Interest in Rayburn (Update Signed)

Update: 03:45pm – Rayburn, 26, will sign a one-year contract that includes a modest signing bonus, a base salary of $595,000 and incentives based on playing time and sacks.


According to Matt Maiocco the 49ers are interested in free-agent defensive tackle Sam Rayburn, a four-year veteran whom the Eagles released last month.  For those that may remember Rayburn was one of the players former GM Terry Donahue targeted when he traded reciever Terrell Owens to the Eagles.


~ by 49ersNews on June 5, 2007.

44 Responses to “Interest in Rayburn (Update Signed)”

  1. well i doubt that is going to go down simply because we only have intrest in him as a DE and did we forget that we have a decent young talent in melvin oliver just what im thinking while here at this job of mine

  2. ooooo donahue wanted him?? …..then i dont

  3. depth and competition in training camp…not a bad thing.

  4. Casey said it best…..Donahue wanted him….therefore I don’t!!!

  5. I can’t wait till NO ADAMS, NO RAYBURN shows up…That guy was such a jerk. I love this site and i know we are all 49ers fans but I just hate it when people start yelling at each other when they dont agree with something. 9ers D-line is looking very promising with the two gator D-linemen…i love mcdonald and Chohen (Mcdonald if his knees hold up is pro bowl potential with his athletic ablities).

  6. Is he going to be a third stringer? We have about five or six defensive ends already in McDonald,Bryant Young,Melvin Oliver,M.Douglas,Fields and Cohen since Franklin, Sopoaga and maybe Cohen might be rotated at nosetackle.Thats what it said on Matt Maioccos 49ers blog anyway.

  7. Yeah I’m wondering if he’s gonna show up and he might not feel to good about this news but it’s good to hear and we all know the situation with donahue but everybody that donahue thinks have talent can’t all be bad rayburn seemed like he was pretty good for the eagles so I don’t see how he can’t be good for us but it seems like these type of players go to another team and don’t do shit so with that and the donahue situation I have mixed feelings.

  8. Im not jumping on the wagon on this one,im not big on Rayburn because with the eagles,the Eagles had problems stopping the run and he was in the rotation at the time plus he always had naggin injuries.but it is nice they are looking for back up defensine end for next year when B.Young retires.

  9. I agree we need to stop taking on everybodys old ass baggage and concentrate on our own young talent.

  10. OOOOOKAY ?Are we really going to sign him?Or is this just rumars?it’s been a month already.And he has only visited the bills and the giants.Whats taking so long?

  11. i agree with russ s.c. oregon on this one.Couldnt have said it better myself.

  12. In annor of Mike and his father. Everyone should wear a suit to the home opener…….please read……..Why Nolan won’t let it go away 49ers coach Mike Nolan called Reebok “ignorant” for its stance that he and Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio can wear suits only twice this season. The two coaches were allowed to wear suits twice last year, too.

    NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says Nolan looks sharp in his suit. But, apparently, the commissioner does not have much power when it comes to determining what coaches can wear on the sideline.

    “It’s Reebok,” Nolan said. “Reebok pays the league for the rights to do it.”

    As for the commish, Nolan said, “Roger has enough on his plate right now (with the league’s conduct policy). (But) I think it does sort of lean toward the conduct issue.”

    Mike Nolan grew up in a time when he watched his father on the sideline. Dick Nolan didn’t wear a gray sweatshirt cut off at the elbows. He wasn’t a walking advertisement for a clothing line that had paid a lot of money to the NFL.

    Dick Nolan wore a suit and tie.

    When Mike Nolan took the 49ers’ job, he wanted to wear a suit and tie for a couple reasons. 1) He wanted to honor his father; 2) He thinks wearing a suit and tie shows who’s in charge and helps foster respect; and 3) He’s a bit of a clotheshorse.

    Now, with his father in failing health, Mike Nolan is not about to give up his fight to be allowed to wear clothes of his choosing on the sideline. In fact, Nolan is turning up the heat.

    “I’d feel a lot better if they just put it to rest and let me just do it all the time,” Nolan said. “Because it’s ridiculous they don’t. We’re trying to send the right message all the time. And it’s ignorant for them not to recognize that. Reebok’s never had more attention given to them.”

    (I’ve left a couple messages, seeking a comment from Reebok. When/if I hear from them, I’ll include their response.)

    * * *

    Mike Nolan is trying his best to cope with his father’s deteriorating health. He admits it’s worse for his three siblings and mother who live in Texas and deal with it daily. Dick Nolan, 75, was moved two weeks ago into an assisted living facility for dementia patients in Grapevine, Texas.

    Dick Nolan has Alzheimer’s and he’s also battling prostate cancer. When Mike visited recently, his father for a brief moment recognized him as his son.

    “It’s the same way with mom,” Nolan said. “Sometimes he’ll say, ‘Ann.’ But other times he’ll look at my mom and say, ‘Where’s my wife? Where’s Ann? You’re not Ann. Ann’s young. You’re too old to be Ann.’

    “It’s tough on her. She’s pretty emotional at times.”

    Dick and Ann Nolan have been married 53 years.

    “Like they say, people die twice with Alzheimer’s,” Nolan said. “They go away when they’re physically still functioning but mentally they’re gone. And they actually die at some point.”

  13. My thoughts and prayers go out to coach Nolan and his family and im sure from everyone else on this site, also what is the big fucking deal if he wants to wear a suit on the feild let him it shows a touch a class .Back to football ,watchin NFL LIVE is anybody else tired of hearing about Tom brady and the patroits give me a break , all that talent they have put together this season I hope they fall flat on their face ie. the redskins

  14. According to Maiocco, Rayburn has reached a one year deal with the niners.

  15. Sam Rayburn-DL-49ers Jun. 5 – 5:18 pm et

    49ers signed DT Sam Rayburn, formerly of the Eagles, to a one-year contract.

