Video: Draft Day 2 Highlights

Highlights of the second day of the NFL Draft


~ by 49ersNews on April 30, 2007.

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  1. thanks for the video.

  2. so what # you think Jackson will wear?

  3. any one want to talk some football go niners so what # you think Jackson will wear?

  4. 89 is the only number left in the 80’s. So either that or one of the teens

  5. ya but isnt ther 81 to i hope he dont wre that i think ashley might give up 82 and then go to the teens or 89 but will see i just dont want 81 on the team for awhile or a least not on one are #1 wr i cant wate till the season starts go niners ya baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Brandon Williams took 81.

  7. Yo (Thomas Clayton) I didn’t get to see most of the second day but I’m just getting to see his highlights it looks like he got break away speed and did ya’ll see how he hit the holes if he didn’t have break away speed he wouldn’t hit the holes like that and he had dudes running to catch him and the results still turned into a touchdown I’m loving it


  8. i cant wait till next year man playoffs im calling it now jackson is gona show the seahawks it was a mistake to let him go yay no more kwame wooooo no more holding yes yes yes gore will get more then last year if he and the line stays healthy which im hoping for willis will kick some ass i hope smith hits 20 tds 3,000 yards i say we go 10 and 6 or 9 and 7 this year

  9. I love nolan and what were doing but we need one more big,Tall explosive receiver! Thats it, we can’t count on Lelie for everthing. You don’t need spped you need to be open and the taller you are the more open you are, and least likely to stand above with no interceptions. The reach is the key with tall receivers, something short guys don’t have if you now what I mean!

  10. The corners and safety will have a harder time jumping up with the tall guys!

  11. i like the video and i;m very happy cause the more i look at it i think about how young of a football team we are and the things we can do i;m looking foward to the season and what Nolan and the rest of the coaching staff brings to us

  12. What is with everyone and height? Guys like Steve Smith have just as easy a time getting to the ball as guys like Randy Moss.

  13. So now are WR core is set, who is our number 1,2 and so forth?

  14. Also about the height thing.

    The 49ers top 4
    Darrell Jackson 6’0″
    Ashley Lelie 6’3″
    Arnaz Battle 6’1″
    Jason Hill 6’1″

    Random NFL Receivers
    Terrell Owens 6’3″
    Randy Moss 6’4″
    Marvin Harrison 6’0″
    Steve Smith 5’9″
    Jerry Rice 6’2″
    Dwayne Jarrett 6’4″
    Sidney Rice 6’4″
    Dwayne Bowe 6’2″
    Robert Meachem 6’2″
    Deion Branch 5’9″
    Donte Stallworth 6’0″
    Javon Walker 6’3″
    Donald Driver 6’0″
    Keyshawn Johnson 6’3″
    Chad Johnson 6’1″
    T.J. Houshmandzadeh 6’1″
    Derrick Mason 5’11”

    Being a good receiver in the NFL isnt all height.

  15. My point of this is there isnt one constant of height meaning success. There are some below 6′ some at 6′ some at 6’1″ some at 6’2″ some at 6’3″ and some at 6’4″.

  16. Thanks for these videos, I love the way you edit stuff together.

  17. this year dwayne jarrett will look decent because of the panthers have k.johnson steve smith and they need a tight end to get better,so look for him to be ok.but after k. johnson retires then he will be a starter.then we will see how good he is.

  18. give jason hill a year or two for alex smith to get better and lelie to leave and we will be a thousand yard receiver.i wonder if we will use,joe stanley will at left tackle.since we got snyder at right tackle.

  19. We finally get a little love from the media. That is the longest anaylsis/praise I’ve heard about the 49ers on ESPN for a long time.

  20. Still not convinced about out WR’s. Is there anyone out there?

  21. i think darrell jackson will use #19 because ashley lelie has #82 and being a 2 receiver he wont give up his number.



  24. marcus maxwell will caugh up the number just like vickel vaughn did for micheaL lewis.


  26. yeah hopefully he doesnt start getting in trouble with the law. #81 is cursed by bryant and owens. i would have kept 17 thats a unique number in fact darrell jackson should sport it.



  29. 17 fits jason hill because hes a rookie and darrell deserves a number in the 80’s. lelie should trade numbers.


