Smiley & 49ers Close to Deal?

There are rumors floating around that per Gil Brandt during a segment on Sirius Radio, the 49ers and Smiley are close on a new deal. Well they are just that, rumors. According to Matt Maiocco, (in the comment section) Gil Brandt is close to Smiley, but Maiocco has been told no new contract proposals have been exchanged.


~ by 49ersNews on April 24, 2007.

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  1. I smell a trade.

  2. he doesnt fit our power running game anymore,but he is pretty good on pulling for screanpasses and litting moving targets(linebackers and defensive ends) though.its all rumars just like a.thomas coming here durring free agentcy.i dont beleave it,until i see it with my own eyes.has any one heard anything on al wilson?did he retire or get sihned by someone?

  3. I think a trade will happen during the draft. I hope for the 49ers to move up and get Willis.

  4. jerry, that is the smartest way to take the situation as well. I like Smiley and would like him to stay, but at the right price. I REALLY hope we pull the Manny Lawson. JUST SAY NO TO LEVI BROWN!!!!



  7. yeah if this is true this might be for a sign and trade. most likely we will take smiley and our 2nd and trade into for another first. our 11th will be used for carriker, willis or branch and our other 1st for a wr like bowe or meachem depending how far up in first we get. look for our 3rd to be used on ik- alama francis and offensive line with our comp pick at end of 3rd


  9. we could use levi brown because of kwame being overpowered all the time and because jennings is always injured,but to me levi brown is overrated as a firstrounder because of the way he gets burned in pass pertection,right now (I feel) he is a second round talent.i would take willis,or anyone else(branch,carriker,meachem,even dwayne jarrett right now) over brown anyday of the week.

  10. I believe that Willis is an instant starter, he is the best LB in the draft, and a freakish, prototypical, HARD WORKING LB that can be a replacement for smith who has just been disappointing teh last 2 years. Really i think thats the obvious choice and move into the first round with a second pick to TRY and get Meachem becuase i think that guy will be a superstar in time. offense and defense both wins

  11. Fuck everything and trade up to get calvin johnson… I’m watchin espn and it said that they have enough picks to get him unless landry falls trade to get calvin johnson… I’m talkin bout to get the second pick

  12. Guys, trading smiley and a 2nd is to good for any team. I think we could trade him and a 3rd or even a 4th and still move up in the draft.

  13. I SAY NO TO LEVI BROWN! If we move up get a d-line man and Willis!

  14. Our defense allowed 400 + points last year. Worst in the league. The past two years our first round picks have been offense (Smith and Davis). Time to use the first round pick(s) on defense.

  15. We made soo many additions through free agency on our d-fence… that’s why we trade up and get calvin johnson also we have 8 first day picks trade some away and get the best player in the draft

  16. I agree with Danny, moving up to grab another FIRST Rounder like Landry and grab Willis at #11 sounds like a plan to me! Or there’s a greater need to get a pass-rusher then get Jamal Anderson and Willis!!

    You know Willis is a hot prospect right now and prehaps the Niners are looking to trade up to get him. Keep in mind a lot of teams like the LIONS and REDSKINS don’t have the Cap room to draft a top FIVE Stud and pay sign him to a big contract.

    I still thing we should trade Smiley and a 2nd and 3rd round pick for Washington’s FIRST ROUND pick! They don’t have anymore selections until the 5th round so you’d think they’d be desparate to talk to us!

  17. Trade smiley and 11th and our second to move to the lions 2nd pick overall and land calvin johnson it would be our version of peyton marvin and edge with vernon there too

  18. Ninerfan81, I don’t know about you, but I think this year we are going to see a lot of trades, not just with the Niners, but with the NFL as a whole. Some other fans want a wide receiver (we need one) with the first pick, but just do not want to go that route. I have read that this draft is deep with wide outs. Most Niner fans have forgotten about D. Jackson from Seattle. We might trade for him or we might not. I think the main reason I want to go mainly all defense is because we really need a d-line man and D. Smith is going to need a replacement soon (Willis). I just don’t know! Bud, I don’t know about you, but I am getting fire-up to see what happens this weekend!

  19. jr, i would like to see calvin johnson fall to the niners, but i think it will be a hard trade to do! What do you think?

