Johnson and Lee Look Around

Update: 07:20 — Profootball Talk is reporting per a league source that the San Francisco 49ers have matched the offer sheet that punter Andy Lee signed on Tuesday with the Steelers.

– Eric Johnson signs with the Saints.
03.06.07 — 10:30pm Holy Crap! The Steelers have signed restricted free agent punter Andy Lee to a six-year, $7.1 million offer sheet that includes $1.66 million to sign. The 49ers have seven days to match the offer. If not the Steelers will give San Francisco a sixth-round pick.

Two of the 49ers free agents are testing the free agent waters. Tight end Eric Johnson is visiting with the Saints on today (Tuesday) and punter Andy Lee met with the Steelers yesterday.

The 49ers would like to have Johnson back for at least another year, but Johnson feels he can still start in this league and if the opportunity presents itself, Johnson will sign with a team that gives him that starting gig.

Andy Lee is a restricted free agent and if any team offers him a contract the 49ers have the right to match that offer or they can let him sign with that team and receive compensation in a draft pick. Which would be a sixth-round pick.


~ by 49ersNews on March 7, 2007.

70 Responses to “Johnson and Lee Look Around”

  1. dam it well no porter for us he signed with the dolphins

  2. Letting Lee walk may not be a bad thing. This draft has quite a few good punters. They could probably even pick up a good one after the draft in FA and use the 6th rounder else where.

  3. Link please on Andy Lee.

  4. Keep Lee…Took long enough 2 find a good kicker that can kick n S.F.

  5. YES. Please keep Lee. Remember the Jeff Wilkins fiasco and learned from the mistakes of the past. Top notch kicking is hard to find. If you got it, keep it.

  6. Keep Lee please. I remembered the failure to sign Jeff Wilkins took us many years to find a decent kicker until Nedney came along. So, sign him for just a few more dollars. Just a few more.

  7. Yes, keep Lee.

  8. Lee has gotten better every year very good punter. We won’t find one in the 6th rd. Pay him what he’s worth.

  9. The Steelers have signed restricted free agent punter Andy Lee to a seven-year, $7.1 million offer sheet that includes $1.66 million to sign. The 49ers have until March 13 at 1 p.m. to match the terms of the contract. If they decline, they will receive a sixth-round pick from the Steelers as compensation

  10. what can we get for the six round pick?

  11. Andy Lee is the man, we cant let him go. I cant remember a game this year where i said anything negative about him, he was solid all year round, and came up big when we needed him to like in that crazy game in seattle, and hes the holder for nedney too so i think we need to hold on to him cause hes proven.

  12. He’s a Punter, not a field goal kicker. Who gives a rats ass?

  13. does that seem a little too much for a punter? prob not since the cap is raised.

  14. I say KEEP LEE….for that price we should do it….unless Nolan thinks that might hinder GORE getting a newer contract….in that case we should take the 6th rounder with a smile and get another meathead d lineman.

  15. thanks steelers for the extra we get anything if someone signs eric johnson?

  16. do we get another draft pick if miami signs hicks?

  17. I say we should let Lee go. Don’t spend that kind of money on a punter. We can take one in the draft.

  18. johnson is a ufa so no…and from what i believe hicks was not tendered enough to get compensation so no to that also could be wrong on hicks though

  19. its not a lot of money its over 6 yrs plus your paying for field position not bad at all

  20. i really like lee and if it were up to me, i’d probably keep him. however, we did get him in the 6th, so if we get a 6th in return and think we can find an adequate replacement, then let him go.

  21. big m am i right about hicks or no

  22. i thought we would get another 6th round pick.but maybe not.

  23. i was talking about hicks.

  24. As much as I hate to write this, but what happens if GORE gets hurt?!?!?!? He’s had operations on both knees. Also, i think it would be beter if we had a one – two punch! Someone that could spell Frank, and also be there if he gets hurt. Hope we draft or pick-up a GOOD running-back! A guy with TALENT that could be a starter.

