49ers Close to Signing Bockwoldt

Free-agent linebacker Colby Bockwoldt is getting close to finalizing a deal with the 49ers. New special teams coach Al Everest coached Bockwoldt two seasons with the Saints. Bockwoldt started 23 games in two years with the Saints, but he played almost exclusively on special teams last season with the Titans. He led the Titans with 20 special-teams tackles. The Titans did not tender Bockwoldt as a restricted free agent.

Source: Matt Maiocco


~ by 49ersNews on March 16, 2007.

95 Responses to “49ers Close to Signing Bockwoldt”

  1. ok not bad

  2. Good depth and specail team addition.

  3. Clearly our best free agent pickup yet. Like Jesus saving the best wine for last, this just goes to show how truly deep the Yorks are reaching for this franchise! Go get ’em Bockwoldt!

  4. Great name

  5. Good choice. Does anyone think it will affect the possibility of drafting P. Willis?

  6. Who the hell is that we sign one big name guy and thats it and get a bunch of donkeys we need a #1 wr and a rt to take the place of that waste of space who couldnt block the sun out his eyes kwame harris and why do we still have mullet man derek smith on our team some of u guys like him i dont i watch him and he dont do anything

  7. “cant block the sun out of his eyes” – Kwame harris

    hahahah, thats a new one. kudos ‘Medford’, it seems that the name calling with Kwame will never end, nor should it.

  8. i could be wrong but this sounds like a waste of money

  9. i agree waste of money

  10. Sign him, but not if we are going to pass on Willis. Unless Branch or Landry are still there then Willis is our guy. Trade up for one of the patriots picks if you want Jarrett because he will STILL be there.

  11. i would rather draft j. hill in the third and merriweather in the late first early second…hill reminds me of marvin harrison

  12. Adds depth if anything and the more standout ST players the better. Reminds me of a young Jeff Ulbrich actually, not a bad signing everybody.

  13. I’m all for this signing….as long as it doesn’t interfere with the signing of Gore. MAKE IT HAPPEN NINERS!!!! Jason Hill IS a stud. I just feel that we could get away with a steal if we were to go after that pick from the pats. A lot of AWESOME talent is going to fall to the 24th pick.

  14. i doubt we gave this guy a lot of money and as for merriweather its unlikely at best we drafting him. he has character issues and we have seen how nolan handles that. 1st round- Willis, 2nd Sydney Rice

  15. “I’m all for this signing….as long as it doesn’t interfere with the signing of Gore.”

    Ryan the 1st, WTF are you talking about signing Gore? He is completely locked up. That greedy tool Rosenhaus blabs some shit in the media about re-working Gores’ deal and everyone gets all worked up. AFTER another solid season Gore can get a new deal with some added coin. Gore isn’t a cancer like that fag Briggs, he’s gonna live up to the deal he signed for 5 freakin years. Why pay more now when he’s already got 3 years left on his deal? I am so sick of hearing about Gore. Find a replacement for that pansy ass Kwame and MAYBE Gore will have 2 consecutive healthy, productive seasons. It’s kinda like your job at McDonalds Ryan. They aren’t gonna give you a raise right away. It takes time, but after you show some reliability they’ll consider you for drive thru order guy and then, maybe just maybe you can have a shot at your big payday by applying to be a manager. Out.

  16. WOW!!!!!!!

  17. i have to agree with moto9er on this one.if we could get a replacement for kwame harris we could be more open on where to run gore.last year gore could only run up the middle on a draw play and on the left side.just like they showed on that kwame harris lowlite thing on youtube.and gore still has 3 more years left .but i also can see why gore wants another deal.he is one of the lowest payed.and about briggs being a cancer on our team.he is just like owens.remeber they tagged briggs and he is complaining about being one of the top three highest outside linebackers being payed because he is being tagged.

  18. A person to keep an eye on…TJ Housh. I have heard that the Bengals have been getting feelers for him.

  19. I’m glad they’re getting ready to sign a solid special teams player and I mentioned that we need to address special teams, with a solid special teams staff=the opponents are starting deep in their own teritory.

