Audio: Alex Smith on Fitz and Brooks

Alex Smith on KNBR with Fitz and Brooks.


~ by 49ersNews on March 22, 2007.

15 Responses to “Audio: Alex Smith on Fitz and Brooks”

  1. this is time for alex smith to shine!i hope they dont play the widere ceivers by commity roll.because he will never get in a good rytheme with anyone that way.and nolan is trying to run the norv turner/raven,run,throw if you need to.alex smith should tell the 49ers orginization to get rid or kwame harris so he has more time to throw.

  2. Yeah they should, but for some reason that is beyond me, they keep him around. WHY? WHY? WHY????

  3. he(harris)is definetly a bust-i like the kid from texas in the 4th round-then deal harris

  4. We are one WR away from a serious contender offense. I think we are failing to stress the need enough, and I will not get the best WR on the board. Although the last thing I want to do force a selection and pay for it. Thats why we had our shot in FA. Maybe we have our eyes on a WR, but I think the feeling is the D comes first.

  5. i for one dont see wr a pressing need-we’ve got lelie to strech the field with his speed-battle for possession-and vd will do it all and should be smiths’ go to man down the seam killing tampa 2-putting him in the slot and motioning him all over-this kid should be sick this year

  6. well i think we need a good receiver. lalie is a pussy about going over the middle and the more alex smith developes he is going to need a receiver who aint a pussy about going over the middle and dont drop catchable balls.why do you think they only signed lalie to 2 year deal?for us to develope another wide receiver that we draft.if they had the confidence in lalie they would have gave him a multi year deal.

  7. and plus in that interview alex smith said that battle is a number three receiver.

  8. bttle is ginna be number 2 receiver dick head.

  9. still need an upgrade over the injured plagued battle. im not trying to start a war of words over an opinion.

  10. Jarrett from U.S.C Is a must lelie has speed jarrett has toughness.

  11. jarrett suxx

  12. jarrett reallllly suxx

  13. Yeah….Jarrett is a MUST….in the second round. He ISN’T worth the 11th pick in the draft. This is too deep of a draft at the wideout position. Get Carriker because Landry, Branch, and Willis are looking to be out of our reach at this point in time.

  14. harris just doesnt have it we need someone to take his spot we need to draf alex wr in the draft i dont care what round we got 10 picks will get one and will make the right choose

  15. alex rules nodout

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