  25. michael bush out of louisville he is great

  26. forget Lee, 7 mil is too much for a punter…let him go ,get the pick an use it on a upcoming punter in the draft

  27. Looking at the sked for 2007 we should be able to win 10 or 11 games. Beating our division rivals twice (Hawks, Zona and Rams) and Cleveland on the road, Minni and Tampa Bay at Home and Atlanta on the road. That’s 10 wins!!

    The 11th win could come versus Cincy at Home. We should’ve won 9 games last year (Rams loss and Zona on the road) so with the improved D we should be good to go.

    If we add a good WR in the second round (Sidney Rice) we can then go after a quality WR in the off season in ’08.

  28. It’s roughly 1.2 mil a year thats nothing to ensure a decent punting game.

  29. Adam Schefter of the NFL Network reports that the Minnesota Vikings have signed receiver Bobby Wade to a five-year, $15 million deal.

    And so yet another so-so player gets paid.

    Wade, who spent two years with the Bears and two with the Titans, caught 33 passes for 461 yards and two touchdowns (the only scores of his career) in 2006. He started in only two of 16 regular-season games.

    Our Lelie signing is looking better and better!!!

  30. Actually after researching it some of the best punters in the league don’t even make that such as moorman and H. Smith (only make around $850,000). I hate to say this but we might be better off to let him walk.

  31. i wish the draft was this weekend…cant believe its still over a month away and we are almost out of money…atleast we got 4 new defensive starters already we should have six after the draft

  32. i am thinking the other two will be willis and meriweather

  33. Tha would be a GOOD combo. Merriweather’s skill in NOT in question, but his character after watching him try to bash someone with a helmet in that Miami fight has made me question him to be the next Pacman Jones. We don’t need that on our team so if we do draft him…….we better be sure he doesn’t have that STUPID THUG ATTITUDE that causes problems in the organization. That is why I say Blalock is he available over Mewrriweather…..No offense intended Greg.

  34. Merriweather over blalock we could get a tackle in the third and if we do get merriweather in the 2nd that would be a steal he has so much upside and he reminds me of brian dawkins

  35. way too much $$$ for a punter…beside this coming year we will seldom need his services since we’ll be scoring often.

  36. I say we use the 6th round pick we get for Andy Lee and pick up this guy…. look at his 40 time… he could chase down a punt returner.

    Adam Podlesh
    Height: 5-11 | Weight: 202 | 40-Time: 4.50

    Official Bio

    A phenomenal athlete for the position with great strength and timed speed…Has a very strong leg…Accurate with good placement…Gets a lot of air under the ball and his hangtime is outstanding…A solid tackler who will help in coverage…Never had a punt blocked in 4 years…Also a holder…Hard worker with good intangibles.

    Leg is so powerful that he will out-kick his coverage every once in a while…Was a little inconsistent at times as a senior…He has such outstanding triangle numbers that teams could get mesmerized and select him a little earlier than they should.

    Last name is pronounced “PAHD-lesh”…Set the school record for a punter with a 325-pound clean and a 4.44 time in the 40-yard dash…Is widely regarded as the top punting prospect available and could be an all-around special teams weapon.…ampodlesh.html

  37. I agree, punters are a dime a dozen in this year’s draft. I say we “punt” Lee and grab the draft pick from the Steelers.

  38. ProFootball Talk is saying the Steelers likes might have put a poison pill in the deal that would make it impossible for the Niners to match. I guess we’ll just wait and see.

  39. Yes! Kwame pack your bags!

  40. we only have about 11.5 mil left to spend so I dont think we are gonna re-sign a punter to almost 2 mil (with the bonus)….by the way, does anyone know about how much it will cost to sign the draft picks? just curious how much cap room the niners should save for the draftees!!

  41. Too much for a punter IMO. Hopefully we learned our lesson on having a reliable field goal kicker, but over a million for a punter? wow….