  20. i am pretty sure gore could opt out of the rest of his contract after his third season…or another team could match are offer and steal him from us even though we would get compensation we would obviously rather have frank then a draft pick…it is a bigger priority then a lot of people think in here that we get him signed but we will sign him after the season starts…tj houshmanzada would be a great pick up…he is tall, fast, can catch and isnt a criminal which is a lot to say about a bengals player

  21. “Bocky’ just ain’t for Special teams. He’s going to play Liebacker also. Has anyone ever read about Navies? We got a good one here! Read his resume’. If he wasn’t 30 he wouldn’t have been available. These are two SOLID Linebackers. We are going to substitute freely next season. We’re going to keep guys fresh, and sack QB’s for a change!

  22. extend gore next year. he’s locked up and if he repeats that kind of production then extend him. just because fuckin drew rosenhaus said he needs a deal doesnt mean they should give him one 3 years early. after this season i think theyll take care of him

  23. Moto9er…let’s get one thing straight…shall we. Me working at McDonald’s is the stupidest thing I have ever heard, but secondly I bet I make enough money to buy, sell, and trade you like a baseball card…..keep the shit talking in the Raiders Blog where you belong.

  24. Greg….thank you for making sense….everyone here is like, “OK, its already a done deal!” But, its not and we haven’t signed him. There ARE teams that would sign him and gladly give us a 1st for a top five back. Everyone is assuming way too much when they KNOW TOO LITTLE!!!

  25. rookies have options when they sign five year contracts they are not completely obligated to stay with the team for that whole contract…he can test the market after this season and like ryan said we do not want to get in a bidding war with other teams over our player when that player is a top five back we will lose millions…we need to lock him up no later than week 8-10 and that still might be to late if he is having another GREAT season

  26. I just looked on profootball.com and they are saying that Branch’s stock is slipping because he is out of shape…you all should read the article and then ask yourself, “Do we want him?” I say this because it is sounding more and more like we might get a shot at him.

  27. yes we do ryan and i dont care what that article says (nothing against you) but he would be an ideal NT…adams, branch, landry, willis, carriker in that order if for some reason they all get drafted pray to god we can trade back but we wont have to…my guess we will end up with willis

  28. shit…. i wouldnt mind trading a first or second round pick for t.j. houshmanzadeh!hes already proved to be a good player.

  29. i also think we will trade up in the first for d. bowe also and keep an eye on a wide reciever out of VT david clowney 6 ft runs a 4.36 40 our scout brunner seems to like him…we could get him with one of our fourth rd picks maybe even one of our last two

  30. Only another month and three days…

  31. Ryan, don’t get your red and gold panties all bound up it could cut off the oxygen supply to your brain. Think clearly here, the Niners need linebackers desperately. Gore is locked up for a while and the Niners will take care of him before anyone else can get to him. Say it with me… D FENSE D FENSE D FENSE!!! Hey maybe we could offer Hoosh an orange Lambo for a signing bonus!!!

  32. That month and three days will probably take forever.

  33. I would love to see TJ Who’s You’re momma in a 49ers uniform.


  35. OHHHHH if TJ came to the niners…..we would be unstoppable on offense…..it wouldn’t even be fair. Yes, Moto9er, I agree defense is key, but say we trade up for the 24th pick in the draft and STILL manage to hold on to our 11th pick, then what position would you take with the 24th pick? I say this because there is a good chance that a QUALITY safety, a quality o linman, and a quality safety.

  36. I have mixed feelings about taking a receiver, but if Jarrett, Bowe and Meechum are available……

  37. most of those guys WILL still be there.

  38. O-line. I agree we trade up and sign more quality picks rather than quantity. Whatever happens in the draft, dear God please help us to find someone to replace lame Kwame Harris on the o-line. Pray with me everybody… Dear God, please help us to replace Kame Harris, Amen.

