Vote for the 49ers on NFLN

NFL Network gives programming power to the people, as fans choose what airs on Tuesday nights by voting each week on

Between now through Monday at noon ET, your vote will help decide which of these shows will air. So vote now, and tune in Tuesday night to see which shows are the “viewer’s choice!” New shows will air every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET.

The 49ers Super Bowls goes up against the Viking, Steelers and Cowboys. Vote now for the 49ers


~ by 49ersNews on May 17, 2007.

9 Responses to “Vote for the 49ers on NFLN”

  1. over 50% so far. excellent

  2. we are dominating at 51% i thought that the steelers would be leading because steeler nation is huge across the whole country and they dont give you any reason to hate them(good clean history in a sense) unlike the cowbo

  3. Voted.. BTW, did anyone see the 49ers American Game Ep? They are some very good EP! Loads of information and stuff that people might not know (I know a lot of people are shocked to find out that Young and Cool Joe where actually fighting for the starting job since the late 80’s!). Maybe a write up of each show? I am planing to do one on my Blog.

  4. dont even bother voting, were at 55%,, that is insane,, i figured americas team the cowboys would be up… im pumped to see the support for the niners

  5. Don’t stop voting people, we need to show others that we are the best fans.

  6. 56% now niners rule

  7. Does anyone know a good source for a schedule of Niner shows on NFL network? Are we going to be able to see any mini camps or training camps? Did we make any NFL Replay last year?

  8. Yeah. 46% now @ 1100 votes. Rock the Vote. Show’m what the Niner Faithful is all about.

    I loved that Raider video. Idiots. I love ridiculing my Raider friends. It’s better when they embarrass themselves with a stabbing or firecrackers and scooters. Notice the shirtless drunkard stoner. Anyone else out there with an a’hole brother that’s a Raider fan? haha

  9. It looks like the whole county know the 49ers are back and will see the regional champs and the super bowl this year. GO 49ers.

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