Trade Chatter

A nice article from Maiocco:

The 49ers have talked to a dozen or more teams about moving up or moving back.

There’s talk that the 49ers and Dolphins have made contact. The Dolphins own the No. 9 pick, where Levi Brown would be the presumed selection. There was a report out of Houston that the Broncos want to move up to take the Texans’ spot at No. 10 to undercut the 49ers from taking Patrick Willis.

There is also the possibility the 49ers and Broncos have discussed a trade scenario. The Broncos own the No. 21 selection, and would have to part with their second-round pick, as well as one of their third-round choices. The 49ers and Broncos made a deal last year, in which the 49ers emerged with the first-round selection they used to select Manny Lawson at No. 22.

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  1. If a deal is made with the Broncos what will it cost us to get Willis. I thought both teams wanted him real bad????

  2. The solution to this is Getting Jarrett! Let htem have 10 problem solved! We will feel a need! something we need the most were set at defense right now!

  3. The Broncos might want him more badly. As Coach Nolan put it: “take the best player available”. There are several guys we are interested in, including several who’ll be available late in the first round/ early in the second (remeber sthe stocks of meachum, ginn jr. and rice falling?). Therfore i think if there is any trading, it’ll be more likely downwards.
    On the other side: i’ve been wrong the last two years 😉

  4. Get DWAYNE JARRETT at number 11, no trade, no problem!







  11. Stick to fantasy football ryan we need jarrett in real life, this is not fantasy football! this is the NFL!

  12. he don’t need mike williams, oops I meant jarret

  13. do it again nolan! and get that pick from the miami

  14. people like 49ersgoldrusher just kill sites like these. And lets just say i agree that jarrett is good, you would trade down to get him because he is going to be mid twenties pick.

  15. Scott, I couldn’ agree with you more. If we get Calving Johnson I will be really happy because he would be a receiver that I think will be able to hack it at the next level, but we should give the Dolphins a future 3rd and our pick and they wouldn’t be able to refuse. Of course we should only do this after the Broncos make the trade. However, if the Broncos are holding out until the Texans are on the clock then we might be in trouble. Yeah, 49ersgoldrusher, nobody likes you or talk to you… you ever think about that…….its because you have NO CREDIBILITY!!! I promise you if we stay at 11 and the broncos take willis we will STILL TAKE CARRIKER. There is a reason why they didn’t send Carriker to the niners facility…..they already know what he is all about. However, the reason Jarrett wasn’t invited is because THEY DON’T consider him something that is THAT VALUABLE. If he is available and we trade for a twenties pick then, Yeah, he is an option, but probably not our top option. Make the trades for the right price.

  16. I just te’ll the truth Ryan multiple screename. I’ve tried to sahre my opionons -again opions and all ryan screenames keep saying insulting things and agreeing with themeselves! Who’s the problem with this site I think it’s Ryan and his Multi Personalitys who keep agreeing, discussing the same premise and all buddying up, Ryan stop agreeing with yourself and grpow up, this is a site for adults, and we discuss opinons so when you don’t see something you like show respect for fellow niner fans and stop wining! But I still do not think you want whats best for this team, I’m an oldschool fan and I think you need an education, and stop going with popular belief and be your own person. What I state is opinion, so if you don’t agree go talk to yourself with your screenames, it’s opinion youngster, your the problem!

  17. grow up and be a true 49er fan!

  18. And respect our opinions about our team, and it’s players, I can tell your young and immature, because I respect other opions! When you see something you don’t agree with don’t throw a fit and whin, just respect anddon’t disrepect fellow fans. All this said I think will still get Jarrett.

  19. And correction you and your multi- personalitys don’t like me! I’ts my opinions about our team-remember youngster!

  20. Stop agreeing with yourself! and respect opinion!

  21. I can’t help it you have 20 or more screenames who keep talking to each other! So let talk football and you can keep agreeing with yourself all day long if you want, the draft is tommorow and I’m very excited for our team, I know we’ll get that elite receiver!

  22. wow 49ersgoldrusher, you couldnt be more wrong. Jarrett at 11? Are you crazy!? Jarrett might not even go in the first round. Ryan is absolutley right. I think we need to make a trade that will allow us to get the best player on the board. That being said it is very obvious that the 49ers want Patrick Willis. They wouldnt be trying to trade up if they werent afraid that the broncos would trade up as well.

    -49er for life

  23. Get ready Ryan and your 20 or more multiple agreeing screename personalitys! The 49ers are Back!

  24. Keep aggreiing with yourself-Sad!

  25. Yes I agree these are opinions!

  26. you say ryan has 20 screenames…i highly doubt it. one thing i know for sure is that you are talking to no one because no one is listening to you. give it a rest, were not taking jarret with 11 and nobody likes your opinion.

  27. 49ersgoldrusher, I just wanted to say shut up! I have tried to avoid answering anything you write on this site, but I am sick of it. If there is 122 comments, 100 of those are yours saying take Jarrett. I have seen Jarrett play live, not on TV, LIVE and he sucks! Just because he is a tall WR with big hands does not automatically make him the best receiver of all time. Get over it. The way you talk, you make it seem like Jarrett should be the offensive line, the QB, the WR, and hell the owner and gm of the 49ers! Instead of fielding a team he should block for himself, throw it to himself and score the touchdown. He is so damn good we don’t even need team. Now you might have a problem with Ryan the first and who ever else, but get over it. You say they don’t respect your opinion, bring something different to the table then Jarrett, Jarrett, Jarrett! If anyone on this site agrees with me…GIVE ME A HELL YEAH!

