Clayton: Willis at 11?

Mississippi linebacker Patrick Willis visited many of the teams interested in him with one exception — the 49ers. Willis didn’t need to visit the 49ers because he spent a week with Mike Nolan and his staff at the Senior Bowl. Willis immediately established himself as a leader and was named team captain. If Levi Brown goes in the top 10, watch for the 49ers to take Willis at No. 11, writes John Clayton.


~ by 49ersNews on April 24, 2007.

49 Responses to “Clayton: Willis at 11?”

  1. i was just watching Cold Pizza and one of the guys they had on the show said he heard we were tring to send some picks to Det so that we can move up to the 2nd pick in the draft that would be nice and i would could away with C Johnson or who ever we want that would be huge we have so many draft picks it could happen lets hope it do

  2. We are not one WR away from a SB!! Trading what it would take to move to 2 would be crazy. Plus rumors are flying right before the draft. Most of it is smoke and mirrors. People are also saying the raiders are going to take CJ. What would we do @ #2 if he was gone? Be screwed and give up a couple picks.

  3. why would we want levi brown?

  4. to solidify our right side of the line, and add deph

  5. why cause of a fellow named kwame harris that all lol i hope we dont get an O-lineman in the first im hoping for willis in the first and rice or smith in the second and i hope we can either pull another early second rounder or a late first rounder well lets keep our fingers crossed 49ers4life

  6. Take Willis, stop askin for a reciever u guys are all about stats, we need Defense

  7. The only trade I see this team making – maybe – is to get a second first rounder similar to last year. Moving up to #2 would be very expensive and seems to be against Nolan’s basic philosophy of not giving up too much for one player. This team needs depth and should keep their picks. Personally I would take Brown if he’s there – if not then Willis or Carriker.

  8. I got this off a draft site. The guy who runs it is actually pretty legit with his sources. his mocks are here an there but as far as rumors and info he’s not bad …

    Don’t be surprised if the San Francisco 49’ers make an attempt to move up into the first round from their pick in the second round (pick#42) in an attempt to land one of the players they are targeting in the Draft…the latest buzz has the Niners leaning toward OT Levi Brown with their first pick (#11) in the Draft and moving up for a top rated WR later in the round…the Niners are said to covet Tennessee’s Robert Meachum and have more than enough ammunition (10 picks in the first 4 rounds) to make such a move…

  9. mike what draft site is that? I could see that happening but I highly doubt the texans will let levi brown get by them. It seems like they have been targeting him for months, before the trade with the falcons

  10. I love defense ss much as anyone, but the last time I checked into it the team with the most points at the end of the game wins! Be bold 49ers, be strong and do what is needed to get Cal Johnson–make Alex Smiths’s day(if not career)! GO NINERS1

  11. We need defense but we also need offense and what I mean by that is receivers, lets say if the raiders trade with the dolphins to get culpepper and they keep moss then we’re going to need to shot it out with them so that mean’s we need wr’s so I would try to either get the #2 pick and sign cj like the texans did mario williams or better yet try to trade for the patriots #28 pick, keep our 11th pick get willis or who ever and pick up bowe or meachem and get sidney rice in the second round I’m not saying don’t work on the defense I’m saying try to cover both the O and the D early so we can fill more holes in both and work on what we barely talk about and thats special teams we need a good return man that’s where ginn jr would’ve been good and stop the opposing teams when they get the ball.

  12. only problem with that idea is if you score 28 you still have to make sure you don’t give up 31. THE PROBLEM LAST YEAR!!!

  13. Yeah you’re right I forgot about that.

  14. I love it, but Why is LEVI BROWN still in the picture?! It has been John Clayton reportying each time w/ Brown being mentioned or implied. He must know something, or thinks he knows something. a Levi Brown selection would send me off the deep end-

  15. there is alot of smoke going on out there and we just have to keep a clear head and put trust into what Nolan and company is doing right now i mean the offseason i give them a 10 out of 10 with the people we got so i have faith in them that they will do the samething with the draft even though i would love to see a high profile WR and DE and the rest of the draft feel out needs ………..we all have to wait and trust

  16. I’m a old fan of the 49ers, and it’s insulting to here some comments from ryan the first and his other screenames. If you are a true 49er Fan you hate the Cowboys with a passion, I’ve been to texas and the fans from all citys their hate us and never say or bring us up or say anything positive about our fans and people. The “Dallas Cowboys” will always be our arch rivals and you don’t think so you are either a new fan, your too young, or you your not a True Fan. We need to take the best advantage of this draft to bring back the true Americas team and bring back the glory to this city our citizins and the world. We need to show these newschool punks what the past was like, When they were in diapers! Lets show the world who the best team in football is and show the cowboys loving media what were all about! bring on number 6 and beyond!

  17. If you respond negatively your not a true Fan!

  18. if we draft calvin johnson, then our Offense is set for years, except for the O-line. Our QB, RB, WR, TE are all set. Our depth at O-line is better than some give credit for but we do need to draft a tackle for hopes that someone can protect Alex better. Kwame is good at runblocking, he just blows asschunks at pass protection. If we have a chance to move up and grab Calvin Johnson, there’s no denying we shouldn’t. If we don’t, we better draft Willis, fuck Levi Brown

  19. Yea, who gives a rats ass about the Cowboys? They are not in our division, I don’t think we even play them this year. The only way theses cats factor in is IF they make the playoffs. They will be licking the shit off our cleats IF they can get in.

  20. We also could use another stud RB!

  21. someones using my name on here!!!!!!

