Audio: Dr. York on KNBR

Dr. York talks with Murph and Mac in the morning on KNBR. Talks offseason, stadium plans and winning over the fans, well all of them except for those Dump York losers fans.


~ by 49ersNews on March 23, 2007.

58 Responses to “Audio: Dr. York on KNBR”

  1. See that’s what I’m talking about letting a football guy (Mike Nolan) bring in football players, they made a moves to keep Norv Turner he left on his own but I want to know what ya’ll think anout David Patten and David Carr in a niners uniform they both was released?

  2. about I hit the n instead of the b MY BAD.

  3. we cant aford dave carr and dave patten,no more washington left overs. i would like to take a look at dominick davis that just got released as a back up.

  4. #1-laron laundry(ronnie lott)#2round-eric wright(eric wright)#3 nate clements(hicks)…..lmao

  5. i cant wait to see who we pick!

  6. How can you want David Carr…..Alex Smith is the BETTER QB. WATCH AND LEARN…..this will be Alex Smith’s break out year and we don’t even NEED Jarrett to do it with. Draft someone in the 3rd round unless Sidney Rice is available in the second. If we get Landry then I really think we should go after a d lineman in the second and H. Blades in the third. This would fit perfectly. The question is the second round…..what defensive or offensive player will be the best player available because if we do pick up Wright then our corner situation is SOLID AS CAN BE. But, I really wish we would find out free safety of the future in this draft…..Landry would be a gift from God to the niners. Now that I think of it, the only trading we should do is to pull the Manny Lawson (unlikely) or trade for another second rounder (very possible).

  7. We’re interested in BRIGGS? On the it said that we are one of three teams interested in the services of Briggs, but what would we trade for him. He could fit into the middle linebacker role. Again I say, what would we trade and would it be worth it…..I say only if the price is right. This draft is going to be awesome for the niners. Watch the holes get filled.

  8. hey ryan the 1st,i just read nolan IS NOT interested in briggs!it says it on maiocco 49ers blog on this page.

  9. Yeah and that’s why the draft is not coming any faster for us, did ya’ll here the nate clements interview on espnnews? damn I can’t wait for the draft and the season to start watch how dramatically we improve even more after the draft and that’s not even counting who’ll get cut from teams after the draft it’s always some diamonds in the ruff when players get cut after the draft.

    As far as carr and patten I was just saying I wasn’t suggesting it that’s why I asked what did ya’ll think but WE’RE GOING TO BE SOME HAPPY 49ERS FANS THIS UP COMING SEASON AND YA’LL CAN QUOTE ME ON THAT, GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Well after the draft and preseason.

  11. hey melvin oliver took a trip to las vegas and no fights.thank god we didnt get joey porter.

  12. Am I wrong to think that Taylor “Has been” Jacobs COULD have a great season. He is REALLY talented, but the numbers have never been produced. I think Sullivan has plans for this guy. I am not saying he will be Chad Johnson, but good.

  13. Melvin Oliver was a great draft pick up.

  14. well we needed a second receiver last year when bryant got suspended and when battle got hurt in the beginning of the season but he never steped it up last year.but this is a new season and a some what new staff and i think this is taylors last shot to stick on the roster.

  15. I think he will stick…..or be done in the NFL. I am hoping that he FINALLY lives up to the hype he got when he came out from Florida.

  16. i just finely read that whole artical on briggs.and to me it seems that ASSHOLE drew rosenhaus is trying to push briggs to become a fortyniner since we still have decent cap space.i think drew knows the fortyniners are the up and coming team and i think drew is trying to fuck with some players heads.drew rosenaus is the reason why i think teams would rather have rookies over vetrans now a days.

  17. Yeah, I think Drew is fishing…to hell with him. Address it in the draft and not fork over way too much money for this guy. He could contribute, but not at Drew’s asking price which will be outrageous.

  18. Taylor Jacobs is no good how long has he been in the league he hasnt done jack shit. I think york should get a break he messed up b4 but every1 gets a second chance. ESPN NEWS was talkin about the niners they said we are going to draft john engleberger part 2 carriker but they did say they thought we should make the playoffs

  19. He’s done in NFL now poor guy

  20. Patrick Willis runs a 4.37 40-yard dash
    Linebacker Patrick Willis wowed scouts with a 4.37 40-yard dash during Mississippi’s Pro Day. Willis, already a first round lock, could see his stock rise even further after this performance. He’ll be given serious consideration by some teams in the top ten spots on draft day.

  21. Carriker does remind me of engleberger but they said they should and might trade out of the 11th spot so we’ll see around draft day what happens.