  39. If we trade up with the pats then we will get a shot at Blalock or that lineman from Tennessee.

  40. Ryan, to clarify the situation on Gore, he will be a restricted free agent after this season, and we will most likely tender him at the highest level. Then some team will probably sign him to an offer sheet, which we can then match or let him walk. So some team will have to throw a ridiculous amount of money that we can’t match AND give up high draft picks for us not to match that. My guess is if a team is willing to do that for Gore in spite durability concerns, we will probably have him locked up by then anyways. We have all the leverage in getting him signed to a long-term deal under our terms, not Rosenhaus’s.

  41. I can’t argue with that at all, but I hate letting it linger like this. Also, I think I am REALLY bored because of the draft being a month away. Big M…what would you say our chances are out of ten that we pull the Manny Lawson THIS year.

  42. Gore is under contract for another 3yrs. He’s not going anywhere. Niners can franchise him and get a 1st and 3rd. Niners will pay him maybe after one more good season. Remember the Niners where the only team that believed in him. After those two horific knee injurys

  43. Yeah, maybe I am just being foolish, but it seems wrong that he is only making 435,000 this year….am I wrong? Sure it is GREAT for our cap space, but he still isn’t get his due and proper.

  44. Anyone who is really worried about Gore’s knees should be pushing to pick a good running back high in the draft. Otherwise, don’t use “weak knees” as an excuse to underpay him.

  45. maybe at the end of this year when he proves he can have to two good seasons.then we can give him a new contract.REMEMBER he has only been a starter for one FULL season.but who am i to say anything?ryan the 1st thinks we only KNOW TOO LITTLE!

  46. and i still say we could use another if we dont resign hicks.i know we have mike robinson who we under used last year.but now adays we need two good running backs.i hope gore stays healthy his whole career but thats not going to happen.we do need one runningback that can catch too for screens.

  47. Ryan, I’d say maybe 2 out of 10. Last year we desperately needed starters. This year, the draft is pretty deep, so we can add a lot of depth and still add 2, maybe 3, starters. We could compete with the roster we have right now, without the draft. That said, the draft will be used mostly for depth that will become starters in the future. I understand we have a lot of leverage with the 8 picks in the first 4, but that means 8 out of the top 100-120 or so coming out, which is pretty nice, especially with McLoughan’s ability to find good players late in the draft.

  48. […] 49ers Close to Signing Bockwoldt Free-agent linebacker Colby Bockwoldt is getting close to finalizing a deal with the 49ers. New special teams coach Al […] […]

  49. i agree big m, but i still think we could get another 2nd rd pick possibly…which usually the drop off is between the 1st and 2nd rd it is 2nd and 3rd rds this year…we will move up somewhere in this draft especially since nolan always gives rookies a shot…10 roster spots is to many we will move up somewhere

  50. he wont let 20% of his team be rookies when he expects nothing less than playoffs

  51. why is it that people think that ten draft picks is to much?the more people we have, the more battles at training camp we have then our team will more competitive.and we will have better back ups.so whats wrong with that?

  52. because no matter what, every person we draft will be on our team for atleast one year whether they are ready to play or not…thats why us fans come up with the term and use it way to losely “project” 1st through 3rd rounds are expected to play 4th through 7th are draftees you would like to see develop, unfortunately it tskes a little bit longer than training camp to do that so saying that only 3-4 of our picks are expected to come in and play considerable amount of time…the rest are developmental which is to many players so we have to shrink that gap and get more “play now” players

  53. Don’t forget what happen to Kevan Barslow. We give him good money and he become useless.

  54. you have to be carful with a WR like TJ. housh though. so far in his career hes played with a great QB in a passing offense with a good running attack and always against the opposing teams 2nd best corner with chad johnson. im not saying hes no good i would love to have him but i would be a little careful if there asking for a first round pick

  55. starting defensive end(for when B.Y. when retires). and a 2 middle linebacker(to take over formr.smith)and a back up,a couple of wide RECEIVERS(back up and a starter) ,offensive gaurd(larry allens contract is up at the end of the season),offensive tackle(for kwame harris),back up corner,runingback(if we dont resign hicks),backup tight end(eric johnson left) .theres a few players we need.i could see us using all 10 picks.thats just my opinion though.and remember that most of these 10 picks are in the middlerounds3rd and 4th rounds.