  28. theres no way Ryan has that many screenames

    -49er for life

  29. jarrett would be a steal in the second but not even close to worthy of the 11 pick either take willis or trade up for calvin maybe even take okoye at 11

  30. YEA DANNY!!! WOOOOO HELL YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Keep agreeing with yourself Ryan the first! Grow up! stop creating screenames. I’m sure your not dating all these men on the site, remember stop wining -it’s opinion! Man Sad!

  32. 49ersgoldrusher, people have disagreed with me talking Willis at number 11, but I don’t bitch about it. They just believe, for example, that branch would be a better fit. I like branch, but slightly favor Willis. Don’t take stuff personal.

  33. Anyone else beside Ryan the first and his multi agreeing-persoanlitys on this site like Josh somebody please want to be adults and discuss football. Hoo- Hell- Ya See I can get exited too about Ryan 1st Talking to himself!

  34. danny you dumb ass are you sure youve seen jarret play ive seen him play alot of times i go to the games for free ok he is a beast he only holds the touchdown record he only has back to back 1000 yard seasons jarret is a GREAT reciever ok its no fair how people are judging him based on mike williams i cant wait till he proves you all wrong and you guys are tring to cover ur steps trying to praise him im gona laugh in ur face if we cant get willis get jarret 49ers4life wooooooo what say sometihng who else do i got to prove wrong

  35. Thank yo 49erforlife! Now lets talk so football!

  36. Hooka hooma he’ll ya boo haha! whatever grow up!

  37. smiley, listen No one likes Jarrett because he is slow, is not a crisp route runner, had a pretty good QB throwing to him (which made him look very good), he has a bit of an attitude, and has a questionable work ethic. I think everyone on this board is going to laugh at you and all the other Jarrett supporters when we DONT draft him.

  38. Smiley as ryan the multi-agreeing personality would say- Thank you Sir! Smiley this guy wont stop agreeing with himself, on and on and on! Good to hear someone else smiley beside Ryan Multi- Agreeing- Personalitys!

  39. smiley:), I might be a dumbass, but Jarrett is a slow ass! Lets put that aside, many experts on you boy Jarrett says he has an attitude problem and lacks focus. The numbers you threw at me are from college not the pros. Different game!

  40. I haven’t been on this board in a few months so I don’t know too much…but since when is there more than one Ryan lol?

  41. To think about it, a magazine I read yesterday compared Jarrett to JJ Stokes! Ouch!

  42. Smiley I honestly think these guys are cowboy Fans on this site, because their not seeing the same player we see, are they on mentally ill! The guys work Ethic is awesome and he’s a proven player, Maan I think Ryan the frist personalitys want us to have a bad team. Man ryan get off this site no one listens to you but yourself and your screenames!

  43. 49erforlife, I don’t know if the Ryan thing is true. If it is true, then it is pretty sad. Who do you have the niners taking at # 11? Do you think they will trade up…down or not at all?

  44. Ryan stop creating new screenames, it’s gettin old, have one name and talk football or get off!

  45. How did willis do in the combine, I’m not familiar with him.

  46. Danny, your right that would be really sad and dumb. Back to football though, I really see the 49ers taking P. Willis. Nolan likes team leaders, and guys with character. Willis has seen a lot in his life (including watching his brother drown), and can lead any defense. He is a tackling machine, and lets not forget that Nolan coached him at the senior bowl.

  47. 49ersgoldrusher, and Ryan the 1st. Lets end the madness fellas. We all are probably as different as night and day, but we all have one thing in common, the NINER’s. Your both smart enough to like the best team in pro football! Let’s squash the beef and only talk about our beautiful and up coming team. Can’t we all just get along!

  48. 49errebel, who are you talking too?

  49. 49errebel, Willis did very nicely at the combine. In fact he ran a 4.59 I think, but then later ran a 4.40 I think. Someone check me on this.

  50. Danny,Ryan the first Multi Agreeing-personality who are you talking too? Yourself! Talk football not shit Youngster!

  51. Corey I agree but this kid with many names will not stop talking shit!

  52. 49erforlife, I agree with you about Willis. I truly believe that there is going to be a big trade for the Niners this weekend. I would like to think Nolan has something in store. I can’t tell you what, but I do have a feeling. The best I can say is Smiley and I pray K. Harris to another team for another first round draft pick.

  53. I am not Ryan. I have talk to him before on here. Not to myself, but to another person. Just because two people agree that a certain player is not that great does not mean they are the same person. You, 49ersgoldrusher, and smiley agree on taking Jarrett and number # 11, so does that make you the same person? I would like to think not.

  54. We just need to ignore Danny ryan the first and his multible split- agreeing -personalitys and talk 49ers! If someone has an opinion which is hating on another team or in favor of our team getting better wheter you agree or not you should not be talking shit. and one more point Danny ryan the first you new 49er fan if your a true 49er fan you hate the dallas cowboys with a passion and you will do anyhting to get better than them agreed Everyone or do we not have true 49er fans on this site because this is a fact!

  55. I dont see the big problem in taking D.Jarrett.. I would tradedown to get him, BUT i would still get him. He’s NOT mike willaims and for the guy on here saying he seen jarrett play LIVE.. Obviously Not.. because you would’f saw that Jarrett plays alot faster than his 40 time.And he was also one top players at his position in all 3 of his years at USC. I hate it when the combine rips a good player’s accomplishments.. and so called experts knock good talent. If we use the 11th pick i agree we shouuld willis if he’s there, But if we trade down.. Jarrett should be the guy.. 49ers fans, dont forget we have the best WR coach in the business.