  22. Medford, I watched this TV segment also. We don’t need their approval to make the playoffs….because we are going to make the playoffs. That is IT!!!! Carriker IS THE FAIL SAFE PLAN. PICK HIM UP or TRADE DOWN. If we trade down everyone is going to say draft a receiver, draft a receiver, which would make sense, but what else could we do. I am sorry I am such a kill joy with the wide out thing in the draft, but I just think we could find quality in the second or third round. I miss seeing a niner d linman smacking the quarterback. We saw it FAR TOO SELDOM last season. Carriker is a beast and in the TV segment they said we would go wideout in the second round (although Todd McCshay has been known to be full of it) and then get quentin moses in the third. What about Tank Tyler for the nose tackle or blades for the middle linebacker position….or even David Harris in the second. The only problem I have with Harris is that he had a hell of a lot of back up…..think about it…..Hall, Branch, and Woodley (who I promise will be a STUD OLB in the 3-4). I know the OLB isn’t much of a priority, but when I watch Michigan’s games he was THROWING O linemen who were bigger than him out of his way to smack the QB…..THROWING THEM!!! I would have a problem taking Harris over Woodley if Woodley is STILL available.

  23. Also, Prescott Burgess will go in the sixth….so Harris had a lot of help from these other players.

  24. I’ve got….I think…..everyone is talking about how we might trade up. At least that is what ESPN is saying (but how credible are they?) I think we are going to wait it out and see if Branch, Willis, or Landry fall to us. If they don’t then we might trade down for more picks. There is NO SOURCE just pure moron intuition…..but I think we are going to wait it out and see who is still available because I don’t know how sold Nolan and company are on Carriker who is probably going to be the best player available at eleven. I think they are going to put themselves into a position where they know they can either get Nelson or Jarrett if we trade for more picks. Because I think that Nolan wants either Willis, Branch, or Landry. If he can’t get them then he is going to make the trade. Although I don’t know why he would do this because Carriker is a GREAT TALENT who did extremely well in the senior bowl and did well against top rate talent like Texas and the Sooners.

  25. adam carriker or charles johnson from georgia or patrick willis.i would lmao if we got none of the the last weak branches stock has been dropping because of what they see on college game tape first they said he takes too many plays off and he lets offensive linemen push him backwards.just like jarretts stock is dropping because he didnt work out of the combine and he might be too slow and they are saying steve smith might slip into the bottom first round because he ran a 4.4. and did good in the work outs.and im keeping an eye on defensive end chase pittman out of l.s.u. the same school where melvin oliver came from and same kind of size and player in the second day and jay moore out of nebraske hr is 6-5 279 pounds and at the senior bowl he had three sacks and two forced fumbles in the game.and on offense(for some odd reason we go offense)in the first robert meachemor bowe or justin blalock or levi brown.

  26. Any word on how many comp picks we`re getting yet. I guess that is going to define if we move up with our 2nd rounder plus change to get into the bottom of the 1st round. I´m thinking Willis or Carriker or Landry (in that order) and Jarrett or Bowe or Meachem (in that order) with the other pick. With that we´d cover all the wholes except KWAME “Where the hell are you? Leave my ass hanging” HARRIS, which could be addressed with comp picks at the end of the second round.

  27. in my opinion i think we should have got a first round pic(second round the minimuim) from seatle for julian peterson.why are we only getting a third round?

  28. jerry, the maximum compensation pick for a player is a third rounder. Basically we got the most we could possibly get for Peterson.

  29. thanks 49er for life,i didnt understand the comensation thing.

  30. Jerry, Zurdo, and 49er for life….good stuff!!!! I agree we should be getting the higher pick for peterson, but those are the rules (even if they are stupid). So, Jerry, you aren’t sold on Branch? Just wondering. I think Carriker is solid, but I just want us to address some issues.

  31. we have fields,franklin,isaac sopoaga i would love branch to fall to us,but if he doesnt,we should go after a defensive end.if we get branch,then we could trade sopoaga for some compensation pick.even if it is a 5th or 6th at least we get something for him.

  32. IN MY OPINION,im not sold on patrick willis in a 3-4.even though willis runs a 4.38 i think it will take him a few years to develope into a 3-4 linebacker.he has hard time taken on blockers sometimes and has no experiance in a seen what happend to paul posluszny when penn switched to a 3-4.i think he is better suited for a 4-3 strong side linebacker or tampa two defense.

  33. but who ever we get i trust nolan and company.

