: $96,295,320
    Dead Money: $7,656,356
    Top 51 Rule: $94,720,320
    Cap Room: $17,931,404
    Workout Bonuses: $349,440

    Kevan Barlow $3,840,000
    Other Dead Money $1,568,274
    Mike Rumph $971,000
    Antonio Bryant $800,000
    Anthony Adams $229,000
    Corey Smith $170,832
    Rasheed Marshall $68,000
    2006 UDFA’s $9,250

    TOTAL: $7,656,356

  235. well it looks like patrick kerney signed with the seahags.we defenetly need a right tackle now that is better than kwame harris.

  236. we need to replace kwame through the draft even if it means trading to get another 2nd so we can take the best available ot i hate kwame


  238. Since we got a deal on a pass rusher in TBC, does this mean more $$$ to throw at Stallworth?


  240. is there any word on eric moulds i think he would be a good compliment to lelie for a 1 or 2 year deal

  241. the only money that should be thrown at stalworth right now is,alcoholic anonymous money!

  242. yea but what about moulds what do you think

  243. if he has one good year left,why not?

  244. i dont see the harm in bringing mound,reunited with clements and jennings.

  245. rather see moulds than stallworth but would rather just draft then get any of them

  246. mounds,lalie and draft steve smith in the second round to be our third receiver,along with vernon davis frank gore and alex smith at the helm who could stop us now!….dont forget a replacement for kwame harris.then alex smith wouldnt have ANY excuses!

  247. i think we hope Bowe drops into the second rounds and pick him up. Lelie is a great deep threat, arnez is a posetion reciever. Bowe will do both. also with Vernon and Delanie walker we will have a pretty good recieving core. we should trade eric johnson away even though he is a pimp. but we really need a OT. Kwame needs to go

  248. eric johnson is a free agent….we cant trade him

  249. Being reported that Porter will sign with the Dolphins today…Terms of contract 5 yrs, 24 million

  250. Tuesday, March 6
    The Miami Dolphins and LB Joey Porter have reached agreement on a five-year, $32.5 million deal that includes $20 million worth of guaranteed money.

  251. Any update on Tully??

  252. g3Spot….the contract for Porter is actually $32.5 Million over 5 years with $20 million guaranteed. (Schefter)

    Gobears…just updated this thread. Looks like a done deal with Cain.

  253. They are getting close to a deal with Cain per his agent, something may be announced later today..

  254. I love football, I love the Niner’s, but I have never heard of this guy. With the exception of Allen last year, and Clements this year, the Niner’s never ink the big name players. It seems with all this cash we could get a few Pro Bowl calibur players.

  255. I am a newbie to the posts on here but I have to say its funny to see how seriously people take their own opinions. Just because you haven’t heard of Banta Cain doesn’t mean he is no good. The guy got 5.5 sacks starting in 5 games and coming in situationally. He is 27 and if Nolan likes him (I believe he is the expert) then I like him. I bet you Porter cheerleaders that Cain has more sacks that Porter next year, sack up to that ladies.

  256. Name players are generally overrated. I’d rather have a bunch of guys who just get their jobs done!

  257. look i like cain a lot but dont be rediculous he is not porter yet…he may or may not have more sacks than porter but that doesnt mean shit having porter on your team will free up the rest of your lb core because he will take on more blockers…and for sake of argument porter probably will have more sacks than cain because he rushing right beside jason taylor…there is a reason porter is the bigger free agent than cain and is going to get paid a lot more and its not because we are the only smart team in the nfl…to think cain is flat out better than porter is nuts…anyway welcome to the blog but i disagree with you even though i like cain and its a good signing

  258. Be glad we can get Banta Cain! As we all agree Porter was not worth the money that A. Thomas got. Have faith in Nolan, the guy knows talent(W. Harris). Was he a big name guy. Lets get this deal done 9ers.

  259. Hey DOUCHE BAGS! Your opinions are simple, unsupported and speculative at best. Get back to work!

  260. I agree with GREG. Tully BunchCoCain has never been all-pro. However he’s young and has a brite future! This guy Munusky knows what he’s doing. I remember Tullys Coffee when he played at Cal. He was a stud DE on bad team….Welcome home CoCain

  261. BTW…He’s (TBC) a kinda strange looking dude. Does anyone know his make-up. Is he part Pacific Islander part pitt-bull? I mean what is he? Schnauzer, Doberman, Poodle? What’s your guess?

  262. LOL

  263. off topic, i know, but how sick is it gonna be in Miami….Porter, Thomas and Taylor in the box…..good luck running on those guys….

  264. as of 9 minutes ago, according to ESPN, TBC will be wearing red and gold next yr.

