Draft Recap

The 49ers walked away with some solid starters and added much needed depth. They also immediately upgraded their wide receiving corps with the trade for receiver Darrell Jackson.

Rd 1: Patrick Willis – LB
Rd 1: Joe Staley – OT
Rd 3: Jason Hill – WR
Rd 3: Ray McDonald – DL
Rd 4: Jay Moore – DE/OLB
Rd 4: Darrell Jackson – WR (Seattle Trade)
Rd 4: Dashon Goldson – DB
Rd 4: Joe Cohen – DT
Rd 5: Tarell Brown – DB
Rd 6: Thomas Clayton – RB

Feel free to grade the draft if you’d like.


~ by 49ersNews on April 29, 2007.

59 Responses to “Draft Recap”

  1. A+ great draft Nolan and co.

  2. A good job lets get them sign and get started

  3. I give the Niner a A+ he added talent and depth to our team

  4. Very nice!!!!

  5. I don’t think that I have all of the knowledge right now to grade the draft but I think it was a pretty solid group of selections. I go to Texas and when we picked Tarell Brown I was excited because he went from my favorite college team to my favorite pro team but he’s really not that good. We got him in the 5th so I think it’s a good deal. And picking up D Jack was money and really helped us fill the hole at WR, especially after drafting Jason Hill. Overall, I like what we’ve done.

  6. …except for maybe the last pick I think everything was good. NFL.com had this to say about Thomas Clayton…Compares To: Maurice Clarett, Nowhere … Alright, he’s not as bad as Clarett, but with his less than spectacular work ethic, penchant for shying away from contact and his questioning of authority, coupled with a “me-first” attitude, why waste a pick on this guy? The production has been marginal and, while he looks the part, he does not play like he is capable of ever being anything more than a player who will fight for a roster spot.


  7. how the hell did the seahawks allow darrell jackson to leave for a fourth round. this is amazing.

  8. A FUCKIN PLUS BABY!!! The last two are fuckin dope smokin’ killers. That’s Nolan’s tribute to Baltimore. We gotta have couple of ‘bad boys’ so we don’t look like a bunch of church goin’ fags!…..Great job Nolan!….What a draft, and D’JAX TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. do any of these guys return kicks well? we need that badly.

  10. Great draft! Grade:B

  11. Did Nolan and company only scout the Senior Bowl? That makes me nervous.

  12. i like willis,hill,mcdonald,jay moore,joe cohen,tarrell brown.im just a little puzzled by trading up for stanley,and goldson who only rad 4.62,and thomas clayton who only ran a 4.60,with charictor isues.i hope they are looking at a couple of rookie free agents! I.M.O.,I DONT KNOCK YOU ON YOURES.

  13. I give the draf an A. The only reason i wont give it an a A+ is beacuse im not too sure about our last pick, but we will see. I love that we picked up D-Jack for a fourth reound pick and Jason Hill. Our offence looks like it is now set up for success and now its up to Alex Smith to lead us to the playoffs. We have Smith throwing to Lelei, Jackson, Davis, Battle and Hill. We have Hard core Frank Gore leading our rushing attack.Our O line is gonna great especially if healthy. Allen, Jennings, Heitman, Bass and Staley are goona give us awesome pass and run blocking. Also keep in mind that Smith is not gonna have to worry about playing from behind like he did in most games because our D is solid now. I love our group of LB’s, Lawson, Willis, Banta-Cain, Smith, Moore!! Our secondary is solid with Clements, Harris, Spencer and Lewis. We are solid. In reality Alex Smith is whats gonna make or break our season and i believe he is gonna take us one step further and into the playoffs. Bring on the cowboys!!!!!

  14. We have two solid number two receivers. D-Jack was the seahawks number 1 last year and thats even after missing 3 games!! He missed a 1000 yard season by 50 yards, he would of gotten close to 1,100 and 70 catches if he would have been healthy. Its a great addition and it replaces us losing Bryant. The upside to it, is that we got Lalei in th eoffseason as well. We are way better than last year. Nolan and Co. know what they are doing, just beleive!!! I am definately Rollin’ with Nolan

  15. Also keep in mind that his numbers would of been better if Matt Hasselbeck wouldn’t have been injured. Awesome draft, awesome picks. D-Jack baby!! Lets get hyped!! We are one step closer to the glory years we once had.

