49ers in the Hunt for Darrell Jackson?

ESPN’s Michael Smith said on ESPNews that the 49ers are leading the hunt to trade for Seahawks receiver Darrell Jackson. The Hawks do have Jackson on the block, but not sure they’d trade him to someone in the same division.

In other 49ers news tight end Eric Johnson has agreed to a contract with the Saints.


~ by 49ersNews on March 7, 2007.

101 Responses to “49ers in the Hunt for Darrell Jackson?”

  1. told you on the last statement.johnson wont last a full season with the saints on artifital turf.

  2. D. Jax. would definitely help make our receiving corps a whole hell of a lot better as well as more dangerous. Git r done niners!

  3. nate clements is going to be on nfl net.its 745 pm in jersey.

  4. trade kwame harris and a 5th rounder pick for darell!!!!!!!

  5. The seahawks i hear might want a 2nd round pick and for sure a first day pick. So i say the 9ers trade harris and a 4th rounder or harris and a late 3rd rounder to the shithawks. Plus if we get him, we have inside information to their plays.

  6. nolan get him now!

  7. we need this guy!!!! he is a beast when hes not hurt. His injury history isnt as bad as everyone thinks it is!!!! BRING HIM HOME NOLAN!!!!!!!!

  8. yeah, what is his injury history?

  9. Now who the 49ers need to sign. It should be Justin Griffith. He is a beast, and im shocked that no one else has signed him. 9ers need to sign him to a three year deal because, moran norris is an amazing blocking fullback but just try and imagine this formation. D. Walker and V.D. at tight ends, and then gore, morris and, griffith in the back field. That would be a sick goaline formation. DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!!!!!

  10. Sorry **Know**

  11. who is justin grifftih?

  12. i would rather draft brian leanord in the 2nd then sign griffith

  13. We should go no further than our third for this guy, but if we get him we will dominate.

  14. I will be mightily pissed if we trade anything more than Kwame Harris, and/or a 5th round pick. I really dont even want ‘D-Jack’, or anybody else from the Bitchhawks. We are in great position to fill the rest of our needs through the draft.

    On second thought, I’d like to give them Kwame Harris, thats more sacks against Seattle for us.

  15. I am trying to remember if jackson is one of the wr that drops a lot of passes?

    Does everyone think that the seahawks will trade in their own division?

  16. we should trade for Jets receiver Justin McCareins the Jets are shopping him around.

  17. I don’t know why any other team would want Harris but if we could give him away to any team I would be happy. I’d be even more happy to get someone in return like D. Jax. The only reason I would want Harris around still is for quality depth but at a cheaper rate or he become a gaurd since he run blocks fairly well and can get some help pass blocking. I just don’t understand how he could fail so much, 6’7 325ish giant and he can’t do didly squat.

  18. trage lelie and a third rounder

  19. here are J MCareins stats. not bad…he had some pretty productive years and i don’t think it would cost us that much as far as a trade…

    Year Team Rec Yds Avg Lg TD 1st YAC Trgt

    2001 TEN 3 88 29.3 36 0 3 19 3
    2002 TEN 19 301 15.8 55 2 12 83 48
    2003 TEN 47 813 17.3 73 7 40 222 82
    2004 NYJ 56 770 13.8 43 4 43 134 90
    2005 NYJ 43 713 16.6 45 2 33 149 102
    2006 NYJ 23 347 15.1 50 1 12 94 39

    Totals: 191 3032 15.9 73 16 143 701 364

  20. No What we need to do is trade out first round pick to get ed reed
    then convert him into a wide reciver then we need to resign antiono bryant. Then we trade both of them to the hawks so we can keep Kwame Harris . it’s as simple as that

  21. Eric just wanted to comment on the Arizona Buzzard comment. The head coach they picked up is very good. He will make a difference in that orgnazation soon. This is why I am happy we have had a good free agency signing. We must!! have a good draft to fill in those pieces. I do believe we are on our way to Paradise. We are just loading up !!

  22. We better get this guy, he is a legitimate number 1 reciever. He commands double coverage. Just wat Alex needs

  23. ProFootballWeekly reports the Niners have matched the deal from the Steelers for Lee.


  25. welcome back Lee!!!!!!

  26. ninerfan4life I think that might be asking for to much

  27. wasn’t julian peterson traded to the seahawks? why not darrell jackson?

