Best OL I’ve Ever Been Around

McCloughan, who has worked with the Green Bay Packers and Seahawks, loves the mix of experience and youth in this line, which goes 10 deep. “From one to 10, this is the best offensive line I’ve been around,” he says. “And I was in Seattle when they had Walter Jones and Steve Hutchinson.”

49ers are reloaded – [USA Today]


~ by 49ersNews on June 10, 2007.

34 Responses to “Best OL I’ve Ever Been Around”

  1. Before or after the injuries?If everyone was healthy i would be like HELL……YE….!But since there not ill be like OOOOOKAY!Gore will love it !!!!!

  2. On June 10th the 49ers turned down a trade for Randy Moss.Did anyone else read that!

  3. Yeah, and it was the right thing to do…..he is a spoiled brat that has a lot of ability and very little brains. he isn’t a team guy at all and most of all….HE PLAYS WHEN HE WANTS TO PLAY. I don’t care how much of a choir boy he is being for the pats right now. I’d rather have players that care about the team and less about, “ME, ME, ME….MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, and CONTRACTS,CONTRACTS, CONTRACTS.” As for the o line…yeah, we are doing great!!! I am super stoked about our O line. However, I am going to remain to have that question mark about whether we should have used our 2nd round pick on Ugoh instead of giving it to the Colts…..even if it makes sense points wise. You never know when Jonas Jennings pinky or little toe might cramp up and make him sit out a few games, plus after this season we will have a LEFT TACKLE ISSUE. I hope someone is ready to fill in Larry Allen’s shoes because his are HUGE!! That aside….we are going to blow up this year….to hell with what Michael Smith says about us…..he was on our band wagon one moment and jumping the next. I just wish he would quick trying to be Stephen A. Smith.

  4. We don’t need him. Where did you read this news?

  5. look right next to this post on 49ersholics anonymous.

  6. i say we need to introduce kwame to my good ol friend, the bench….

  7. So who is walter jones?Harris?hahahaha!It cant be jennings,he is never on the field!!

  8. The back ups on the other teams must have really sucked

  9. Hells yes, fellas this is good shit. I likes it alot!!!

  10. Damn this is good to hear expecially when he said it’s better than when he was in seattle when Steave Hutchinson and Walter Jones was there and they had one of the best OL’S in the NFL that year do yall know what that means GORE’S RUNNING THE BALL & ALEX SMITH THROWING AND SCRAMBLING ALL DAY,


  11. Staley,Snyder and Baas must be really making a good impression on McCloughan.But he isn’t the coach.


  13. Where did you hear that 9ERS4LIFE?

  14. Alex Smith will take a step back this year,but be better next season.

  15. no I actually think he’ll do better. I’m not sayin that because he’s our QB, I’m sayin it because look at all his new weapons to toss to. Also I noticed that during the end of last season he seemed to play more poised and in control. Also defenses this year are going to gameplan around Franky G, forcing them to stack the box wit 8 or even nine people, giving Alex a better opportunity to make throws.The fact that he is a mobile QB makes things better for his situation, and throw in the idea that this revamped D is going to add more time to our overall TOP(giving us more opportunities with the ball, of course), it seems like all signs are leading to an improvement type season..also he doesnt seem to be as scrutinized as other QBs in the L(like Eli, or Tony Romo, Rex Grossman,Matt Leinart, VY *cough*Michael Vick*cough*)so being not-so on the radar means not too much pressure on him, so he’s comfy to improve and learn the game more and study(he could pick up very sooner than later), and he is a rather intelligent young man. so thats my argument..I know there are things in his way too(like how much our division improved or whatever), but he wouldnt be an NFL player if he wasnt up to that challenge….but who knows, anything can happen on any given Sunday, he could do bad, but it’s best to go into this season with a positve frame of mind>>>way more optimistic than the last few years, agreed?

  16. Well said BIGBIG

  17. Smith will be better than other year and will be one of the top QB in NFL this year. The players we have that he can toss too will be the reason. GO 49er first the Divison and then the playoffs.