  22. What, you think you’re the only Jerry around? Just for you Jer, I’ll go by Jerome, ok with you?

  23. No doubt Jerry, if Robinson doesn’t pan out we will need someone to take to load off of Gore. To be honest, I don’t think Gore wants anyone to take the load off of him, he loves being the man.

  24. thanks man, i just making sure,because someone comes on here and starts using other peoples names and starts saying stupid stuff,to make that person look stupid,didnt meen to afend you if i did.

  25. i think they need to use robinson like the steelers used to use kordel stewert,put him back at quarterback and use a quarterback sneak or draw or throw a screan pass to the running back.

  26. No offense taken my friend! We’re all here cause we love our team, and its way past time for another super group to bring home a 6th ring!

  27. yeah, that has been happening. Plus, why is this guy keep coming on here talking about the Cowgirls………no one ever mentions them except him. He is the only reason I am saying their name in this post is because this person is being immature. I DO think signing Smiley would be a great idea though, because then we keep the line solid AND it becomes less of an issue in the draft. Larry Allen has two good years left in him.

  28. I agree Corey, about Gore and his role as “the man’, but as he’s not on the coaching staff, I’d pat him on the back and do what’s needed for the team; if you look around you will see that the trend is heading towards 2 stud backs, one that pounds, and one that frustates would be tacklers with outside moves.

  29. 4 days away! I’m just excited period about the draft. It doesn’t seem like we can make many wrong picks in the first round. I’de like defense, but we could use a player at almost every position.

  30. Jerome, I feel ya on the trend being a two back system. But who is the other guy? Hicks or Robinson? Maybe he is not even on the team yet. Who knows for sure?

  31. wait so if the texans trade picks with the bills the texans wont get levi brown because the 49ers will get him at 11 so dont expect the bills to trade with texans cuz texans will not get what they want out of that trade.

  32. Ninaz, I hope you are REALLY RIGHT!!!

  33. yeah cuz the texans want levi brown and the niners put levi brown on the top of the board( maybe to trick the texans from trading their pick) but im sure nolan wants willis more than brown. But check out the nineaholics they say if the raiders dont take calvin johnson the lions might trade their #2 spot to us or the bucs.

  34. I hope he does want Willis that bad because if Brown and Adrian Peterson are on the board……you better believe that the Texans will take Peterson. I am hoping Peterson is long gone by then because I don’t want Nolan even thinking about Levi Brown.

  35. yeah i hope willis goes to us but the bills are getting physical here they have more than the power to trade up for willis, they really, really want him. But what about Calvin Johnson wouldnt that be sick if we trade up.

  36. fuck those niggas we need to trade some of our picks so that we can get meachem. Then we will be set to go with willis and meachem!

    DO IT NINERS!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  37. i wonder if the bucks are interested in drafting patrick willis,they just released there m.l.b.,sheldon quarles.


  39. Hey TOPFLIGHT if the lions trade their pick to us he wont be long gone cuz the raiders will get jemarcus russell and we get cj so dont lose faith we are THE FAITHFULL.

  40. If peterson is still on the board for the texans the bills will probably want to trade up for him…the bills would want peterson first then willis…the texans then might trade if both brown and peterson are on the board at their pick, trusting that we would take willis leaving them brown at 12

  41. they wouldnt do that u cant trust no one. Look at last year vernon davis should of been a raider but we got in the way thats why they might take cj instead of russell for us not to trade for the lions #2 pick.

  42. I only have so many minutes a day to check in on the site, but 49ersgoldrusher; aka lonetexasninerfan just will not shut the fuck up. I love football; I don’t come on this site to fight. But he’s so fucking ignorant that everytime I come on I have to respond to some lame ass comment. Hey 49ersgoldrusher, your name is needledick.

  43. Calvin Johnson I WOULD take over Willis, but at what price? We have so many picks in the first four rounds it is unnatural. We could completely solidify this team for years to come with this draft alone. If we get Calvin Johnson I WILL be happy, but not if we gave them the sun, the sky, the stars, and the moon. TRUST OUR SCOUTS!!! Let’s fill some holes because we do have some on the d line, the o line, receiver, free safety, and not to mention middlelinebacker. we better be playing it smart. JUST WATCH THURSDAY……the rumors are going to fly.

  44. i know,im going to be afraid to see how difrent the draft board is going to look like,all the mock drafts wont mean shit after thursday into friday.i was just watching nfl net and the general manager for the chargers said he would take a 3rd round pick for turner.and jordan kent is on thenfl net from orgon state,his coach said he is the hardest worker on the team and he is 6ft-6inches and ran track and basketball and he did run a 4.4 forty.the only knock on him was he only played a year and a half of football,the net said he is a 6th to seventh rounder who could aventully be a starter in a year or two if he keeps his work ethic.

  45. i heard the lions want our 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th pick for the #2 spot of calvin johnson. Or a 1st, 3rd, and an 08 #1 pick for cj. the 2nd one sounds better but its partially unlikely to happen as mike nolan says “we need all the players we can get.” and the loss of 3 players due to this trade is a problem for mike nolan.

  46. the sign of P. Willis is clear look at the jersey # he wears it is # 49

  47. What i ment to say is that the sign of P. Willis coming to the 49ers is clear he waers the jersey # 49

  48. ProFooballTalk is saying the Broncos are talking to the Texans About the #10 pick and those BASTARDS are targeting Willis!

  49. Hey what do you guys think of us taking either Willis or Carriker in the 1st, a WR in the 2nd and trade for Vilma from Jets? Heard he was being shopped….dont know how much Jets are asking, but if its not too much then that would be a huge deal….Anyway, let me know what you guys think about that!!

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