  28. Nope, Peterson became a free agent and took his game to the Seaturds.

  29. Forget Justin Mccareins, whoever suggested that. We need an upper-tier WR, and our best opportunity to get that is through the draft.

    Next person to post in all caps is going to catch a beating.


  31. dont give anything more than a 4th rounder for him

  32. I bet we’re trying to get D.J. Hackett and not D.Jax. DJAX SUCKS!!!!! Hackett is on the rise and cheap…. if chris henry would change i would hella get him… the dumbass has the potential to be the next Jerry Rice but acts like Maurice Clarrett

  33. tiki bone bone

  34. Matt Maiocco of the Press Democrat just announced that the 49ers are talking about trading Kwame Harris sometime when the free agency settles down and near the draft. They would take a 4th or 5th round for him. I say go for it Nolan because OT- Jordan Black, Max Starks and Mike Rosenthal are available NOW. We can get a speedy PR/KR with one of our 4th rnd picks. I know we at least have 2 4th rnd pick so why not.


  36. Joe Horn is a Falcon now.

  37. yeah but what about arnaz battle. you gotta have atleast one 49er veteran starting at WR because hes more familiar.

  38. Don’t need him… Injury prone, drop pases why would we want that?? I rather used our 2nd and 3rd to move up late in the first round and get a young wr with upside.

  39. we can only acquire one more player since we have about 13 million left and 7 million is needed for rookies and 5 million for emergency signing during the season and contract extensions. That means our next significant FA may be our last in this NFL year

  40. Calvin Johnso might not be a niner hes gonna be hard to get. We might just sign Carriker and get darrlel jackson somehow

  41. Calvin johnson

  42. D.Smith and a 3rd rounder for Darrell Jackson…. Just confimed by me. Well thats what I would do anyway and go after P.Willis in the draft.

  43. seatle would not take derick smith for free.they just drafted lofa tatupu two years ago and have a decent back up.

  44. trade smiley(there still looking for a replacement for steve hutchinson) and a third round pickfor darrell smith.

  45. D.Jack can’t catch; he’s got hands of stone!

  46. darell jackson…….sorry

  47. Hey Robert, what are you talking about? You can not tell me that these weak wide outs that are NOW on the roster are studs, or even solid.Bryan “no stats”Gilmore, Arnaz”I’m still learning” Battle and that rookie. No no no we can’t be picky and D.Jackson is exactly what A. Smith needs!!!Hell maybe throw in Brandon Stokley, Drew Carter etc.. to help out Lelie. Shit we held on to injury prone Eric Johnson for waaaay too long so D.Jackson would be an upgrade. Did you see what happened to the Saints last year? About how many wide outs did they have that actually played 5-6. That’s why when J.Horn got hurt they were able to pass the ball effectively because of “OTHER” receivers stepped up. Not starter but they were nice back ups that did their homework. Hell even Battle had missed alot of games do to injuries and he’s not even proven yet but he is still on the roster. Come on now!!!!

  48. DJ? Only get him if its cheap. he’s not worth anything good. Drops every other pass.

  49. I think what the 9ers need is a receiver that will develop with Alex Smith. Basically what I am referring to is “The Draft”. Get Willis with the #11th pick and trade up to the late 1st round to get the best available WR like a Bowe, Meacham or Rice. That way, both Smith and WR can grow and get their timing down, not to mention be on the same page.

  50. I’m sorry guys, but this GUY IS LEGIT….I had him on my fantasy league ( I know you guys are going to not like me saying that) and hel blew it up for me. This guy would instantaneously become our best receiver….why not do it…..then all we have to worry about on offense is the KWAME problem. Is anyone really stupid enough to trade for him??? We need to pull the trigger on this guy….make it happen and restructure Gore’s contract.

  51. What’s the use in a reciever if he has no time to throw since we still have the KWAME problem.

  52. IF we acquire Darrell Jackson we could use our second rounder on a replacement for PRINCESS KWAME….so he could take his piano to new york. There will be two quality tackles available in the second round. However, it sounds like Snyder would step in this year and take over like he should have done a LONG TIME AGO. Also, I think this WILL be the year that David Baas gets his chance to shine…the problem is that he is probably going to shine A LOT. I just foresee him being a quality player. So, it sounds to me like DJAX would be a big piece of the puzzle that would be fixed. Think about this….GORE, V. Davis down the middle…..DJAX on the left and Lelie on the right, and Battle doing his thing….how are you going to guard us all when we have one of the ten best o lines in the league….Snyder has been long over due for this….with him stepping in we are going to lay the lumber on the BIG SHOTS of the league this year. It sounds like we are going to be playing the NFC South and the AFC North….these are defensively and offensively talented teams……we would be making a statement if we come out of this year with ten wins. DJAX, we handled LEE, now lets let the draft do the rest if we acquire DJAX…..because I would rather spend the second rounder on the o line.