  56. great point larry. and GREG, look at all of the young guys we have had contribute the past two years. Melvin Oliver is probably the best example. The only way we trade up is if there is a specific player that Nolan and McLoughan have been eyeing and he last past where they thought he would.

  57. Who what ever as long as he can play hard and get a hole bunch of thoes tackles for us and step up when he needs to !

  58. ye we did get a good class of rookies last year,melvin oliver in the 6th round manny lawson and vernon davis in the first.i hope next year that parys haralson doesnt get injuried again.and brandon williams(third round) can step it up a little and at least see some time at wide receiver next year.plus the other thing is we are going to need a replacement for dilfer soon to he is 35 years this past week. i like the quarterback out of b.y.u.in the later rounds.cant wait to see who we get in this draft.


  60. I just had to laugh at the San Francisco Chronicle they called him “Colby Bockwaldt”. Man, that paper sucks. They make so many mistakes.

  61. His name is Colby Bockwaldt in Madden 07, too.

  62. special teams player?WOW,WE ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL NOW.

  63. I don’t know about that but we are heading in the wrigth direction I love you shanna

  64. We have too many draft picks. We are going to trade-up some of our fourths and our third for more 2nd rounders. There isn’t room for a dozen new players. I can see room for six to eight good ones though. We could easily get three picks in the second. If we use our first pick we could have FIVE picks in the second round! All of those guys would be keepers for sure. What do you think? Thanks for your time.

  65. No matter what…keep the 11th pick, but yes, we should go after some more second rounders.

  66. i haven’t heard anything on bryant. anyone know if there’s a chance we resign him? doesn’t seem like a nolan thing to do, but looks like the best wr out there right now.

  67. number#1-adam carriker number#2-h.b. blades number#3- w.r.-jason hill other number#3-og.-manual ramerirez number4-byu qb.john beck another number#4 dt. fresno state louis leonard other 4th round-w.r.paul williams other 4th rounder-cb.talley from duke

  68. That is IF Branch doesn’t fall to us….a lot of experts are saying that is isn’t in his best shape and could slip to us. What do you all think about that?

  69. Also, what if Sidney Rice is STILL there and Merriweather is STILL there in the second round? Who do we take??? YOU KNOW Nolan is looking to give Sullivan a “I’m sorry that I didn’t pick you to be offensive coordinator” present. Sullivan could mold that kind of talent, but Rice is such a raw talent. Think about it, another receiver named RICE on our team.

  70. I’d cringe though if he chose to wear the the cursed number that will not be named.

  71. i want meriweather bad but we would probably take rice….meriweather is versatile enough to play either safety position and corner

  72. I heard from pro sports daily.com that the Lions want to trade the 2nd overall pick, should we go for it?

  73. no way…too costly

  74. Yeah, we don’t want that pick when the Raiders are looking more and more like they would take the player that we would trade up for (Calvin Johnson).

  75. i say move up and get jamaal anderson (if move up is necessary), hopefully we can move up a little and get blaylock from texas in the first or second if hes not gone by then. and get a another DE and a wideout in the third. what about david clowney from VT in the 4th? he’s a sick ass wideout.

  76. we already have too many safties and have enough outside line backers. we need defensive end and a defensive linemen, inside linebacker and a starting wide receiver and a back up if any one gets hurt and offensive lineman and another tight end.and a back up corner.and og triple,the lions would probley want a first second and third round pick from us to get there number 2 overall pick.i would love to see us get calvin johnson but i would be pissed after all that if the raiders get him.

  77. i seen on a couple of mock drafts that blaylock wont pass the first round i seen on 2 mock drafts that have blaylock going to the ravens in the first round and i seen in another mock draft that he would go to the cheifs in the first round and i seen another that he would go to the browns in the second round.

  78. i just seen on the otc mock draft (on this page )that we will get levi brown in the first.

  79. NO WAY we take Levi Brown…..it COULD happen, but I highly doubt that we would take him over a STUD defensive player.

  80. ryan the 1st,i dont like him in the first round.he is another over rated penn state player.he might be good but i would take blaylock over him if it was up to me.i remember watching him sruggle in pass pertection at the senior bowl.we already have kwame that struggles in pass pertection.