  20. It won’t be that hard because the lions want to trade down and they like p willis too so if we trade with them it might be good for both teams the only thing is they want gaines adams and the buccs want calvin johnson too that’s the only thing wrong with my theory if the buccs offer a trade then we are out of the picture

  21. They should take Levi Brown if he’s there at 11. It is just too hard to get a shot at an elite OT in the draft so when one is available you have to pull the trigger. As many as 2-3 starters on the OL could be gone by next year and Jonas Jennings is oft-injured – they need at least two O-line prospects out of this draft. Landry will be gone, Willis doesn’t fit the 3-4, Carriker would be a reach at 11, Branch is lazy, Anderson doesn’t play the run well and there is no receiver after CJ that should be picked this high. Brown is the right choice.

  22. Rich, I agree, they are hard to get, but Levi Brown has time and time again shown that he has a MAJOR WEAKNESS AGAINST SMALLER FASTER OPPONENTS…….hmmmmmmm sounds like someone else on our team that wears #77. We could get someone who doesn’t have that weakness in the second round although I would rather we used our third on one. Tony Ugoh is highly likely to be around with our pick or at least the lineman from Tenn.

  23. there finley giving my boy,john beck from b.y.u. the respect on sportscenter,i have been saying since last year he should be a good quarterback and now there saying that he might be the 3rd qaurterback taken.but i was kind of hoping that we would get him in the fourth round to compete with hill.because i cant see trent dilfer still being a niner past this year.

  24. Scotty Mac said they have 20 players ranked in the first round, so here’s hoping we can come away with TWO of them!!!


  25. WOW!!! The draft is in a few days!!!!!!!!!!Holy Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!I can’t believe it’s here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This is the off-season, and the draft, that puts us back in the Super Bowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. i wonder if the bucks are looking at drafting willis,they just released,sheldon quuarles there starting mlb.

  27. i cant wate till sat day i want to see what we do with are draft picks hell ya niners go baby i have fath i know we will come out with the best draft this year and get that final key to us geting to that next step plus with what we did all thoes feeagents we picked up man i cant wate till opening fay kick off we got to wate till monday but man cant wate go niners ya baby all the way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. holy shit……….i just heard on sportcenter special on the draft,and we are rumars that we are talking to the lions to move up.i know its just rumars but went numb after hearing that.

  29. if we get calvin johnson,ill shit my self and share it with the rest of the nfl teams.

  30. the only thing that would piss me of is that,if the raiders take calvin johnson then what do we do with the 2nd pick in the draft?get joe thomas?

  31. no man the only way the niners trade for the #2 spot is if the raiders dont get cj. use your head man the raiders pick then the lions are on the clock thats were they trade.

  32. Yeah, the trade with the Lions isn’t going to happen until the Lions are on the clock……..I hope the niners aren’t dumb enough to trade before that. If we did it before the Lions are on the clock then what do we do if the Raiders take Calvin Johnson (who Al Davis is nuts about)? Who would we take? Brady Quinn? Joe Thomas…….NO THANK YOU….let’s use our picks.

  33. joe thomas would be dull as opposed to a cj pick which would be ultra exciting however thomas can also play today and wold solidify our line for years=bahbye harris

  34. How about we trade back a few spots into the late teens and pick up Meachem or Bowe. Then we pick up David Harris and possibly Justin Harrell in the second with our 2 second rounders. As good as P. Willie looks to be I just think the 3-4 defense will limit his true potential. Ray Lewis stated that the 3-4 limited his performance. You don’t need a stud ILB for a 3-4. We could get Buster Davis, David Harris, Brandon Siler, Anthony Waters, or Zak DeOssie later on and I think we would be set at ILB.

  35. Sorry forgot to mention that if we trade back into the late teens we pick up an extra 2nd rounder.

  36. I’m with u on that one Dom. Meacham or Bowe would look sweet in a Niner uni! I wouldn’t be mad if we picked Meacham at #11, that boyz gonna be a STUD!

  37. we could make a piece of shit/k. harris, look good in a fortyniner uniform.but we are not here to look pretty,we are here to win the superbowl.

