Rookie Free Agents Signed

The 49ers announced today that the team has signed seven rookie free agents and one first-year player. San Francisco inked rookie free agents DE Zach Anderson (Louisville), QB Luke Getsy (Akron), TE Zac Herold (Nebraska-Omaha), CB Sammy Joseph (LSU), P Ken Parrish (East Stroudsburg), DE Darius Sanders (Oregon) and WR Dominique Zeigler (Baylor). The team also added first-year PK MacKenzie Hoambrecker (Northern Iowa).

Source: Matt Maiocco


~ by 49ersNews on May 4, 2007.

19 Responses to “Rookie Free Agents Signed”

  1. A lot of different positions. I hope some work out to be starters for the team. I really feel now the draft is over the 49er are going to show how the West is their team championship. Hay Fans remember GO 49er!!!!!

  2. go niners

  3. have you heard of any of these guys and if so are they any good

  4. Has anyone heard anything about Hicks resigning?

  5. The reason i ask is that i didn’t see any RB on that list above.

  6. how come we always(at least since erickson/nolan been here)get shitty no name players as rookie free agents.i know about 10 rookie free agents with potental,even more.and we never get any of them.we need wide outs and we sign one,we got offensive lineman calling and not one on this list.none of the rookie free agents never make it on this team.waver wires here we come.

  7. wow, zack just chill. The 9ers got two WRs in the draft (Hill, then jackson trade), and they got one like you said in the free agent rookies. The 9ers are fully stacked at WR= Lelie, Jackson, Hill, Battle, Gilmore, (the guy we got from the redskins for rump), and brandon williams. 9ers have enough WRs, can you tell me who Steve Mariucci brought in as rookie free agents then if your even talking about nolan and erickson in the same sentence???

  8. these guys are practice squad right. the team is set. I think if the niners put delaine walker as a WR and make him lose a few pounds hed be furious dont yall think.

  9. Hey guys i heard on the 49er Anoymous that greg Manusky the defensive coordinator of the niners plans to start ulbrich and derek smith along with moore and banta-cain. Willis in the other hand will not start he will be derek smiths backup but will play on 3rd downs. Aint that a bitch this guy is crazy as hell not starting willis.

  10. wait manny lawson will start at ulbrich’s spot so ulbrich will be bench OLB and lawson will start but willis wont.

  11. Don’t worry about that Ninaz, I doubt that will be that case after the preseason. There will be a lot of battles for positions.

    You are right about Delaine Walker at WR. I think he has potential through the roof! I think Walker is a flat out playmaker.

  12. They are saying that about Smith in the media so they can keep everyone nice and not make anyone feel like they are getting booted out of a job. I would be extremely surprised if Willis isn’t starting by no later than week 3. I still think he WILL BE OUR STARTER at the beginning of the year. You guys bring up a good point about Walker………why not try him out there? He IS A PLAYMAKER…..why not use the talent. I am telling you right now everyone is going to smile when they see the cuts that get made and look at our final roster……..we will wash away the shameful Erickson ways and start a new era of DOMINATION!

  13. Here…….I don’t know if you guys have read this, but it is a link listed on this site, but I really like Smiley after reading this………..he WANTS to be a niner and IS A QUALITY lineman. Kwame can HIT THE ROAD, but Smiley I really like.

  14. As far as WR its hard to say what to do right right now. I mean we got Jackson which is good, and for a 4th rd pick thats awesome but i wouldnt say he is a dominate #1 ( I hope i am proven wrong!) and then we got Lelie who could be an awesome down the field playmaker and turn into a true #1 or really soild #2, Battle has done a lot for us and is very soild but is not a #1, hill has a ton of potential but only time will tell, and gilmore is an awesome trick play type of guy but not a top 3. Its liek we have all this potenital but i think it will take time to see how the top 4 play out, but the point of all this is i think walker should get his shot he is a beast and could end up being the best of the bunch!!!! GOOO 49ers

  15. Walker knows how to run after the catch. Plus he’s got size to help him with seperation.

  16. IMO walker is an animal and vernon is the beast-this guy should have a beastly season-10TDs wouldnt shock me-willis starts day 1 no question-staley as well

  17. siapa yang menang liga premier ship ?
    menurut gue mu
    Klu loe

  18. New Subject..

  19. walker will punch the opposition in the eye

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