  56. I can’t wait boyz, this draft will either make us, or break us. Offense, or defense I could care less. I just want a playoff bound team. This does two things for us, one, it gets the monkey off A. Smith’s back as a so called “bust” two, it shows us as a true competitor.


  58. haha this is getting dumb. Can we all just stop fighting. I don’t want Jarrett at 11 either so does that mean I’m Ryan?…no. Lets just get back to football talk. If you disagree with someone, then so be it, but lets not start shit.


  60. If we trade it should be for C. Johnson!


  62. trade down it should be fro C Johnson!

  63. I Agree corey I just want to see us get better, I think this is our year. Floyd reese on NFL Live said we would be a contender this year! I agree with that!

  64. lol here come the Calvin Johnson rumors again. We’re not getting him. Its just not going to happen. The most likely trade senario is that we trade Smiley, and/or some picks for another first round pick. Then with that pick we take Dwayne Bowe the WR from LSU. Just like last year, 2 picks in the first, except this time we go defense first with Willis then offense with Bowe.

  65. Is it me or is Morton hanks in the draft tunnel with the palyer when their introduced, because last year the guy givings the hats and shacking their hands on the way out to the crowd and the commisionar looks just like Morton Hanks.

  66. ya niner go all the way


  68. I would answer that question, but I am a Cowboys fan in a 49ers blog. Lame!

  69. niners all the way are team already knows what we are going to in the draft we see sat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. This place has gotten terrible…I am out!

  71. I now you are danny! Saddd!

  72. Yesssssss the kid has left the building, know we can talk some 49ers. Hey josh how it going man, looking forward to Saturday. I’m barbequing Fajitas and drinking coronas. This is our year bro!

  73. I would love us getting another pick in the first round to get Jarrett!

  74. What do you think josh!

  75. 49errebel is 49ergoldrusher, or alteast your saying the same thing and i cant see anyone agreeing with taking jarret at # 11. SUCH A FUCKING REACH. lets pretend all the 49ers in the world want him, trade down to # twenty and get another 2nd round pick. He is not going to even get considered till the twenty pick. I really want the 9ers to get willis or that 19 year old D tackle but he most likley will be gone. Then the 9ers trade the 2nd and and a 3rd or something so they can get meachem.

  76. or maybe 49erreble isnt 49ergoldrusher but w/e anywas anyone agree with me with the draft choices??

  77. If we get defense I say Willis at 11 then get another pick for Jarrett. But Personally i think will make an huge mistake if we do not get Dwayne Jarrett! 49ers Draft Dwayne Jarrett or you’ll regret it!

  78. Yes, I am just proving a point to you Ryan MultiAgreeing wining Personality! I can do it too, man stop wining a get off the site were finally talking football and your talking shit as usual grow up punk!

  79. wow reading this one time its so obvious that 49errebel and 49ersgoldrusher are the same person

    wat would happen if we got that second first rounder picked up wilis at 11 and branch at 21 ….i would cream myself thats wat would happen…..branch is better than willis and i still want him at 11

    see the thing is even tho willis is very good i still feel like david harris is a future superstar we could pick up in the second round, him with branch or carriker and trade up for another early second rounder and grab merriwether/meachum/bowe our draft would be so sweet i wouldn’t know wat to do with myself

    probably another ejaculation

    just kidding

    but seriously i probably would

  80. Ryan stop creating screenames, stop wining and be an adult an talk football, if you don’t agree fine, it’s opinion punk, grow up!

  81. Chupa mis pinches webbos you stupid fuckin jets the Niners r guing to kick some assssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  82. Man ryan multi- agreeing- personality your crazy you just can’t stop creating screenames! Man you are a little kid, how old are you 11. Get off the site punk or you will be ignored! Stop talking to yourself and creating screenames!

  83. well im really scott and you can chech me out at look up oregon 49er fans, and im the 18 yearold in the blue t shirt with two hot cheerleaders next to me. Sorry 49errebel, you seem nice so maybe you arent 49ergoldrusher. he seemed to have some anxiety problems. kept posting for an hour and every five minutes

  84. yes danny it is a different game but they played a prolike offence in sc he did it with other stars around him like bush or white smith ok speed doesnt matter its about making plays ok and jarret makes plays ok what he run a 4.6 right well rerry rice ran around that same number i think he turned out pretty good ok he is driven to prove you guys wrong that he is not like mike williams it dont matter how fast you are if you cant make the play what good our you jarret has amazing hands and ability to make you miss i pray we draft jarret

  85. if willis is not there i say take jarret only if willis isnt there if willis is there take him real quik then get rid of some pics and get another first to get jarret but if willis gone get jarret

  86. I can respect 49ersgoldrusher’s personal opinion that we should take Jarrett early in the round — I don’t agree with his opinion but I can respect his opinion.

    WHAT I CANNOT RESPECT is 49ersgoldrusher’s multiple goddamm posts screaming the same crap. Please say it once and put all your comments in ONE POST. I’m tired of seeing 8+ posts from you in a row saying the same thing. Not trying to hate on you but you acuse others of not being ADULTS but you yourself are posting like a teenage girl! Please cut it out and share your opinions in one post at a time.