  265. I’m excited about Tully. With Singletary’s coaching, he should develop into a solid all-around rush backer. As far as Porter, no one knows how good he will be in a 4-3 defense. I’m sure he’ll do fine, but I don’t think he’ll rack up the sack numbers.

  266. Banta cain will be a good pick up surely. He will add pass rush skill and depth where it is needed most. He isnt an all-pro, but thats not what we’re expecting out of him. He has been on the Patrios for a couple years now, a great environment for a young football player to grow. Now we will reap the benefits of that organizations upbringing. 5.5 sacks in split time, he has seen the playoffs and that experience could be valuable. Good addition at the right price.

  267. Tullys Coffee is OURS! GOOD MOVE NOLAN This guy cna play. He’ll be in there to get the QB! Lawson is already better at dropping back, and going side to side. Brandon moore is a stud. And I expect Smith and an ’07 draft choice to be in there as well. Then you got Parys and Green also. WOW!!!!!!!!!!


  269. now trade back a few spots if we can and draft willis…if we can’t trade back still draft willis…the reason why i wouldnt mind trading back is to acquire another pick to help us trade up and if we miss willis posluzsny is still great and if not him there are plenty of needs and players to fill them…what do you guys think

  270. is Tully going to start opposite Manny?

  271. TBC will be an Pro-Bowler under Singletary’s tutelage…believe that.

  272. now we just need a better d line. then our LBs can cause wreak havoc.

  273. It appears the Niners have officially signed Banta-Cain…..

  274. Man … I can’t remember a time there was so many possibilities with the draft. We just got 4 guys for the D! The sky is the limit. On the FIRST FUCKING DAY of the draft, we can now get a rookie CB, DE, DT, LB, WR, RB, and most of all Right Side OT!!! Next year is going to be alot of fun to watch!

  275. will g- yes he will be opposite of manny it will look like this by-franklin-douglas
    lawson-moore-smith or rookie-tbc
    clements harris or spencer
    lewis lewis

  276. All I have to say is Moore is going to be a beast on the inside. He played outside last year and was effective, but was out of position. Now he can rush up the middle like the bull that he is and Manny and Cain will push the edge. Not to mention BY playing well rested. Its good to be a Niner fan again! Imagine what this team will look like if we have another good draft! I need to stop, the season is still light years away and I am already giddy.

  277. Greg, you don’t see Roman in the secondary as a starter?

  278. i wonder if we are going to release any safties after june first this year.we have alot of safties,mark roman,keith lewis,michael lewis,mike adams,vickiel vaughn,chad williams and marcus hudson.

  279. Mike Adams was released. Deke Cooper and Chad Williams are unrestricted free agents.

  280. thanks ,ninersrule didnt know that.

  281. Food for thought…everyone in here says that “TBC will be an Pro-Bowler under Singletary’s tutelage” Why do you think singletary is not the defensive cord now? Nolan knows in the NEAR future singletary will be coaching somewhere else. When coaches get fired next year…his name will be mentioned many times! That why the 49ers should have gotten Porter! Porter doesn’t need that much tutelage.

  282. Well from what i heave heard the cap situation isnt looking good now. According to Matt Maiocco we had 15 mil before we signed TBC. Plus we need 7 mil for rookies, and other things. It looks like we won’t be signing anymore big players. I can’t believe Nolan didnt go after another reciever. I understand that he is a defensive minded coach but come on now, this is ridiculous. Alex is the future of this franchise!!!!!! HE has to put up the numbers that we need!!!! HE wont be able to do that unless we give him a solid O-line (which we almost have), and good recievers. Now, Battle and Lelie arent bad but Alex will never reach his full potential with these guys. Nolan better make a trade b/c WE SIMPLY CANT DRAFT A RECIEVER AND WAIT FOR HIM TO DEVELOP TOO!!!!! The offense has to make a jump NOW along with the defense. Come on Nolan plzzzz show me that you have a master plan to fix this. If he doesnt though, the offense wont look as good as it should in 2007. And for all those people who think VD will be our number one reciever, I dont think it will happen. He will no question be the best TE in the league in a few years, but remember he cant catch the ball on every play b/c he also has to block defenders.

  283. omg another Porter supporter lol. We had NO interest in him

  284. WE seriously need to start looking at the RIGHT SIDE of the offensive line! Any thoughts?

  285. DANNY: Singletary has never coordinated a defensive gameplan, especially a 3-4 alignment – THAT’S WHY HE ISN’T THE DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR. Singletary’s forte is his motivational skills & credibility with the players.

    Porter’s best years are behind him; who wants to shell out dollars for a declining player? What we all like about Porter is what he has already done; ergo no upside!

