Preseason Opponents

Week 1 – August 9-13
Denver at San Francisco (ESPN, 8/13)

Week 2 – August 16-20
Oakland at San Francisco

Week 3 – August 23-27
San Francisco at Chicago

Week 4 – August 31-September 2
San Francisco at San Diego


~ by 49ersNews on April 2, 2007.

26 Responses to “Preseason Opponents”

  1. Legit.

  2. is it the swame teams every year? i dont remember denver, but i know we always play the raiders. we played the chargers and the bears last year

  3. I think thev49ers have a solid #2 RB in the draft, his name is Jackie Battle out of Houston ,6-2,237 and runs a 4.42 40. Man he is on the 49ers radar and I see why,he’s a beast. He’s known for his short yardage game but has the speed to out run defenders in the open. Gore didn’t even put up a 4.4 in the 40 when he got drafted. I really hope we get this guy with one of our 3rd round selections because we do need a solid backup and with Hicks talking to other teams,after Gore there’s no solid back up. I like Robinson’s tounghness but he’s still a project learning the position just like Arnaz Battle and look how long it took for Battle to become a decent receiver. This guy can come in and immediatley be our 2nd RB.We don’t have time for anymore projects in our positions of need,it’s time to win NOW. GO NINERS!!!!!!!!

  4. those are good teams in weeks 3 and 4 that will really prepare us for the beginning of the season…it will also let us fans know where we are at

  5. damm….even got a tuff pregame season.cant wait to see us play denver we will have the same starters too!notttt. ooonly pregame bull the regular season out yet.i read about us playing arizona on monday but thats all i know.PRAY NO ONE GETS INJURED!!!

  6. We Get to Meet up with Anothny Adams again he signed with the Bears

  7. Best Game is when they are playing the San Diego Chargers, Alex Smith commin home back to southern California, cant wait to go to that game.

  8. i hope nate clements, vernon davis, alex smith, and gore dont play past the 4th quarter without them the seasons no more.

  9. Well, this is preaseson, who cares about the score, if we loose 31-10, or anythin the only thing u can worry about its about our players injuries, i hope nate clements and frank dont get injured

  10. D1800, Where did u see that article…on Jackie Battle?? soundz good…

  11. Would really like use to land Antonio Pittman out of Ohio ST. n the 3rd..long shoot.. They got use taking Sidney Rice WR. South Car. n the 2nd round an Willis n the 1ST…..would b nice….D Jackson Seattle WR. still an trade option before or on draft day

  12. Let’s just fill the NEEDS….we are not in a position to be taking “Luxury picks” like the chargers will be doing in the first round. They will probably draft someone like Ginn Jr. or someone else that most teams won’t take, but they have a lot of talent.

  13. Hey west, just go to ang click on 49ers prospectives and it would tell you about Jackie Battle and others. I just read about J.Battle because it was interesting and he would fit right in with the 49ers, even though he shared the backfield he still managed 31 TD’s for his career and only fumbled twice through his WHOLE career.

  14. I just read that the Browns just signed safety Mike Adams to a 2 year contract.

  15. who cares, he sucks

  16. D1800, thankz

  17. no he doesn’t suck because he led the team in INT’s in ’05 and as I remembered that year when we played the eagles he held T.O. pretty well in the nickle coverage. Not to say that we need him but if he sucked then he wouldn’t have a job right?

  18. I know one thing, Arnaz Battle need to step up because this is his 5th season with the team,he’s no longer a project,he knows the playbook/system,has all the proper training in the offseason to fight all those “little” injuries he’s had and put up close to a 1000 yards. Ashlie Lelie and Vernon Davis will face alot of double teams and Battle will get tons of 1 on 1 match ups becuase most DB’s don’t respect Battle’s skills so he need to let them know that he can be a weapon. I looked at his yards per catch average and that is not acceptable,11.5 average. He must run after the catch because those are looking like RB stats while catching a pass out of the backfield. Brandon Williams need to show the team that he can make at least 35 receptions this year. Not much is needed from him in his 2nd year only. I’M OUT!!

  19. vernon davis deep and often

  20. patrick willis…..first round….please GOD!!!

    moore/willis/clements/lawson/m.lewis/k.lewis/harris…that’s how babies are made.

  21. did the Giants lose today???

  22. 23days and let’s count em down!!

  23. 22daze yeeeaah ba-by!

  24. I just read that the Browns just signed safety Mike Adams to a 2 year contract.

  25. 23days and let’s count em down!!

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