49ers Trade #42 to Colts

Okay here is what the trade is. The Colts #1 pick next year and one of their 4ths this year. (126th)

The funny thing the 49ers basically got Joe Staley for a 2nd rounder. Because they get the 1st and 4th back (of course different numbers in those rounds) and only lost their 2nd round pick.


~ by 49ersNews on April 28, 2007.

133 Responses to “49ers Trade #42 to Colts”

  1. 1st

  2. thats dumb shit

  3. WTF!!!!!

  4. they better have gotten a good player cuz i would not have passed on dwayne jarrett.

  5. I guess we just gotta wait to see if it was a good move or not.

  6. bet ya there waiting for lower value pick for dwane jarrett. jarrett will be the frank gore of this years draft

  7. Regardless of what SF got in return, we had a chance to get Sidney Rice or Dwayne Jarrett and we blew it

  8. hopefully is a 1st

  9. may not have blown it. we’ll see what else is up their sleeves.

  10. how the hell do you not take Jarrett right there? WOW!


  12. next year

  13. they traded their 1st pick of 08 for staley so this just covers for that loss but i would have taken jarrett there man nolans a dumbass retard passing on jarrett.

  14. There is a reason Jarrett is still on the board. Like Brady, the NFL sees something with this guy. Even if not Jarrett, this is a great pick for a possible DE? That part sucks!

  15. well i guess we are gona get steve smith??

  16. That’s dumb we could’ve got dwayne there he is gonna be a good pro and a td machine

  17. nevermind, it’s blown. jarret and rice gone.

  18. If we traded out of that spot, either: 1) we didn’t want dwayne jarret or 2) INDY gave up a ton… I guess we’ll find out soon

    Nolan is the type of person to get the player he wants, he would not have traded out of there if it didn’t make sense for us.

  19. Rice and Jarrett gone 😦

  20. jarrett just got picked by the gay ass panthers. nolans gonna look like a fucking retard when jarrett puts up big numbers with the panthers this was a shitty move without a doubt i was happy but now im pissed at nolan.

  21. had dont have another pic for 35 pics… i doubt jarrett, smith or rice will be there… to pass on those guys, they must have pulled off the trade for Jackson with the Seachickens

  22. …again WTF!!!!

  23. can tell most of you guys live on the west coast and are so in love with jarrett, good thing you guys arent in control of the niners draft or we’d never win more than 5 games

  24. F***k this move. All we had to do was take Sidney Rice and this would have been one of the best 49ers drafts ever. Now Rice is a Viking, and all we can do is hope that someone like Jason Hill drops to us later on.


  26. JACKSON!!!?? FUCK JACKSON, we should have taken Rice, it could have been the second great Rice in SF. I love Nolan as a coach so Im not goign to ripp him just yet but God i hope they got something great for that move cuz i just dont understand

  27. theres nuthin that great bout jarrett. hes slow and hes not gonna b able to make those leaping grabs over the big NFL caliber corners. im a bit pissed bout passing on rice tho.. i like that guy.


  29. the vikings got rice????? FUCK!!!!

  30. They got their forth rounder this year and next years first round

  31. what did we get in return

  32. Yeah I believe they had to have pulled the trade with Seattle..And to have gained a first rounder next year.

  33. The clots fourth rd pick is garbage they are a playoff team every damn year!!!!! well lets start hoping right now Manning goes down and they go 4-12!!!!

  34. They trade their first and a fourth for the 28th pick then the Colts give us a first and a fourth for the 42 pick…Not a bad deal. I bet the Darrell Jackson deal will allow us to address other needs.

  35. at least we’re back in the first round next year. gonna be rootin for manning to break a leg in training camp. i just think we got some needs right now, like a pass rusher and a wr. those were bigger needs than OT and we traded up for that. we’ll see though.

  36. really NICE…thats fine with me

  37. Colts trade up with 49ers
    Indianapolis Colts: Acquire pick No. 42 (select OT Tony Ugoh).
    San Francisco 49ers: Acquire pick No. 126 (fourth round) and Colts’ first-round pick in 2008.


  39. 4:26 p.m.: I underestimated the trade for the 49ers. They’ll get the Colts’ first-round pick next year and their fourth-round pick, No. 131 overall, this year in exchange for the No. 42 overall pick this year.