    And please explain to me why coaches will be fired next year – enlighten us…

  286. ummm Snyder will be the starting RT. Other than that we have no O-line problems. bye-bye Kwame

  287. Can you answer my question 49er for life…or just say “OMG”

  288. Prime time…didn’t singletary interview with teams this year!

  289. i would have liked porter too! but we never got a chance to interview him(never left miami).but that is okay,because miami is going to be like the 49ers of when we got had ron woodson kevin greene chris doleman dana stublfeild(how ever he spelled his name)exc.they are the oldest team i beleave and age will catch up with them and then players will retire and there salory cap will suffer.but us we got the youngest team and are on our way back up(if not already there!).

  290. There was some interest, so a person would have to consider it. He could leave for the same position somewhere else.

  291. all this bashing people have for what our coaching staff is doin to better our team and all you haterade drinkers need to take your drinks and anger to a team you like, if you are a 49er FAITHFUL then you would be extatic like some of us that have rooted the 49ers through rougher times (erickson years). Our team is building for the better not just to have the “names” we have been building with Talent and Youth for the Greater Prize….WINNING THE WEST THIS SEASON….long live 49er Pride

  292. How’s it gonna b… DE B.Y an Fields.. DT Franklin…OLBS Manny an Tully or Green ..(MLB Willis rookie) if we dont get him then Smith an Moore…CB Clements an Harris wit (Spencer @ nic)….SS M. Lewis… FS M. Roman

  293. i am not feeling our free agency at all. for one nate clements isnt what u guys thing he is, i live in buffalo so get to watch him on a week to week basis.. hes not worth tht money at all, hes never even made the probowl and hes the richest defensive player in history? come on now,, yes i want him on the team but not for tht price, we could of gotten fred smoot and adalius thomas for the same price, then ashlie lelie is antonio bryant the second,, so much for bennett and stall worth, i do like the signings of michael lewis franklin, and then this guy who u all say u like but never herd of,, well were deffinitley playoff bound i just think we can of done this a lot better…thats all


  295. I did answer your question Danny. Learn how to read before saying stuff about other ppl

  296. Primetime you still out there. One coach that will be fired is TOM coughlin (spelling) So he will need to be replaced, any other coaches that didn’t live up to the owners vision.

  297. Shane… look at dis D again….How’s it gonna b… DE B.Y an Fields.. DT Franklin…OLBS Manny an Tully or Green ..(MLB Willis rookie) if we dont get him then Smith an Moore…CB Clements an Harris wit (Spencer @ nic)….SS M. Lewis… FS M. Roman… things will work out…came along way…enjoy it….we dont sign like dis 2 ofton…im glad we got da money 2 do so an we doin it….. we still got money… aint went broke…ENJOY… Laundry still an option 2 start over Roman… if he falls… but i like Roman

  298. I liked the idea of Porter too guys but 20 mil guaranteed?? That’s almost as much as we gave Clements. Just too much.

  299. shane actually nate clements did make the pro bowl…in 2005…the bills secondary only let 2 receivers over 100 yards last year….and only 5 receivers got atleast 80 yards against buffalo…..nate clements held marvin harrison to 21 yards and made him fumble when he caught a pass cross the middle…who do u think were covering all those starting receivers that were held under a 100 yards?????NAT CLEMENTS!!!!

  300. JRD, i agree with you about that much money. 49er for life and primetime have good points about porter being past his prime, but i was thinking along the lines of 2 year contract. I believe that he could have been more productive in those two years than banta

  301. dre is right nate is was worth it!

  302. Shane from back east – you negative prick… you want to feel our free agency? Then grab your ankles. We’ve had enough suffering. We’re going kick everyones ass now. BTW, thanks for Nate Clements. He’ll go to the pro-bowl wearing the Scarlet and Gold! LOL LOL LOL “He’s not worth the money.” Oh yeah? Would you like him back…LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  303. how was tbc’s deal structured anyone know? years, money?

  304. You know wat im sayin Danny….some people just dont know their football now adays lol

  305. Dre, I am a devoted 49er fan and sometimes I think a lot of hard core fans just think way outside the box. (That was sugar coated by the way) Because they want the niners to do well, they were hoping to land every major free agent. That is not going to happen. Now, I really wanted Joey porter, but I am content with Cain. There are people on here that want to trade a lot of draft picks for Johnson. I think those people are crazy. Damn good player, but not worth all the draft picks teams will be looking for. Your thoughts…

  306. Dre. thank you. someone else that makes sense based on facts, not feelings.

  307. I would like more people to respond about the offensive line (right side) I have been hearing rumors about Harris being traded. Does anyone have anything!

  308. I watched k harris at the KC game and he didn’t play that well. Watching the youtube video made me want to kill myself.

