The 49ers are turning heads because Nolan and vice president of player personnel Scot McCloughan have developed a symbiotic relationship toward player acquisition. Nobody is putting them in the Bill Belichick-Scott Pioli class just yet. But the San Francisco duo has such a good vibe observers are referring to them as “McNolan.”

“I really like that Nolan-McCloughan tandem, because they’re joined at the hip philosophically,” NFL Network draft guru Mike Mayock says. “They’re approaching everything the right way, building through the draft with good people.”

“Look around. The teams that are consistently successful are the ones with respect for the other side of the house. Teams that don’t have that kind of marriage won’t be long-term winners in this league.”

Revamped 49ers may emerge atop NFC West – [USA Today]


~ by 49ersNews on May 10, 2007.

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  1. they had a plan and they went with it …its good to see thay got us out of cap hell and now we can do things in the off season with the rest of the NFL…..Nolan has a winning background and im happy that we got him and now all we have to do is keep him and Scott around for years to come as long as they are there and we are winning and players are happy about coming him every off season we will have something to cheer about thats how i;m looking at this

  2. lets look at the big picture with these two guys running things ………………its only been 3 years and look at the impact he is having i hope both of them stay with the team till the day they both retire if they can stay on the same track that they are on now

  3. drafting;alex Smith,Vernon Davis,Frank gore,Manny Lawson,Melvin Oliver,m.robinson,Parys Haralon,.and now;P.WILLIS,Joe Staley,Jay Moore,Jason Hill,are all the best pick we have drafted in the last 6 years.and hopfully one day snyder,Baas and Dalanie Walker,brandon williams can step it up to be our best draft classes in a while.mcnolan.

  4. nolan has a plan the fans the team have bought into it and its only the right thing to if i were john york i would be considering locking nolan up for awhile

  5. Nolan and McCloughan have this team on their way to the superbowl. If you look at the past 3 drafts, we have had the best overall drafts looking at all 3 years. can anyone remember any of the players that the bum Dennis erickson took? i agree york seems like hes willing to spend money now so lets lock up up McNolan for years to come. NINERS 10-6 this year

  6. whats going on people long time sense ive been on well i cant wait till the season starts i also cant wait till madden 08 comes out want to see what they rate us its gona be a tough year but with the confidence we got i think we can go far im hoping to taste the playoffs this year i havent tasted it in a while i just cant wait first game monday night wooooooooo!!!!!

  7. NEW YORK (AP) – Americans always seem to want more pro football. Yet it’s the folks abroad who might be getting an extra taste of the NFL in the future.

    Although talks are extremely preliminary, the NFL is investigating adding a 17th regular-season game and playing it outside the United States. The extra game would take the place of one in the preseason, allowing every team to play once abroad without sacrificing a home match.
    This year, the Dolphins gave up a home date in Miami to play the New York Giants at Wembley Stadium in London. Two years ago, the Arizona Cardinals played a home game in Mexico City against the San Francisco 49ers.

    “It is preliminary, but we certainly are putting resources into pulling that together,” said Mark Waller, NFL senior vice president, international. “For now, we have the one game per season or two per season outside of the U.S. But we know it can be tough on home fans since we’re taking a game away.

    “So we have asked how do we create more inventory without taking games away from fans? That idea came up in internal conversations and we now have an international committee of owners and we talked it through with them, and they asked us to do some groundwork.”

    While the 17th game won’t get off the ground next season, for sure, it could become a staple of the NFL’s schedule by 2009 or 2010. But it would present some significant logistical and scheduling challenges.

    For one, if there is another week to the regular season, does that mean openers played on Labor Day weekend, something the NFL has avoided in recent years? Or does it mean pushing the Super Bowl back a week to the second Sunday in February? Or leaving the title game where it is and eliminating the week off between conference championships and the Super Bowl?

    “I don’t see a huge downside to a week later. The strength of the idea warrants bringing it up for discussion,” Waller said.

    And what about during a Winter Olympics year such as 2010?

    “It might be an issue for the Olympics,” he adds with a laugh.

    Where would the “foreign games” be played? And how would they be divided?