  38. Niners can easily trade Smiley and K. Harris and a 3rd and 4th to get Det pick. Man Imagine V Davis,Calvin Johnson,Gore

  39. there is no way in fucking hell that we’re moving up to take levi brown. The offensive line is not an imminent need for us, and if Mike Nolan did move up to take Brown, his credibility would be shot. Willis on the other hand, is the best defensive player next to Landry. Now we don’t have enough ammo to trade up to get both, so cease with the ludicrous talk. But, we do have enough picks to move down into the first round like last year and potentially take a WR. Just think Willis/Carriker/Branch and Meachem

  40. i dont know if meachem would be a good pick,he runs a good forty time but dropped to many passes in college,injured one season and had only one year where he had a one thousand yard season.i really like jason hill,or jacoby jones out of lane.

  41. The niners did not save all of these draft picks to cripple our team in years to come, by trading a shitload of them to pick up CJ. Nice thought, but forget the pipe dream; it’s not in our interest to move up that high. Nolan can take the picks that we already have, and put a solid team on the field next year. We can put a playoff team together with what we have, plus another stellar Nolan/Mcloughlin draft.

  42. you never know though! my favorite qwote is never say never.anything could happen.

  43. there is no way in hell we are getting det’s 2 overall pick for smiley, k harris and a 3rd, detriot isnt not stupid. realistically to get that pick for CJ its going to take smiley(if signed longterm) our 1st, a 2nd and maybe a 4th ,its a lot to give up but i think our team would be better suited if we draft willis, carriker or branch at 11. trade up into first again and grab D bowe by trading maybe smiley and a 2nd or maybe get by with smiley and a 3rd.

  44. offensive line could be a problem for us in the near future though. allen is getting old, smiley is likely gone, harris is gone, jennings is often hurt, and i think snyder or baas or maybe both are FA within next 2 years. taking levi brown if he were there would not be my ideal choice by i would understand it it we did. they have been saying that the diffenrce between thomas and brown is not as much as people think.

  45. Let’s face it, we can only try and guess what Nolan and Co. are going to do on Saturday. Offence, Defence, who knows? At this point we can only wait to see what happens on Saturday and trust their decision. I don’t think they’re the type to trade down if the player they want is gone before #11.

    I’ll post something if here anything first on the East Coast.

  46. jerry you talk about Meachem not being a good reciever. dont forget jerry rice dropped a shit load of passes to when he was a starter.My favorite quote is “dont judge a book by its cover” in this case it is Meachem.

  47. jerry you talk about Meachem not being a good reciever. dont forget jerry rice dropped a shit load of passes to when he was a starter.My favorite quote is “dont judge a book by its cover” in this case it is Meachem.

  48. Big Foot quit copying what im saying

  49. Ryan the first and your Multiple ScreenNames, you are wrong we have an excellent opppurtunity to get an player to be a immediate impact. I know you and your multiple personalitys have a hard on for defensive picks in the first round, but we should take the chance we have 8 picks and go for a guy who will be good off the bat, and you want to take a chance and get a fat ass Defensive lineman who might be another Mario Williams. I’m sorry but tell your other personalitys I strongly disagree, we have an oppurtunity to go somewhere Cowboy fan!

  50. Calvin is the solution we have the picks to make it work!

  51. Sorry guys, but this was posted this morning………

  52. thats when RICE was in the nfl,in his first season ,not college!!!plus jerry rice had 3 or 4 good years in college and wasnt INJURED.but t.m.o. and how come when some one comes out they got to compare them to the best receiver ever and the same with corners we he ran a certain speed and then you have to hear the comparision to deion sanders.are general manager when he was with the seahawks liked darrell jackson,now he is injury prone every year and the other receiver who robinson bounces around the league.

  53. I think we’ll still make the trade! Don’t always believe what you hear! that might be bluffing, and keeping it a secret, the orginization. we might have a big suprise saturday and he’s a could be a receiver on a trade!

  54. POSTED 10:46 p.m. EDT; UPDATED 11:15 p.m. EDT, April 24, 2007


    A league source tells us that, despite published reports suggesting that the 49ers are the latest team to talk to the Lions about a trade for the No. 2 overall pick, there are and have been no discussions between these two teams.

    And, frankly, we’re beginning to suspect that the Lions are wrapping their arms around any and all rumors regarding teams who might want to trade up to No. 2 because the Lions are desperate to move out of that spot, pick up more picks, and pay one of the guys they want a lower contract.