  309. Dont let LEE walk Nolan……WE dont need PITS 6th round pick…. it took long enough to find some1 able to kick good n S.F….HE JUST A punter RIGHT…ITS WHERE WE PUT OURSELVES ON THE FIELD…advantage..

  310. Yea some people just use feelings and opinions which definately arent accurate….Yea i did want Joey porter but i do have my doubts on him at times….but there is no doubt that he is one of the best LB’s in the league but Banta Cain will shine in our system and they say he can pump up teamates im looking forward to that…he had 5.5 sacks and he didnt start…thats more than some starters on other teams…about CJ i kinda do think its a risk to give up a 1st,2nd,and 3rd round pick for him…..that will be alotm of pressure on the team if he doesnt come out and play his ass off…now if we give up kwame harris and a first round pick and possibly 3rd…..i’d rather do that lol and keep our 2nd rounder for another need….we would still have 7 picks in 4 rounds

  311. Danny, completely agree with you on the two-year scenario. I don’t think anyone should rationally try to argue that Cain would be more effective in a two-year situation than Porter. People need to realize though, that there was no way that Porter would pass up a deal like that for anything like a two-year deal. I mean 20 mil guaranteed?? That’s a lot of freaking cash. I just think it would have seriously hurt us in the long-run, especially when we could go out and draft a guy like Willis. I also agree with you on the not trading up for Johnson thing. Are the niners getting closer?? You bet. Are we super bowl contenders?? Not yet. We still need to keep building through the draft, a philosophy that has paid huge dividends in Nolan’s first two years. In terms of the line, I just don’t see anything getting done. We’ve been begging to ship Harris for a long time now, but I just don’t see it happening. The fact is that we need depth at the OL and no matter how bad he is, there’s no way we’re going to trade him unless it looks like we can pick up another OL, which I suppose would be a possibility in the draft.

  312. Danny: Thought you were talking about 49er coaches getting fired – by bizzle.

  313. My bad!

  314. Dre, did you see that video of K Harris? If we could get a least a second or thrid round pick for him, that would make my day! I know that we drafted him in the first round, but take your lose and move on. Some offensive line men play run block better than they pass block and vice versa. He doesn’t do anything well. I really fell sorry for him! Is there any other free agents you would like to see play for the niners?

  315. Don’t think we could get a 2nd or 3rd for Kwame. But wow, if we did, I think I’d cry out of joy.

  316. Primetime don’t sweet it, I’m just tired of the assistants and coordinators leaving. 49ers for life seems to think that singletary will coach for the 49ers the rest of his life. He at least interviewed with two teams this year. It makes me think he might be offered a higher position next year. What do you think?

  317. the bears are looking to trade up in the draft.the bears just traded thomas for the jets early second round pick.does anyone think we have an a chance to trade our first round pick for the bears first and second round picks(the jets 2nd round pick).

  318. Unfortunately, I don’t think we could get anything for K Harris either JRD. All we can do is hope.

  319. I read on PFT that the Bears first and second is only worth the 14th overall. I’d take that deal, though.

  320. Jerry, I believe that the niners will trade out of that spot if the can still get the poeple nolan is looking for. For example last year he traded some draft picks to Denver to get lawson. I guess we shall see this year.

  321. what do you guys think of LaRon Landry. I would like the niners to get him!

  322. On yesterday’s NFL Total Access, Jamie Dukes (idiot) and some dude from NFL Films, (idiot last name Cosell) were talkin trash about Clements and the 9ers saying that Clements is the 15th best corner in the league!!! These guys are idiots and I’m sure they’ve never watched a game of his, since the Bills are small market and haven’t played a significant game in years. I can tell you though that not only can Clements cover like a blanket, but he can lay the smack down as a hitter. He is worth the contract he got from us.

  323. And our defense as of right now will compete with the Bears’ as the top in the NFC. If we add Patrick Willis through the draft, it would be a huge boost. We could make a strong push for the SuperBowl. Not saying we will win if we make it in, because I still don’t think we’re good enough to beat the AFC’s top teams consistently, but all it takes is the right match-up and some luck and good execution. However, I think the Patriots will be the top team in the AFC next year, barring injury, and I couldn’t see us beating them next season.

  324. Big M if nate is the 15th best corner in the league, then who are the 14 in front of him. Champ is one, who are the others? I am not going to say that nate is better than Primetime Sanders, but i believe he is just behind champ for best in the league now.

