Teams Interested in Smiley

Matt Maiocco, of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, is reporting that four teams have called the 49ers about possibly trading for 49ers OG Justin Smiley. The four teams are the Seahawks, Ravens, Broncos and Bears. This according to Smiley.


~ by 49ersNews on May 21, 2007.

68 Responses to “Teams Interested in Smiley”

  1. Yeah, but will they give up a 2nd round pick for him? I believe that’s what Nolan is shooting for. The bigger question I guess is why we didn’t resign him when he was relatively affordable? What Smiley can get now is a lot more than the most he ever asked from the niners during negotiations. We could have kept him on the cheap. too late now.

  2. Lance Briggs! Hahaha I’m keeeeding!!!

  3. I want somthing for him now. A pick is not gauranteed to work out.

  4. a pick would be just fine bro. their usually pretty good with their pics and hopefully by next years draft we will just use our pics to supplement the team, not build it but make it better. i think were almost there

  5. amen to that.

  6. a 2nd round pick would be nice to me. But deep down inside i really dont want to trade him i would rather keep him and add depth for our O line

  7. jeremy, but not for the money he is looking for. it’s clear that the team is passing the reigns to Baas and Snyder. Smiley is the odd man out. Might as well get something for him now then letting him walk after the season.

  8. they need to pay the man cause he can play. unfortunatly it doesnt look to be the case. however i do see nolan getting the value that he desires for the trade. if we can aquire a second rnd for him that would be good but an immediate impact player is a better fit for what we are trying to do which is take the nfc west this year….and possibly contend for the nfc championship….well see ….i like the chances…niners!!!!!

  9. dam i was just thinkin..we got D-JAX hahahahaha bich ass seacocks…i hate them

  10. dont trade him to the seafucks.bronco`s maybe.but if we trade to the bears we might get a pretty low second round pick for him since i think the bears will be ONLY mediocre this year at best.or trade to the ravens for terrel suggs and a second round pick,but that is a HUGE PIPE DREAM and just a thought.or keep him and pay him.i know nolan isnt high on him because he is not a mauler gaurd but he is pretty good though!!

  11. i wouldnt rule out the browns,atlanta or the texans since they run the same zone blocing as dever.

  12. Wish that happens pronto!

  13. I say throw him to the Broncos out of that bunch because we don’t have to play them and if we get a draft pick it will be a better one than the bears or the ravens ( at least I think so). I wouldn’t trade him for briggs because I am not convinced that he could excel without all of the pressure being on Urlacher and everyone else who got attention, but left him free. Briggs is obviously wanting BIG MONEY! He plays a position that would be nice to have him at, but right now I would rather have Smiley on the line than have Briggs on defense for our team.

  14. Don’t even think about giving him to Seattle.


  16. man i hoped i did’nt jinks us ? i’ll pray to the niner gods and i already knocked on my wooden 49er ball. sorry guys!!!!!!!!

  17. You trade him to the Sea Cocks if they give up a first round pick for him. Otherwise, don’t think about it.

  18. You trade him to the Sea Cocks if they give up a first round pick for him. Otherwise, don’t think about it.

  19. is there an echo in here? i think we feel good about the next man in line and we will get a 2nd round pick for him which will only insure our future and strengthen our team-pray for some things to go our way this year and maybe we can take this stinkin division-go niners!go forth and ocnquer like days of old

  20. hopefully if he does get traded that dave baas,tony wragge or adam syder can do the same or better than smiley.because i dont want the team to take a step backwards this season.

  21. i say we sign FA RG Cosey Coleman and trade smiley half way through the season for whatever we can get

  22. NOTHING LESS than a second rounder….NOTHING!!! Yes, if the Seattle gives up their first rounder then give Smiley up, but otherwise…..NO RELATIONS WITH SEATTLE!!

  23. We can keep Smiley for three more years if we wanted to. Just Franchise him next year and the following. That way we just pay him top 5 money. But we don’t have to shell out that signing bonus.

  24. I say trade him for a 2nd rounder, then pick up that corner from Georgia in the supplemental draft. His name escapes me, but he held Calvin Johnson to two catches this year. Then we cut Shawntae Spencer, move Walt Harris to FS, and have Terrel Brown for the nickle.