    Talking with the Bucs? “Yeah, we’re talking to the Bucs.”

    How about the Redskins? “Yeah, we’re talking to the Redskins.”

    Cardinals? “Yeah, we’re talking to the Cardinals, too.”

    Argonauts? “Yeah, them too.”

    Hey, we’re not knocking the Lions for trying to create a market for the pick. But we think the truth is that there isn’t nearly as much interest in the pick as previously believed.

    Once the Raiders pick someone other that Calvin Johnson, however, all of that could change.

    Our guess? The Falcons will end up making a deal and getting Johnson.

  55. I guess will find out on Saturday! Calvin gonna be good in garnet & gold! This is our year!

  56. DRAFT STRATEGY — Niners vice president of player personnel Scot McCloughan divulged the club has 20 players rated as first-round picks on their draft board.

    One of the 49ers’ goals for the draft is to obtain two of those selections after starting the draft with their top two selections coming at Nos. 11 and 42. The 49ers have plenty of ammunition to move up from their second-round pick. The club has eight selections in the first four rounds.
    A year ago, the 49ers had 17 players ranked as first-round values, and traded up for the No. 22 pick to land linebacker Manny Lawson, whom joined tight end Vernon Davis as first-round picks on their draft board they were able to land.

    With 10 picks overall, the 49ers are not focusing on need as much as they are taking good players, 49ers coach Mike Nolan said.

    “We’re not at the point where we just need one specific thing,” Nolan said. “That will be a nice spot to get into at some point, but we certainly don’t think that way today.

    “If you get caught into that at some degree, you can shove someone who’s a lesser-value player above someone whether it was a need or not. What you end up having is a lot of backup players on your roster. I would rather pick out a current starter with a starter at the same position and get better than to create two backups at a position where I don’t have any depth.”

    The 49ers could select linebacker Patrick Willis of Mississippi with the No. 11 overall selection, if he is still available. The team will also keep an eye on improving its offensive and defensive lines, as well as its receiving corps.

    Although the 49ers currently have Brandon Moore and veteran Derek Smith slated to start at inside linebacker, Willis’ exceptional playmaking abilities would likely bump one of those players out of the starting lineup.

    If Willis is not there — and no player expected to go earlier in the draft slides to them — the 49ers could look at receiver Robert Meachem of Tennessee or defensive end Adam Carriker of Nebraska.

    Many mock drafts have the 49ers selecting defensive tackle Alan Branch of Michigan, but he does not appear to be the kind of selection the 49ers would seriously consider at that spot because of the risk-reward factor. The most popular national projections have the 49ers selecting Branch, Carriker or Willis.

    “They all have a unique aspect of their game that makes them an NFL-quality player from the standpoint of speed, size, toughness and work ethic,” McCloughan said. “No matter at the right price you stake those guys, you know they’re going to be solid. Now, will one or two of those guys ever be Pro Bowl-caliber? Probably not, but there’s an aspect about each of those guys you feel good about when you take them.”

    The offensive line is a spot that could warrant consideration from the 49ers on the first day of the draft. Guards Justin Smiley and Larry Allen, and tackle Kwame Harris are entering the final seasons of their contracts. All of those players are starters.

    Smiley and Harris could find themselves on the trade block, depending on what the 49ers are able to gain in the draft. The team could look at such offensive linemen as Ben Grubbs of Auburn, Arron Sears of Tennessee and Tony Ugoh of Arkansas with their second draft pick. The 49ers are familiar with each of those players, having coached them on the South squad at the Senior Bowl.

  57. Nolan has the Calvin deal under his sleeve, I would’nt rule it out Ryan screenames!

  58. As much as you want that defensive pick, the mention of getting that receiver with our picks keeps coming up. Vernon davis wants a receiver, other palyers want receiver, the Majority of the 49er fans in the nation want a receiver, the espn cowboy loving media keep mentioning the chances of us getting a receiver, it’s inevitable, the signs are their for something happening in the first round, whether it be us getting Calvin J. or us getting one more pick via a trade. i think it’s gonna happen. Bring it on, we need that high power offense back of the glory days. The bad times are behind us.

  59. The receiver is the solution- whetehr we pick up an additional pick their or trade for Calvin Johnson, Otherwise will waste our oppurtunity on a un-effective game changing player in the first round and wast our chance till next year!