  325. Right now, here’s what our 3-4 defense will look like, with a lot of rotation on d-line.

    LE- Bryant Young/Melvin Oliver
    NT- Aubrayo Franklin/Isaac Sopoaga
    RE- Marques Douglas/Ronald Fields
    LOLB- Tully Banta-Cain
    LILB- Brandon Moore
    RILB- Derek Smith (Possibly P-Willy)
    ROLB- Manny Lawson
    CB- Nate Clements, Walt Harris/Shawntae Spencer
    FS- Mark Roman
    SS- Michael Lewis

    We also have some situational rusher such as Parys Haralson and Roderick Green, and with the addition of Willis, we would have great depth at every position on defense.

  326. If Champ is Number 1, I’d say Nate is easily 1A. Not to take anyhting from Champ or Deangelo Hall, but not only can Nate shutdown, he can hit. He is well-rounded and excels in both areas.


  328. i feel that the weak point of the defence is at middle linebacker…Moore is very good and will shine, he can make big plays and brings the blue collar work ethic to the team..Smith was good..not the case nemore..hes just too slow and odesnt make big plays..also..we need to draft a good pass rusher.. putting pressure on the qb is very those are the only two weak point. on the other side of the ball wideout doesnt look too good, i mean its as good as last year..but we need one more guy..every1 is looking for a big name “go to” reciever..teams dont need a go to reciever..just look at those patriot teams that one the superbowls..all u nedd is a solid recieving core and u will be affective passing the ball..and as long as KWAME is gone..then our line looks to be solid

  329. now that eric steinbech is gone and luke petigout now to the bucs…we may jus draft or trade for a linemen though i wouldnt mind us getting max starks,jordan black,or floyd womack to take kwame’s place that are still availible in FA

  330. ok ok ok um pull up cato june he is good and young he did good with the colts hit him up he is a free agent we i didnt want this guy ughhhh no no ! o well hit up cato june

  331. john clayton is reporting that the jags might release a offensive tackles because they have three highly paid hopefully we can get one of them to replace the princess kwame harris.

  332. we no longer need a outside linebacker…..

  333. mdg, Cate June only fits the Tampa 2 scheme on the weak side. We run a 3-4.

  334. another good point big m

  335. we should draft alan branch and then trade up for dwayne jarrett

  336. Banta Cain will receive a three-year, $12.2 million contract that will pay him $4 million in 2007.

  337. get mariweather in the seconf

  338. thats too much for him

  339. who you guys think we will draft

  340. It’s OFFICIAL!!
    Maiocco’s Blog….
    The contract has officially been signed. Outside linebacker Tully Banta-Cain, formerly a member of the Patriots, is now with the 49ers. The deal, as reported by ESPN, is three years, $12.2 million.

  341. theres no way we’re getting dwayne jarrett and alan branch in same draft….they are 2 first rounders…we only have 1st round pick DUHH

  342. now lets either draft branch or trade down and get willis and try to get jarrett and we could make a push for the nfc championship game

  343. we only have 1 pick

  344. if we trade down then we might get a late 1st rounder and pick jarrett up

  345. if not jarrett then dwayne bowe hes just as good and just as big

  346. does anybody feel me

  347. i would rather have bowe than jarret even meechum jarrett is way to slow

  348. bowe and jarrett both run a 4.55

  349. what is nolan and co.going to do in the draft?seems like the backers and secondary is all set we just need some pass rushers up front.for example:alan branch,adam carriker,or amobie akoye.if we go with a wideout we should deff. go get Meachem or Bowe,both big fast and can block.perfect to learn from jerry sullivan,and even better, blocking for frank Gore.

  350. or even better trade up and get calvin johnson.Calvin johnson,vernon davis,frank Gore,alex smith,not a bad line-up at all don’t you think?not to mention none of them are over 25.or hopefully we can get a cindarella story WR like marcus colston. he’s not bad for a 2nd to last pick.

  351. yeah but there is a possibility that they get willis in the draft

  352. I think this is alex smith’s break out year.anybody else feel that too?

  353. Man that’s a pretty cheap contract with all things consiered. I wonder what our division rivals are thinking about our FA moves.

    To answer your statement above 49ERS OWN, I think we will draft:

    1. DL
    2. wr
    3. rt/rg

    The rest of the draft will be BPA.

  354. As far as Deangelo Hall I live here in Atlanta and I see him play. Yes he is fast, but overrated. Hines Ward dogged him when he came to town. Also T.O., Chad Johnson, and Joe Horn just to name a few. I am not saying he’s not good, but I believe Nate is better. Nate is not only a cover guy, but he is physical. You need that type of guy in the secondary. When someone like that who is 210 to 215 hits you like that and he is your cb. Your Lb’s have to be amped to smash everything moving. Also with Michael Lewis who lays the wood as well. It’s going to be alot of positive Highlights this year on defense.

  355. lets not waste our pick on jarret,he’s too slow,he’too small,he can’t block.yes great hands,but there’s guys like bowe and meachem who can run,block,oh and not to mention CATCH the football.