  31. Trey Wingo is a douchebag.

  32. has Hicks resigned?????? Also there is a NT the is a UFA his name is Walter Thomas and is about 6-4 and 374 pounds… here is what they have to say bout him….Has a thick, massive frame with long arms, large hands, very thick chest, broad shoulders, thick thighs and calves … Demonstrates excellent foot speed for a player carrying his girth, but he could be even more efficient if he shed roughly 30-40 pounds … shows a non-stop effort … Has very good explosion off the snap and is explosive penetrating the gaps … Lays it on the line every play and, despite his tall frame, he shows a low center of gravity and very good upper-body strength to deliver vicious arm swipes … Once he gains advantage over an opponent, he keeps it … Stacks at the point of attack and uses his leverage and strength to hold ground firmly … Keeps his feet free and is a powerful force shooting the gaps … Demands constant double-team action to contain him and is not moved off his mark quickly … Will create problems if an opponent attempts to single block him … Gets a good push coming off the snap and arrives in the backfield with intent on getting to the passer … Has the hand usage to control blockers on strength alone … For a player his size, he is very nimble and light on his feet, showing good stop-and-go action…. He compares best to Terdell Sands, Oakland — Actually, Thomas is a mixture of Ted Washington, for size and ability to occupy multiple blocker; Sands, for his explosion and long reach; and Marcus Stroud, for his ability to shoot the gaps and wreak havoc in the backfield … Don’t be surprised if Jacksonville takes this player to develop behind Stroud and John Henderson, who could be perfect mentors to unearth his hidden talent … This might be the best “unknown” player in the 2007 draft….

    Sounds like we should pick him up fast

  33. he is a big body that takes up space and keeps the lineman off your linebackers if Nolan is that type of coach i agree we should pick him up an work with him but i dont see that happening……….i keep saying what a young team we are and i;m happy for that im looking foward to out young guys growing together no one has had nothing bad to say about our offseason and draft lets keep a level head and keep up the good work

  34. hicks is on the roster,did any one know ,if anyone took the defensive tackle from fresno state?

  35. DoucheBag, i think the 49ers are set at wr. Its gonna be jackson #1 and lelie at #2, then arnaz battle and jason hill will fight for the 3 spot, soo pretty much arnaz could be the #4 and he still isnt bad. The 9ers also have gilmore, jason williams, and the WR from the redskins what we got when we traded rump.

  36. someone said on here before,that he felt bad for brady quinn,because he fell to personaly,i feel more sorry for Jamarcus Russell.every magazine and front cover got brady quinn on it and jamarcus russell wich everyone new was going to be the top pick wasnt on any of the draft isues i tired of brady quinns face already and he hasnt even played a nfl game yet.

  37. the NFL is already out and tring to make Brady Quinn the next poster child i dont feel sorry for him at all like the said on NFL Live he will sign a contract and make more money than 98% of everyone that was watching the draft Fuck brady Quinn

  38. brady quinn=rick meir as it pertains to receivers i agree with scotts’ assessment jason hill will be the 3rd wideout i hope to see alot of smith to davis deep and often this could be our division if we can stop arizona

  39. I have to laugh. The media up here in Seattle just can’t let the Darrell Jackson thing go. They are upset he was traded at all but are just beside themselves that he went to the Niners and for only a fourth! They’re saying they should have just released him and ate his salary rather than arm the Niners with a weapon. The Seahawks and their fans have noticed what is going on in SF and they are worried. Holmgren and Ruskell were on the radio this morning saying they HAVE to figure out a way to stop Frank Gore. They are still smarting from the two whippings we gave them last year.

  40. Who is going to get cut… Gilmore, Jacobs, Maxwell? I am guessing that one will have to go if we have Jackson, Lelie, Battle, Hill, and Williams.

  41. i’m betting maxwell and jacobs won’t make it through training camp

  42. mike Nolan is the modern Day bill walsh, he’s a Champion, and he brings that championship attitude, we may not have the best receiving corp, but the expectations of Mike will make them better, and make them expect Better, so I’m so Damn excited-Were Back! 49ers Future Superbowl Champs!

  43. Players are going to want to come here once again!

  44. I hear ya JW. Wouldn’t mind seeing Jacobs make it over Gilmore with the idea that Jacobs has more potential. Although Gilmore’s special teams contributions will tip the scale in his favor.

  45. Willis is going to kick some butt! He a Damn good person. That’s what I like about nolan he signs character individuals, The Grandma always told me you are who you hang around! And having good people around each other in the locker room will bring sucess to the 49ers!

  46. 49ers are back!