  60. We can get big bodies at Defensive Tackle, Offensive Tackle, or Defensive End Late in the draft or in the 2nd round after. Our huge need right now, our crucial specific make or break need is at “Receiver”, or I will say this again “We Will Not Match Up” at receiver with the other elite teams. Tackles should not be picked in the first round thats not an immediate impact position. first round picks shoud be Quarterbacks, Receivers, Defensive ends, etc., but not Tackles that’s a waste in the first round. You can’t gamble and try to land another Marcus Colstain calibur player in late rounds, that’s gambling, it’s not guranteed! Receivers for us will be the best Gamble in the first round, or like I said before we are going to be in the same position come next year trying to improve our team, so don’t muck up! We need to win now,and build for the future for our team through the draft. Get that Receiver in the first round or else were going nowhere next year without more elite Receiver Wideouts! so do something about it on Saturday 49ers!

  61. I want to win now Ryan & your multiple screenames, not Later! I’m from the oldschool and we know what we need!

  62. We need High power offense!

  63. What do you guys think about this garbage???

  64. D hall is not what he used to be, doesnt worry me. as far as us getting a WR, we are just in the 2nd round or when we trade up into for another 1st. our first pick needs to go on D. we have had the worst D in the league for past 2 years and we made great improvments from FA but more needs to be done. championships are won with D, colts didnt win until they improved their D. their offense was probably the worst its been in last 4-5 years but they won because they improved the D. and 49goldrusher, its shown picking a WR int the first round is proving to be a bigger gamble than anythign, what WR chosen in 1st last 5 years has done anything. L Fitz, Roy Williams, Andre J,R Wayne(he was chosen last pick of 1st) is pretty much all. Good WR can be found in 2nd and 3rd round picks. also if your old school Grush you would want to build with a D first than offense

  65. I just wanna win, an match up with the upper level teams. if we get D I think we should get an effective linebacker who can stir up the quarteback, but I think this year there’s no quality receivers in later rounds just short wannna be NFL receivers who will not make it in the long run. All the tall good speciman receivers will be gone in late rounds, so I think wew should get another pick in the first round or try to trade some picks for Calvin Johnson, could happen not likely but Nolan might have some suprises up his sleeve.

  66. All the good receivers are in the first round and early in the second that’s it, with the exeption of one receiver, and I give Ryan and his multiple screenames this credit the guy out of oregon Kent 6’5 Powerhouse, I wouldn’t mind getting him, but bottom line we need that receiver!

  67. Next year we need to go for Maurice Purify 6’4 215 out of City College of San Francisco who transfered to Nebraska and will be eligible next year, He’s frome Eureka, California and he”l want to win for his team! watch out for him next year that’s the guy we need next year if he’s not a high pick next year, he might have a year of his life which will raise his stock!

  68. Ryan…. IMO… What the hell are we waiting to talk to Denver for that sweet deal their offering could you imagine the Niners having 10 or 11 first day picks. Like 4 inside the first 100. Man, that just gives me shivers.

  69. And my take…. Carriker with 11 and trade up for Meachem. To me that sound Nolan all the way. In NOLAN we trust!!!!

  70. Personally, I think its Willis at 11. Willis has the potential to be a special player. I don’t think Carriker has that same potential, not that he won’t be a solid player. No trade ups. Steve Smith or an offensive lineman with the second pick.

  71. if no trades happen,i say #1 willis,#2j.hill,#3 manual ramirez,#3paul soliai dt. from utah.

  72. I’M BACK


    Adam Caplan and Tony Pauline of report that the Texans and the Broncos are negotiating a trade that would result in the two teams trading the No. 10 and No. 21 overall picks in the draft.

    In moving to No. 10, the Broncos reportedly would be targeting linebacker Patrick Willis, defensive tackle Amobi Okoye, and defensive end Adam Carriker. The primary target could be Willis — and landing a spot in front of the 49ers will help to ensure that they get him.

    It’s unclear what the Broncos will be given up to climb eleven spots. Under the trade chart, the move is worth 500 points.

    Denver’s second-round pick (No. 56 overall) is worth 340 points. The Broncos’ third-round pick (No. 86 overall) is worth 160 points.

    And that’s a total of 500 points.