  42. Getting rid of Kwame the Shame? OMG!….Getting Strickland back: GOOD MOVE!!…..WHAT A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..”Boomer” — About 6 – 8 Million

  43. We need money for our Draft class, dont forget.

  44. we better keep Lee around

  45. Trade Ms.Kwame to the Giants for their 4th, they need a tackle, and we could have 4-4th round picks…

  46. There is NO WAY that Merriweather has as much value as Blalock….plus Blalock doens’t have the issues that a player from the U have. MOST OF THE PLAYERS from the U get into trouble, usually break the law, and cause headaches. Don’t get me wrong, I would take merriweather with a smile, but he DOES HAVE ISSUES, and we need to realize that he might create some more once he has more money to do it with. This KWAME STUFF is good AND bad……IF we are going to trade Kwame then we need to make him a combo deal to move up…..for example….YES, the GIANTS, but let’s offer him and a fourth rounder for a second rounder….tell me why that doesn’t work??? Andy Lee is as good as GONE, so lets use as many picks as we can to move up in the draft. If we could eliminate 6th , 5th, and 4th rounders and shrink those to more 3rd and fourth rounders then I am all for that.

  47. i really think we are set at safety and trade kwame harris to the jags for one of there highly paid offensive tackles .they are talking about releasing one of there three tackles because they cant aford them all any way .

  48. We can’t forget about Gore…Jerry, Erickson, Big M……someone please talk to Matt and ask him about Gore because I need to know if the niners are stupid enough to let his contract stay the same until next offseason. That would be a HUGE MISTAKE. Sign him and pay him….then all shall be good in niner land….as long as we are seriously going to trade Kwame.

  49. gore still has another year or two left on his original contract.the only way it would be a priority is if gore talks about holding out.but i have a feeling they will sign him sometime after the season starts.

  50. thank you jerry…that helps alot. Now… honest…do I sound like a complete moron for shrinking our picks and turn the hundred picks we have into some higher picks… the teams with new coaches because new coaches always want to put their own personal mark on their team. The best way to do that is through the draft.

  51. well on the nfl net.we got to play the bengals on a thursday night game.i think we should trade down but so far nolan and com.usually stay right where we are with the first pick and try to do something with our lower trying to move up.i think we should take our 3rd and 4th rounders and try to move up to the second round.

  52. I hope we would take a wr with the first pick like ted ginn or draft defense

  53. no ginn he will be average at best

  54. we cant take a wr in the first unless we trade up for cj and that is also a bad i dea we need to take patrick willis he is a beast

  55. Thanx 49er JB… that leaves us about 4million left…..realistically!!! does anyone know if Gore will be a Restricted FA or Unrestricted FA at the end of the year? I think we need to extend the contract ASAP!!! If the 49ers wait til after a certain date to extend Gore, will it not go on this years cap?

  56. I agree…..NO WR in the first round!!! I like the WR out of south carolina (2nd round)!! what do you guys think about that?

  57. gore will be a restricted FA and we will most likely put a 1st rd as compensation

  58. actually i think i messed up, i thought that gore will be a FA after next season…if he isnt then he will be unrestricted but if he is a FA after next season then hes restricted

  59. i would love to have calvin johnson but i also would like branch landry or willis too.i have a feeling sidney rice will go in the end of the first round but to me he is a third round 2 favorite receivers after the first round are jason hill and steve smith in the second round.

  60. Yes, keep Lee.

  61. I don’t care if we get a 1st rounder or not…..the niners better do everything to make Gore our back for at least the next 5-7 years. We CAN’T let him go somewhere else.

  62. Receivers in the draft are the biggest crap shoot of them all…there is no other position besides quarterback that there more uncertainty of whether a person is going to be successful or not.

  63. Jerry your right let’s get WILLIS in the 1st RD and take a WR in the 2nd RD. Steve Smith or Jason HIll or Craig Davis LSU. We don’t need a Giant receiver we need someone who can get open. Also run crisp routes.

  64. the jets are looking to trade WR Justin Mccariens, and OLB Eric Barton. They need a line-man and we need a reciever. Wat do you guys think—–> Kwame and a 4th for Barton and Mccariens

  65. I say we need to get K.Harris locked up long term. He is the anchor of that offensive line and has pro bowl potential written all over him. He came from the greatest college in history and is a true leader in every way. And the PIANO is the greatest instrument ever!!!!

  66. 49er for life….. Being a niner fan in nyc… me….after barlow the jets wont listen to any niner trades LOL!!!

  67. lol good point

  68. Lets bury Kwame in that piano!

  69. match the offer on lee.


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