  87. fuck 49erforlife you act like ur the shit around here saying what will and will not happen bitch go back to school and kiss ass to ur teacher cuz here we dream and hope for a better team and you go by stats and wat fat asses with clip boards say about players i say if we get jarrett let him be atleast he made it to the nfl wich is something you will never do. I am the one and only Ninaz and i say fuck you and your comments and we still have a chance for calvin cuz the niners decide not you got get it.

  88. From the words of Matt Maiacco-I’ve received some angry feedback on my opinion that defensive end Adam Carriker of Nebraska won’t be the pick at No. 11. The main reason is because I’m not convinced he would fit into the team’s salary structure.


  89. Im not Ryan fuck that motherfucker so dont confuse me with that fucking piece of shit!!!!!!!! PINCHE CUCARACHA!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. We are taking Willis. Nolan won’t let him get by. We will fill in our line needs deeper after Rice in the second round. Everybody please keep in mind, that we are all pulling for the same thing. Let’s be grateful after Erickson and salary cap hell, that we are finally about 75% rebuilt and poised for long term gretaness. Larry Allen and co will provide the guidance. We are on our way. Quit tripping and enjoy the great days ahead of us! GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Seriously, we can tell it is you when you say all of that nonesense. I are you like 10 years old or something? I don’t know where this stuff you make up comes from. I say Calvin Johnson or Wiilis (man I never thought we would REALLY think about making a play for that guy). However, it would BE SOOOOO AWESOME if we did. Our offense would be unstoppable next year. Keep the posts coming (I mean the people here who contribute and say intelligent things). It is officially about to get REALLY busy with calls from other teams about possible moves.

  92. By the way, I’m not creating mutliple screen names, why would I? I’m telling you the trust right now….its your choice whether to believe it or not, but don’t say I didn’t tell you so. I appreciate those of you who ARE smart enough to see that and TRY to keep this place from becoming a 5th grade chat room.

  93. i just saw on sportscenter that the lions want to trade,but they want to trade with the falcons,tampa,arizona or miami because they want to get gains adams or patrick willis and would take calvin johnson and shop him around for the right price or offer.


  95. Man, you guys are nuts. Can we stop the personal attacks and have coherent conversations?

    That being said, I think Jarret would be a great pick, just not at 11. I have a feeling he might slip into the Second round, looking at the teams that come after us and the receiver help they don’t need. Regardless, the D will need to shoulder the team for another season. Gore is awesome, Smith is improving, and the skies the limit for Davis. However, I don’t see the O doing amazing things, with maybe the exception of Gore. We will be middle of the rung.

    Our D, on the other hand, with another good draft and the FA help we have gotten could be one of the better ones. Not the best, but that is hard to do. Mark my words, if you care to, our D will be much improved, it’d be hard not to be. 😉

  96. hey guys,i dont know what is the worst? april fools day or the (propaganda) talk before the draft.this is where the excitement starts.because you cant trust any talk going on right now.something tells me that willis will not be a niner and we might get meachem insted,im not high on meachem but if we pick him or shop for o.t. from penn state that;i have no choice but to beleave that the general manager/pro scouters and nolan know what they are not a big fan of levi brown or meachem but they both could surprise with there athletic cant complain here.

  97. wow Ninaz, Who do you think you are? We’ll see whos right and whos wrong on draft day. I think 99 percent of people here would agree we would not give up the entire draft for one player (Calvin Johnson). Even John Clayton doesn’t think we are going to get him. Face facts Calvin Johnson will not be a 49er. I want him just as much as the next guy, but it won’t happen. Believe what you wanna believe, because I’ll be the one laughing when we don’t draft him. We are better off trading Smiley and/or other picks to get another first-rounder and taking Dwayne Bowe (who by the way is much better than Dwayne Jarrett). As far as dreaming, and wanting to imrpove the team…i dont even know what to say to that? lol. You sound like a 5 year old making personal attacks at someone. I’m prob. a bigger 49er fan than you are. This site has gotten really bad, which is why I’m prob. going back to the webzone(more news, nicer people).It’s people like Ninaz who make this site like a fucking circus. Mark my words though Calvin Johnson will not be a 49er, and there is a chance we could get Jarrett but, anyone who thinks we are drafting him at #11 is completely wrong. We are going defense with first pick, offense will come later.

    Willis at 11!!!


  98. im wit u on that one

  99. just cuz you think you know more facts than me doesnt make you a better niner fan than me. You call yourself a niner fan you dont know the meaning of a niner fan i know my boy goldrusher talks about jarrett alot but hes propably the oldest and best niner fan here the guy went to the last 2 49er superbowls. So dont fucking say youll laugh when we dont get calvin johnson cuz if we do ur ass will get laughed at in this site for ur stupid smart ass remarks. go back 49erwebzone you loser no one listens to you anyways bitch ass fag.

  100. its people like you who turn from 49er fans to cowboy fans after 1 shitty season so just wait pretty soon well be seing 49erforlife as cowboyforlife.

  101. its people like you who turn from 49er fans to cowboy fans after 1 shitty season so just wait pretty soon well be seing 49erforlife as cowboyforlife.x

  102. lmao cowboy fan?! LMFAO!!!!!!! Ninaz you don’t know anything.
    IM ASKING EVERYONE RIGHT NOW…DO YOU THINK WE WILL GET CALVIN JOHNSON? (PLEASE RESPOND SO WE CAN KEEP NINAZ QUIET) And Ninaz, in order to be a real football fan, you have to think realistically…this aint madden.
    BTW #1 Fan thnks for the support.


