Lawson, Battle, Clements on Total Access

Manny Lawson, Arnaz Battle and Nate Clements are in studio for NFL Network’s Total Access. Tuesday (06.12.07) 4:00pm PST.


~ by 49ersNews on June 12, 2007.

50 Responses to “Lawson, Battle, Clements on Total Access”

  1. About time

  2. now thats what i;m talking about some National 49er love. I dont want to get to ahead of myself but it is good to see that the media is startring to see what we are doing out west.

  3. Three of our bad asses on Total Access. Represent us well boys!

  4. Now that’s what I’m talkin about this is the kind of stuff I’ve been talkin about for a long time know and know we’re getting it I wish we can get more love like getting more 49ers news and let some players and coaches get interviewed at the facility because they damn sure have a thing for the seahawks, ravens, chargers, bengles and cardinals with their fucking mini camps and interviews at their facilities I forgot chad johnson is all they know on the NFL network and he’s one fuckin player so hopefully this is a start of new 49er love for the NFL network.

  5. Is there any one that can put this on for me?so i can see it.

  6. yeah if someone would youtube it, that would be great

  7. are they gonna show niner mini camp any time soon? they did the cardiNOTS, seacocks and lambs and they skipped right over us. u guys hear about the suit protest? lots of people are gonna wear suits to the first homegame in arizona to back nolan and protest against rebok. if the weather is cool im gonna wear one. but if the weather goes up like it looks like its going to, im with you in spirit coach hahaha

  8. yep couldnt have said it any better there craig33 its like
    who cares about the chargers fuvk seattle and arizona.
    they need a station out there that is niners tv all day training camps draft coverage the works somthing to think about !!!!

  9. Mario,we dont need the media to scope out our team and give away some of our secrets in camp.I know its a shame that every year Arizona gets alot more attention than us and havent had a winning season since leaving n.f.c. east.they will know by the end of this season who the real winning team will be.

  10. Plus Lelie might be out of camp till july,it said it on Niner Cap Hell under new stories.

  11. ninerfootball2439 well said about the niners tv all day DAMN HOW LOVELY THAT WOUD BE.

  12. ATTENTION ALL NINER FANS: read the following link and seriously consider:

  13. is someone going to utube this nfl network stuff tonight

  14. If i have the money this year,like my bud Eddie and larry i will preorder a blank 49ers jersey from Wilson and have them put D.Nolan on the back and have them put the #01 on it for when they play the giants and steelers this year(since im from new jersey) .I hope i go to them games this year.

  15. and is this on nfl live or the nfl net?

  16. I guess that means 7pm new jersey time if on the net.

  17. And the bears signed that full back that was with arizona.

  18. I also hope to go the 49ers @ giants game. I’m from NJ too

  19. where at in jersey im from A.C.?

  20. I know..I was wondering why they didnt have a 9ers minicamp on NFL net, or if I just missed it altogether…Its great that these guys are gonna be on I cant wait to see it.As far as not being heavily televised and in the media’s eye, I’m not really worried about it..matter of fact, we really could do without.we dont need that pressure, so the cards can take all the air time they want its not bothering me..but a ‘niner network’ would be AWESOME, I agree with that…

  21. Also,its great that all niner fans are gonna wear suits for the home opener..It really shows how much respect Mike Nolan is getting as a coach(from his fans anyway..) how the unity brings a tear to my eye..also mario the home opener is primetime, so u should be good to wear ur suit.Also, just being random here, but has anyone noticed that Mike Nolan has the Jane Seymour eyestyle—one eye is brown, the other green. Anyone noticed that?I noticed it in the NFL network commercial where he says “I’m Mike Nolan, and you’re watching NFL Network.”

  22. hell ya cant wate lots of love for are niners ya GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. when is this supost to happen?im still waiting for clements,battle and lawson.

  24. Did anyone see it? I missed it and would appreciate some details.

  25. where are these guys ?all i see dallases the 3 phillip brothers who look like they belong on a papa johns comertal.

  26. whats up with that were are they? GO NINERS any one know the real day there going to be on who posted this rong info you got are hopes up man

  27. they (lawson battle and clements) didnt appear on the show..why?

  28. it was supposed to be today i saw the nfl total access commercials

  29. que estafa hubo aqui no se por que no los pusieron que mierda :S

  30. Dallas fucked us over again,on NFL Total bullshit!!!!!!!! Instead of having Lawson,Battle and Clements they showed the three dallas Phillup goatfuckers.

  31. maybe… will be on tomarrow.before i went to see something and it didnt show till the next day.

  32. That made me mad by not showing them,but they will show them alot this year on the regular highlight film for the rest of the season and beyond.I guess since we are good on offensive lineman we wont be taking a look at the guard (Mark ?)that dallas released a couple days ago.

  33. Marko Rivera is the person i ment.

  34. I just went to and checked out the injury list and Kwame Harris is on it with a back injury so not only this dude aint shit but he’s hurt and aint shit and we got a fucked up deal yesterday you know if it was anybody else they would have made it their buisness to keep who ever else booked to be interviewed now as far as bum wade and his son that interview should have been on like friday close to fathers day and not fucking tuesday where our boys should had been interviewed and it would’ve been live and not pre fucking recorded!

  35. hopefuly they be on another time this week GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Thats one of the reasons I stoped watching The N.F.L. NET (except for games)and N.F.L. Live,its always about the Cowboys/Bengals or Bronco’s and once in a while its about the superbowl champs or the looser if there is any negative stories.

  37. I just hope Alex Smith progresses this season,everytime i hear about him in O.TA’s he is getting picked off or a ball is getting batted down.That makes me kind of nervous when i hear that kind of stuff.

  38. And i wonder if Alex Smith and Jason Hill are getting any chemistry together since D.J. and Lelie are injured?

  39. I dont know if he will get any with Jason Hill,it will probley be A.Battle or Williams.Since i heard that Williams is having a good camp.Thats what i would think.

  40. Harry,maybe the defense is just that bad ass! Gotta stay positive man!

  41. GREAT JOB NINER FANS!!! Its working!! Nolan will be allowed to wear a suit to all home games!! Half way there!!

  42. […] Lawson, Battle, Clements on Total Access Manny Lawson, Arnaz Battle and Nate Clements are in studio for NFL Network’s Total Access. Tuesday (06.12.07) […] […]

  43. u guys lied they were not on

  44. I’m hoping our new great defense teaches Alex Smith how to get better.

  45. maybe ninerfan21 is mike nolan in disguise hahaha. i saw the commercial for our guys to be on total access and they werent on, i was hella pissed. did they give a new date for it? they had that bastard cowboy coach phillips. i read an article about alex hitting VD 6 or 7 times in a row so hopefully that hook up starts to click, cuz VD was lethal when he go the ball in his hands last year. that catch and run against greenbay was crazy

  46. It’s today(manny lawson battle and clements on nfl total acces) i just saw the commercialks on NFL NETWORK!!!!!!!!

  47. u tube this please

  48. I saw it yesterday ….all they did was talk fathers day nothing else

  49. Manny Lawson was funny

  50. I was pissed, all this anticipation and they didn’t even talk about the Niners. Then to top it off they said they were going to talk some more to Nate Clemments but didn’t, they just asked Mike a question about which free agent will make the biggest impact this year and he said Briggs. WOW that was fustrating, but thats ok, I predict they are going to have several “where the fuck did you guys come from” interviews with the Niners this year!

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