Clayton: 49ers Winners in Free Agency

john-clayton.pngESPN’s John Clayton picked his winners so far in free agency and the 49ers topped the list.

They are on the right path. After signing cornerback Nate Clements, nose tackle Aubrayo Franklin, linebacker Tully Banta-Cain, and safety Michael Lewis, the 49ers are looking more like a 3-4 defense. Franklin will help at nose tackle. Clements matches up against the top receivers on an opposing team. Lewis is a physical safety and Banta-Cain should improve the team’s speed at linebacker. Ashley Lelie will help because he’s different than the other 49ers receivers. He has speed and should be able to help in the red zone. The 49ers aren’t done. They still have plenty of money and plenty of draft choices to improve their team.


~ by 49ersNews on March 7, 2007.

31 Responses to “Clayton: 49ers Winners in Free Agency”

  1. thats what i’m talking about

  2. Mr Clayton knows what he is talking about. So who cares the guy has probably never thrown a football in his life. Or if he did know, he probably throws like a chick.

  3. BAMMMM!!!!! Take that NFL….. After draft day…..the Niners are returning to threaten the league, once again, as a quality team!!!!

  4. We’re about to return back to glory fellas!

  5. We must stay hungry and humble as a team to maintain this rate of progression though.


  7. its hard not to smile when you read this……but clayton still looks like a fetus

  8. GO NINERS!!!!!!

  9. I am happy with the free agency period. Do you think there is something behind the seens like a trade or another free agent in the near future?

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  11. Like most of you, I was very happy with the free agency acquisitions. The fact that John Clayton believes in the players we selected further validates that the Niners are contenders. I’m really really excited about next year. If we can avoid the injury bug, we’ll challenge and win the NFC West. Anyone else here a believer?

  12. Saints sign EJ to 1 year deal

  13. ive been a beleiver homie. with a few calls actually going there way they couldve done it last season, this year with these upgrades we should definately be in the playoffs, maybe even the big dance if we draft strong and have atleast 3 to 4 starters come out of the draft. lombardi #6 here we come!!!

  14. ESPN are now believers, same time last year they called for us to have the #1 draft pick two years in a row…

    Also, it might be a good idea to change the font of links in your posts to not match the background, just a thought…

  15. I think Clayton looks like an eagle without feathers personally…

  16. i heard that we interested in darrell jackson… we will have to trade our draft pick…

  17. can we please get robert meachem from Tenessee?,he’s 6’2 219lbs runs a 4.3 40 and averages over 19 yards a catch.much better than Ginn or Jarrett.the second best choice would be dawayne bowe from LSU,tough,tall,physical,and fast,not to mention he can block extremely well,can catch the slant ball not afraid to get hit like jarrett.

  18. anyone else notice that arizona didn’t do shiiiiiiiit in free agency?

  19. if we pick jarrett from usc over bowe or meachem,we are idiots.if we pick jarrett at all we are idiots.I mean if we pick him in the first round we are idiots.jarrett has excellent hands but sucks at the deep ball.he has no speed at the deep ball.I wouldn’t mind him being a 49er but not if we select him in the first or even second round,he’s easily a third round pick.

  20. watch path to the draft if you don’t believe me.

  21. just got done watching sportscenter and they said we are snooping around seatle to take a look at darrell jackson since our general manager fought to bring in jackson to the seahawks that we might trade some draft picks for him.

  22. I do not know much on meachem, but if we pick jarrett or as i would like to say jj stokes, then the niners took a step back. I have watched him play live and he isn’t that great. Big body maybe, but NO SERPARATION. We can sign a big body wide reciever any time, i hope they use their draft picks on someone else than jarrett

  23. jerry, do you know what the seahawks are asking for jackson?

  24. Jerry you just said some words that almost made me cry….this guy would dominate for us for the next two to three years…he IS worth it. If we sign him then all of our picks need to go to defense unless the right O lineman falls to us. Let’s keep on snooping because he works hard, plays hard, and is dedicated to beating his opponent.

  25. no they didnt say.

  26. I think we can juss about kiss the number 1 pick in the NFL draft goodbye for a very, very, very long time!

  27. Anyone see Nate Clements on NFL Total Access today? I like what I’m seeing. He’s really confident. He says he’s the best and he really believes it. That’s exactly what we need.

  28. I would rather have the niners get D.J. Hackett over Darrel Jackson. Jackon drops too many passes and is always injured. Profootballtalk nicely outlined both Stallworth and Jackson’s potential as big money receiver who are never healthy or dependable
    D.J. Hackett on the other hand is on the rise and is a great West coast sytem reciever

  29. wouldn’t happen. seattle is probably trying to get rid of jackson because of hacketts breakout year last year.. ie new starter.. much as i want leron landry and that 19yr old DE..ted ginn jr. can also held our defense by eating up hester did for tha bears

  30. help

  31. OMG OMG OMG i just came!

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