  103. ooo and btw Ninas…bitch ass fag? LMAO wow

  104. this guy thinks hes john madden over here. why do you ask for support fight your own war you wanna shut me up post a comment by mike nolan that says “we dont want calvin johnson”. ill even say your a better niner fan than me but we all know there isnt one.

  105. and LMAO who uses that shit a teenaged girl maybe but i wouldnt expect that from a true niner fan.

  106. w.e. Ninaz..think what you want, but we’ll see whos right on draft day.

  107. everyone has a 50/50 chance of geting c.j.,just like we have a 50/50 chance of getting any player we talked about drafting or and any player in this draft.espn has said that the chargers have resigned mike turner to a 1 year deal.

  108. come on Jerry…I’m not trying to be a negative nancy (south park reference) but do you really see us getting Calvin Johnson. You made an excellent point…but Nolan is just not the guy to give up an entire draft for one player. But like i sed you made a very valid point. At least you did it in a nice manor lol

  109. FAITHFULL. this is my last comment before the draft and you all can laugh and talk shit at me and about me but i say were getting calvin johnson and i wont change my name just so that 49erforlife wont call me a fake.FAITHFULL

  110. Ninaz..listen I’m not out too pick on you or anything. I just dont think we are going to get him. Like i said..if we got him I would be the happiest man in the world. And I’m not calling you a fake…you are entitled to your own opinion, but mines just different thats all.

  111. i cant say for sure that we will get calvin johnson,but he is the top player on my wish list along with joe thomas,laron landry,willis,carriker or branch basicly everyone except for a quarterback that we are not sure will fall to us,i want.but if the raiders dont pick c.j. i say we have enough picks to compete with other teams for him.

  112. OK, what exactly would the Broncos be giving up for our 11th. I heard they were about to offer Houston 3 picks for the 10th. The 26th, 50th and 76th or something like that. Man do you guy have any idea what that would mean for our draft. We would have 5 picks in the top 100. And like 9 or 10 on the first day. Man we could get everything…. OT, DT, LB, 2 WR all in the first 3 rounds. They could all compete for starting jobs. Honestly, the hell with WILLIS, CARRIKER, BRANCH or JOHNSON. Thats the best possible scenario and any trade implications that could result from that. We´re not even considering a possible trade for Justin Smiley or Kwame Harris.

  113. i just heard on espn that they are talking about playing the superbowl in london europe or out of the united states.if this happends im not watching football anymore because its not the american league anymore.and only the rich or a terorist or a pot head would be able to see the superbowl live.and to america,THAT WOULD BE FUCKED UP1!!! that is an insult to me as an american,its bad enough we are moving jobs overseass now this.let them come up with there own football league if they want a watch football team to watch.

  114. FINALLY, the normal people are back on here. Where are you guys earlier in the day when that psycho comes on? Yeah, if the commish is reading this site, which I know he won’t, I’m with Jerry. There is NO WAY EUROPE SHOULD GET TO WATCH THAT!!!! I am having my doubts about us pulling the trigger with the lions. I would like it to happen, but I agree that Nolan isn’t going to give all of those picks this year and next year to get Calving Johnson, especially when he has been hard core about building this team through the draft. We aren’t one player away…just being honest.

  115. i was working earlier till 8am-4pm,i hate the morning shift at the casino`s.there is no money in the morning at bartending.

  116. i agree were not one player away however if we could trade possible number 11 our second one third and two fourths for the second overall pick…i dunno enough about trades to tell if thats a fair deal but calvin johnson will be a star and we need one at wide out..i would have no problem if we pulled the trigger on that trade because at least ur basically sure were adding a star player and not just depth

    still almost 100 % sure it wont happen so im stickin to branch/carriker/willis at 11 and trading up into the late first and at the same time keeping our second and picking up meachem and merriwether/harris

    sweet draft if that happened

    i cant waittttt

  117. I would love a move for Calvin Johnson, but it will cost us too much, if we can get Willis in the first, we will be set. I love this fucking guy.. He’s a god damn animal.When the eleventh pick comes up,I can’t wait for them to say “With the eleventh pick in the draft the sanfransisco 49ers select linebacker from mississippi state Patrick Willis. He’s a Nolan kind of guy.

  118. IF we trade wit den. and Det and Tampa TRADE DIS IS WAHT THE 1ST AND MOST OF THE SECOND RD COULD LOOK LIKE
    OAK Jamracus Russel
    TB Calvin Johnson
    CLE Brady Quinn
    DET Gaines Adams
    ARI Joe Thomas
    Was Amobi Okye
    MIN Adrian Peterson
    ATL Laron Landry
    MIA Levi Brown
    Hou Derrele Revis
    DEN Patrick Willis
    Buf Leon Hall
    STL Jamaal Anderson
    CAR Jon Beason
    PIT Lawerence Timmons
    GB Marshawn Lynch
    JAX Reggie Nelson
    CIN Alan Branch
    TEN Ted Jinn Jr.
    NYG Paul Pozlosny
    SF Adam Carriker
    DAL Aaron Ross
    KC Joe Staley
    NE Brandon Meriweather
    NYJ Greg Olsen
    PHI Micheal Griffin
    NO Justin Harrel
    NE David Harris
    BAL Jarvis Moss
    SD Dwayne Bowe
    CHI Robert Mechum
    IND Chris Houston
    OAK Aaron Sears
    DET Ben Grubs
    DET Trent Edwards
    CLE Marcus McCauley
    CHI Eric Wright
    ARI Ryan Kalil
    ATL Justin Blalock
    MIA Steve Smith
    MIN Sidney Rice
    SF Dwayne Jarret
    Buf Antonio Pittman
    ATL Charles Johnson
    CAR Tenard Jackson
    PIT Tony Ugoh
    GB Zach Miller
    JAX Tim Crowder
    CIN Turk McBride
    TEN Josh Wilson
    NYG Ryan Harris
    STL Demarcus Tyler
    DAL Anthony Spencer
    KC Chris Henry
    SEA Ben Patrick
    SF Quetin Moses
    THe last pick is the # 56 overall so i think Patrick Willis for Adam Carriker and Quentin Moses isnt a bad trade at all… we’ll not only bring in a backup for bryant young but we’ll also bring in another 3-4 olb cuz we def. need depth and then in the third im pretty sure we could pick up Brandon Siler(ilb Florida), James Martin (OT Boston College), and Paul Solali(NT UTAH), then add in Dewayne Jarret who we could steal in the early second and we end up with a Super solid first day