  53. i agree that snyder will step his game up if he had GOOD(not kwame harris) compition.plus baas needs to step his game up and challenge eric heitmann.if these players step it up we wouldnt be talking about a replacements.

  54. Package Kwame Harris and our 2nd round pick for…LARRY FITZGERALD!!!

  55. Are people forgetting that D.Jack can’t catch a cold?

  56. ryan i would love to come out and win ten games in a row.it will be hard as hell to do that and i feel we have one of the hardest scedules in the nfl this year.

  57. How about kwame harris for a couple of double cheese burgers that sounds fair what u guys think lol.

  58. Cardnials will never give us fitzgeral i wish how about eric moulds or joe horn we need a vet. I agree with prime time d jackson cant catch to well except against us he seems to play great here at candlestick.

  59. “The seahawks i hear might want a 2nd round pick and for sure a first day pick. So i say the 9ers trade harris and a 4th rounder or harris and a late 3rd rounder to the shithawks. Plus if we get him, we have inside information to their plays.”
    Humm, if you want inside to there plays, just take a look at Niners Playbook circa 1980’s and 90’s. Dont forget who the Hawks Head Coach used to be…

  60. WOW, imua91 said EXACTLY what i was thinking….I think the best move would be to draft at number 11, and push hard to get into the late first round (through trading) and grab a receiver (MEACHEM IS my choice) We need a big, fast, aggressive type receiver that can own cb’s, kinda like a T.O. (man i miss him (athletic ability only), who can develop and be our #1 for long time ..btw Jackson is 5 10, 200lbs (kinda puny)…I also agree with you again that we will get Willis at #11, i just a have a good feeling about this one

  61. At 5-11,201lbs and he still grabbed 10 touchdowns.Hummm lets see when was the last time that a 49er wr had double digit touchdowns. Oh since T.O. right? I really don’t remember D.Jackson dropping passes because he straight up own our cb’s. Shit T.O. led the league with like 15 dropped passes and still led the NFL in td rec. Every wr is not going to catch everything that’s throwned at him so I say trade sorry ass K.Harris and a late 3rd rnd to get D.Jackson!!

  62. If we want Robert Meachem I do believe that he will be available in the 2nd round,like #6 pick or we can take speedster Paul Williams from Fresno St. in 3rd round.He only runs a 4.3 40 and at 6-2 he’s a deep threat all day.

  63. im positive there will be a good receiver in late first, early second. Excluding CJ, i dont think teams will place these receivers before the overwhelmingly talented defensive players in this draft…if only Brandon Williams was an impact receiver, still confused on that pick (it was a 3rd too! yikes)…nolan if ur reading this, try to get a receiver with your second pick, by trading up a little bit!!!

  64. Yeah Hyphy that’s what I’m talking about too. Brandon Williams must step up.

  65. you guys just dont seem to get it. We simply can’t wait for another reciever to develop. It just wont’ work. Alex Smith needs proven targets so HE can develop. All you guys saying draft a reciever are missing the whole point. Why do you think the 49ers are looking to trade for a reciever????? because Alex needs to develop NOW! PLus if we are showing such strong interest like the article says, I’m pretty sure Nolan has something up his sleeves. I say we can land him for the right price. Everyone who is saying he sucks seems to forget that he is twice as good as anything we have right now in the reciever department. Kwame and a 4th or a third

  66. If we trade for djax Ihope all in 9er land are prepared for heartbreak…..
    ” Alex Smith hit as he throws, but there is Darrel Jackson wide open just inseide the 10 yar……….OOOOOOH….you have to catch that ball”

    Get used to that.