  47. i am sick and tired of listening to every sports channel talk about how much brady quinn slipped its like they are tring to make him the next poster child for the NFL so what he drop get over it

  48. lets talk about how the 49ers get a grade of A+ in the draft Jason Hill was a steal watch the kid runs a 4.3 and ashley lelie can run as well i hope they move him to the number 2 cause when he was in Denver playing the number 2 he was a beast

  49. 49ers sign WR Dominique Zeigler of Baylor
    undrafted free agent
    i could not find anything on this guy

    who is he??????

  50. I’m thinking Battle and Lelie will fight it out for the #2 spot. Don’t forget, Battle has earned his stripes with the coaches since Nolan has come here. Jackson being Seattle’s most productive receiver will more than likely earn the #1 spot. Whoever makes these videos is a genius. :whistle:

  51. My only thing against Jason Hill is that I haven’t seen big leaping ability out of him. I love his speed though, and I’m sure Jerry Sullivan will do wonders with his skill set. I still think Arnaz will get that #3 spot over Hill though. Battle is clutch. He converted so many third downs this year. He was the 2nd most important player to our success this year after Frank Gore. I’m not sure if Joe Staley will start this year, because they talked about him having more upside than being polished and that he needs to gain a little more strength. I’m sure he’ll turn out to be an elite LT though, I just don’t know if he’ll start opening day.
    AS far as the last two picks, the character quality is questionable, but I think that by now, there is enough leadership in our locker room to withstand a couple of guys with shaky histories. The draft was a huge success, and our offseason is comparable to New England’s. In fact, we found more starters and improved our roster more than the Patriots. The difference is that the Patriots will be favorites going into the season, so they’re getting tons of hype and they’re acquisitions will pay off more immediately, whereas ours will be paying off in the next 10 years.

  52. Jeremy! were did you here we signed Dominique Zieglar. I don’t see it on the 49ers site at all, Is it official yet, let me know. Does anyone know how goods this guy is?

  53. I’ve heard of him down here, He up by Austin, Hope he ends up like Marques Colstain!

  54. JERAMY,you asked about,dominique zeigler, he is 6-2 and a half,180 football summary;clutch college performer who needs to play hard all of the time and has yet to show the consistencey of a pro.had 9 catches and 140 yards and a T.D. against oklahoma,and had 12 catches 121 yards and 2-T.D. against texas A/M.

  55. New receiver Dominique Zeiglar looks like Andre Johnson! I hope he plays like em. Man I’m really excited, they must no something special about this guy. The thing I love about Nolan is that he is also like a college scout on players, he really has a eye for Talent!

  56. the only thing about d.zeiglar is he used to run track. but only ran a 4.6 in the 40.

  57. Another College Guy to watch for this year for the next Draft is Marques Culstan out of San Francisco City College who now plays for Nebraska. The guy is 6’4 215 and he plays hard, I think he’ll be a Superstar, He’ll probably draft like Jarrett, but he will play awesome in the NFL. I’ve seen this guy play in college and he’s unbelievable!

  58. Shit1 I mean Maurice Purify, I’m thinking too much about Culstan!

  59. and the other thing said about him is he dont lie to block,started 9 of 10 games in 2004-55 catches for 535 yards and 5 touchdowns,started all 11 games in 2005-48 catches for 563 yards and 5 touchdowns,started 10 of 11 games in 2006 ;54 catches for 741 yards and 3 touch downs. there are D. ZEIGLAR.

  60. Maurice purify will be a good guy to scout in the future for our team, he’s from Eureka and he grew up a big 49er fan. We need to keep him as a prospect!

  61. dont like to block i ment,my k botton keeps sticking.

  62. Do think he’ll be good Jerry!

  63. or released later!

  64. I hope he’s good!

  65. jerry were did you see him getting signed!

  66. not in nolans systeme,the receivers gatta block alot for the gore whore.

  67. That Sucks Man, Are we getting more receivers in the future for this coming season!

  68. or are we capped out by now!

  69. i didnt see it eather,i didnt watch any t.v. or been on any other sites yet.i heard it from jeremy on this site.

  70. Well, do you think we’ll get anymore impact receivers this coming season!

  71. did anyone pick up that wide out from miami yet?`ryan moore` does anyone know that yet?he would be a steal as a rookie free agent,i would think.

  72. Someone said that piece of junk Keyshawn Johnson was released by the Panthers today!

  73. I wouldn’t want that opinionated Cowboy lover!

  74. the only thing with ryan moore out of miami is that drew rousenhaus is probley his agent since he likes miami and florida players.

  75. The Radio down here is saying the texans might want Keyshawn Johnson! Can you believe that piece of junk talked trash to Steve Young during the draft and told him lets get serious the 49ers are’nt going to be that good, man that guy sucks he represents evrything I hate about the Cowtippers!

