Smiley Given Permission to Seek Trade

From Maiocco:

Nolan confirmed the team has given Justin Smiley’s agent, Pat Dye Jr., permission to seek a trade. But he also said he is not shopping Smiley. Nolan likes Smiley and Kwame Harris. They will only trade those players if they get a good price in return. Both Smiley and Harris have contracts that are set to expire at the end of the season.


~ by 49ersNews on May 4, 2007.

55 Responses to “Smiley Given Permission to Seek Trade”

  1. 😮

  2. Can somebody tell me why the fuck nolan likes kwame harris after all the fucking stress and high blood pressure he probably caused nolan CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE EXPLAIN IT TO ME BECAUSE I DON’T GET IT!!!!!!!!

  3. Because he is bigger then smiley and if smiley leaves then snyder will go to guard leaving rookie staley all by himself at a good tackle backup and Jennings loves to leave games with paper cuts soo more then likely Harris will be a niner till his contract is up. That or he saw his YOUTUBE video and he is gonna pull a drew brees when the chargers got phillip rivers.

  4. Smiley is a real good guard. He’s worth more than a 2nd rd pick. He should make a serious run at the pro bowl next season. All we have to do is Franchise him next year. That way we only have to pay him around 8 million a year. Instead of having to pay out a big signing bonus. Then Draft a OG in the First next season. 2008 Draft 1st rd OG,2nd DL, 3rd C, 4th FS

  5. Dude, the first next year is traded. Why are you already looking at next years draft?

  6. Didn’t we get a first round pick from the Colts next year for our 2md?

  7. We got our first back from the Colts

  8. We got our first back from the Colts. For our second this year.

  9. Didn’t mean to post twice, now three time. HAHA!

  10. nobody beleaves me,that stanley is going to be a replacement for left tackle position j. jenning,if he gets injured aaagain.thats what i beleave anyway.and someone asked who was the last rookie free agent to started-fs.zack bronson,but that was when george seitford or how ever you spell his name was here, but didnt started until steve mariucci started…..i think!!and for smiley wanting a trade you better play dave baas and wragge alot in preseason.and if they trade smiley i hope its to a sucky team so we can get a low 1rst or 2nd round pick.

  11. Jerry, Len Pasquarelli agrees with you about Staley on the LT:

    Only two years ago, San Francisco spent a small fortune to sign offensive tackle Jonas Jennings away from Buffalo as an unrestricted free agent. But after injuries and inconsistency, the 49ers used a first-round choice last week to pick Joe Staley of Central Michigan, who figures to replace the overpriced and so far underachieving Jennings at left tackle. Unless Stanley is absolutely awful, he’ll win the left side job and Jennings will be forced to move to the right side. The odd man out likely is Kwame Harris, a first-round pick in 2003, and another tackle who hasn’t come close to living up to his press clippings.


    And Smiley doesn’t want a trade. He wants to be a Niner, but we are far apart on how much he’s worth and how much we’ll pay. Nolan doesn’t really like Kwame, he just can’t openly call out his player and say he sucks we don’t want him. He’s already done that indirectly by not attempting to resign Kwame.

  12. Harris actually improved somewhat last season,he did still get holding called against him a lot, as for Smiley they should not trade him I am sure they can eventualy come to an agreement on a new contract. Unless Detroit wants to trade CJ for him, lol

  13. i know its only rooie training camp .but injuries have already hit 2 wide outs already….d.jackson turf toe,and lelie out for a little while for a right quad strain .we needed to draft more than 1 receiver and get a injured wide out.i didnt see anyone get rookie free agent,ryan moore out of miami.i just hope this is not a sign for more injuries to come,since last year we didnt have any major injuries last year.

  14. i wonder if nolan is comparing our first round picks to baltimore ravens a few years ago with ray lewis/jonathan ogden. with willis/stanley.what number is stanley and what number is ogden?