  119. clayton said calvin would cost us our 11th. our second round. next years first. and next years third. fuck that shit. we are not doing what ditka did for ricky williams and give up four potential starters for one.

  120. yeah, that just isn’t worth it. Also, don’t be surprised if the dolphins pick up willis FOR US. THere were reports that we were talking to the dolphins…………well the only way to secure willis is to have them pick him for us and then we pick who they want, we swap players and the niners give them another pick. I say this because Shanahan isn’t a fool…….he will wait until the Texans are on the clock to make that move for Willis.

  121. I say pull the trigger on tha denver trade right now if its there. Honestly, I agree that not going after Johnson is the right call. The only way I see us going after him is with a trade with TB, and it seems Gruden is in love with the guy, so it ain´t going to happen.

  122. Im scared we might not be able to get P.Willis
    Nolan get P.Willis pleaseeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

  123. if nolan wats him willis he will get him dont wory he already has all the sanerios down guys

  124. id personally rather trade down with denver if willis is still on the board. we get there first, second and third. then could always package the extra 2nd an 3rd to say the pats for the 28 and have the 21 ,28 and still our own 2nd. i dont know how that would work value wise. even if dont do the additional trade the first with the broncos.. move down and could look at staley the ot, nelson fs, carriker may even still be there or harrell the dt from tenn. many say if he had a healthy year last year he may be top dt this years draft. or the player that i have read that say the 9ers covet an that Meachem wr. jarvis moss de/olb or spencer de/olb , then 2 2nds look at david harris mlb kids gonna be good, and with other one look dline.

    reason the 9ers are interested in moving up with fins is to get levi brown the ot from penn state. i dont think any moves are made by the fins though until they see how first 5 picks of draft go. they are said to be really interested in quinn and if cleveland passes on him they may be looking to trade up with redskins to jump vikings to make sure they get him.
    again if i was the gm i would look at the trade down with the broncos. switch firsts they get willis they need an ilb since they released wilson. move down to 21 draft meachem maybe.. then take 2nd an 3rd from bronos for pats 28. sure the pats wouldnt mind moving down saves cap room for them b/c no first round contract and they dont have a 2nd right now b/c it was sent to miami for welker. then 28th id look at maybe nelson,griffiths, merriweather all fs, or could even look to see if dl or lb falls. i mean it takes from 8 picks in first 4 rounds to 11 picks.. then could always package other picks to move up in another round if someone nolan likes falls.

  125. Well the draft is tomorrow and it was long awaited so how ya’ll think it’s going to pan out, you know this whole thing could be mixed up and everybody might pick somebody other than these mock drafts and it could be blown wide open but if I was the nolan I would either move up to get calvin johnson, try to get new englands 28th pick so we can have the 11th and 28th and get a defensive player with the 11th and a WR with the 28th or trade with somebody to get more picks like you’re saying mike ,no matter what make this a solid an exciting draft for the niners organization, players and us wild crazy ass diehard fans, I can’t wait GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. I highly doubt if we’ll make any deals to add more picks to our current 10 selections. As Nolan and Co. said they have 20 players on their draft board worthy of a FIRST ROUND pick.

    So if they do anything they’ll package off some of their other picks (2nd and 3rd rounds) and try to move up into the Top 20 to have 2 FIRST ROUND picks. My personal selections if we get 2 picks in the Top 20 would be Patrick Willis and Robert Meachem

  127. i wonder with this dever trade,if we are useing smiley as trade bate.because last year dever wanted smiley,and the rumar was that denver was willing to give up a first round pick last year,but instead we gave them a second and third round pick.

  128. Yea I don’t think they should trade with Denver if they truly only have 20 players rated in the first round. They should trade up their 4th into the 3rd into that 2nd round talent that’s spilling into the 3rd. Have 5 first day picks, pick up a WR, OT, DE, LB, NT in any order except NT last.

    If they are truly high on Willis, then I think they should make sure they get him. Don’t wait and settle just because.

  129. If Im not mistaken McLoughlan said they would taget 2 of the top 20 they have. If we trade with Denver and then move up again with New England, we could land 2 in the Top 20 and still keep our 2 and 3 which will provide talent for sure. We could even use those 2 to get another pick in the first if we wanted too. Honestly, I think theres a lot of team who dont have cap space and would be willing to move out of the first for a second and third. Honestly, I think we could even have 3 players in Nolan`s Top 20 if we really mix things up.