  76. Keyshawn Opionated Cowboy Fan Johnson was released today by the Panthers!

  77. Keyshawn Opionated Cowboy Fan Johnson was released today by the Panthers! He needs to retire or he can be our waterboy!

  78. Is ryan more pretty good!

  79. How much cap room do we have!

  80. even after keyshawn johnson was kicked out of dallas by T.O..he is still a cowboy fan?i wouldnt mind having him, lelie,davis and hill deep would leave johnson and battle to do to the underneath work.

  81. Jerry are you familiar with Maurice Purify. Do you think that palyer has talent. I just think he’s going to be someone we need to try to go for next year!

  82. Did anybody catch the Jerry Rice interview on the hotlist and if so what did he talk about and as far as what receiver will play is what spot I figure who’s ever left use them on special teams and we definatly need a good punt and kick returner the same with the running backs because I think it’ll go Gore #1 clayton #2 and robinson on 3rd down situations tyler jacobs at punt and kick returns because he has good break away speed and he’s strong, well from what I got to see we don’t get alot of 49ers games here in philly.

  83. but i highly doubt that nolan wants,keshawn johnson to be a niner with his attitude problem……give me the damn ball!!!!!!!

  84. after the panther release k.johnson,i guess that dwayne jarrett will be the #2 wide receiver now.

  85. Oh yeah I didn’t get a chance to talk about that shit keyshawn Johnson said during the draft fuck him then again you know what pick him up and put him in the back of the receiver rotation and make him earn a roster spot to hurt his fucking pride (PUSSY)!

  86. I think Keyshawnwould be good with us, we would convert him to our orginization and show him class, he would come around and realize that this is the True America’s team, not hillbilly land like Dallas! the philosophy with the dallas fans down here is once a cowbilly always a cowbilly! Man I’m in cowboy He’ll down here I just wish their was more 49ers fans down here, their not many, but people are coming around! Lets win number 6 and they’ll come around!

  87. It pissed me off man what hew said. You guys don’t realize up their the people in Dallas and most of Texas hate 49er fans. I get tawnted all the time by guys in jacked up 4 monster trucks who have stickers that say mud slut! I have my 49ers sticker on my SUV and man I get tailgated on the road! They just don’t know taste down here!

  88. But ya keyshawn is the example Once a Cowboy always an Cowboy, I don’t see what those guys see in Dallas, Deon sanders, Charley Haley, why they left, and that orginization, trust me I’ve been their. Theirs nothing their but Super Walmarts and hillbillies hanging out watching wrestling matches!

  89. I hate Keyshawn Johnson

  90. 49ers sign WR Dominique Zeigler of Baylor

    some of the guys ask were i got this from and this is a website that gives alot of info check it out peeps

  91. its easy to dislike Keyshawn but he gives u 110% all the time he goes over the middle and he blocks he would be someone that can teach our young wideouts the game he is not fast but he gets his numbers but i dont see it happening but he could help us teach our young wideouts

  92. Draft class adds to an already improved 49ers team

    It’s the day after the NFL Draft weekend. This is the day that Niner fans use to scour the web for info on the team’s latest rookie class rather than actually be productive at work. Fans have good reason to be excited about this offseason. The team has gone from a 2-14 joke in 2004 to a team on the rise that has, according to many in media, a legitimate shot at dethroning the Seattle Seahawks as NFC West Champions. All of this was accomplished in just three offseasons under head coach Mike Nolan, who obviously had a plan in place from the very beginning and is now being recognized around the NFL as the reason behind the team’s resurrection.

    After a killing in free agency, where the 49ers had some of the deepest pockets as far as salary cap room was concerned, Nolan and his staff are once again being commended for their 2007 rookie selections.

    LB Patrick Willis of Mississippi and the 49ers linebackers

    This year’s NFL Draft didn’t have as many big name players as last year. With the exception of maybe Calvin Johnson, there were no Reggie Bushes or Vince Youngs. However, there definitely was some great talent available. Niner fans once again got the player they had their targets set on in linebacker Patrick Willis of Mississippi. While linebacker was not the biggest need for the team, Willis was too good a prospect for the 49ers to pass up. Many draft experts have compared him to Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis. Willis has the size (6-1, 242 pounds at the Combine), speed and instincts to make it at the pro level. The 49ers staff loved what they saw from Willis at the Senior Bowl and that exposure likely boosted his stock. Had the 49ers not taken Willis with the 11th selection, he would not have dropped too far since the Buffalo Bills were sitting there at number 12 ready to scoop him up. Willis was so good a prospect that the Denver Broncos were trying to complete a trade with the Houston Texans to move up to the number 10 spot in order to steal him away from San Francisco. Chris Horwedel of NFL Draft Blitz called Willis “THE can’t miss defensive player in this draft.” Everyone seems to feel that Willis will flourish in the 3-4 defense that the 49ers will run in 2007. Nolan said that Willis will compete with Derek Smith for the starting weak inside linebacker position.