  67. Darrell Jackson would be great to trade for….give them Kwame and a 4th at first, but if they don’t go for that then we offer them Kwame and a 3rd…..never go to the second round for Darrell Jackson. By the way I believe Jackson is 6’2″ not 5’11”. I agree, if Meechum IS available then we should take him because he has displayed talent that will translate to the next level. But, if one of the o linemen are still available then we need to take them because Larry Allen is gone after this year so it would make sense to take the guy from central michigan or the guard from texas. This year is Battle’s put up or shut year. He HAS improved, but remember he was a quarterback. We need TWO receiver that DEMAND attention and Lelie and DJAX defenitely do that….make it happen so we can stick to everyone. Otherwise they’ll spy Lelie and stack the box….PERIOD. Otherwise if we get DJAX they have to play us straight up.

  68. Seems like the price on Donte is dropping every day. Save the picks and sign Donte!

  69. He has a substance abuse problem…..that is a BIG NO NO. We don’t need any problems of that nature….why not sign someone who will be cheaper and probably last longer during the season…..DJAX played more games and scored more touchdowns.

  70. What substance?

  71. alcohol and what late third rd pick is everybody talking about that we should trade? i hope you guys aren’t thinking about the compensation pick because you are not aloud to trade those picks it’s a league rule

  72. plus we are not even sure we have a third rd for peterson yet its likely but still speculation at this point

  73. I’m saying throw anything that isn’t a first or second round draft pick and combine it with Kwame and 6th. They won’t be able to refuse that. Then we will have a quality receiver on the other side that will help spread the field……otherwise they’re going to spy Lelie and stack the box ALL DAY LONG!!! Mark my words. It’s not rocket science. By the way….we need to restructure our best offensive threats contract.

  74. D.Jack couldn’t hold Stallworth’s jock strap. Gotta agree with ‘sowhat’ on this one – Donte Stallworth will all of a sudden become very affordable to us in a matter of time.

    I can’t help but think that this may be a ploy of Nolans’ – to offer outrageously high compensation for a receiver with no hands in order for other teams to dangle even better prospects at us for our 2nd round pick.

  75. OOOOHHHHHH Primetime!!!!!! You make a lot of sense with this “Ploy” Don’t get me wrong….I would rather have Donte, but he is REALLY injury prone and his alcohol problem could end up biting us in the butt later on. Darrell Jackson is a stand up guy who works hard and doesn’t have an addiction to the drink.

  76. I feel you on character. No one wants another Pacman Jones.

  77. Yeah…..I am cool with either one, but I would rather have the one who I feel is less of a risk to put a negative story involving our team on ESPN. Donte works fo me AT THE RIGHT PRICE…..just like DJAX, but I agree Stallworth is more talented. Let’s just do it so we have less positions to adress in the draft because I would really like to use only one pick on offense this year for the KWAME REPLACEMENT. MAYBE….a Maurice Hicks replacement as well.

  78. i just want us to draft A LOT OF DEPTH at D-line.

  79. SO….unless Branch or Landry are there then pencil in Willis ( he is a stud) because he will become a defensive leader. Also, if we are fortunate enough to get Landry or Branch then Spencer from Purdue will be a great second rounder.

  80. I wouldn’t mind any of these guys at pick #11:

    LaRon Landry
    Alan Branch
    Patrick Willis
    Adam Carriker

    I wouldn’t put it past Nolan to pull off some draft-day magic and get two 1st rounders like he did last year. Damn, draft day is gonna kick ass!!!

  81. i think we will end up trading with new england and getting their 24th or 28th pick or somebody without a lot of cap room but i definatley think we are moving up…i dont think we should move up to the first though i think we should move up to the second a lot less expensive for us just as much value

  82. Hey Ryan, I still think we should get Donte over DJAX if he asking price drops as media reports suggests it will. I have never heard of any substance abuse problems before Philly’s self-serving leak of information that he himself entered a rehab facility. Are there any? If not, I applaud the guy for getting a little help voluntarily. That does not mean he will be a problem. I am guessing his situation is being blown way out of proportion given that he is a public figure. He is better than DJAX plain and simple. Can you tell I want this guy? Two burners on the outside! Battle and Davis over the middle. Come on Ryan, join me!


    Receiver Donte’ Stallworth now has three offers, and could end up with more.

    Per a league source, Stallworth has received a contract offer from the Titans. He previously has received offers from the Eagles and the Patriots.

    Despite claims that the Eagles have not made Stallworth an offer, we’re told he was offered a one-year deal, possibly with a value of $1.5 million.