  356. nolan is the man he knows what he is doing, but if we get branch where does franklin go

  357. seacrest i completely agree

  358. LOL jrizzz your are a fucking idiot

  359. deangelo hall is kinda over-rated,If you watched the cowgirls/falcons game,T.O. ate D-halls lunch.and also spit in his face afterwards.I think he also got owned by chad johnson.

  360. Guys this is what Matt Maiocco said about our current cap situation just before we signed Banta-Cain. Looks like we are in pretty good shape entering the draft and season.

    matt’s blog
    The 49ers were approximately $15 million under the salary cap. A contract for Banta-Cain would eat into that a little bit. They also need to set aside somewhere in the neighborhood of $7 million for the rookie pool. Teams generally like to enter the regular season with about $5 million in cap space to give them enough flexibility to handle the potential pickups they might have to make because of injuries.

  361. Zeeke, and Seacrest are a little confused I see. Jarrett is anything but small. Unless you consider 6′ 4″ 219, small. You Dipshit. He has the second best hands in this draft, second to Calvin Johnson, and the God he has become(deservedly so). Im not arguing with you as to who is better among this class of Wr’s, but your criticism of Jarrett shows how much you are misinformed. You are making this website less legitmate w/ each post you submit, so stop.

  362. thats all nice but should they get willis to make the interior backers even better

  363. San Francisco has signed free agent LB Tully Banta-Cain to a three-yeal, $8.7 million deal, which includes a $2.9 million signing bonus. Pittsburgh and St. Louis each had been interested in signing Banta-Cain.

  364. I just read an insider profile on michael lewis on espn. Not exactly complimentary of this safety skills. Even said that he is best suited a nickel linebacker. Apparently he was benched because he was getting burnt on the passing plays. Any thoughts? What about Hamlin?

  365. if you guys havn’t noticed by now the NFL is all about names.because on ESPN and all the shows all they talk about is big named guys like T.O. when there is way better guys in the league like marvin harrison.when frank gore made the probowl as the starting halfback,all anyone could talk about was tiki’s allright I’d take a no-name who can play over a big name game who is known for running his mouth instead of making plays.

  366. Do we have any money left for more FA’s???????

  367. not just in the nfl but also in all sports.just look at the nba all-stars game,shaq made the roster and he only played in six game!!.

  368. The situation is that we need to re-do Gore’s contract….that is all that we NEED to do until the draft. Big M or Erickson…thank you for keeping the info SUPER current….you guys really stay on top of things. Any word on what is happening with Gore or any Kwame trade rumors or draft trade rumors. To talk about Jarrett he isn’t short, but last I checked he was approaching 200 pounds after the Rose Bowl so how did he gain 20 pounds unless he is eating like a slob??? What about us trading for Darrell Jackson…we could throw a draft pick at the seachickens and get him. He IS WAY BETTER than Lelie…why not pick him up for a couple of years? Also, I have also heard rumors (can’t remember the source) that we were interested in trading for Terrell Suggs…..the Ravens can’t be that stupid…can they???

  369. what about frank gore?can we pay are runnng back please.

  370. sorry to whoever got butt hurt over the jarrett comment,ok so he’s not samll and not slow and can catch the ball.damn didn’t know there were niner fans in southern cal.why don’t you like the chargers you LA pansy.

  371. ALSO — Do we have to “pay” compensation for Harris and Allen???????? Weren’t they free agents?

  372. well thats perfect but i say draft willis smith is getting old

  373. we need a #1 wr?

  374. you really are from LA aint ya boy?,don’t let that bulldog mouth overload that puppy dog ass.

    p.s all the fags are in not NOR CAL.

  375. im sorry i am from LA and im a homo,sorry I like USC.jarrett is cool.sorry are right jarrett sucks.sorry.

  376. john david booty is a good quarterback.

  377. p.s. im a dodger fan too. giants suck.

  378. To hell with all of that….I just want to know when we are going to pay Gore….he has earned it. Also, Please, Big M or Erickson, could you please dial up Maiocco about any trading that is possible? I was just hoping (in my little pipe dream) that we could trade Kwame and a draft pick to Seattle for Darrell Jackson. The pay should be similar. Or am I basically full of it? We should stop signing people for now….I DO applaud the organization for actually getting out there and signing anyone of got off a plane in San Francisco, but GORE is really important and the time has come to maybe trade some unecessary pieces of our team for either draft picks or quality personell. i say this because the blog is saying that the seachickens want to trade Darrell Jackson….he would be a good fit for us for two to three years. Remember…..KNOW THY ENEMY!!!

  379. im sorry, but jrizz is an idiot.