  18. I feel that way because of the coaching changes and them being all new and everything.Thats just my opinion,but he could have a breakout season too.

  19. And i can see us going 9 and 7 this year if ijuries dont hit us.

  20. this is off the subject but is it me or am i reading to much into Ashley Lelie not practing? i really like this guy and think he can be a down the field threat. i know its only June but come on i want him and Alex Smith on the same page. i want to see Ashley Lelie pratice.

  21. What i used to read about Lelie was when he was in denver he was never a good practice player.And if McCloughan is right,Gore and corp. should have one hell of a year.

  22. thanks Paul Jr i really like the guy and i want all of our wideout to do good this year and i would like Alex Smith to become at least a 68% 69% passer with the weapson he has i dont see why he cant do it. Hey Paul i dont know if you know but check out

  23. I hope Vernon Davis can stay healthy.If he does he could have at least a 800 yard 9 T.D. season.

  24. From ProFootballWeekly:

    “All of a sudden, the Niners’ seemingly suspect receiving corps is raising some eyebrows. Not only have we heard that experienced newcomer Darrell Jackson has wasted little time establishing himself as a positive force, but team sources also tell us second-year WRs Brandon Williams and Marcus Maxwell have been the beneficiaries of glowing reports lately. Word is Williams might have been the most impressive performer at the Niners’ first minicamp, and Maxwell has been doing a dead-on impersonation of a younger Terrell Owens in NFL Europa play.”

  25. I’ll tell ya one thing Joe Staley better pan out.If it wasnt for us trading up to get him.Right now we could have had two first round picks already.

  26. yea i think if Vernon D has a good year i see him going to the pro bowl for years to come. Alex is still young so a good tightend is a good thing for him. Im looking for B Williams to have a ok year returning kicks and punts i hope he can return at least 2 or 3 this year, i know thats pushing it but hey. Jason Hill i hope he can step up and have at least 40 to 50 catches for us. D Jax i;m looking for him to have a good year maybe if we can get at least 12 games out of him that would be great for me

  27. yea harry i see what you mean talking about coaching changes and being all new..but look at it this way: Alex Smith has been with Hostler his whole (short)career.Hostler says he wont change what Norv Turner established.even though its not Norv at the reins, Hostler and Smith know the system and have what it takes to flourish in it..and with all the new additions, lets be glad that OTAs and mini camp and training camp(coming soon)will give them time to familiarize theirselves with each other(with the exception of lelie, whos been MIA)….reading the 49ers are reloaded at the top, I seen at the bottom discussions that there was this Seahawk fan that predicted the NFC West like this: Seattle 10-6, St.Louis 8-8, Arizona 8-8, San Fran 6-10… Man this gave me a good laugh, ‘Hawks fans are SOOOOO biased, they dont even pay attention to NFL as a whole, they even gave us the losing record JUST BECAUSE we lashed on em twice last ja vu, anyone?

  28. If Frank Gore went down,i wonder if our offense would go back to throwing the ball alot or run it just as much? if we had to throw it alot,we would find out and see how good Alex Smith really is.

  29. And i also cant wait to see if Maxwell will be good on our offense as good as he is in eoropa or how ever it is spelled.

  30. this year the sky’s the limit and i say cum out all guns blazin-be bold and innovative and take some chances like goin on 4th and 1 – move davis all around and make him your #1 receiver and priority to send the ball

  31. […] Best OL I’ve Ever Been Around McCloughan, who has worked with the Green Bay Packers and Seahawks, loves the mix of experience and youth in this line, […] […]

  32. We are gonna be the bomb this year and Allan and the youngsters are gonna bitch smack some ‘D’lineman on the ground while the rest of the offense keeps getting better and gore runs for 2200 yards.

  33. some of u guys are out of ur mind, losin so many yrs in a row has got u delirious, ya the niners are gona be good, i hope they take the division and go far into the playoffs too, but whoever said alex smith is gonna be the best qb in the league is out of their mind

  34. Does anyone know how long Hostler has left on his contract?If he only has a year left and has a bad season.I wonder if we will go after Ken Zampese again?

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