  15. STALEY is #74. Not sure why people keep calling him Stanley??? Ogden is #75. I think thats interesting to switch Jennings to the right side and put Staley on the left. I know a lot of big runs came from Gore running to the left. I don’t think that will change much with big Larry Allen over there, but Jennings and Allen had good chemistry when Jennings wasn’t injured. As for trading Smiley, might as well get something for him now, because next year he will be an unrestricted free agent and we won’t get anything for him. Same thing for Kwame. I’m comfortable with Staley, Allen, Heitman, Baas, and Jennings starting, with Wragge and Snyder as our backups. We also converted Duckett from the D line to the O line. He’s a work in progress, but he’s big and very athletic. You know the Niners aren’t going to carry 10 O linemen on the 53 man roster, so getting rid of Smiley and Kwame, who Nolan said wasn’t in their long term plans, now for some picks or players would be the way to go. Just my 2 cents. Any other thoughts on the starting lineup?

  16. This is pretty funny. Ol Me Shawn interested in our team after dogging us to Steve Young. LOL What a jackass!! This is from Maiocco…..
    Free agent WR Keyshawn Johnson might be interested in the 49ers, but it doesn’t appear as if they’re interested in him.

  17. OOppss I forgot about Patrick Estes. That would give us 4 backups. So if a team wants to part with a 2nd round pick, bye bye Smiley or Harris…..

  18. Seriously, our new offensive tackle’s name is STALEY. why do people insist on calling him Stanley? haha. You guys had me thinking we drafted an extra player that i didnt know about.

  19. It is nice, I appriciated.

  20. Todd McShay, ESPN Insider Re: Work teams in the NFC need to do

    San Francisco 49ers
    Work to do: For the second consecutive year, the 49ers hit a home run on draft weekend. First-round picks Patrick Willis (ILB) and Joe Staley (OT) should emerge as longtime starters at their respective positions. WR Jason Hill, and DEs Ray McDonald and Jay Moore are all good fits for the Niners.

    The only criticism here (and it’s really nitpicking) is that the team failed to draft a safety before the fourth round (Dashon Goldson). While Goldson is athletic enough to eventually provide depth at the position, it’s unlikely he will ever emerge as a starter. SS Michael Lewis struggled over the second half of last season and FS Mark Roman doesn’t make enough big plays, so the team can’t be excited about its current situation at safety.

  21. well in the book i got the call our new offensive tackle stanley,i guess they spelled it wrong.sorry about that.

  22. People go to Ninercaphell and the headline says the niners have interest in keyshawn. what the hell is wrong with them Fuck Keyshawn.

  23. Let’s trade Smiley to Detroit for Cory Redding

  24. Oh no its bad bidness if WE’RE interested in Keyshawn…How is he gonna talk all that smack about us then all of a sudden, he has some interest in coming here? I think he just felt soooooooo stupid about what he said(he was proving that he dont even belong as a broadcaster)…Keyshawn is the DEFINITION of hypocrite..cause then he said that he wants to help a team win another now he recognizes our shine?get outta here man, get a job as a carpenter or something, you have the analyst skills of Isiah Thomas u freakin Bondart..

  25. Those of you expecting Joe Staley to start day one, keep dreaming. One thing for sure is the best 5 will start. Kwame Harris gets a worse rap than his play indicates but he still needs to get better. Harris was drafted young and still has upside. Nolan and co. know way better than the tools that make the disparaging videos and comments. Watch Wilis to unseat smith at the mike and then smith to unseat moore at the ted.

  26. staley will start he has the talent and tools thats why he went in the 1st round and why we traded up to get him with a #1 pick- puhleeeeeze! Or was i just dreaming like my friend bruce dickenson

  27. […] Smiley Given Permission to Seek Trade From Maiocco: Nolan confirmed the team has given Justin Smiley’s agent, Pat Dye Jr., permission to seek a trade. […] […]

  28. staley, might not start as a starter, but he might finish the season as one.