    Waller notes that there won’t be 16 different venues for the 17th games. More likely would be a “mini-season ticket” of perhaps four games in one city or country.

    “It is very early, but our thought is what we could end up with is every week there would be one international game,” he said. “We won’t have all of them on the same week. And what you would do is look at taking, for instance, four games to London. Play a game in Wembley each month, having eight different teams coming through. A game in September, one in October, one in November and one in December.

    “It’s a great opportunity from a fan perspective, because they get half of what a fan in the United States gets, four games to eight.”

    Aside from England, other prime areas to get games would be Germany, which has a half-dozen quality stadiums thanks to last year’s World Cup; Mexico; and Canada. Waller doubts Asia or Australia would be targeted because of the travel concerns, but he doesn’t dismiss anything. Or anywhere.

    “It is a complex idea and it will take a lot of work on a number of sides,” Waller said. “The beauty of it is it’s competitively fair.”

  8. I say McCloughan needs to be our GM…..give him the power and the ability…….making him VP is cool for now, but we can’t let him go. At least give him a raise……….we can’t be stupid and let him go EVER AGAIN!!!


  10. ITS A GANGKSTA’S PARADISE !!!!!!!!!!!

  11. i knew they wouldn`t put up with charictor soon as we got rid of kevin barlow and fred beasley for not getting along all the time.

  12. ryan…we don’t need Scot to be GM. That would give him more duties. Let’s not ruin a good thing. just pay the man enough so that he never leaves.

  13. i think we just leave everything as it is my only concern is how is gore and smith gona be with out the guidence of norv turner hope they dont take a step back

  14. we are ballin man. it is very nice.

  15. smith is athletic true but he is also very intelligent one of his most appealing attributes he has all the tools to engage the enemy and lead us to victory


    Lost in the discussion regarding whether the NFL will add a seventeenth regular season game is the question of whether the union that represents the league’s on-field employees will agree to subject the rank-and-file to another week of practice and preparation for, and participation in, an extra regular-season game.

    Folks like ESPN’s John Clayton, who says that the union will want 59 percent of the revenue generated by an extra game that counts, are ignoring the fact that the players already would get 59 percent of the revenue from an extra game, because that revenue would automatically fall within the scope of the total football revenue formula in the CBA.

    The better question, as we see it, is whether the union will want to bump the formula higher in exchange for expanding the regular season — or whether the union will want some other concessions.

    Collective bargaining is an active give-and-take process. If management wants something, then management needs to be prepared to give something up. If the union wants more than what the owners will give, there won’t be an extra regular-season game.

    If the NFL and the union can work out a deal, we think that it’s a great idea. And, as we mentioned when the Commissioner first broached the possibility of adding another game in the days before the draft, we believe that the 16 extra regular-season games created by the addition of a seventeenth week should be used not only as a tool for exporting the sport to other countries but also as a way to fill the void in Los Angeles without having to move a team there. Even if as many as eight games are played on foreign soil, eight games could be played in L.A., creating the same number of dates that a “home” team would play there.

    Obvious candidates for a regular trek to Los Angeles would be the Rams, Raiders, Chargers, 49ers, Cowboys, Seahawks, Cardinals, and Broncos.

    But before we begin scheduling the games, the league needs to make sure that the union is on board. And the union should use the league’s desire to add another game as a way to extract a few terms from the NFL.

    For starters, how about that independent arbitrator to hear appeals of suspensions under the Personal Conduct Policy?

  17. To compare them to belichick and pioli is saying a whole lot look what the patriots has done and is going to do they damn near went to the superbowl again this pass season and look at all the moves they made so to put nolan and mccloughan on the same page or catagory means a whole lot and we are getting talked about alot these days (I WONDER WHY) GO NINERS ALL DAY BABY!

  18. Raise your hand if all this pre-season Niner hype is giving you a big juicy boner?!

  19. hell ya go niners cant wate till that first monday night preseason game vs denver at home hell ya just a few months away go niners all the way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    check it out people


  22. The build up for this season is amazing. I cant wait, at least for training camp. I really hope for more thatn 10-6 (I can always dream cant I).

  23. New Subject.

  24. New Subject..

  25. hey zurdo you never know???????????????????????

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