Frank is a Fan of Turkey Sandwiches

Pro Bowl running back Frank Gore signed his contract extension Monday afternoon, and then headed to his hotel room to watch television and snack on a turkey sandwich before heading over to tackle Jonas Jennings’ house.Not too exciting for a guy who just got paid, but after agreeing to terms last week, signing on the dotted line was slightly anticlimactic.

[Gore Arrives for Offseason Program] – .com


~ by 49ersNews on April 3, 2007.

18 Responses to “Frank is a Fan of Turkey Sandwiches”

  1. It just shows that sometimes, should say most of the time the agents stand in the way of a good player wanting to stay with the team and money is not the bug factor as the agents want it to be. So buzz off agent for Frank. He is staying with the 49ers. Kick ass this season 49ers…….

  2. What do it matter gore did after he signed his deal at least we know that he don’t have to be wined and dined and long as he signed the damn thing, that goes to show that we need some news like if the niners are going to bring in and sign anybody else before the draft like a WR.

  3. Go to and check out the another look at gore’s new deal article,all I got to say is reggie bush is rediculously getting paid and it don’t make no damn since.

    He was pissed off that he wasn’t the first pick so he had to make sure he was paid like the first pick, you know he talked all that shit about how he was visiting people in new orleans and he was providing money millions from what I heard but when it looked like when he wasn’t the highest paid player in the draft then he was going to hold out, it looked like he didn’t give that much of a fuck and instead of giving him all that money after all of what happened and the dome was fucked up, he had no buisness getting paid that much and paid more than proven RB’S in the league like shaun alexander and LT some of that money should’ve been put out to help some of those people in new oreleans if he cared so fucking much which to me was a crock of shit and with his antics makes me think he’s even more full of shit but check it out if ya’ll didn’t already have read the article.

  4. I don’t care what Gore had for lunch, breakfast or dinner; as long as he stays a niner it good in the nieghborhood. Now it’s time to put our focus on April 28th NFL DRAFT!!! Question of the day: What are the niners going to do with the 11th pick?

  5. 11th pick- landry, branch, or willis
    42nd pick- spencer, meriweather, wright, or any of the ten recievers

  6. i thought tukey made people tired.thats why after thanksgiving everybody wants to take a nap after dinner. dont eat it before a game.i dont eat turkey.i dont eat animals that eat there own shit.lmao

  7. Must be a very light news day.

    Great to hear one of my fav. players is staying on for the long haul.

    Thanks Gore for sticking with the Dynasty.

  8. now he needs a friend in the backfield like brian leonard hmmmmm……craig/tyler craig/wrathman gore/leonard wohwho yeehoo

  9. lmao frank is awsome

  10. Frank Gore has to b the coolest muthaf**ker in the whole nfl.what other player signs a contract,eats and watches TV and chills at a friends house?Frank you the man.

  11. I eat turkey sandwhichs almost daily. They don’t make me tired.

  12. maybe its just a rumar then.o well….

  13. no its true Turkey does make you tired. It contains the chemical known as tryptophan, which cuases your body to create more serotonin; which makes you fall asleep….Go NINERS!!! WOOOOOOO

  14. What he needs is some collards and sweet potato pie-160yd 3TD game guaranteed!!

  15. i love sweet potato pie with lots of whip cream.but i think he is trying to loose weight to work on his speed.he needs is some fart power,stink up the middle and run threw the hole.

  16. Oh yea! gashing the holes in her defense and leaving some strange yellow gas in his wake

  17. Sandwhiches… cookies… Fwank wuvs food…


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