  29. all of u are losers


  31. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that the 49ers are one of the teams that have talked to free agent wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson. While Keyshawn is aging and notorious for mouthing off, he’s always been a hard-nosed tough player that uses his large size well and is always all-out effort on the field, whether running routes or blocking. He’d certainly fill the large, physical receiver void that has been missing from the offense ever since Terrell Owens and J.J. Stokes were dumped and The greatest major-conference receiver in NCAA history, Rashaun Woods not panning out. Nolan has shown to be willing to sign players with questionable personalities, as he’s done with Antonio Bryant and Ashley Lelie, so it’s not out of the question. We doubt it’d happen, but stay tuned.

  32. i knew we needed some new blood at wide receiver,we got one through the draft(but wasnt until the third round).then we got a injury prone old blood wide receiver in darrell jackson(if some remember deion sanders in dallas/washington with turf toe, is what made him retire,but then went to the ravens as a third corner two years later).its the same thing every year,all the draft hype in the beginning about us needing a receiver in the first/second round.then we dont get one until the third.who ends up getting traded(loyd),being a kick returner(williams),now its really up set that we keep passing on a receiver in the first or second round.we should have drafted a couple of receivers in this draft including getting darrell jackson.i just hope hill doesn’t end up like,loyd,williams or derrick hamilton.who cares if we didnt land one in woods,at least try a couple of times a year to get one.and dont exspect lelie to be a savior,unless he is a special ed receiver and is slow to learn) like 5 years to learn and hasn’t yet.i now we run the ball alot but we need a top receiver like steelers (H.WARD) and the panthers(STEVE SMITH) do.and there running teams that made it to the superbowl.

  33. and if sidney rice is good in the nfl i will be more upset, i think he will be a healthy version of darrell jackson in a couple years.i was very high on him and i thought he would be a good fit for us.

  34. if staley go’s up against bryant young and learns from allen everyday he should develope some man skills.i hope he gains some strength and gore gains some speed,so he can finish some of those long runs . plus davis working on his hands.and alex smith works on his acuracy and one more good year of experiance and a good draft,we should be ready for nfc domination.this year we should at least be a wild card team (at worst).we have let the eagles barrow our glory days for way too long,and i say its time we took it back…..

  35. WOW! Is everyone burned out of 49er football or what? Lack of any kind of communication on this board. Nobody has anything to new to talk about?

  36. Does anyone think Smiley is going to get traded?

  37. What about K Harris?

  38. I look for one of them to get traded just because of the depth we have on the O line. I would prefer to trade Kwame, but Smiley will probably land us a 2nd round pick.

  39. So what do you think the wr depth chart will look like next year? Who do you think will get cut? I think it will be Jackson, Lelie, Battle, Hill, Gilmore, and if they keep a 6th, Williams.

  40. Williams isn’t going to get cut just from the stand point of he is a kick returner guy…………even if he didn’t do anything, but a fair catch all the time. They are going to give him another season to show his stuff.

  41. jacob taylor will be gone by end of this year,i cant say williams because he has only been on the team for a year and is a half way decent special teams player,and i look for smiley to play at the begining of the season and to be resigned by the begining of next season,when we dont have to pay l.allen next year because of retirement.but i can see kwame harris being traded,unless he dramaticly improves by next year.but like alot of players he might step it up.since it is a contract year.

  42. the sad part about harris/smiley is,they have been injury free most of the time.durring regular season.but smiley has been the most consistant offensive linemen we drafted in the last five years.except for newberry but he was injury prone.even heitmann been decent but has been injured half the time.and what ever happend to the offensive lineman that wanted to come here as rookie free agent?

  43. i just wished that snyder and baas would step it up as a starter.