  25. You guys are talking about Smiley likes he’s Orlando Pace. We’re definitely not going to franchise him, and he doesn’t warrant a 2nd round pick. If he doesn’t want to be a 49er fuck him. I’ll take a 3rd rounder for him.

  26. he does want to be a niner but he realistically knows that he is not in our plans for the future…he has a year on his contract and he could attract big money in FA… why would he want to risk getting injured this year and lose everything he would rather get it done now, so i dont blame him for that….JDUBB why in the world would you want to cut spencer, this corner that you dont even know his name is supposed to step right in and be better than spencer….spencer isnt bad…he might even beat out walt harris for the number 2 spot

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  29. Dennis i feel you. We are crazy to think that the 9ers could get a 2nd round pick for him. If the 9ers get rid of him, it will be more then likely that the 9ers would get a 3rd round pick. I say the 9ers hold on to him for a month into the season then trade him for a 3rd rounder.

  30. will get 2nd for him if we dont wind up keep him in ot the season put hes a good gard i wouldnt mind keeping him
    GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  32. My 5 cents worth… Smiley know he is not in Nolan’s plans, but Nolan likes the guy. Honestly, if we wait for next year we might have to use the tag on him, and he is not that good. The way I see it, if teams are talking, they’re willing to give a 2nd round for him. I dont think we should care if a team wants to give up a 2nd rounder. I wouldnt mind having a 1st rounder and 2nd next year. And from what Ive heard, we wont get Briggs, rumors has it that the Bears are looking to trade Briggs with Philly for McNabb. Honestly, I like the 2nd rounder trade scenario a lot. We could use our 2 2nds round picks and trade up to get a middle 1st rounder plus the Indy pick (pulling a Manny Lawson part III).

  33. Specially considering that next year we might very well be just one or two players away of getting back into the SB.

  34. dont gve him 2 seattle we need to trade kwame instead

  35. Whatever happens with smiley I’m ok with, but how would this sound…
    Not only do we steal DJAX away from seattle but we trade kwame harris to them for a 4th! I’d take anything for his dead weight. And the best part we’d give the anti-pass blocking machine to a division rival. That would be sweet

  36. I’m not sure about smiley and what we should get for him it would be nice if we can somehow pull of a trade to the ravens for suggs but in all seriousness it should be kwame harris and not smiley they should try to pull a trade for first GET RID OF DUDE PLEASE!

  37. i hope we dont get rid of him,because he usually quiet,underrated and rarley injured unlike the rest of the starters on our line.but if we do, i hope we get a second round pick,because thats were we drafted him at and plus he has experiance.

  38. Have you checked out the Niners site. They have stories on Dashon Goldson and Marques Douglas. Those fellas are pretty impressive. Good Character guys. I really believe all this character in the locker room is really going to make a difference.

  39. Watch Frank Gore run and who’s always in front leading the way? Yeah Smiley making blocks 10-15 yrds down field. If we trade him to Denver or Baltimore you’ll see thier running backs get 1200 yrds easy. We spent a second round pick on him so I don’t think the niners are going to take anything less. If they don’t get what they want keep him to give
    staley one year before we put him at RT. Then Snyder and Baas can battle it out.

  40. When I saw video on Dashon Goldson after the draft on I was impressed and he showed energy in some of the clips and that’s what we need and I’m not suprised by Marques Douglas he showed some of that energy last season from what I heard of but what I’m tring to say is yes I do agree that shows good character and leadership and Manny lawson is also a good character guy I was impressed that he wrote that letter to alex smith about how he was going to pressure him and scare him in practice THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN ABOUT BABY GO NINERS!

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  44. My bad I ment ninaz my bad for mis spelling your name doggie!

