MMP: The Day After the Draft

mmp.pngThe Draft is officially over and from reading around the net the 49ers have been getting nothing but praise and high grades.

Czar gives the 49ers an A+ (Fox Sports)

Prisco gives an A (CBS Sportsline)

Sporting News want to be a little different and hand out a B

Kiper hands out a B grade, but more importantly thinks Thomas Clayton will be a nice backup to Ryan Gore. (Hey Mel, his name if Frank)

The 1st UDFA brought in by the 49ers is Akron QB Luke Getsy

49ers Rape the Seahawks (SF Illustrated)

No link, but Todd McShay on Mike & Mike says the 49ers had one of the best drafts and loves the direction they are going and can see them in the title game in ’08.

Quote of the day: “With all due respect to who had it before I did, but by the time I leave this organization, I would like people to say ‘Patrick Willis wore number 52 – one of the best players to ever wear it.’”


~ by 49ersNews on April 30, 2007.

51 Responses to “MMP: The Day After the Draft”

  1. im glad its finley over,pretty good job!

  2. We are not going to match up at offense with the elite teams Young nieve fans, we just want. We have no Big Tall impact receivers. The Corners and safetys are going to discourage and eat these current receiovers for breakfast, with the exception of Leli and Battle those are the only receivers we have, were screwed! I can’t believe we passed on Jarrett at 42, or Jacoby jones these guys we’lll be stars! Were Double screwed lets face it we hav no offense jackson want help to small! We need big Tall receivers or were screwed!

  3. Excellent defense!- maybe? NOOOOOOOOO Offense at all! Were Screwed, Jackson will not be a big factor, he”ll be descent help, but not a big factor, we need a big Tall Receiver to complement Lelie or were in Deep Shit!

  4. All our receivers are short as shit small college like receivers not good to compete. we neeed a tall receiver besides lelie, i can’t believe we only have on tall receiver and the rest are tiny! Were going to suck on offense, you guys got what you want. We may stop the others teams from scoring, but want be able to win the game without points on the board. You guys can watch the defense make big hits every day, but when we go to Dallas and seee B.O. and company were gonna get our asses kicked and you young guys who think their no rivarly their you ge ta reality check overnight and realize those bastards hate us! So, mike Nolan better do something about Taller Receivers!

  5. I think your forgetting that we are a running team bonehead.

  6. shut up, idiot. there’s a really good reason why you’re not making picks.

  7. I want us Back to glory, but were not doing shit with the short ass receivers! They we’ll be covered up and defended all the time. The Tall receivers can stay above safetys and corners not if your the same size or small! Watch!

  8. a reciever doesnt maker the team dumbass

  9. I don’t remember Jerry Rice being tall.

  10. Great job NINERS!!! great first day picks and second day picks as well, especially with DB/T. Brown who was a potential 1st round pick, but slipped because of character issues. GRADE=A

  11. If he’s healthy, Darrell Jackson will make a HUGE impact on this offense. I live in Seattle and have been watching him play for seven years. He is a great possession receiver who makes plays down the field and in the red zone. I don’t care how tall he is, he gets open and makes plays. This is an absolute steal. The Seahwaks are getting skewered up here in the press for making this deal and rightly so. They just gave the Niners the weapon they needed. This trade will end up being a lot like when the Rams traded us Wendell Tyler back in the 80’s – but better because Jackson is younger. The people that are saying that he won’t make us better flat out do not know what they are talking about.

  12. umm…..the only WR we lost was AB. I think djax is at least equal to him ( I think better) and we got lelie and the rookie j.Hill. How will our offense be screwed? or at least any worse? We scored last year without a stud WR.

  13. Yeah I went to last night and ya’ll probably know already that they have video clips on the draft picks and we’re looking really good but T.Brown I like what I see dude will hit you in the mouth it was something going on with the jay moore clip to where it kept showing the ray mcdonald clip but other than that nolan and company had a solid draft.

    Now all we have to do is focus on another receiver undrafted and don’t forget the players that will get released between now and preseason so stay tuned fellas we’ll be fine GO NINERS BABY!!!!!!!!!

  14. good point smashmouth…..

    49ers for life….define a short receiver, define a tall receiver?

    Would you like to have the Panthers Steve Smith on the Niners? I think thats an easy answer.

    Its simple and I’ll tell the secret….its called TALENT lol

    Ill take a proven D. Jackson for a fourth rounder over Jarret whos never played one snap in the pro’s. You also forget that if our coaches do it right….we have a TE like no=one else. I think having these compliment of WR with Davis is a great mix of talent. Id rather focus my passing game around him. We invested millions anyways!