  34. Completely off topic, but here’s a 49er video that should make you anxious for next season to start already!


  36. jerry, paul posluzny struggled because he moved from outside backer in the 4-3 to inside backer in the 3-4. i’m positive that willis will transition well to playing inside backer in the 3-4. if he is there at 11, i would be surprised and disappointed if we didnt get him.

  37. I agree completely. He is perfect for the system.

  38. i think willis will be good. but,im not totaly sold on him being good right away . i think it will take a little time for him to develope in a 3-4 defense.he does remind me of jonathan vilma a little bit. but right now he defenitly would be dramatic upgrade over derick smith or jeff ulbrich.

  39. Exactly, plus his work ethic is awesome. He WANTS TO WIN. I say go with him because he doesn’t take plays off and always is around the ball. Our defense against the run would improve BIG TIME. What do you guys think about Steve Smith in the second if he falls to us?

  40. How big is the talent decrease between the first round WR (Ginn Jr/Jarrett/Bowe/Meachem) vrs. the second round receivers (Smith/Rice)? I would rather have Carrikes or Willis with the 11th and trade up for to the bottom of the first for Jarrett. just picture this 4 man set….. Lelie Jarrett Davis Battle. That doesn´t sound bad at all.

  41. Yeah, Zurdo, you bring up a great point, but they won’t do it because they sound like they want to sit back and let the draft come to them. I would REALLY like it if they made this move and acquired him because we would have filled two BIG holes on our team.

  42. That would pretty much leave only one “HOLE” (by the fans perspective, maybe not Nolan´s with Kwame. We´ll have to wait and see if he elects to do something about it this year. If you ask me, we have imporved in all of our weaknesses from last year with free agency except that one.

  43. we still need help on the dl…we need to spend atleast 3 picks on it

  44. I agree….three would be the number we need because after this year BY is gone and then who do we turn to for leadership along the line???? I say stack them now so BY can teach them the ropes. Tank Tyler, Brandon Mebane, and a few others would serve well on the niners. Kwame needs to go….it is considered the ninth wonder of the world as to why he is still starting for us. CAN WE PLEASE PACKAGE HIM AND A SIXTH for a 5th or a 4th???

  45. only one more month before the football gods present us with the my opinion i think tank tyler would make a nice defensive end.he reminds me alot like that defensive end from the chargers louis castillo who was a defensive tackle in college too.

  46. assuming we don’t trade up or down the top two picks, i say go front seven in the first round, wr in the second, then defense from there on out. maybe a defensive back thrown in there, but i think the secondary is pretty solid. unless the right guy falls, i’d like to see us concentrate on making sure we have the personel for a strong 3-4 defense.

  47. yes our defense was garbage last year…branch, landry, carriker, willis in first round…than depending on who we drafted david harris, brandon merriwether or steve smith in second

  48. Landry isn’t going to be on our team….the Falcons are GOING TO TAKE HIM and if they don’t then the Dolphins will. So, we should really cross him off the list even though I would love for him to be a niner. Based on the reports of Branch’s work ethic, I am not sure I would want him with the niners either. Willis is the perfect fit and if he is gone then go with Carriker or trade.


  50. anthony adams signed a 4 year deal with chicogo bears.i didnt even know he was on our team last year.lmao

  51. anthony adams isn’t a bad player at all, he just doesn’t fit our system

  52. anthony adams is gone? whos going to be our back up fb

  53. Gore update

    McCloughan said this week that contract negotiations with running back Frank Gore were “going good.” Despite reports that the two sides are far apart, McCloughan said he is optimistic Gore would have a long-term deal in place by the start of the season.

    “We want to show that we are willing to take care of our guys,” he said.

    Gore is entering the final year of his contract and is scheduled to make $435,000 in base salary. Calls to Gore’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, were not returned.


    check out the link

  55. Denver is shopping Al Wilson, any chance we may be interested?

  56. eagles are the front runners for bills linebacker takeo spikes.

  57. and ron jawarski will be replacing joe thighsman (how ever you spell his name) on monday night i guess we will be hearing how much gore reminds him of mike westbrook and all the eagles comparisings on every monday night game.I FUCKING HATE (RON JAWORSKI)HIM.THEY ASK HIM ALL THESE QUESTIONS ON THE SUPERBOWL ALL THE TIME AND HE NEVER WON ONE,WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT SHIT.LMAO

  58. and what is up with the nfl net?you all ways hear,in his first nfl i heard laron lundrys first nfl draft,or branches firstnfl draft and willises first nfl makes them sound stupid ,because they will be only drafted once.

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