    With Patrick Willis teamed up with players like Manny Lawson, Tully Banta-Cain, the former Patriot acquired during free agency, Brandon Moore, Derek Smith and Jeff Ulbrich, the 49ers look to be pretty set at linebacker. As far as character goes, the 49ers could not have chosen a better player. On the field, assistant head coach Mike Singletary has positively commented on Willis’ “coachability.” Willis has shown his maturity off the field as well. At age four, his mother had left. The pressure of raising four kids was too much for his father and that resulted in abuse for him and his siblings. He helped to raise his siblings once they all moved in with foster parents. Before Willis’ senior season at Mississippi, his younger brother, who was also on his way to making a name for himself as a football player, drowned at the age of 17 and it was Willis that helped his family through it, keeping the siblings together and on the right path. Because of this, Willis learned early what it meant to be on a team. The events of his life have made him stronger and there is no question about his desire to overcome anything that life throws at him.

    OT Joe Staley of Central Michigan and the 49ers offensive line

    In a pretty confident move by Mike Nolan, the 49ers gave up their 2008 first round selection and a fourth rounder this year to the New England Patriots to secure the 28th overall pick. This move is confident because Nolan must feel that the 49ers will be selecting later in the first round of next year’s Draft anyway. Should the 49ers make the playoffs, this would have been the outcome. The team also handed over their 100th selection in this past weekend’s draft to the Patriots. They did this because there was a guy still available that the 49ers had on their draft board as a legitimate first round player. Offensive tackle Joe Staley out of Central Michigan was that guy. Offensive line coach George Warhop told Staley that he will be the team’s right tackle, hopefully replacing Kwame Harris. This pick most likely delighted 49ers fans as Harris was famous for holding penalties, especially during big plays. Staley should be a solid tackle for years to come. While Harris did make mistakes, no one was really sure that the team should mess with the offensive line that helped Frank Gore to gain 1,695 yards in 2006. With the predicted pick of Patrick Willis at number 11, would a top quality offensive lineman still be there in the second round at number 42 (a pick that was later traded)? Besides, everyone figured that the 49ers would take the best wide receiver available with that pick. Staley was still there so the move seemed logical to the team.

    While he did not expect San Francisco to be one of his destinations, Staley expressed his excitement to be with 49ers. He admired the team’s rich history, something that became very apparent upon arriving at the team’s headquarters and seeing the five Lombardi trophies on display. That was not all he was excited about. Growing up, he was a big fan of Larry Allen and is looking forward to the opportunity to not only play along side him, but learn from one favorite players.

    Not only do the 49ers get one of the top 3 tackles in the Draft, a guy that should be able to step in and start right away, but they now have good depth at the position should Jonas Jennings get injured again. Jennings and Staley anchoring the outside has to be very reassuring for quarterback Alex Smith. Now all the team needs is to re-sign Justin Smiley to a long term contract and they are set. Yes, I am one of the minority that feels that locking up Smiley would be a solid move. He has proven to be a solid player during training camp and during his play in 2006. I was very pleased that Smiley was not traded and I continue to hope that a fair deal can be worked out.

    Regaining a first round selection in 2008

    The move to grab Staley left the team without a 2008 first round selection. However, that changed when Nolan made another move in the second round on Saturday. The team gave up their second round selection (42nd overall) to the Indianapolis Colts for their first round selection in 2008 and a fourth round selection (126th overall) this past weekend. A solid move by Nolan considering the Colts’ chances of repeating as Super Bowl Champions has been damaged by their losses in free agency and lack of moves on their part. New England and San Diego look like the best teams in the AFC at this point and the Colts won’t have enough talent anymore to overcome them.

