OTA’s: Day One

Tight end Delanie Walker (right shoulder) and center Eric Heitmann (right leg) are working a little. Guard Justin Smiley (left shoulder), tackle Jonas Jennings (right shoulder), cornerback Shawntae Spencer (foot) and receiver Darrell Jackson (toe) are being held out.Guard Larry Allen is not on the field. Coach Mike Nolan gave Allen the OK to miss the voluntary practices. We’ll have more information in a couple hours when practice is completed.

Full Article – [Matt Maiocco]


~ by 49ersNews on June 4, 2007.

17 Responses to “OTA’s: Day One”

  1. i just hope jonas jennings, darrell jackson and spencer are good by preseason.

  2. WOW,thats amazing,i would have never expected to hear that jonas jennings was injured.i think he is on injured reserve more than he plays. can anyone say here comes snyder or staney?i think we should move him back to left gaurd next year(he played with the bills as a left gaurd) when and if,larry allen decides to retire next year or find a replacement.hes not worth the salory cap space the 49ers over pay him.i can understand jackson with turf toe and heimanns injury from last year.spencer plays, but is limited every year with some kind of injury too.

  3. heitmann injury………….i mean.


  5. i was on the 49er webzone and i was reading that on the first day of the OTA’s that Micheal Lewis and TBC did not look good today at all TBC they said he check in at over 290lbs but this is only June so i;m not going to worry to much right now just wanted to pass alone what i found out

  6. Right on medford oregon, you hit that nail on the head

  7. thks russ fellow oregon niner fan

  8. Awesome! This just gets me fired-up for the upcoming season. Is there any other negatives that this site can list?

  9. Granted we needed another topic to discuss, but this isn’t what I had in mind.
    For all of the fans that wanted to the 49ers to look at Sam Adams, he signed with the Broncos.

  10. wanted the 49ers

  11. Just up the road from you medford oregon, sc – shady cove been 49er fan since birth cant wait for season to start so we kick some ass and take some names

  12. I got to agree with medford oregon about jonas jennings dude haven’t been healthy since the niners gave him that contract you know that fucks me up how he was in buffalo he was a fucking beast and we needed that in san fran but when he came to san fran he’s been nothing but hurt and it’s a waste of time but besides all of that how do yall feel about the offensive and defensive line do everybody feel strong about both lines or do anybody have any concerns?

  13. I still say we should go after Corey Simon if the price is right. I think it isn’t likely that we will be able to afford him IF he gets released and WHEN we have all of our picks signed. He would be a great addition. If we got him then there is NO TEAM in the NFC that I am afraid of outside of the bears.

  14. u can hate on jennings health, but when he and allen lead the way thats when gore gets his most yards

  15. the guys an animal when healthy lets hope he doesnt go down every other play this upcoming season!!!

  16. Well, it looks like injuries are starting to take its toll on offense line a little with Jennings,Smiley,Heitmann and now Harris with back spazms(thats almost our whole offenive starting line from last year, except for L.Allen) and with are starting receivers Lelie with a hamstring and D.J. with turf toe.I just hope this doesnt linger into the regular season.And you are right about Allen and Jennings,Doc Lac ,but the big part about that is”when healthy”. But i hope for the best for the offense this year.And on my opinion,our defense will be good this year with our new and old vets leading the way this year,its up to the offense to score 14 points or more.

  17. Don’t we want K Harris to be injuried? LOL! Jennings and Heitmann are recovering from injuries that happened last year. Heitmann is a head of sked and took part in a most of the OTA drills on Monday. A smart orangization never wants to push it’s best players if they’re hurt. Let’em heel up for the start of traing camp and the season. TBC says he always bulks up in the off season and loose it during Training camp…not worry. Remember these guys are only in their mid 20’s!

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