  15. oh yeah, its important to know Kiper gave us a B+ and that is the highest grade he gave any team.

  16. The thing about college WR’s, if they have good size and can jump the beat the crap out of college DBs. In the pro’s that won’t work because the short DB can jump higher than the WR. That is why Jarret was a stud in college and will blow in the NFL

  17. What’s with all of the negative talk about our picks? Let’s get one thing straight about Dwayne Jarrett. Jarrett struggles in press coverage. Jarrett was “handled” by many corners who are still playing college ball. Jarrett is a project that needs to get stronger and faster. You can’t teach speed so I’m not sure what the issue is. Jarrett is way overrated and most experts believe that he’ll probably struggle early in his career. There’s no shortage of people out there that will tell you that Jarrett left for the draft too early and he probably doesn’t have the skills to be a number one receiver in the NFL. As good as a receiver as Jackson is, we still don’t have a true number one receiver in my opinion. Hopefully an opportunity will present itself in the future that will allow us to get the kind of receiver we lost when Terrel left. Don’t forget that Nolan and company have made good football decision that most experts support.

  18. What ya’ll think we need to do with speacial teams I wish we can get a deavan hester type returner so we can kill teams on kick offs just like when we have to punt or kick the ball off we’ll be solid on that side too.

  19. anyone hear anything on if we signed any half way decent rookie free agents.

  20. I am hoping we sign Leak, Zabranski or Palko as a 3rd string QB

  21. Leak signed with chicago

  22. for all my true 49er fans please remember how young of a football team we are……we do not have to make this a over night process Coach Nolan has made things happen from day one and he is still making things happen i;m happy about were we are going and keep in mind next year we will still be one of those tops teams that can make moves on free agents

  23. did we sign that quarterback from akron?

  24. and next year there is no way the ravens are going to let ed reed go or terrell suggs get away like a.thomas.

  25. But they dont have the money

  26. just like every team every year we will have some holes the diffenece is how many holes each teams has all we have to do is play our cards right and once guys see we are a young team on the rise and it helps that we are young and in the NFC players will come i feel good about our future guy try to think about us 3 years from now??????

  27. as well as we did in free agentcy and the draft.we still will build threw the draft.we got good starters now except for a proven wide out and a left guard what we will probley get in next years draft.

  28. i feel good about our future with
    D Jackson as the #1
    Ashley Lelie as the #2
    Jason Hill and Arnaz Battle who played well last season and dont forget Vernon Davis thats just the passing game to open the things up
    keep in mind our O Line played ok last season we are on the rise we are coming and i say that to because we are in the NFC

  29. so doess anyone know who the top wideouts and guards are for next years draft?


  31. The eagles released dahani jones can we have any use for him?

  32. 49ers4life is an idiot. look at the best wrs in the league. steve smith, marvin harrison, santana moss, reggie wayne, the list goes on. these are all relativly small and fast recievers. we can strech the field with hill, lelie. battle and jackson are perfect possesion recievers. vernon is a beast. lets not forget about walker. alex will have a great year. mark my words. Jackson is fucking legit. 60 plus catches and ten tds in 13 games. are you fucking kidding me.

  33. IF…….he stays healthy…

  34. Hi guys! I’ve been a 49er since my dear departed father got me started when I was five, and at the end of May I turn 60; that’s a lot of ups and downs as a loyal fan. I’m here to tell you that we are on the verge of something very special-not there yet, but getting very close. I think that getting DJ from the Seasnots is similar to the time we got Fred Dean from the Chargers. Dean helped us become a feared team on “D”, just like Jackson will make us so much better on offense. We’re talking one of the premier possession receivers in the entire NFL, and only 28! With this man running precise routes during critical times on the field, Alex Smith should realize his potential as a Montana-Brady like leader, orchestrating a well balanced attack predicated on moving the chains and setting up the home run! I can’t wait for this season to get under way! GO NINERS!

  35. your comparing alex smith to,joe montana or tom brady?i say maybe jim plunket or steve deberg.but i realy dont like comparing people to others.but we still got a good seniorbowl squad.

  36. We also got an A @ yahoo sports…;_ylt=AjXoOGlfVbqWi3pw96Cmm0Y5nYcB?slug=cr-nfcdraftgrades043007&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

    I also love how everyone whines about jarrett when you look at how well his twin aka mike williams did in detroit

  37. I know someone said this before but why complain about not having tall ass receivers? look at the jaguars their receivers are like 6’4, 6’5 etc but do they dominate? NOPE!