    WR Jason Hill of Washington State and the 49ers wide receivers

    The 49ers released Antonio Bryant after the 2006 season leaving their group of wide receivers very questionable when it comes to talent. Sure Arnaz Battle has played fairly well and proven to be a solid possession receiver, but last season was the first time that he appeared in all 16 games and there are still questions whether or not he is a number one receiver in the NFL. Battle hopes to kill those questions in 2007. Behind him are a number of “potential” guys. The team signed Ashley Lelie in the offseason, a questionable move to some. Would it be the Lelie that had 1,084 yards receiving and 7 touchdowns in 2004 with the Denver Broncos or would it be the Lelie that had 430 yards receiving and one touchdown in 2006 with the Atlanta Falcons? It was apparent that the team needed some help at wide receiver and this draft had a lot of depth at that position.

    In the third round, San Francisco selected Jason Hill, the wide receiver out of Washington State. Hill had two 1,000+ yard seasons with the Cougars in 2004 and 2005. In his final three years of college play, he had 148 receptions for 2,704 yards and 32 touchdowns. That is over 18 yards per catch for those that do not have a calculator nearby. He has the speed to burn cornerbacks which was made apparent after his fast 4.35 40-time at the Combine.

    Hill is a local boy having grown up in the Fillmore district of San Francisco so this has to be exciting for him. While Hill played for the North squad at the Senior Bowl, he made sure to go up to Nolan, who was coaching the South squad, and let him know that he would love to be a 49er. His attitude on the field shows confidence in his abilities, something that is absolutely needed in a wide receiver. If anyone can bring out Hill’s best abilities, it will be 49ers wide receivers coach Jerry Sullivan.

    The 49ers were predicted to take at least two wide receivers in the Draft. Instead, they just took one. This was because a trade for Seattle veteran wide receiver Darrell Jackson was agreed upon prior to the start of the fourth round on Sunday. The 49ers gave up a fourth round selection, their 124th overall for the former Seahawk. This was an absolute steal for a receiver who has had three 1,000+ yard seasons, a Super Bowl appearance, 956 yards in 2006 and 47 career touchdowns in his seven year career. Jackson automatically jumps to the head of the depth chart and it will be up to the rest of the 49ers receivers to fight for that spot opposite him. Jackson visited the 49ers over the weekend, where he and his wife expressed their interest to be in San Francisco. Jackson was not too pleased in Seattle after a contract dispute and what he felt was bad handling of his 2005 knee injury. The Seahawks likely would have eventually cut Jackson where he would have been fought over in free agency. By giving up a fourth round selection, the 49ers secured Jackson, saved some money and gave Alex Smith a veteran target.

    The rest of the rookie class

    The 49ers finally addressed the defensive line at the end of the third round with the selection of defensive tackle Ray McDonald from Florida. This is a risky pick because of some injury problems. He had two knee surgeries in 2005 that clearly bothered him during his play in 2006. McDonald may still require more surgery, but once he has healed completely, he may grow into a force on defense. 49ers defensive line coach Jim Tomsula called McDonald, who played for the South squad at the Senior Bowl, a quick learner. At 276 pounds, he has good size and may be able to get a little bigger. He has played both defensive tackle and defensive end and has proven to be explosive off the line. There is a lot of upside here and considering the 49ers used a Compensatory Selection on him, hopefully the risk was low and the team can wait for him to contribute.

    The team drafted another Florida defensive tackle in the fourth round by taking Joe Cohen. This guy already has defensive tackle size at 6-2 and weighing over 310 pounds. He was likely drafted to join the rotation at nose tackle and keep Aubrayo Franklin fresh. Franklin, the former Baltimore Raven, was signed during the offseason. Nolan and Scot McCloughan must have seen something in this guy to draft him so high.

    Earlier in the fourth round, the team selected defensive end/outside linebacker Jay Moore out of Nebraska. This selection is interesting. Moore played on the same defense as Adam Carriker, the defensive end that some mock drafts felt the 49ers might select, and may have contributed a bit to his success. Not to the level that Manny Lawson contributed to Mario Williams of North Carolina State, but it is certainly something to think about. Moore put up pretty good numbers at Nebraska ending his college career with a 45 tackle and 6 sack season in 2006. Moore, who came in at 273 pounds will try to lose about 10 to enable him to compete for an outside linebacker spot with the team. He is a project, but hopefully the transition will be successful and he will be able to provide even more depth at the position. His versatility and football intelligence could be an asset to the team.

    The 49ers used another fourth round pick to select Washington free safety Dashon Goldson. While their cornerbacks are now solid, there is still some uncertainty at the safety position for the 49ers. The team signed Michael Lewis from the Eagles during the offseason. Lewis had a great season in 2005 with 107 tackles and 2 interceptions. However, many felt that his production had fallen in 2006. Goldson does not have great speed and did not time very well at the Combine. However, at his listed 6-2 and 202 pounds, he has good size and has been said to be a very good tackler. It will be interesting to see exactly how San Francisco uses him.