  380. I have seen willis play and worth drafting. I would like to see the niners get Landry for LSU, but i am leaning twards willis.

  381. I’m sorry that we’re name calling in here….there’s no reason for it and it solves NOTHING!!!! I know you guys are going to start bashing me, but I actually would like to talk about REAL issues that involve the niners. Gore…..please someone tell me Rosenhouse is on his way to discuss Gore’s contract so we can finalize this issue. IF WE DO THIS……then we just had one of the best free agency periods in history for our team.

  382. The niner’s draft situation (as I think it stands is this) If Branch is available then take him, if he isn’t then take Landry, if Landry isn’t available then take Willis, if he for some strange reason isn’t available then we will trade down or take Carriker.

  383. we need a new post 381 i had to change my battery in my wireless mouse.

  384. He is going to wear number 49?!?! Then what numbers are the drummer going to wear??If any of you have been to niners game you will know what im talking about

  385. i never said that jarrett was short i said he was slow and he wont be a good pro

  386. I have mixed feelings about Jarrett because he IS slow for a receiver….everything else is great. However, since he can’t seperate then that is going to cause him major problems. jerry, have you heard ANY news on a GORE contract extension…. this would be the PERFECT cap to our free agency period.

  387. justin blalock,BLALOCK,BLOLOCK,BLALOCK.was it just me or did pimp daddy cain look like he wasnt happy to be a niner in that pic.

  388. steve-o im a big fan,you were hilarious in jackass 2,im glad to see your a niner fan.yeah dude.

  389. I like landry but honestly do we need another safety?we just signed mike lewis,keith lewis,and mark roman,were pretty stacked at the safety position.

  390. Pimp daddy cain, i think banta-cain hasn’t got much sleep and that is why he looks the way he does in the picutre. I have to admit he doesn’t look happy to me either.

  391. As for jarrett he reminds me of JJ Stokes and therefore i am not interested.

  392. Seacrest definetly said he’s too small, and you said you agreed. Scroll up and read it. Someone posted a couple of comments w/ my name, but I’ll be fine. I can seperate myself by using basic grammar skills. Just remember, the real W Gaines is the one who can spell, puncuate, and use sound arguments. While others simply exploit themselves while trying to prove a point. You clowns are welcome to stick around for comedy-relief purposes though.

  393. pimp daddy, you are REALLY speaking my language because Blalock has been projected to fall to near our neck of the woods in the second round. If he is then we need to snag him because then Kwame is as good as gone. The only way I don’t think we should grab him in the second round is if a valuable receiver (Bowe, Meechum, or Rice), safety (like Merriweather because Roman is getting old) in case we grab a d-linemen in the 1st), or a linebacker ( like spencer). Blalock WILL be a success at the next level….I guarantee it.

  394. Willis McGahee, i didn’t think roman was still with the team? Am i wrong? I do believe we need a def line man though.

  395. CAN WE PLEASE START THE GORE CONTRACT RESTRUCTURING THREAD PLEASE……….it is really the highest priority for the organization at this point in time.

  396. […] Deal Done, Banta-Cain Signs Update: 10:40am — Per John Clayton the two parties have reached an agreement. Terms of the deal weren’t […] […]

  397. CARRIKERRRRRRRRR…….if branch dont fall to us,second round-dave harris mlb if blalock doesnt fall to us.we need a replacement for young.

  398. hey ryan the ?100000st,hold your breath about gore…you felcher.mmmmmmmm,okay.with love from drew rosenhouse.

  399. Harris….from Michigan? Shoudn’t we take Lamarr Woodley then because he is WAY better and will be in our range in the second round, but we might not be talking about the same player. I truly see our first round selection priorities going as follows…1)Branch 2)Landry 3)Willis (nolan really likes him A LOT!) 4)Carriker. Mark my words….that is the way our first pick is going to happen by availability.

  400. Blalock would be the STEAL OF THE SECOND ROUND IF WE GET HIM!!! Kwame would be SSSSOOOO unnecessary if we drafted him.

  401. lol i think we need a new post its taking my computer forever to load this

  402. Yeah, can we please start the, “Gore’s new contract in the works”…400 posts that is unheard of…..

  403. So what now?

    Any more FA signings?

    Extend Gore?

  404. As far as Jarret…speed isn’t the only important thing in a WR. You must also consider size, hands, as well as route running. Speed is important for go routes, but you can always find some track-and-field guy to run those. The great WRs (Rice, Harrison, Largent) weren’t even that fast. I’m not saying that Jarret has those qualities, I’m just saying you can’t evaluate him on speed alone.

  405. I think the 9ers are not an ideal position at the #11 spot. Honestly, they could wait 5-8 picks and still see Carriker or Willis there. I would be looking for a trade (up or down) if I were Nolan. The only reason to stay at #11 is take a WR like Jarret or Ginn.