  38. so what # you think Jackson will wear?

  39. What is the obsession with big and tall receivers? There are basically only 3 good large receivers in the league, Roy Williams, Terrel Owens, and Plexico Burress. Yet all three of their respective teams have below average offenses.

    Look at the Super Bowl teams…any big receivers on either the Colts or Bears…no. How about the runners up from each conference: The Patriots didn’t. The Saints do have Colston, I’ll give you that. A look at the other top teams reveal a similar lack of large receivers: the Ravens don’t have anyone like that, the Chargers have a big TE (which we already have in Davis) but no big receiver, the second best receiver core in the league (the Bengals) have no big receivers, and neither do the Seahawks, Chiefs, or Jets. Notice a pattern.

    Big receivers are overrated and are often busts. Jarret could be as bad as Mike Williams or if he’s really great, as good as Keyshawn (in other words, really overrated and not spectacular or ever on a winning team). With the new rules, speed, not size, is the most important tangible for a receiver. We got speed in Hill and Lelie. We also have good route runners in Battle and now in Jackson. I think we’re completely set.

  40. keep looking at stats all day, but it want change the fact that the corners in the playoffs like that scumbag roy williams will do to our short receivers that don’t have thqat extention. yeah rice was shoter 6’1 or close but he p[alyed in a different era, in the last 10 years receivers can’t hang if their not taller with an acception of steve smith and terri glen those are a rarity, but not very common. You have to be special if your shorter these days, it’s not easy, but makes it easy if your taller bigger target!

  41. hell ya i feel good about what we have go niners !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  42. The draft wasn’t terrible, excellent on defense, but we could of addressed Receivers which is lacking now! How can we shovel our selfs out of this one!

  43. they did address receivers. Hill in the 3rd and Jackson in the 4th.

  44. No way was I comparing Smith to Joe Cool or Mr. Brady; the term was Montana-Brady like-there is a huge difference! Alex has a long way to go, I just think DJ helps himm a ton. Just for the record here, Joe was the greatest that ever was!

  45. only one receiver addresed! we need one more elite receiver!

  46. Any receiver who has a step on the DB becomes “OPEN” no matter how tall he is…..

  47. but if the corner is tall and the ball is under thrown i got it.

  48. Y! SPORTS gave the niners A for th draft… WILLIS and STALEY are top of the line and fit the niners organization..the rest are known to be sleepers…hopefully they wake up early in their career…Mcdonald and cohen might be the future dt’s for a 4-3 or nickel n dime we can mix it up, be more effective n not juz line up 3-4…bahbye KWAME HARRIS..bahbye DEREK SMITH..ash lelie, d. jackson, and developing Jason Hill… FINALLY a better WR core.. that CB n S/CB we got…hard hitters…with Keith Lewis n that linebacker form the titans..way better specialteams coverage..we aint gotta worry about dante hall being with the rams…thurrs no steady back RB for gore…hopefully that Kansas RB can be that guy.

  49. 49errebel please think before you type… do u really think tall receivers are necessary? If you look at the production of the top receivers in the league there is maybe 2 of them that are 6’2″ or taller so why would we NEED a tall guy? D-Jack was a top 20 receiver in every category last year and Hill will be a real deep threat too… That’s why we don’t need another “tall” receiver, those pick ups will be hella good for our team offense… This is already looking like its going to be a much improved season

  50. For all you moron’s that think that we need a big tall receiver…here’s a little comparison that proves that size isn’t everything.

    Marvin Harrison 6’0″
    Reggie Wayne 6’0″

    Darrell Jackson 5’11”
    Ashley Lelie 6’3″
    Arnaz Battle 6’1″

    I realize the skill set isn’t the same…but size isn’t what some of you guys make it out to be. Darrell Jackson has had a very respectable carrier so far, and Ashley Lelie could be a pretty damn good threat. The real question that will decide how these receivers do, and ultimately the 9ers fate is, will Alex Smith come into his own…I think everyone is in for a big surprise this year.

  51. And plus, Roy Williams isnt a corner..he’s a safety..DJax is a true #1, 49errebel, so KNOW that we’re set buddy. and remember VD(yes, he’s a disease for other teams) has that ‘big’ size your lookin for, and he will play some slot, his speed is if you would, why dont you think as VD as that ‘big’ receiver(even though hes a TE). But you need top know that we’re solid..Not quite ther yet, but we definitely have a squad that teams will NOT want to play in the playoffs

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