Lewis and Lewis to Battle

When the 49ers signed free-agent safety Michael Lewis earlier this month, many assumed Lewis and Mark Roman would be awarded the two starting spots in the team’s defensive backfield.

Not so fast, said Nolan, who insisted three-year veteran Keith Lewis would get a chance to win a starting role this summer. The Sacramento native’s insertion into the starting lineup in Week 9 last season coincided with the team’s defensive resurgence, and he finished second on the team in tackles.

“Keith is used to competition,” Nolan said. “He’s been brought up, he’s been knocked down. Competition doesn’t scare him. I like that about him.”

Source: [Matthew Barrows – Sacramento Bee]


~ by 49ersNews on March 19, 2007.

67 Responses to “Lewis and Lewis to Battle”

  1. theres a rumor that Detroit wants to trade down from the #2 spot and apparently Denver’s has made an offer…however it was not to their liking. Niners have a truck load of draft picks this year that they can package and send to the Lions for this spot and then one of my wisshes will come true…they will draft Calvin Johnson!

  2. oh my goodness….i might jus have a seizure if that happens…id be so happily shocked that we made it work to get him

  3. So, why even spend the money in bringing in M. Lewis?

  4. Hell yes they need to compete, don’t give anyone a starting job! Competition makes you better. EVERYONE should have to compete!

  5. I second that Corey.

  6. well play both lewis’s keith and michael one at free the other strong both good hitters and spencer and clements at cornerback and in the draft either hit up a DE or WR thats what we need

  7. It’s good to have them both starter ready, also with this 3-4 they can get creative on defense by mixing up the packages and sending different future super bowl champion defenders to rip the qb’s head off. This 3-4 is really gonna help the team shock people right from the start of the season.

    Michael did lose his spot last year in the middle of the season but he’s good and we know Keith can pop you like a LB.

    In the draft they really have to use a 3rd round pick or higher to help out Franklin cause he’s never been anywhere close to a consistant starter.

    Oh yeah, and Kwame has to go. In the 1st round we need the players close to this order, also counting trades we can make. C-J, Branch, then I’m not sure whether to go Carriker, Willis, or Landry (even though our secondary should be more than fine with 3 1st string corners). I’m leanin on Willis if I had too.

    Don’t count out Meachem and if we don’t trade up in the first round, I’ll be suprised if we don’t do it for another 2nd rounder. I like Steve Smith if he’s there in the second or maybe a guy named Rice!

  8. I think Nate is the only free agent signing that’s gonna have a starting spot guaranteed. Franklin, Lewis, Lelie, and Banta-Cain will all have interesting position battles this coming year.

    And that will drastically help our depth out!!

  9. they will probley split time.i can see micheal lewis starting and keith lewis on special teams and on nickle packages.they spent to much on micheal for him to sit to long.nfl net in the first round will go after a wr. or de.

  10. does any one know who out of the runningbacks has the best hands?

  11. you would think it was gore but actually micheal robinson has the best hands out of the running backs

  12. wat would you all think about this trade: we send maurice hicks and trent dilfer to new york for plaxico burress. we already have a good backup in robinson and new york needs a running back and someone to tudor eli, plus we need depth at reciever with Lelie

  13. I think that Robinson has the best hands as well because Gore had his fumble problem this year….that killed us! Roman is STILL going to end up starting in my opinion ( I just see that being the case). Anyhow, we should leave the 2nd pick alone because it isn’t going to address anything we need unless we get Joe Thomas and I don’t think he is worth ALL OF OUR PICKS to get him. Stay at 11 and maybe pick up another late first or second rounder.

  14. I think that trade sounds pretty reaonable wat about you?

  15. they would never do that

  16. i kno but it makes sense to do cause they already have sinorice moss and amanti toomer

  17. dilfer and hicks are average at best and plaxico is the shit

  18. yea but u cant say eli is amazing. and Brandon jacobs is no tiki barber. ok wat if we throw in kwame to cause i fuckin hate him

  19. not one of the players you have named of ours could start for any team

  20. well we need to find somebody cause theres no way in hell we’ll do shyt with the wide recivers we got, Battle is not consistent enough and lelie didnt really do well last year so gimme ur thoughts

  21. i think battle is better than you give him credit for plus we could get a player through the draft

  22. i kno battle is a good player, but pretty much every draft board has us pickin up alan Branch or leon hall and i think he’ll be gone by the 11th pick

  23. who

  24. Is there sny possible way we can get Porter from the Raiders ? I know last year he was unhappy. What’s the deal with him now ?