    Then we get to the troublesome twosome. Cornerback Tarell Brown from Texas and running back Thomas Clayton from Kansas State were selected in fifth and sixth rounds respectively.

    Brown is the most intriguing selection. He has been labeled has having some character problems by many teams around the NFL which definitely hurt his draft stock. However, Scot McCloughan said that the team was satisfied with the background check on Brown. Brown was suspended early last season after being charged with a misdemeanor for carrying drugs and weapons. The drug portion of the charge was dropped. Brown was then arrested in March for a misdemeanor drug possession charge which was dropped last week. He does not sound like a “Nolan guy.” The head coach obviously does not feel the same way. “I don’t believe he’s a character problem. I think he made a couple poor choices but I do not see him as a poor character person. I think he has very good character,” said Nolan. All of that aside, on the football field, Brown could be a huge asset to the defense if he stays out of trouble. He could even be a draft steal with his good size, speed and the ability to shut down opponents. The cornerback situation seems to be much better with the addition of Nate Clements. The 49ers finally have a shut down corner that will help against Arizona’s receivers. Despite a 5-11 record, Arizona had the best record when it comes to NFC West head-to-head play and swept San Francisco in 2006. With Pro Bowl cornerback Walt Harris on the other side of Clements and Shawntae Spencer contributing, the 49ers pass coverage woes may finally be over. Brown was probably worth the risk in the fifth round and was likely selected to compete for depth in the defensive backfield.

    Clayton had his own troubles. He was suspended in 2006 after a conviction for misdemeanor aggravated battery. Clayton suffered a knee injury in 2006 which left him inactive after starting 4 games. He also had a poor relationship with his head coach at Kansas State. He will compete to be Frank Gore’s backup. The selection of Clayton, like Goldson and Cohen, may have been a reach. But if just one of these guys pans out, it should be considered a success.

    The team looks to be in fine shape heading into the 2007 season. The only bad thing is that the 49ers will not take anyone by surprise since they are gaining more and more respect throughout the league. No one will overlook San Francisco. Hopefully the attitude of the team and the desire to win will prove to opposing teams that there is a reason to once again fear the 49ers.

  93. players ill be watching for next year is,wide out from texas.limas sweed wich is 6-5,219 pounds,and,wide out-todd blythe fromiowa state,and gaurd from ucla;shannon tevaga,and the corner from arizona,antonio cason,and wide out from alabama kieth brown and d.j. hall both at 6-3 195 pounds,and californias defensive tackle-matthew malele he is 6-3 335 pounds.thats just a few this year.hey BIG M,who are the good players from fresno state this year?

  94. mel kiper said that the bigest steel of the draft was sanfransiscos joe stanley.

  95. You guys are all crazy!! In the draft keyshawn showed no respect for us or anyo ther team in the draft. When he was asked what kind of impact patrick willis would have with us he said ” They’ll still be the same team and one player makes no impact.” the guy hates us and we hate him, remember back in 05 who caught the game winning touchdown for the cowboys. If Nolan gets him other players will get pissed cuz the guy just bitches and talks shit.



  98. i think darrell jackson will definately miss a full game or 2 so yeah i also expect to see jason hill start but who knows this might be the best point of darrells career and no get injured.

  99. Hey guys didnt micheal robinson play quarterback for penn state. Lets face it robinson is an ok RB but hell always have that delekacy that QB has and why doesnt nolan use him for trick gadget plays to catch and throw to the open guy like Arnaz did back in the day.

  100. i am from PA and also a big Penn State fan, Robinson is far from delicate…if you dont believe me watch his highlight film from college when he played QB he was a bruiser then too…the guy is a complete athlete with a big bruising frame…get a clue…go niners

  101. compare him to other NFL RB not college and im not talking shit about you dick head im saying they should use him more thats how good he is. But he wont make it in the NFL as a RB.

  102. i agree with you ninaz,i think they should try him at wide receiver,runningback and quarterback on a quarterback draws or “Q.B.”sneeks . like kordel steward was used in the beginning of his career.i wonder if he can block as a fullback?

  103. i wonder ,who the starting offensive tackle tandom will be this year, #1-stanley/snyder,#2-stanley/harris,#3-jennings/stanley,#4-snyder/harris #5-jennings/harris?