  130. GO NINERS


  132. the only way we get landry is if we trade for washingtons pick which they would want to trade with us more than we would want to because they really dont have many picks this year…so it is unlikely to answer your question 9er4life

  133. there have been rumars on espn saying the 49ers talked to 15 teams to trade down or guess would be the top 10,raiders,detroit,browns,tampa,arizona,atlanta,miami,texans,vikings and washington.and the usual teams we have traded in the last couple of years like the eagles,broncos,new england(since they have 2 first round picks),baltimore and the jets.i realy dont know whats going to happen. but something better with all this hype going on.i guess we will wait to pull the rabit out of the hat at the draft.

  134. We are not one player away! For the record: Okoye and Meachum. Those two are a tie with me for #1. I know most of you want Willis or Carriker. Neither thrills me. Hope we get Lorenzo Booker, Jason Hill, and good cover CB later on!! Stiil wouldn’t mind a big fucking surprise in the first round like the ‘Niners taking M. Lynch!!! The BEST teams have TWO top notch RB’S!!! Good luck everyone! Hope your wishes come true…GO ‘NINERS!!!!!!!!


    There’s a report on a web site that posts football new snippets in small blurbs with even smaller fonts that used to get a lot more traffic than us (but no longer does) stating that the Broncos have consummated a trade with the Texans for a flip-flop of the No. 10 and No. 21 pick in the draft.

    But Adam Schefter of NFL Network reports that the report is false, and that the Broncos and Texans have not had a single serious discussion about swapping picks.

    Schefter also says that the Broncos would never do a deal like this before the draft. That makes sense to us, since the purpose of moving up would be to get a specific guy who might or might not be there when the higher pick is used

  136. newbie you say they have 20 players they have tagged as first rounders now we don’t know who those players are for all we know some of them could be late first or early 2nd rounders on other teams boards. every team ranks players and talent differently. so putting in the 20 players tagged doesnt really mean anything again b/c we don’t know who those players are. most would assume that they are the top 20 players most mocks have in the draft. but for all we know its top 10 overall players then a mix of 10 other players.. can’t really say we wouldnt look to trade down b/c of it. I honestly think that trading down and picking up another 2nd would make a lot of sense.. then could always pair that 2nd with a third an move back into first have 2 first and still our 2nd .. if a team is targeting willis or anderson falls or even peterson falls (which i dont think will happen but never know) with buffalo behind us im sure nolan will be recieving calls on teams wanting to switch spots. if anderson falls denver may want to move up with us b/c they are said to be looking for a de in first. packers could call if peterson falls even the titans could call if that happens. again dont think so with peterson but stranger things have happened. and there is usually that one guy who slips farther down then people thought. adding picks isnt a bad thing. i wouldnt trade down any farther then the broncos at 21 though. not unless also recieving players or a couple future first/second rounders plus this years picks as well.

  137. Quick question, what are you cock knockers going to do with yourselves when the draft is over and there is so much less to speculate about?

  138. Talk about your mama Charleshaey!

  139. I think I’m gonna wack it to Martha Stewart

  140. Wack it to Charleshaey’s mama!

  141. I ain’t seen me mama in years. She took the “l” in my last name when she lef and aintz never been back since.

  142. Lol, nice one Charles.

  143. Theres always drugs, sex and rock and roll until July. The only good thing is we´re finally getting NFL Network in Costa Rica. Even if theres no new info, I´ll have NFL news 24-7 instead having to hunt info down on the net.

  144. Hey Ryan, I am particularly concerned for you. You post about a 134 times a day. I must add that I like your posts, more thought out than some (i.e., you read more rumor sites than others). But whats next for you after the draft?

  145. Charles likes drugs. Charles like sex. Charles don’t like rock.

  146. You guys heard it here… Adrian Peterson will go in the first round!

  147. do you guys think a player will sign tonight with the raiders, i cant believe the league is so quiet tonight….oh yeah mel kiper said on espn that the 49ers were going to be the team everybody is talking about on Monday…enough arguing with eachother time to just sit back and trust Nolan & Co. because so much will change from now till Sunday…we and mock drafts really do not anything because of tredes and players getting picked to early or to late…I know we all wish and my wish is landry or willis but i won’t be upset with whoever they go with because i trust this staff…so whats your guys final wish anyway besides Calvin Johnson?

  148. Willis in the first, a good quality WR as in Of course Jhonson, Jarett, hill, meachem, rice.

  149. ok we all agree on willis in the first in the second i go with a WR the ones who will bw there rice smith maybe jarret or go DE spencer if he is there i douybt it though then go o line and fill in the blank from there

  150. im not going to say anything else till tommarow.whats the use,theres just rumars right now the real deal will be tomarrow when the draft starts and ends.willis might be a favorite but i wont rule out MEACHEM.



  153. ESPN reporting a trade for Darrell Jackson. It would be for our 4th round pick (our third one in that round). He is in tomorrow for a physical. Not a bad pickup.


  155. The San Francisco 49ers, one of the more aggressive teams this offseason in terms of acquisitions, enter this weekend’s draft with a league-high eight picks in the first four rounds: one first-round selection, a second, two thirds and four fourths.

    On the eve of the draft, the Niners already were poised to maximize the value of one of those fourth-round picks.

    Darrell Jackson
    Wide Receiver
    Seattle Seahawks

    Rec Yds TD Avg Long YAC
    63 956 10 15.2 72 252

    According to a league sources, San Francisco and division rival Seattle are working toward a trade that would send Seahawks wide receiver Darrell Jackson to the Niners in exchange for one of their fourth-rounders, believed to be the Niners’ third selection in the round, No. 124 overall. The New Orleans Saints and Tennessee Titans, whose new general manager Mike Reinfeldt came over from Seattle, are also believed to be talking with Seattle about Jackson.