    Stallworth currently is visiting the Dolphins. Miami G.M. Randy Mueller drafted Stallworth when Mueller held the same position with the Saints.

    And we’re hearing that the 49ers are now interested in Stallworth. At this point, it has not yet been decided whether Stallworth will visit San Fran.

    We’d previously heard that Stallworth planned to make a decision by Friday. The arrival onto the scene of the Niners could change those plans.

  84. ALRIGHT….I’m sold, but what about GORE…..I’m going to annoy everyone here until I see something about us talking to Gore about his new contract…..I love the guy….he is SOOOOO crucial!!

  85. Furthermore…..if we get Carriker (this is where I get weird) I won’t be happy…Willis, awesome, Branch, Spectacular, Landry, thank you God. Carriker, just doesn’t ring well with me….I don’t know why. I just want one of the first two. Also, I am for Willis OVER Okoye.

  86. Excuse me, one of the first three (Willis, Branch, or Landry)

  87. In a 3-4 alignment, DE is definitely an non-glamorous postiion. However, this does not detract from how ESSENTIAL a player like Carriker would be in Nolan’s D. You can’t just stick your typical 4-3 DE in there and expect to have success. You need someone who is 6’5, 296 lbs and a motor that doesn’t quit = Adam Carriker.

    Damn, what am I doing here; I should be this mofo’s agent!

  88. I thought Carriker was 6’8″. Anyway….yeah get him ……if Branch, Landry, or Willis are gone.

  89. […] 49ers in the Hunt for Darrell Jackson? ESPN’s Michael Smith said on ESPNews that the 49ers are leading the hunt to trade for Seahawks receiver Darrell […] […]

  90. stallworth > djax !!! throw an offer at stallworth and see if he doesnt take it. as soon as the niners talk to him he’s comming home. the substance abuse thing was probably the eagles way of lowering his price. the article did say he checked in by himself, its not like he got wasted and drove a freakin lambo 150 mph and got arrested. get stallworth, hands down way better than anything we have right now at wideout. the seacocks released winstrom !!! hahaha there goes a big part of their pass rush. stupid move. anyway, with stallworth and snyder starting for kwame the lame we should be in great shape to make a run for it

  91. Just throw a draft pick at this guy or two IF NECESSARY and call it good. HE WOULD MAKE OUR OFFENSE ONE OF THE TOP FIVE IN THE LEAGUE BECAUSE WE WOULD HAVE SO MANY OPTIONS SPREADING THE FIELD. Meachum will take a few years to get used to the system…..get DJAX!!!

  92. Hells no we should trade for DJ Hackett that guy is younger and has more talent!!!!

  93. Alot of haters for the Hawks ?!! Do you really think the Niners have a chance of being king of the hill in the NFC West ? Not a chance in Hell !! We over looked your sorry asses last year , as simple as that ! Fat chance of us trading D. Jackson to you clowns ! Just enjoy the Young and Montana years and shut up!

  94. d.jack smokes weed likw crazy,maybe thats why he droppes passes so much. he smokes before games!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. To rob small cases on purpose. When you are truly a King you don’t overlook twice. As far as the Montana years comment at least we have something to look back on to build from. What do you have ?, but a failure to win the Super Bowl. Just as a reminder we were a winning organization after Montanta so before you open your mouth again on this Royalty website the Niners get on your knees and ask permision and maybe we will drop something in your mouth like a true seahawk that you are.

  96. LOL some of you talk alot of crap about Darrell Jackson. Lets look at the facts. Darrell had 956 yards and 10 TD’s at 15.2 yards per catch (7th most in the nfl) and that was missing nearly a 5th of the season. your recievers put up 686 and 733 yards and 3 TD’s each. You guys would be lucky to have Jackson if you could somehow get him. He would be an instant upgrade to your offense. Good luck in your hunt to be NFC Champs.

  97. fuckin bitches saying shithawks. obviously you guys still dont know who owns the NFC WEST still

  98. for now dick head just wait for the monday night game i predict 3 TD catches by darrell jackson how bout you.

  99. Cold facts are that Darrell Jackson well help Alex Smith and and take pressure off of Vernon Davis and Ashley Lelie. This guy can only help us if he keeps it clean outside of the NFL.
    I think the Shithawk fans are just bitches cuz we beat u guys twice and u guys damn well know that the niners are only getting better. Next season well prove just that!

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