  16. B+. I thought it was a very good draft, but a couple of the defensive picks I thought could have gone for better defensive players. I’d guess though that Nolan is a better reader of talent than I am, so maybe there was something I was missing on some of these guys.

    But highlights to me:
    Willis- Yeah, that one was pretty obvious going into the draft. I was just worried someone would trade up and get him first. He’ll be the next leader of this defense, as Young gets closer to retirement.

    Staley- Didn’t see that one coming, but a great move to get him and replace next years first and fourth picks that it took to get him. Mainly though, thank God no more Kwame starting.

    Hill- I don’t think he’ll do much this year, but three years down the road, he’ll be money.

    Jackson- Just the reliable receiver Smith needs. A quality veteran receiver that immediately puts our receiving core to another level. If he’s healthy, every piece is in place for this offense to be a force this year.

    Brown- Guy’s probably a thug, and probably won’t amount to much more than special teams help, but I like the choice to take a chance. His talent’s there, he’s just got a bad attitude. I like Nolan taking the chance and getting a guy that could be good, and otherwise, who gives a shit, it was a late pick.

  17. i just wish we would have gotten paul soliai…i think we could have made a bigger impact with our day 2 picks but we had a solid draft all in all though

  18. man im getting a playstation 3 with madden 08 just play with that dream team.

  19. I think overall it was a successful draft. In just grading draft picks, I would give it a B. Some picks I can’t argue with, but no one I’m excited to see in action (like I was with Davis last year). And, I think we got most of our needs addressed . . . except for nose tackle. I’m sorry, but a dominating nose tackle is a must-have for a good 3-4 defense. And, we didn’t get one. And, I’m not convinced Aubrayo Franklin is the answer either. So, that was the only thing I wish they had paid more attention to. Otherwise, not bad. Now, if you throw in the Jackson trade (a fourth rounder for the Seahawks productive no. 1 receiver!?!?) that will pump their grade up to an A-. I feel that trade, along with the Hill pick, will give us the personnel we need for our receiving corp. Finally…

  20. I was going to give us a B+, but I remembered that we did get Darrell Jackson. So I have to give us an A-

  21. “how the hell did the seahawks allow darrell jackson to leave for a fourth round. this is amazing.”
    Because they picked up so many top WR, Darrell was not looking at starting. He is a good pickup for us, but we should not sit on this.

  22. A+ from me, we have added weapons again, another successful draft for the best franchise in sports!! Does ANYONE know if we will formally change uni’s to the old ones?????????

  23. the seacocks are dummies!!

  24. D-JACK newest niner threat!!!

  25. Our last two picks are trouble……talented, but trouble. Why didn’t we take the running back out of Florida or Walker from Notre Dame? Character issues effect the locker room and there were better picks to grab at that point. Everything besides those two were impressive.



  28. darrell jackson isnt that good, it was a good deal to get him for a fourth rounder, but its not like its a steal

  29. b- passed on jarrett

  30. I was hoping that they would move K. Harris and Smiley for extra picks. But must be no takers I also wonder about the final 2 picks but have faith that they know what their doing. I wish we could of hit on another DT/DE.

  31. They can try to sign so FA WR like Caldwell (Florida) or McKnight (Noter Dame)

  32. where did u hear willis wanted wear 52??

  33. did anyone forget V.D. I hope that guy gets the most catches and tds he is a SAVAGE!! we dont need bozo wr’s to draft theres not enough balls for them V.DAVIS break out year!!!

  34. Anyone remember the last draft of the last 9er regime?

    I have no major complaints for the McNolan era. Steady improvement. The next step will be to see how all the new pieces jell. Remember, we have two round ones from last year that should show lots of improvement this year. Should be a great year.

  35. solid draft. we got a a playmaker in willis and we got staley who we needed. oline could be a problem after this season, nolan saw that and addresed it. i like hill, a good wr to go with Djac and battle. jhill should compete for other starting wr job. all the other picks were mainly aimed for the transition to 3-4 and ray mcd should be solid. not much spectacular after willis and staley,hill could be good down the line but this draft was mainly to fill up needs with some solid players

  36. D. Walker RB out of N.D wasnt drafted…maybe 9ers will pull him in…more play for that backup role

  37. We should look at matt moore the qb from oregon state he could be a good backup after trent dilfer retires

  38. hey did you guys hear that willis will be wearing ray lewises number 52!!!