  81. I agree that Levi is garbage….however, we STILL need to make the move and acquire another first or second round pick…if we do that then we will add 8 new starters from free agency and the draft. I get a feeling that with the 11th pick that we are going to have to choose between Branch and Willis….Nolan is going to explode making that decision because we wants them both so bad. However, if we get the pats pick then Ross from texas will still be available. If not then we will probably grab Siler in the second IF WE TAKE BRANCH, if we take Willis then expect Sidney Rice or the best defensive player available.

  82. Ryan, I don’t know if Nolan is too high on Branch. I think he would pick Willis without much contemplation if it came down to it. I really think Willis will be our guy at #11 if he’s there, and a great second rounder would be Michael Griffin if he’s still available. That is a huge IF though. He will probably be gone by then, but he is one of those guys who could get passed up because he didn’t live up to all of the hype his senior year.

  83. Also, Ryan, as far as trading up into the 1st w/ New England- the “Manny Lawson” type trade- or any other trade-up, I think Dwayne Bowe would be a guy we might do that for. His blocking ability is amazing. He is kind’ve the Vernon Davis of receivers. Granted, he didn’t time as fast as Davis in hte 40, but he is another physical specimen because of his size, strength, and speed.

  84. Hey, I am all for it, Big M. I just am hoping we get a few steals in the 1st three rounds. I have to admit right now that I was REALLY high on Branch, but right now if Willis and him were available I would STILL say Willis because I think he would become a leader and would fit the program. We can’t have a hippo with brut strenght be our first pick…..I’m all for Willis. I agree, Bowe would be a huge pick up, but I am VERY confident is saying that he won’t make it past the Kansas City. How about this though, Big M……what chances do you give us in getting another second rounder???? IF we trade up into for another first rounder then of course receiver should be a priority, but another second rounder is more realistic….I am hoping we do AT LEAST that.

  85. Drafting willis and trading for bowe seems like it could happen. drafting merriweather is def not happening, hes a good player with character issues though and weve seen how nolan handles that. if we stay put in 2nd i would love sydney rice and ik alama francis in 3rd for our DE

  86. I am not sure what trading into the 2nd would really accomplish. There will be solid players that could start there, but those can also be found in the 3rd with McLoughan’s scouting, and for a slightly cheaper price.

  87. Hmm.. Football! let’s play 🙂

  88. The difference in talent will be different in the 2nd as opposed to the 3rd. I’m not saying there isn’t talent to be had in the 3rd, but we will find BETTER talent in the second. However, it IS looking more and more like we aren’t going to trade at all in the draft. So, bring it on. Many mock drafts have us taking Rice in the second, but he won’t contribute much his first year, which will be annoying.

  89. What about Marshawn Lynch? Now thats a backfield with Gore and Lynch

  90. The 2nd round we are taking David Harris. Take that to the bank. I hate to say it, but this is the year of the D, and this will be a hard pill to swallow for a lot of fans, but I can see us doing nothing more to address our WR depth. We will limp along with the the recievers we have until next season. We may draft a rookie, but it won’t happen (in all likelihood) until the 4th or later. IMHO.

    Remember, Nolan is building a dominant D, becauase he wants to ensure we can shutdown top flight O’s in the league. He doesn’t want anymore 41-0 games.

  91. Actually sounds like a mob squad, or something that one would do to an oposing defense, Gore and Lynch…I like it!

  92. Lynch, will be gone no late than the early 2nd round. I like that backfield, but I see the 49ers drafting Lorenzo Booker in the 3rd.

  93. There is NO WAY Lynch survives the 1st round….we shouldn’t waste that pick on a running back that early in the draft.

  94. If we address Defense it’s going to come down to Willis or Okoye. I know some of you like Branch as far as the lineman goes, but Okoye is going to be better I promise you. If the Hams yes I said Hams draft him we will be regretting it for along time. The only way we will get over it is unless we draft Willis who I think is the next Ray Lewis.

  95. we officially signed bockwoldt:


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