    The deal is contingent upon Jackson passing his physical, scheduled for Saturday at the Niners’ Santa Clara, Calif., practice facility. Jackson missed 10 regular-season games in 2005 after undergoing surgery to repair torn cartilage in his right knee, underwent a second operation on the knee following Seattle’s loss in Super Bowl XL, and missed the final three regular-season games of last season because of turf toe.

    Jackson, 28, caught 63 passes in 2006 for 956 yards and 10 touchdowns — all team-leading totals. At the time of his toe injury, Jackson was leading the league in touchdown catches. He’s exceeded 1,000 receiving yards three times in seven seasons.

    However, Jackson and Seahawks management reportedly have been at odds following negotiation of the six-year, $25 million contract extension Jackson signed in March 2004, his decision to skip voluntary workouts in 2005, and the manner in which the team handled his knee injury last season.

    The presence of Deion Branch, Nate Burleson, and D.J. Hackett in the Seahawks receiving corps made Jackson expendable; Jackson has been on the trading block all offseason but Seattle apparently could not fetch more than a second-day pick — from its up-and-coming division rival, no less. Branch, whom the Seahawks acquired from the Patriots last season, presumably would become Matt Hasselbeck’s No. 1 target.

    Should the trade go through, as expected, Jackson’s addition represents yet another coup for the Niners, who via free agency added, among others, cornerback Nate Clements, safety Michael Lewis, and Ashley Lelie. Though the Niners lost offensive coordinator Norv Turner to San Diego, they appear to have, in quarterback Alex Smith, running back Frank Gore, tight end Vernon Davis, wide receiver Arnaz Battle, Lelie, and now possibly Jackson, the makings of an explosive offense.

    And there’s still the draft. With the 11th overall pick, the Niners could pick up a blue-chip prospect such as Penn State offensive tackle Levi Brown or LSU wide receiver Dwayne Bowe to further bolster the offense, or tap Mississippi linebacker Patrick Willis to help head coach Mike Nolan’s defense.

    In 96 games, including 89 starts, Jackson, a third-round selection in 2000 out of Florida, has 441 receptions for 6,445 yards (14.6-yard average) and 47 touchdowns.

    One might say Jackson’s new team is scoring big this offseason

  156. damn coolio you beat me to it. The trade is just about complete, he will be in Santa Clara tomorrow to take a physical, and if he passes he will be ours.

  157. I just watched a video on Jamie Dukes has us passing on Willis for Ginn Jr. How do these analysts get these fat paychecks for being retarded. There is no way we are going to pass on Wills if he is there. I just hope he will be.

  158. YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! THe niners have traded a fourth rounder for Darrel Jackson….. YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! Now we can focus solely on defense and o-line in the draft

  159. This better not be the last BS story before the draft.

  160. Since we bout to get djack we might as well just draft willis then trade up and get merriweather or nelson in the first round probably trade with the pats

  161. wow have we really thats sweet

    i still want a young reciever because this draft is so deep but for sure now our d will be getting a major lift

    plz dont draft that tackle from penn state


  163. let’s see if he can pass the physical 1st before you start to break out in song n dance he better show up brite n early



  166. Darrel Jackson for a fourth rounder? Almost sounds too good to be true. But if it is, thats a fucking beautiful deal. With Lelie, Battle , and Jackson at reciever, we can take defense the first two rounds at least. I would like an OT in the third that could take over for Kwa-lame so we could solidify our OL. We are going to have a field day tommorrow if this deal goes through. Lonetexasninerfan can forget about Dwa-lame Jarret if we get Jackson. Not that it woud have happened anyway.

  167. What we need is willis and merriweather now we could wait for a reciever because we got djack… also there are always lineman that could start for us in the 3rd and 4th rounds

  168. Thanks to everyone for kicking 49ersgoldrusher’s ass earlier. That dumbass is a discrase to niners fans everywhere. What a tool.

  169. SO FAR I CHECKED and didnt see it.checked didnt see it or and havent seen it.I HAVENT SEEN IT WITH MY OWN EYES YET ,SO I DONT BELEAVE IT.

  170. I HAVE SEEN IT,it is on this page at http://www.maiocco`

  171. Which station are yall watchin the draft on espn or nfl network

  172. alex smith doesnt have any excuses now its time for a break out,FULL GAME!AND SEASON.not just a good quarter.i just hope jackson can stay healthy.we can run a spread offense now with lelie,jackson,vernon davis and battle as the third or fourth receiver and frank gore in the back field.

  173. ill watch it on both espn and nfl net.i will flip flop back and the forth unless there is a good movie getting to excited for the draft so i just took 2 tylenol pm so i can sleep.

  174. The 49ers are going to be a totaly different team this year. Look at the roster. Darrel Jackson is going to bring alot to our offense. If we get him. After we whooped the seahawks ass twice last year, they give us their best WR? That dosen’t make alot of sense, so we’ll see if it goes through…eh?

  175. I’m right there too bout to go to sleep but ima watch until the 9ers pick twice whether it be in the 1st and 2nd or 2 in the 1st then ill switch back every once in awhile


  177. Props to me for posting the trade first. Jackson will be a hughe addition. Maybe David Harris drops to us in the seoncd round?

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