    The Texans don’t have a second-round pick, due to the Matt Schaub trade. They hold the ninth pick (No. 73 overall) in round three.



  75. why are they showing jamarkus russell throw on his knees 50 to 60 yards,i thought when your knee hits the ground the play is over.some off this shit is just plain stupid!!!

  76. Jets are way better than the 49ers cmon! THE JETS GOT THOMAS JONES!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO DO THE 49ers hav??????? AND HE HAS TO BE GOOD!

  77. and i think denver or tampa might be looking at willis since they both lost there starting M.L.B.thats why i think dever is trying to move up because they dont have al wilson anymore and the 49ers nocked them out of the playoff,they will take willis since they know we like him.


  79. Do some fans of other teams know about other fans teams sites os some shit because here it is another fucking fan of another team some how or another got on this site and talking shit.

    What is it to where these fans get on here and hate on our niners and spend time on here to read and write shit is beyond me go to your team site and chat with your fellow fans and worry about your draft hops and STAY THE FUCK OFF HERE ,SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!


  81. R,Craig33. I actually have teh answers to your questions. The reason why they do it is because they had some cap room and did NOTHING WITH IT!!! It isn’t our fault that we had the guts to pick up some quality players in free agency, while the jets just picked up one good player…..who isn’t as good as Frank Gore. There was one man that was breaking a franchise record and one player who hands down the best running back in the NFC…..thats Frank Gore. NOT THOMAS JONES!!! Hey, jets fans, let me buy you a beer for taking Barlow and his “shine” along with Clement and giving us high draft picks that they weren’t even close to being worth. Have fun with your has been quarterback.

  82. This isn’t good…..



  85. i was just getting used to us taken willis over carriker!i guess i should have went with my first instict and that was carriker.

  86. the niners might trade up for the #2 spot so fuck denver theyre just pissed cuz we knocked em out of the playoffs last year.

  87. i thought the trade already happend,but it didnt ,so there is still hope .

  88. I know this is random but… heres my 1st round mock draft What do u guys think???

    1. Oakland – Jamarcus Russell QB LSU
    2. Detroit – Gaines Adams DE Clemson
    3. Cleveland – Brady Quinn QB Notre Dame
    4. Tampa Bay – Calvin Johnson WR Georgia Tech
    5. Arizona – Joe Thomas OT Wisconsin
    6. Washington – Amobi Okoye DT Louisville
    7. Minnesota – Adrian Peterson RB Oklahoma
    8. Atlanta – Laron Landry S LSU
    9. Miami – Levi Brown OT Penn State
    10. Houston – Darrelle Revis CB Pittsburgh
    11. San Francisco – Adam Carriker DE Nebraska
    12. Buffalo – Patrick Willis LB Mississippi
    13. St. Louis – Jamaal Anderson DE Arkansas
    14. Carolina – Paul Posluszny LB Penn State
    15. Pittsburgh – Lawrence Timmons LB Florida State
    16. Green Bay – Marshawn Lynch RB California
    17. Jacksonville – Reggie Nelson S Florida
    18. Cincinnati – Leon Hall CB Michigan
    19. Tennessee – Ted Ginn Jr. WR Ohio State
    20. New York Giants – Joe Staley OT Central Michigan
    21. Denver – Jon Beason LB Miami
    22. Dallas – Alan Branch DT Michigan
    23. Kansas City – Dwayne Bowe WR LSU
    24. New England (from Seattle) – Aaron Ross CB Texas
    25. New York Jets – Greg Olsen TE Miami
    26. Philadelphia – Michael Griffin S Texas
    27. New Orleans – Justin Harrell DT Tennessee
    28. New England – David Harris LB Michigan
    29. Baltimore – Jarvis Moss DE Florida
    30. San Diego – Robert Meachem WR Tennesee
    31. Chicago – Chris Houston CB Arkansas
    32. Indianapolis – Eric Wright CB UNLV

  89. o yea… I KNOW WE GOT GORE BUT….Don Banks of reports that running back/CAA client Adrian Peterson re-injured his collarbone in the Fiesta Bowl, and that he’ll miss all of the offseason workouts of the team that drafts him and he may fall to the second or third round

  90. if willis is there we are taking willis, nolan loves not only his ability but he sees the the future leader of our D when B young retires and that is more valuable than anything. i think your mock is pretty good but i def think were taking willis. i dont think branch is going to fall that much either and hall will be taken before revies(who will end up being better not sure), other than that i dont see why most of that wont happen