    – As per Maiocco’s blog

  40. Indianapolis Colts: Acquire pick No. 42 (select OT Tony Ugoh).
    San Francisco 49ers: Acquire pick No. 126 (fourth round) and Colts’ first-round pick in 2008.

    WOOOOOOW Great way to get back our 1st round pick we gave up to the Pats.

  41. We got their next years 1st and this years 4th

  42. we got a 4th this year and their 1st next year

  43. Jarrett isn’t that good, his speed is a big concern. the 49ers know what they’re doing.

  44. the draft is actually looking good for us, its just like we ended up getting staley as our 2nd rnd pick and as long as we got Jackson, its looking very promising for next year….I’d be willing to bet my house that djack will put up better numbers next year than all but one of the receivers in this years draft

  45. why do we not take deayne jarrett here? we better have gotten a sweet deal on this trade

  46. whats Maiocco’s blog address…

  47. So the question is who is better, Staley or Ugoh, we could have easily skipped Staley and Ugoh would have still been there… and he is worth next year’s 1st round ??
    (albeit from the defending SB champs).

  48. Okay, at least we have a first next year…. Trust in Nolan…

  49. 49ers traded the pick to IND for their 1st round pick in ’08 and a 4th in this year’s draft.

  50. That’s a reasonable trade. We get our first rounder back. plus the colts are going to finish last this year, so we’ll get the number one pick 😉

  51. Hope that’s true TG !

  52. what the fuck are we gonna do with a thousand 4th pix i would trade some fourths to get back on 2nd and for everyone who says jarett sucks i might suck but hes good enough for a second pick we had him and the ninerz do this shitty move. Great job nolan way to fuck up the best draft ever.



  55. Jarrett was overhyped, the guy has no speed. Sounds like they recognize another Rashaun Woods when they see it. Have trust in Nolan.

  56. They’ll get the Colts’ first-round pick next year and their fourth-round pick, No. 131 overall, this year in exchange for the No. 42 overall pick this year.

  57. woods weighd like 186 pounds and jarett was 200 and some pounds hes better than rashaun woods any ways just fuck it all were not getting a receiver all the receivers are gone we should look for a running back now or a QB.

  58. We got 4th this year and FIRST of 08 from Indi. It’s great trade. Don’t knock it until you find out that the trade is. BTW, I wouldn’t pick Jarrett with a 4th this year. He is just another R. Woods waiting to happen.

  59. A RB or QB i would be sick!!!!! we can still get Jason hill or go after a DE those are really the 2 moves right now

  60. How many rounds do we get through on Day 1 ?

  61. How strange that there is no news on what this trade was. Perhaps they are trying to get Indy’s #1 in 2008 to replace teh #1 they gave up.

  62. and i agree im not solf on jarrett either, i like Jason Hill if we can get him mid 3rd early 4th, but we still need help at DE and possibly safty

  63. Isn’t it strange that there is no news yet on the trade? I will predict the 49ers are trying to get Indy’s #1 in 2008 to replace the #1 they gave up for Staley

  64. 4 rds Jhonka

  65. ok so it was a smart trade because we replaced all the lost picks but what good players can you get with5 4th picks nolan needs to pick up the phone and trade some picks cuz we have way too many low picks.

  66. i am kinda pissed we traded that i am trying to justify it to myself and i can’t…we could have made our team nice this year…that really pisses me off we could have had three of the top 42 players….i understand why they did it but we need players now

  67. There is 3rounds day 1. We have alot of picks this year, let’s hope we can get another couple of “steals” like Gore. Remember Colston was a late round pick last year, so nothing wrong with having too many picks.

  68. for ppl still trying to predict the trade its already up!!!

  69. and for Hill man hes gone in a few minutes unless we trade.

  70. is it only 3 rds i think its four rd the first day??!!

  71. so basicly its like geting a 5th round pick because the 4th is the last pick and a second round pick for next year. because they will be good next year.so basicly we got to wait to draft a wide receiver in the third.paul williams.

  72. is it 4 rounds? okay, been corrected!