    He’ll make $595,000 with a small signing bonus and incentives thrown in. Rayburn doesn’t have a chance to start, but will move into the defensive line rotation in San Francisco’s 3-4 alignment.

  16. I just got into football this year.What are O.T.A’S?

  17. Not a huge Rayburn fan, but added depth is nice and the price seems low.

  18. not to get off the subject but my balls have been itching really bad as of late and I think its because I am feeling a big year from Vernon Davis…

  19. Dude, that could be a rash but I hope you are right on VD!!

  20. Organized team activities,paul jr

  21. you know bbq’s, gang bangs and charity events…

  22. Yea, my balls have been the same way I think VD is going to show the team some good runs. We really got a good young team and now develope them. Get Rollen with Nolan.

  23. Lets hope some of the WR’s step up this year!!! The potential is great, hope something pans out. Between Jackson and Lelie and the others, someone has to have a good year!
    Nice to have this sort of excitement going into the pre-season. My balls are starting to itch too!

  24. Don’t forget about MAD MAX (Maxwell) he has 7 touchdowns in 6 games. 6FT 4IN. Redzone target

  25. Clean healthy rotation of some solid players and injuries happen looks like the 49ers have plenty of depth. Rollin

  26. Now,if we could ever find a wide receiver with out a attitude problem or injury history we would be fine.hopefully that is Jason Hill,but I really think we need a possession receiver with some good height.

  27. on the that A.BATTLES leg was starting to tighten up too.

  28. I agree with you pintor98, on MAXWELL but you still have to give up for Arnez battels,he has played his ass off for us during the worst of times .Im not saying he is an allstar but he has played his heart out for this team even when there was no one else on offense doing shit such as Eric johnson ,kevin barlow.etc Im just glad to see him on a squad that has the potential to do great things this year GO NINERS

  29. Hey paul Jr.,did you see the PATRICK WILLIS SENIOR BOWL HIGHLIGHTS on first play was a Jason Hill on a 30 yard reverse and Patrick Willis tackling him.2 niners going at it on the first highlight.

  30. Yes,i just watched it Crazy 4dy9ersfan.did you hear that McCloughan was impressed with Joe Staley in O.T.A’s and he said it looked like he is getting better everytime he see’s him.If he keeps getting better I think its bye bye for Kwame Harris.

  31. i hope we trade or dont resign kwame harris next year. Unless he dramaticly improves before this season ends.

  32. HHHHHHELL YEA,We need to get rid of that lazy fool!but he did slightly get better last year and it takes a few years for a “O” lineman to get adjusted to the N.F.L..But i feel ya though and he had a few years to adjust.

  33. And I just read that about Joe Staley and battle too.and pitor98,i hope Mad MAXWELL pans out with us too and russ s.c. oregon i feel ya too about A. Battle and Eric Johnson.Eric Johnson has a real good shot at making the superbowl with The Saints this year ,i think.

  34. However, what are we going to do about Jennings and his injury prone pinky finger??? Kwame needs to go…we ALL know that, but we need to start grooming a replacement for Jennings as well unless he shows up this season because hasn’t COME CLOSE to living up to his contract. He was so much better for Buffalo and then turned to junk for us.

  35. How about Snyder to replace Jennings and Baas next year to take over for Allen if he retires?Even the Baffalo Bills said that we paid him wwwwway to much and he wasnt worth that much money.

  36. way to early to talk about next year for all we know we will resign harris cut jennings and our line would look like from left to right staley-baas-heitmann-snyder-harris assuming allen retires…everybody hates harris atleast he is on the field screw jennings

  37. Yeah, I agree, but we need to be mindful of our o line because after this season there is going to be a gaping hole at left tackle. Of all the spots, that is the LAST hole we want right now. I predict in the next draft we are going to go after o line and d line again unless a great free safety is available.

  38. Hey Ryan,call me crazy,but i think someone will step it up this year at free saftey.And we already got Baas,Wragge,Snyder and i’m not sure about Smiley for gaurds and Staley for tackle and maybe Snyder 2 for tackle if Smiley who are the free agents next year at tackle.And that tackle rookie free agent tackle we got from Florida last year playing in N.F.L. Europe is playing gaurd over in Europe too.And i say we should go after another wide receiver in next years draft,if D.J. cant stay healthy.

  39. It’s a good thing that the niners are not over the cap because if so then one of the reason would have been the contract we gave jennings I really hate that players was a beast at their old team and go to another team GET A BIG CONTRACT and be all injury prone and shit that is one of the worst things that can happen I mean jennings is a big mutha fucka he looks like he can punk dudes with no problems and he looks like he will hurt people not getting hurt but instead he gets hurt but we will see what happens this up coming season I’m not going to give up on him yet but I will put this in caps F.U.C.K K.W.A.M.E H.A.R.R.I.S A.N.D G.E.T R.I.D O.F D.U.D.E N.O.W!

  40. Plus, if you look on this page,on top right side.AT the O.T.C. Draft,there are about 5 good tackles coming out of the draft next year too.

  41. “Fullback/tight end/special teams player Obafemi Ayanbadejo of the Cardinals might get his release… Others who could be released are Eagles defensive lineman Jerome McDougle, Seahawks safety and former 49er Kelly Herndon (still recovering from a fractured ankle sustained in the season finale) and former Cal and Bengal cornerback Deltha O’Neal, whose commitment to the game may be wavering. Even if these players aren’t released today, they could come available in training camp, which also is a possibility with Jets cornerback David Barrett.” an Corey Simon DT

  42. Bitch please you would never say that to his face (or mine). You’r nothen but a punk!!!!

  43. Hola!
    Check this out!

  44. And some more..

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