  104. i think joe stanley might replace j.jennings if he gets injured again.stanley played left tackle in college too.

  105. Yeah, I’m with Greg, Michael Robinson is necessary for our team and I think he is going to show a lot of us just WHY we drafted him. He is talented through and through. I also like the fact that the niners are working magic with potentional suitors for Kwame and Smiley from a position of power. What I mean by that is the niners are in a position where they don’t have to deal them, well maybe not Smiley, without getting the better end of the deal. All of you need to start hating the COlts and hoping they lose EVERY GAME!!!

  106. Also, all of you DJAX doubters relax. I know this might not help, but when I had my last fantasy team, I had the top three receivers that were ranked in points and they went Chad Johnson first, Colston second, and DJAX third. The guy is going to contribute and spread the field for us. We stepped it up this draft yet again.

  107. IN A YEAR OR TWO THIS IS WHAT THE OFFENSIVE LINE SHOULD LOOK LIKE……………………………………………………L.T.-JOE STANLEY,………………………………………………..L.G.-DAVE BAAS,…………………………………………………..C-ERIC HEITTMAN,……………………………………………….R.G.-JUSTIN SMILEY(IF HE STAYS)………………………………………………….R.T-ADAM SNYDER…………………………………………………

  108. Great success! I like niners, I like sex.

  109. i think jennings will start and snyder and stanley will battle it out for the rt spot. and kwame will be the waterboy.

  110. Definitely liking this draft and free agent pickups!! Yeah Ryan, they both lost their bargaining leverage with us moving up and grabbing STALEY. We now have a lot of weapons on both sides of the ball!! Our D will be top 10 from 26th as well as our O moving up to top 10!! As for fans not living in Cali, Sunday Ticket is a MUST!! Saw all the Niners games last year, even went to the carebears and scrams games. Last year we were in everygame but 3. With the players we picked up this year, there isn’t a team in the league the Niners can’t compete with and WIN!!! It’s going to be a GREAT year!!

  111. so all you guys think lelie over battle?

  112. that randy moss is a pussy!i am fuckin sick-n-tired of hearing about randy moss.if it wasnt for that,we would of been the talk of the draft and the nfl news,but winney ass moss,gets all the attention,I ONLY WANT TO GO TO NEW ENGLAND…..NO WHERE ELSE!!! because im a sissy ass baby who always gets his way.

  113. YES,MR.A.M.

  114. Yeah, I am with PM’s thoughts……however, Battle is a great #3 receiver along with Hill, Williams, and Gilmore helping out. I think those are the receivers that are going to make the team…….the rest are gone.

  115. Why would anyone want Keyshawn? Haven’t we learned our lesson with Bryant? Actually Bryant is less of a locker room problem than Keyshawn. We have 3 starting caliber WRs right now with some young talent fighting over the 4th and 5th spots.

    We’re in no way set at WR but Keyshawn is not the answer. The trade for Djack and Jason Hill put us ahead of where we were last year at the position.

  116. Yep, Keyshawn gets no love from the niner faithful after talking trash about us in front of Steve Young………I’m just glad Steve Young put him in his place and made the logical people realize what an moron he is. The guy has NO CREDIBILITY! I like the comment about us having the leverage…I had never thought about it that way, but it is true.

  117. Yeah, I never really like Me shawn myself. This is something I read on Maiocco’s blog…..
    McCloughan said he’s already received some calls about spare offensive linemen after the 49ers selected Staley in the first. No names were mentioned, but obviously Justin Smiley and Kwame Harris have contracts set to expire at the end of the season.

    “We’ve fielded some (calls),” McCloughan said. “Once we get the through this minicamp and teams see the rosters in person, we’ll probably field some more. (But) we’re not forcing anybody out or trying to push anybody out. We feel very comfortable with having good football players on the offensive line. You can’t start dealing guys because you have five you like. You need backups as well.

    “If something happens now, it’s because we win the trade and we get the compensation we want. We’re not going to give anybody away.”

  118. Of the two Linemen that I would prefer to be traded would be Harris. Smiley is nice to have and maybe now that he’ll have to compete with Staley for playing time the two sides can work out a contract…worth less money of course!!

    Kick Keyshawn to the curb where he belongs, we don’t need him and he’s not part of the long term plan. He’d just be a band-aid and a locker room cancer. Hell I’ll take Bryant over Keyshawn any day!!

  119. But of the two Smiley has better trade value, but he also has more value to our line. Kwame can go to hell.

  120. look for us to be active as the trade deadline nears

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