  73. Ninaz your probably right but cant blame a guy for hoping we are fucked at that position right now

  74. J Hill, Bush next…we’ll get a rb

  75. wat!
    no were gettin a wide receiver

  76. OOO shit i forgot Bush is still on the board… wtf put the draft back on!!!

  77. can someone please tell me what the fuck is going on we dont have a 3rd round pick and 4 in the 4th i dont like the trade with the colts please someone tell me why

  78. bush from luisville

  79. We got their 1st for our 2nd round and a 4th round pick. I don’t really care because with only 2 picks, we have benched Derek and Kwame. I guess McNolan actually does come to 49ersnews.com and listens to the ninerholics, besides gay ass webzone and their .com board.

  80. 3 rounds today !
    Gotta wait till tomorrow to see if we draft anyone decent in the late rounds.

  81. ok mybad for insulting nolan he did a good thing because he balanced this draft and set up next years draft but were propably gonna pick in the 2o’s next year cuz the colts are good.

  82. Look at it like this, we got a first round OT quality player with a second round pick. We gave a first, forth, and second- got a first, forth, and Staley. And it sounds like we’re gonna get WR Jackson.

  83. doesnt make sense to trade our second round pick,then pick a injury plaged runningback who wont be in full health till next year.

  84. Ok well there are still picks #76 and #97 … Micheal Bush Y/N ?

  85. Plus remember that the NINERS only had 20 players ranked high enough to take in the 1st round and they got 2 of them. Getting out of the 2nd round will help with our salary cap. Paying 2 1st rounders is expensive, so dropping to the 3rd round from here on out will help.

  86. Hey, if Manning gets hurt, we’re in business. Go Mario Williams!

  87. 9-ERS receive 4th round pick 126 and 2008 1st round.

  88. I was just trying to find out the stats on Woods when he was drafted, all i can find was that he was 6’2″ 200lbs when drafted. can anyone confirm that?

  89. TG – http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/player/profile?playerId=24471
    6’2″ – 195

  90. ok, thanks for the info!

  91. I’m still rollin’ with NOlan. He wants Jason Hill and obviously didn’t think Jarrett was that great.

  92. Trade analysis: The niners gave up our 1st next year (hopefully in the 20’s) and our 42nd this year FOR this years 28th pick and next years 28th pick (or whatever it is). The fourth rounders cancel out. Not bad if they had Staley in their top 20.

  93. That is a great trade.

  94. Jarrett at #42 would’ve been a steal, he’s much faster in games than his 4.6 40 time & he’s a big time playmaker. Darrel Jackson will help ease the pain but Nolan was “out of his frickn skull” for passing on Jarrett! On a positive note, selecting Patrick Willis(The Gorilla) was perfect!!!

  95. yeah ryan but how do you expect us to get hill. he wont be there by 3rd

  96. Jarrett is the next Mike Williams. Williams just got traded to Oakland for a 4th rounder (plus McCown as a throw in).

  97. I hope you’re wrong, but I think you will be right. If we get Jason Hill then we are still doing phenonminal. Jarrett didn’t deserve to wear Red and Gold. Did you guys hear Keyshawn talk trash about the niners, saying that they won’t even make the playoffs next year? I’m glad we play the panthers. Jarrett sounded like an idiot when they interviewed him. Plus, realize that the Colts aren’t going to repeat. If anything they will be picking where the Chiefs are this year. They helped their offense, but no defense and they lost a lot of players on that side of the ball.

  98. I can’t be the only one who thinks Steve Breaston (Michgan) or Jordan Kent (Oregan) whould be the best wideout pick left for the niners.

  99. To me, this is STILL A GREAT DRAFT……….if we get Jason Hill. He will sure up the wideout position for us and then we can focus on d-line, maybe one or two offensive linemen, and a running back to help out Frank Gore. So if we pick up Michael Bush…..I will be pretty happy. I agree with you that we need to get Jason Hill….he is the priority at this time.

  100. I don’t think they are the best left, but they would be good for us.

  101. i wanna see patrick willis knock the shit out of keyshawn johnson fur real whos wit me blood for blood from a rebel.

  102. We do need a WR, so I hope they can grab a quality one soon. After WR, I agree we need some help on the D-line. Overall, I think we have had a decent draft so far. We have alot of holes to fill, hence why all these early picks will help us.

  103. If we don’t get Jason Hill I think Aundre Allison will be a good addition he’s big and he return kicks which we need help. I beleive we still need to get the best DE. available then draft a D-lineman. I am still thinking we need a RB for insurance on Gore.