  44. it is time for baas to show he was worth the 2nd round pick-i think that all the healthy competition and dynamic new personalities in training camp we will have this year will go a long way into how well we develop into a championship caliber juggernaut as in the days of old

  45. This is off-topic but I found it interesting:

    (The link of this article can be found at


    In Saturday morning’s practice, outside linebacker Manny Lawson was pass rushing against tight end Vernon Davis — the other first-round pick from last season. After Lawson narrowly missed sacking quarterback Alex Smith, he exploded.
    He stripped his No. 99 jersey off and dropped it at Davis’ feet.
    “If you want it, you can have it!” yelled Lawson, who thought Davis was grabbing and holding too much. Lawson repeated the phrase a couple of times loudly before retreating to the defensive huddle jersey-less. He finally lassoed his jersey around his neck before the next play.
    “He just got mad because I beat him,” said Davis

    When free-agent cornerback Nate Clements returned an interception from Trent Dilfer for a touchdown, Dilfer fired his helmet into the turf. The emotion ran so high, Nolan gathered his team following the afternoon practice and told them to keep their composure.


    I dont know about you guys but, judging from this, you can imagine the intensity flowing through Niner minicamp. Damnit, I cant wait til’ August flows around; even the thought of preseason is making me anxious.

  46. ———–|–|—-|–|—————————————————-|–|____|–|__—–|–|—-|–|———————————|_______|—__|—-|–|____|–|—————————————–|–|——-\_______|–|—————————————–|–|—————|–|—————————————–|–|—————|–|—————————————–|–|—————|–|ers—————————————————————————————————————————————————

  47. i would like to have smiley but you have to agree with nolan if we get a 2nd rd pick for him GOODBYE we have depth there like jerry said snyder and baas…harris i think we should try and resign if we can get him at the right price at the least he would be a good backup and at OT thats not a bad thing to have…i think if somebody on another team gets injured we will probably get that pick for smiley though and if he is having a great year we might even get a first for him, he is young with probowl talent thats worth a lot

  48. in nolans notebook,it said,RE:is david baas ready to compete for a starting job?nolan said”yeah,he was ready last year for excited about it looks like if something happens to smiley or allen,he is our new starter.but why didnt they start him last year when heittman went down at center last year ?

  49. good question since his natural position is center I believe-if the intensity is that high right now then we are motivated to move to the next level-beautiful

  50. David Baas is ready to start, but Nolan wants to keep the depth at o line. O line is always been regarded (by Nolan) as the most important unit of the team and I agree with him. It’s a tough decision. I would resign Smiley……..he is young, talented and does his job well. Kwame…….well, that is another tale. I am all for shipping Kwame away for another pick. We have Snyder, we have Staley now to back him up (because he really shouldn’t start this year)because it can take a year or two to learn the system AND thrive in it. Nolan is doing to smart thing by resting all of these players for a insignificant mini camp. Get them healthy and get them ready……….we have a division to win. DJAX IS our number one receiver this year……..he is more of leader (is already calling meetings with the other wideouts to study film on opposing defenses), takes winning more seriously, and want whine all the time because he isn’t getting the ball enough (he isn’t that type of player). DJAX is perfect in the niner system…….I just wish we would have got him earlier in his career (not that an opportunity ever occurred).

  51. joe staley should sit out for a year but with the pressure on Alex Smith having to show his greatness in this year or hes in big trouble. So saying that he needs time to throw the ball, no one else could block as good as staley can. I say start him.

  52. Absolutely staley will start why do you think we traded our 1st next year to move up and get him -gettimg our pick back was brilliant-i cant wait to hear training camp reports and then the final roster as we move towards the 2007 campaign go forty niners

  53. They need to sigh Smiley, He’s a futute probowler. Man those sweeps with him coming around the corner are deadly. He is one of the best guards in the league. Not to mention a straight up solid citizen! Staley will not start it will be A. Snyder (RT) and Jennings (LT) Staley will rotate by the 5th or 6th game. They’ll bring him along.

  54. yes its perfect !

  55. we’ll see …

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