  406. his route running is sub par as well

  407. he reminds me of charles rogers and mike williams

  408. I say we wait till the 4th round and get Jacoby Jones… That fool will be a stud

  409. not a bad idea

  410. 1st round WRs haven’t done that well recently.

  411. Let’s go for 500 posts.

  412. I like this move smart move Nolan which reminds me alot of what jimmy johnson did when he build the cowboys on thing now we need is to draft dawanye Jarrett and pair him up with ashely and we are set on offense with a few twinks to the o-line

  413. I like the sound of the second deal he recieved rather then the first. Plus I say NFL network is more reliable then ESPN. Although NFL network said at first we signed Michael Lewis the kick returner not the safety. Hoping they’re right this time around on how much money Banta Cain is getting.

  414. i like jacoby jones as well he will be a stud….marvin harrison is anything but slow i dont know where that came from….i agree with the first rd picks in here with branch, landry, willis, carriker in that order but still would like to trade back and also move up with some of our 100 picks we have…gore is our priority and i think it is official that everybody who likes the niners hates kwame harris but that doesnt mean we need to bring in another fa tackle…just trade for a pick or release him…blalock in the 2nd would be a blessing but i wouldnt count on it…somebody said pick up max starks, he resigned with pittsburgh and i am pretty sure we would have to give a 1st and 3rd rd pick for him (never happening)…if the cap situation is in fact that low i would think thats about it for free agency until after the draft…oh yeah i dont think we should get jarrett either but he is not going in the first rd of the nfl draft because he is to slow, short, bad hands, bad route runner etc…there will be no answers for him until after his pro day

  415. how is this move smart? this guy had done jack Sh*t in his career

  416. Yo we either need bowe or jarrett to make our offense complet besides the o line cus there is no shot of us gettin calvin johnson

  417. For the love of God, haven’t you guys run out of cap room yet?

  418. Banta-Cain ,Willis,Moore,Lawson. They will not pick Carriker way overrated!!! Linebackers make the 3-4 work
    RD3 (DT/DE)

  419. Why should we draft Jarrett…he will provide us with nothing this year. We could draft Jordan Kent from Oregon in the 6th round who is exactly the same build, but runs a better 40 time (4.55). I say stay where we are because Branch or Landry COULD fall to us. If they don’t then we take Willis. Either way we fill a hole. I say we trade some fourth rounders with a 5th and get another second rounder. That round will be so CRUCIAL.

  420. I dont like taking WRs in the first round….they dont touch the ball enough to be an instant impact…. lets get Willis

  421. ryan i completely agree the second round is extremely loaded with talent…this draft is really deep…we have to trade up a little with all the later picks immediate starters in the first three rds

  422. Willis is a must if Landry and Branch aren’t available….sure up the linebacker core….why not? UNLESS BRANCH IS THERE BECAUSE HE IS GOING TO COLLAPSE THE POCKET OR LANDRY who would be our free safety of the future. Otherwise get the sure thing that can start immediately (Willis). As for the second round….I REALLY THINK we need to try and land another pick in that round and get rid of a 3rd, a fourth, and a 5th….why wouldn’t someone take that deal… the texans, the falcons, or the dolphins….all have coaches that are trying to rebuild the franchise and the way to do that is cut the old and draft the new. We need to make some calls…..I think we are going to be shocked about what type of talent will fall to that round.

  423. trade down a few picks in the first and get willis if branch or by some weird chain of events a tremendous pass rusher isn’t available. then use all these picks we’d have and get a couple extra second and third round picks. I say screw the depth right now, get some legit starters (one good wr and the rest on defense). We don’t have a good enough team to worry about depth. Get some guys who will be starters for years to come and fill in the gaps later.

  424. The Kwame issue MUST be adressed in the second round….unless Blalock or that central michigan o linman is gone….otherwise…..defense defense, and or a good wideout (if he IS A STEAL)

  425. how much cap space do you really need to sign your draft picks? we have about 11.5 million left to spend…so if we need that to sign our picks, then were pretty much done in FA…or to even extend Gores contract….

  426. Don’t care who this wise guy is. I say hire Ditka as coach, Montana as QB, and Rice as WR – fire everyone else. Niners will win everytime… save a lot of money too!

  427. WILLIS is our guy. We can’t trade down. Buffalo will pick him with the 12th they lost London Flecher. or St Louis @13 or Carolina @14 In the second we can get Steve Smith or Joason Hil I agree we should trade a 3rd and 4th and a 6th for a 2nd. That would give us (1) 1st (2) 2nd’s and (1) 3rd (comp) and (3)(4)4th rd and (1) 5th

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