  104. I would love it if Willis let Keyshawn know just how much of a has been he is by blowing him up on the field. Remember, we found a Kwame replacement (a good one), we WILL BE HOPEFULLY SHOPPING HIM NOW, we will be getting a first rounder still, and it will be close to where we probably would have picked anyways, but instead of second round talent, we got 1st.

  105. What the hell does MeShawn know anyway. The guy is still living in the past, he’s washed up. Carolina is in trouble, they basically just drafted his replacement after this year.

  106. Manuel Ramirez is a lock in the 3rd if he is still available and Jason Hill isn’t. I say this because Nolan wants the O line secure and we are going to have some question marks at the end of this season in that area.

  107. why dont they trade kwame now and trade now so we can get hill. Nolan has to realize that darrell jackson aint superman and if he gets hurt who will replace him, arnaz and lelie please we wont get far we need a receiver. And we need him now.

  108. pittman rb still out there for us also

  109. I love Daymeion Hughes, this guy is a game changer in the pass happy PAC10!

  110. Anybody seen this guy Quincy Black play from New Mexico ? I see he runs a 4.42. If he’s a beast could you imagine Willis, Black, and Lawson at LB. That would be called speed.

  111. I say get pittman or bush in the 4th round

  112. I like Pittman too and also Michael Bush (Louisville RB) he’s healthy now and he’s a 250 lb load who could provide relief for Gore & Robinson.

  113. I know this is not a desperate need,but what about McCauley from Fresno State. I think he would be a steal considering he would get time to develop under veteran cb’s.

  114. Not to mention Harris is not a youngster.

  115. We now have a 1St rounder next year and an extra 4th this year. Jarrett was not going to do piss for this team so don’t sweat it. Two first rounders this year and an extra 4th. The league knew we were the shit as soon as they smelt us!

  116. I just listened to Nolan’s press conference talking about selecting Patrick Willis. Nolan is huped up about that pick!! I like the fact he gets excited about the draft like that!! According to Nolan, Willis will be our 3rd down back right out of the gate, and compete with D. Smith and J. Ulbrich for 1st and 2nd down.

  117. What about McCauley from Fresno State ? I think he would be a steal. I know it’s not a desperate need, but its a future need considering Harris is not a youngster anymore. Give me some feedback !!

  118. Niners get the pass blocking o-lineman we need, this is not a backup guy or a developing guy. This guy will be starting and will be essential in pass protection. Did you see the footage? We dont need a reciever; lelie, jackson and battle. Nice. W/ Davis taking safties and Jackson on the other side, gore in the backfield. Need I continue? If we didn’t get this guy we couldn’t even use any of those recievers. Our pass blocking is beyond horrible. We can’t loose from here on out. GO NINERS

  119. McCauley is a great athlete, in High School he played RB & WR on offense & he was recruited as a basketball player too.

  120. agree wit u goatfather but i would still like to see pittman or bush an j hill…a DE soon also

  121. Next pick, DE?

  122. Jackson, if he passes the physical, we be opposite Lelie. And don’t forget we do have a tight end who’s pretty fast. Things are already so much better than last year. I wouldn’t worry about Jarrett, he wasn’t going to do half as much as Jackson can. And we have a tackle for the future. Nolan looks pretty damned good in my book today.

    Now we’re looking for depth.

  123. d jackson has to happen by tommorrow

  124. Its almost time for us to pick again!!! I’m guessing a D lineman.

  125. charles johnson from georgia or jason hill here no doubt, cant believe either one is still on the board

  126. Niners select WE Jason Hill with the 76th pick!!

  127. WR Jason Hill that is.



  130. there it is jason hill wr,so now what we need to do is calm the fuck down, let Nolan do his job, he’s done us right so far, lets what happens tommarow. Go NINERS


  132. Rollin with NOLAN!!!! All of you have been crying for K. Harris head now that we get a OT you guys are all second guessing. Remember if you don’t have time to throw the ball. It doesn’t matter who’s your receivers.Look at the Cardinals.

  133. Yeah we should trade with the Raiders maybe a sixth or a fifth who gives a shit. What ever it is, to make sure we get Bush. Then will have the presidential backfield. Gore and Bush!!

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