  25. leon hall will be gone by the 11th pick

  26. no i dont think so cause al davis wants a first round pick and a starter for him

  27. Don’t Laugh, but what about sending Kwame as the starter. Throw in Derek Smith and give them next years first round pick.

  28. yea that would make sense but derek smith says hes retiring after his contract is up and thats in a year, and i dont think the raiders would want that, and if we did take out the first round pick lol

  29. I really hope Jonas Jennings can stay healthy this year. If he can produce a pro bowl season, and we replace Kwame with someone descent receivers will be begging to come to the Niners.

  30. yea i kno, i was really hoping that we would get leonard davis but the fuckin cowgirls got him

  31. I have NO CLUE what we are talking about trading for. I am one of those FOOLISH MORONS who thinks that there is NO WAY Leon Hall gets picked in the top ten……and he isn’t going to be selected by us either. We NEED to address a major issue like d line or inside linebacker….hell even get a free safety before we take a corner with our first pick. I’m not trying to piss anyone off, but Calvin Johson is NOT WORTH what he would cost to acquire him….even then, the Raiders are going to take him if this Randy Moss trade happens. Anybody that wants to dispute that we will take the most talented of Branch, Landry, Willis, and Carriker (depending on who is still available) is welcome to do so, but realize that you are WRONG!!!

  32. Nolan is going with the DEFENSE with our first pick….KNOW THAT!

  33. wow ur funny, if calvin jonhson or leon hall are still available(and they wont be) it wont matter whos left we will get one of those two

  34. If the Niners cant somehow get C.Johnson, they will be getting a LB with that 11th pick or with whatever pick they have…. It will be a LB no doubt.

  35. Leon Hall will either go to the Bills, the Rams, or the Panthers. Leon Hall is a great talent, but he isn’t one of the ten best players in the NCAA this past season. He got eaten alive by Jarrett and Ginn Jr. as a matter of fact when I watched those games I don’t know who I could blame more for giving up the big play more than Leon Hall. IF not for him Michigan probably could have won against Ohio State and USC because most of the big plays were against him by Ginn or Jarrett so how is he going to hang at the next level. In my opinion (which is worth its weight in dog crap) Hall will be a good number two corner, but WILL NEVER be able to hang with Steve Smith, CHad Johson, Tori Holt, and other BIG receivers who have a little speed to them. Hell, Jarrett is even slower than Hall, but he still beat him BAD IN THE ROSE BOWL. Michigan can thank Leon Hall for consistently giving up the long ball.

  36. Arock49, I agree, it is pretty clear and done to me that unless Calvin Johson or Landry are STILL available (which they won’t be) then we are going to take Patrick Willis. NOLAN AND SINGLETARY both SINGING HIS PRAISES forever during and after the senior bowl. He addresses a REAL need. After we draft him we need our future free safety and some d linemen. Don’t get me wrong, of course we need receiver and a replacement for our 6’8″ princess on the o line, but still, defense is going to be solid after the draft.

  37. wat about alan branch

  38. Plus, if we keep to the money we have until after the draft, we will be able to pick up a quality #2 receiver during cuts. I doubt we will be fortunate to find a number one.

  39. I love Branch because he is a monster, but the report on him is that he is slacking in a major way and is out of shape. At least that is the word from the chiefs.

  40. Branch isn’t going to go past the Dolphins anyways.

  41. naw i think he will come to us, and he might be out of shape now its the off season he’ will get back in shape during the conditiong camps

  42. but didnt yall get pissed that we never even tryed to get cato June?

  43. Am I the only one thinking we’re going to the playoffs this year? I can’t wait! Perhaps I’ll buy season tickets again this year. I skipped last year, but had them the two years prior, right on the 50 yard line.