  91. and adrian peterson will still be a top 10 doesnt matter if he did hurt his collerbone again. if someone reported that he would fall that much because of just the collarbone(he didnt hurt something else), i wouldnt listen to much of what they have to report anymore

  92. DEt would jump at K.Harris,Smiley,3rd,4th,6th. That’s two starters. Larry Allen just made the pro bowl he has another two years easy. You all forget Ray Brown playing with us till he was 38 yrs old. Allen is way better than him. Yes we will have to address some depth but remember will still have
    2nd rd
    3rd rd
    4th rd
    4th rd
    4th rd
    5th rd
    thats still alot of picks and Calvin Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Imagine C.J, V. Davis,Gore,Lelie,Battle. WOW!!!!
    We can draft lst round lineman next year.

  93. Denver won’t trade till after the 9th pick is complete and they know for sure the niners can’t jump in front.

  94. Pintor give it up. detriot will never in hell trade the pick that looks like will have CJ for harris, smiley, 3,4,6. im not sure if your even serious or just someone messing around. it would take our 1st 2nd 3rd and maybe a 3rd or 4th next year.

  95. What about Harris, Smiley, 1,3,4,4 and next years 2nd?

  96. doubt it too, smiley 1st 2nd next year a 2nd

  97. how about our whole offensive line for c.j.we dont need anyone protecting alex smith


  99. There is some action brewing. There have been talks with Lions for #2. Detroit would want Adams or Willis, but not at #2. Broncos want to move up to #10 in front of us to take Willis. According to Maiocco’s blog, we are in talks with Dolphins for #9. This is either to ensure Willis for us, or to trade Willis with Lions if Johnson is not Raiders pick. Johnson could be the goal, with the pick of Willis as the stepping stone. That goes for us or the Broncos. If Johnson is chosen by the Raiders, at least the move on either part fulfills the need of still an exceptional pick with Willis or even Brown.

  100. good stuff………

  101. Giantboile where did you find that could you get that website for me about Maicco’s blog i would apreciate it .

  102. Here ya go…..

  103. I think the Niners should trade down and then back up. Give Denver our #11 for their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Then give the 2nd and 3rd from Denver to someone for another late 1st. Draft Meachem, Bowe, or Jarrett with the first one and either Harrell or Blaylock with the second one. They will then keep all their other picks. This better matches up their needs with the values of the players available to them. The only guys worth drafting at 11 would be Willis or Brown. Those guys would be fine but you would miss out on good players at other positions of need. Anyone else would be a reach – so trade down and get quality AND quantity.

  104. These are the days leading up to the draft when everyone has done all their work.

    The 49ers know if they stay at No. 11 they’ll either get this player or that player. This is also the time of the week when teams are discussing all of the different scenarios that might occur during the draft.

    It’s almost impossible to nail down what is going on behind the scenes – and to be honest, most of it is completely irrelevant anyway. Teams are lining up dance partners – overbooking dance partners, actually – for trade scenarios that could present itself over the weekend.

    The 49ers have talked to a dozen or more teams about moving up or moving back.

    There’s talk that the 49ers and Dolphins have made contact. The Dolphins own the No. 9 pick, where Levi Brown would be the presumed selection. There was a report out of Houston that the Broncos want to move up to take the Texans’ spot at No. 10 to undercut the 49ers from taking Patrick Willis.

    There is also the possibility the 49ers and Broncos have discussed a trade scenario. The Broncos own the No. 21 selection, and would have to part with their second-round pick, as well as one of their third-round choices. The 49ers and Broncos made a deal last year, in which the 49ers emerged with the first-round selection they used to select Manny Lawson at No. 22.

    All these scenarios make some degree of sense.

    Personally, I think the 49ers would be willing to trade back if Brown, LaRon Landry and Willis are gone when it’s their turn to select.

    If the 49ers trade back to 21, it might give them more flexibility in moving up from their second-round pick to get two of the players they have listed among their 20 “first-round talents.”

    At No. 21, the 49ers could get a receiver (Robert Meachem or Dwayne Bowe), offensive lineman (Joe Staley) or defensive back (Aaron Ross or Reggie Nelson). Then, they could add another quality player if they moved up from No. 42 overall.