  45. I wouldnt mind having to register my nick and email. Hope thats not to complicated.

  46. So a good linemen is not in Nolans long term plans?




  50. […] Teams Interested in Smiley Matt Maiocco, of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, is reporting that four teams have called the 49ers about possibly […] […]

  51. i hope we get alan faneca from the steelers next year in FA…we will have a lot of money again and he is great…would be great for l allen replacement…probowler mauler type that everybody is talking about…what do you guys feel about that

  52. Know the question is can we hold the guy this year an pay him a long term deal next year. Basically Allen has on season left, next year we have to fill that hole and in comes Staley. But that will leave a whole behind on the right side. Yes, Snyder and Baas developing slowly but surely, but what happens with a Jennings injury. Honestly,if we can sign him next year, keep. Unless you get an offer you cant refuse. The only problem I see with the teams making offers is that the Seachickens are the ones that might have the worst record out of the four. Thus, making a trade with them much more tempting. If we trade with Denver, will get maybe the 56 (Denver lossing in Div Playoffs) and our 57 (Niners lossing in Div Playoffs) plus Indys first pick next year (maybe pick 29 or 30). If we stack our two 2nd rounders (table value wise) we could get a low first rounder. Honestly, the Seafags could even fall out of the playoffs which could land us the a pick between the 42-52.

  53. Yes I know, the draft is over. I just love the way McNolan handles it. Im sure well get 2 first rounders next year again and put us right in the SB.

  54. basicly what he is trying to do is, since alot of free agent lineman got over paid this year. smiley and the guy from the steelers wants to be paid like them.its all about the money.

  55. trade smiley and a second or third round pick for alan faneca before he becomes a free agent.just remember we could have got clements cheaper if we would have traded to get him with the bills last season.

  56. Some people on this site do not know what there talking about. The 49ers arent going to get a 2nd round pick for Smiley because his contract is over after this season. Larry maybe I am misunderstanding you but Clements would have been a free agent even if we did trade for him (his deal is not that big, that last year is a void year and its worth like 14 million). Who ever says gore gets is big runs because of smiley is smoking some good stuff becuase last i checked gore averaged 3.3 a carry on the right and 5.6 on the left. Just a reminder for all those that still think the 9ers can get a 2nd round pick; example: New England got a 1st rounder from the shit hawks because branch had just signed a new deal.

  57. well that sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. we are fine at Guard… if we can get a second rounder, then we should probably take it. Someone will offer it because he is a talented Guard. He really is an athlete, although he doesn’t play a “skill” position. He would fit best in a zone scheme that can utilize his quickness and smarts, whereas Baas is great for the trap scheme because of his power. After we trade Smiley, though, we need to draft some more depth in next year’s draft or sign some FA’s because we will be losing 2 guards and possibly a RT after the season is done, and Jonas isn’t getting any younger. Unless, that is, Larry Allen wants to re-sign for another year or two, which I think he definitely has in him.

  59. and placing the franchise tag on Smiley would be ludacris! the reason we aren’t signing him to a longer deal is because he wants to be paid as one of the top as his position, but we aren’t willing to because all these gaurds who hit free agency got way overpaid… plus guard is one of the easier positions to fill… i still can’t understand how all these teams spent so much of guards

  60. Big, I think its just like any other year where the *insert position here* is the hot position of the year. A couple of years ago it was scrambling QB’s, last year it was RB’s, this year I guess its OL, specifically guards… Its the way of the NFL. I’m just glad Nolan and his staff aren’t buying into it. There are plenty quality guards not getting overly inflated money. Leave that to Arizona, let them over pay for average guards…

  61. it is 4;10 pm and wednesday in jersey and the 49ers are going to come on after the break on nfl live

  62. Niners sign 4th round pick LB Jay Moore to a 4 year deal. Thats a good start, now lets get the rest of them signed asap.

  63. I say trade him for a veteran Full back, someone with Lorenzo Neal ability. That would complete the offense and i think that our Defense should be alright. But if the Ravens are willing to give up Terrel Suggs than that would be great but i dont see them doing that the way he progressed last year. so go for the FB. Nolan needs to win now!!

  64. Trade for a FB!!

  65. But a second round pick wouldnt hurt us..

  66. trade smiley for a fullback?a fucking fullback?we got moran norris already and plus we could get much more than a fucking fullback!!!!!ease off the crackpipe and come back to reality jerkoff!!!!!!

  67. Hey hes got a point you fucken shmuk.. Moran norris? he might be alright in the passing game..ALRIGHT! but we could use an all around FB. How valuable was mike alstott in tamp.. so check your self you fucken idiot.

  68. i can see us trading a 4th at the highest for a full back but not smiley.and who would trade a mike alstott type fullback you fucken shmuck,,,,so go check your self retart.

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