  44. we should have gotten cato june

  45. This is hardly news, but I am pleased to hear it. Nolan knows what he’s doing. Nobody gets a free job.

  46. good news guys. lelie will be number 82. he will not wear the cursed number that shall remain nameless. he’s got a shot to be really good now. clements will wear his 22 and lewis will be 32. i just saw this on niners webzone.com nolan is taking everything into account haha coaches are hella superstitious

  47. Keith Lewis is a pimp a true niner he reminds me of old school niners

  48. kato june in to small for a 3-4 linebacker he is only 220 pounds.

  49. nah nah. You have it all wrong. Carraker, Willis, then Meachem (spelling?).

    We trade our 3rd rounder for a 2nd rounder the following year. Take

  50. Damn,Tampa Bay just signed Cato June. Yeah he is small but he is fast as hell and that why he got alot of sacks,INT’s and he can cover the slot/te receiver all day. You don’t have to be a 6’3 260 pound LB to have a major impact.

  51. Who’s gonna be the right tackle? That’s gotta be fixed.

  52. 49ers sign LB Bockwoldt
    March 19, 2007
    SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP) — Linebacker Colby Bockwoldt signed with the San Francisco 49ers on Monday.

    I posted this because I never saw an official annoucement on this site.

  53. Your right I saw the news ticker at Sportscenter flash the announcement last night.

  54. LOL! Rams signed Mike Rumph.

  55. Niners are building up there special teams with these lb’s.
    RT will be A. Snyder

    Kato June is not a 3/4 LB he’s smaller than M.Lewis.

    We will be fine with LAWSON,MOORE,WILLIS, AND CoCain,R.Green,Parys Haralson fighting it out for the other LB spot.

  56. 1st rd ILB
    2nd rd Wr
    3rd rd Nt
    3rd rd Fs
    3rd rd OL Trade two 4th rd picks to move up to middle of 3rd
    4th rd Ol
    4th rd cb
    5th rd

  57. is there any news on us getting darrel jackson?

  58. check out 49ersmaniacs.santaclara.net/rumors/trades. HUGE rumor just floated that san fran is tradin kwame harris and a second round pick for takeo spikes

  59. Pintor….I like your ideas except I would one more 3rd on a d tackle as well as another 4th. We need to acqure as many of our future d linemen as possible through this draft so Bryant Young can not only teach them the ropes, but teach them how to get their heads right. Also, I agree with getting ONE more corner, but what if Darius Walker is STILL available at that position you wrote about? Hicks is as good as gone. Let’s bring in some young legs.

  60. By the way, that would be an extremely DUMB trade. I say that only because of the cost of a second rounder. For that we could at least get Darrell Jackson or someone that isn’t going down hill. DJAX had one of his best years yet last season. We should acquire him AND get rid of Kwame as well (he, he…suckers) Takeo Spikes has NO MORE than two GOOD years left in him.

  61. Also, Pintor….no offense because you have the linebacker thing pretty much handled, but unless Haralson has some BREAK OUT YEAR TBC will start. The fight is pretty much between Haralson and TBC, but TBC has put up an impressive year with the Pats in the AFC. Haralson has his years at Tennessee to brag about at this point. I hope he comes out and busts some heads, but TBC is looking like the missing piece to Lawson, Moore, Willis, and ?????. The question is….which combo do you like best from the draft…..Landry and Harris in the first two rounds, Willis and Harris, or Willis and Rice???? Also, Landry and Rice could work…what do you guys think??

  62. If we draft Landry then we ARE going to draft a WR or ILB in the second.

  63. Have you guys even seen that stuff on the blog about Gore….things heated up A LITTLE I guess. I kind of agree that he should prove himself for another season and we should sign him before the season even ends, but it is STILL tampering with fire in my opinion.

  64. the only way haralson will have a breakout year is if he doesnt get hurt b4 the season even starts like he did last year then hurt again during the season


  66. He wont be there when it is our turn, but we can hope.

  67. WITH KEITH LEWIS AND MICHAEL LEWIS in the line up, we are able to play “BIG NICKEL.” The NFC WEST teams are very pass happy. Instead of having CHAD WILLIAMS in the box, it will be either Lewis’s that can either handle the run or the pass.

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