    * * *

    To answer a few questions posted recently on the blog –

    –A.J. Hawk was higher rated a year ago than Patrick Willis is this year. If the Packers had not taken Hawk with the No. 5 pick last year, the 49ers would have grabbed him at No. 6.

    –The last time a trade for a high draft pick worked? Do we have to go to 1983, when the Broncos obtained No. 1 pick John Elway from the Baltimore Colts?

    –I don’t have a recent update on Bill Walsh, but it’s my understanding that he is doing reasonable well.

    –And for the person who asked if the Raiders can decline to make a pick at the end of the third round and think overnight before making the last pick of the third round and the first pick of the fourth round – The third round would not end until the final selection is made. So after the Raiders’ time had expired for the No. 99 overall pick, the Raiders would go back on the clock because they own the 100th pick. If they still don’t make a pick, then the Lions would get a chance to pick in that 99th slot. This would be like the 2003 draft when the Vikings, originally scheduled to pick seventh, were late turning in their card. The Jaguars and Panthers hurredly made their picks. The Vikings ended up picking ninth. So the 99th pick would not occur until a team made a pick in the 99th spot. (By the way, the Vikings still got the better of the deal, selecting DT Kevin Williams.)

    * * *

    There was a national conference call with former Titans GM Floyd Reese (I referred to him as Floyd Peters earlier) and Todd McShay, both of ESPN. One of my Bay Area colleagues (thanks, Dennis) asked a 49ers-related question, so we’ll piggyback to get the answers.

    Question: In your evaluations of Adam Carriker and Robert Meachem, are those two players a reach at No. 11?

    Reese: “I think they would be a little bit of a reach. The receiver, I think, would be a little bit of a reach. Carriker, the thing that’s interesting about him is he can play in a number of schemes at a number of positions because he’s a bigger defensive end. You wonder if he can be a first-down defensive end, maybe he can. He can for sure be a second and third-down defensive tackle. And you run a 3-4, he can be a 3-4 defensive end. I think his versatility will give him some interest. Teams will be interested in him because of that. Not every team will be interested in him because he’s not a real speed rush, outside, defensive end. Depending on what you’re looking for, he sure give you a lot of options.”

    McShay: “I think Meachem is a reach that high. Somewhere in the 20s is where you’re going to see the run on receivers. Carriker is a good fit in that 3-4 scheme. The other player I keep hearing is Patrick Willis from Ole Miss – that they’re very high on him after coaching him at the Senior Bowl. He’s the top linebacker in this year’s class.”

  105. The bottom line is we need to either trade down for Calvin Johnson, or trade for one more pick in the first round to get Dwayne Jarrett, personally I think this will take place Ryan and His multiple agreeing screenames! We need that big body at receiver, that will make a difference, or come this season will have an uneffective Fat Ass Tackle that ryan and his multiple personalitys want. The result of that will be nothing will be done to change the game and we’ll be outmatched at receiving by the opposition, think about you hard headed people! Josh would agree you can not gamble and try for a receiver in the second round when you have a big 6’5 which makes him elite and can catch the ball, he has hands like glue. The only thing ryan and his mulltiple personalitys want in a receiver is a shorter speedster in meachum who will take some develop ment and will take some time to make a impact. Ryan and his screenames have a hard on for usc and all that aside the guy is special he may not be fast but the most imortant thing he’ll be open, he” be real open in the end zone. No one including Ryan thought vince young would be that special in the NFL, thay probably thought he would take some time or no good, but I new he would be effective because his elite size and he’s running abilitys, but I’m sure ryan and his screenames ruled him out, NOOOOOOO ryan and your multiple personalitys we need Dwayne Jarrett or other wise as Governer Arnold would say, “thats a big mistake!” Trust me Ryan and his screenames are wrong we need him and nows are chance. Who is ryan a Defensive cordinator for little League!
    Come on thisis 49er football Youngster! Am I right Josh!

  106. 49ersgoldrusher, you suck ass at spelling!

  107. Thank you I try!

  108. Ryan multiple screename!

  109. I just love my Team, and I wanna win now not later!

  110. Thanks Man

  111. teste

  112. man, you really have issues.

  113. acunamutata everybody (It means no worries)

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