  39. Where is everybody hearing this from

  40. good idea for free agent pickup–kyle shotwell, lb, cal poly slo…buchanon award winner…more important–great, great kid–could be a special teams star and would be a great practice player

  41. Dudes. The general consensus is that San Fran is heading in the right direction. If you talk to any of the experts, they’re saying that they love our picks. I was concerned about losing the first round pick in 2008 but we got it back quickly from Indy. We’re collecting guys that love to play football that want to win. I love the fact that coach Nolan coached the Senior Bowl, his intimate knowledge of the players we picked was key. We’re two years away from going for the sixth championship.

  42. yeah I think passing on D. Walker at the end of the draft was a mistake…other than that it was a great draft…B+++

  43. D. Walker is still out there…not drafted..we can still bring him n along with other RB to create competition, Gores back up…Clayton will b a good short yard guy…as long as he dont get n trouble thats why we creat compatition

  44. hes wearing 52

  45. With the exception of Clayton, I think it was a great draft, and I would guess that Nolan knows more about that kid than we do. I keep thinking of an improved O-line opening holes for Gore and protecting Smith while he targets Davis and the new cast of receivers. I see some big steps forward for the Niners. And the defense has to be better than the last couple of years. I don’t think it’s crazy to expect winning the division.

  46. yeah we have a great team but hopefully the loss of norv turner doesnt affect anything.

  47. Hey i guess linebackers found a new number that is popular in #52. Beason the new panther has #52 as well as willis and posluzny. just like tomlinson started 21 and the gore and many others.

  48. its playoffs or bust to win the division we’ll have to address our difficulty with arizona i see no problems i think the only thing that can stop us is the loss of turner if our defense can be intimidating dominating enough to keep it close till our offense starts to gell we might have a chance to be the west champ

  49. No deion started #21 everybody wanted to be like him no matter what pos. You played


  51. I have to give it an A- (gotta leave room for improvement) for the Draft and an A- for the entire offseason (with free agency). Much props for the entire 49ers organization. Man, we’re starting to draft like the 9ers of the 80’s. Hell of a job Nolan!! We picked the right guy for the job!!

  52. Can’t wait for the season to arrive.

  53. i still think we should have gotten dwayne jarrett with the 2nd round pick. this guy is going to be a good if not great player. other then that i love this draft. defense is wat we needed to focus on with a couple positions on offense and thats wat we did.

  54. Pat Willis is going to be a terror! I LOVED THIS DRAFT. The last couple are a ?????? but fuck it it……. A-
    Oh yea and we got D-JACK……. sweeeeeeeeeet mother of god this is a Un-believable!

  55. B+ to A-. Nolan’s picks remind me of our last Genious… Getting 2 first rounders for a first and a second? THAT’S Genious! Getting a high quality proven receiver for a 4th rounder? That’s going to be a steal! Dealing your second round pick, then getting back your first? Nolan said Jarret didn’t have the speed to break away from pro CBs… (Pros are 10 times faster)
    God I Love Nolan….
    In Nolan we trust….
    Is it September yet????

  56. I don’t know about the 6th round pick. Tarrell Brown is at least talented and somewhat ready to contribute whereas the only thing Thomas Clayton is ready to do is be a cancer in the locker room, get in trouble, and stay injured while milking his REALLY small paycheck. There were better running backs still available….I hope Nolan proves me wrong.

  57. Dwayne Jarrett has BUST written all over him.

  58. It’s funny how there were sooo many complaints of kwame (holding) and jennings (injuries) last year. Now that Nolan addressed it, people are complaining why we didn’t get jarrett. I dunno, I better hope someone would protect my blindside better, and not get the offense a holding penalty while I throw to jarrett. Hmmm…

  59. hey ryan the 1st,i didnt like him at first but he is a “change of pace back”he is like a pounder we use to use up the clock at the end of games. kind of another barlow maybe a bit better.gives us that g.hearst/barlow afect when barlow was decent in his first couple of years.mmmmmmmaybe.

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