Raiders After Niners Gamble…Who?

Though the deal is still not officially done, we’re hearing stronger and stronger indications that Tom Gamble soon will be hired to join the Raiders, as the replacement for former senior personnel executive Mike Lombardi.

Gamble has been the 49ers pro personnel director since 2005, and has 19 years in the league. In Gamble’s two years with the team, the Niners have made good progress, and are regarded as a team on the rise.



~ by 49ersNews on May 16, 2007.

16 Responses to “Raiders After Niners Gamble…Who?”

  1. leave it to al davis to drop a pissoff bomb on my day

  2. Shouldn’t you at least mention that you got this from

  3. that shit sketches me out, we need to keep personal in san fran

  4. fuck off Oakland.

  5. id there some rule against this? this seems a little too late.

  6. O man we ive been on this site for more then a year and now we got another scott…let it be known that former scott is now called Scottie G

  7. WOW way to late, dont know why i put we in there

  8. this move really is piss poor on Gamble part. LEaving the 49ers for more money.

  9. if the guy was smart he knows that he only has about 2 more years before he gets a ring with the 49ers instead of a a whole decade with the cheapest team ever in NFL history the raiders

  10. i hope we dont give any thing to the raiders GO NINERS!!!!!!!
    NINERS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. You guys are demented. The 49ers are nowhere close to getting a ring and the Raiders have one of the top 5 defenses in the league new young coach that is really motivating the players. I would not be surprised if the Raiders had a better record than the niners this season.

  12. is the preseason here yet,its all bull shit till then.i guess them people in the last video are going to shoot them selfs with there b,b, gun for getting newberry and this ass.fuck oakland.whens the last time they WON a superbowl under al (old ass) davis.LMAO!!!!!there better at putting makeup on and running around like pissed off drag queens.

  13. I’m not to sure how important he is to our staff because we don’t hear that much about the niners here in philly because all you hear about is the fuckin eagles unless there’s a team that they love to jump on their bandwagon so we dont get that much information if some at all so I honestly don’t know that much about management like for those who live in san fran so for who ever has the scoop on this guy tell me how important he is to management and if so can bill walsh step in his spot if it’s a better position isn’t bill walsh a consultant or something like that tell me because I really don’t have the source like yall have in san fran.

  14. Hey Rash, all the Raider fans would be surprised if they finished ahead of the Niners because after finishing last in the NFL there’s no place to go but up! Unless you only win one game next year..ha ha!!

  15. […] Raiders After Niners Gamble…Who? Though the deal is still not officially done, we’re hearing stronger and stronger indications that Tom Gamble […] […]

  16. ain’t no fucking way the faders are going to have a better record than our niners. FUCK THAT!!!

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