The Suit for All Home Games

Mike Nolan will be allowed to wear a suit on the sideline for each of the 49ers’ eight home games, an NFL spokesman said today.

“We’ve agreed to coach Nolan’s request,” said Brian McCarthy, the NFL’s director of corporate communications. “He told us he was looking (to wear the suit) for the eight home games.”


~ by 49ersNews on June 13, 2007.

53 Responses to “The Suit for All Home Games”

  1. Thats a W in the win column

  2. Suit up for the home opener!!

  3. Thats cool,but i wont see him in a suit at the New York game or the Steelers game.

  4. right on

  5. Awesome good news GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. NICE… at the home opener ALL niner fans should wear suits TOO, that would be awesome 🙂

  7. I am going to wear a wet suit with a scuba tank to all the home games to honor my uncle who is a king crab fisherman in the mississippi river

  8. If I had a suit I would wear it when the niners come up here to play the faghawks

  9. I’m going to wear my birthday suit,and a picture of a cardnal on my ass.And have my wife spank my ass to show arizona how we are going to kick there ass!

  10. I should get a ticket for the 49ers at Giants game and then rent a suit for it.

  11. This is definately a W for the niners. That doesn’t mean we can’t keep this shit alive though. We’ve went from 2 games to 8. Now let’s get all 16. I’m still wearing my suit to the home game for support of a full season of Nolan suit wearing. The man has brought glory back to this team. It’s the least I can do to repay him.

  12. I cant wait to cook and grill in my suit ,i will feel like a gormet cheff with a beer when im tail gating.GGGGGGO NINERSSSSS!

  13. now if the niners will wear there old skool jerseys at all the games this season and its set 11-5 record

  14. nothing but good news this offseason. he should be able to wear the suit all the games

  15. Did you see that Montana/Young fued was #7 on N.F.L. net on the top ten fueds?That wouldnt have happend now a days.There would have been one of them threating to hold out and signed drew to be there agent.

  16. as much as i love montana’s exploits as a niner, i hate his personality. he was intimidated by steve’s superior athletic ability, he should have been more like dilfer, willing to coach up steve. in my book steve young is my favorite 49er. definitely the classiest of the two. and i think everyone in here will agree he is one of the most well loved niners there ever was

  17. Suit = class. Nolan = classy guy. Niners = class of the NFC West.

  18. Mike is the second coming of Bill Walsh. He is a Class Act and no current coaches bring excellence like Mike Nolan. I feel like i’ts 1981 all over again, were on our way to something special. Mike will bring us to a SuperBowl, He expects excellence, and he will not settle for anything else! The good times are coming, look out NFL, look out Cowboys the 49ers are BAAAAAAAAAAACK!

  19. i agree with Mario. Steve was much better than Montana, and proved it. Montana had the better line, but Steve had the better abilities. If Steve had Joe’s offensive line, Steve would own 7 rings.

  20. And if Steve Young had Bill Walsh he would have been much better too.

  21. Mike Nolan is a defensive minded coach.And Bill Walsh is a offensive minded coach.Walsh built this team for 3 superbowls and nolan didnt even win a nfc west title yet,i think your getting a little head of your self with that one.But you are right that Nolan is a class act and might get us to the big game.Nolan reminds me more of a Bill Cowher type of coach since he is a hardnose type.

  22. Well, whatever Nolan is doing is better then Ericksons gay ass ever did. As long as the win vs the loss keeps going up I am a happy man. Consistancy is the key here, so far we have that under control. This is not only a big year for Smith, but a big one for Nolan as well.

  23. ill be wearing my suit to pitt an NY

  24. I don’t know much about Donovan Darius, but can someone tell me why we should or should not sign him??

  25. He is a veteran, and he won’t make to many mental mistakes.

  26. Donovam Darius was a Strong Safety for the Jags…he is good too..I dont know too much what style he was-more coverage or in the box, but I think we’re set at SS dont you think Ryan?Other than what team he played for, there’s not much I can tell you except for he’s a good player that was not really known in the League…ryan did he get released by Jax?

  27. this is th estupidest thing iv ever heard in my life!!! the hell with the suit, who cares!!

  28. Leave it up to some ASSHOLE to fuck up a positive thing!FUCKIN SEATLE FART!!

  29. I just saw that (on ninercaphell)the runningback we just drafted from kansis state is 27 already.

  30. Nolan cares about the suit. He wants to honor his father. A suit rocks. Not that it matters too much, but coaches look sloppy and unprofesional on the sidelines in sweats. Men used to always wear suits back in the day, coaches did too. It was the thing. Just like fools wearing there pants at their knees with their underwear hanging out is today.

  31. Thats some funny shit douchebag,but i see it all the time sad but true

  32. BIGBIG….got to and check it out. It sounds like he is on his way out the door and isn’t happy about how things are being ran in Jacksonville….so if the price is right then pick him up….that is if he isn’t going to be a distraction or a personality similar to that person who Bill Parcells calls, “The player.” The guy must be talented if he got slapped with the tag.

  33. did anyone else hear that Bill Walsh has been on the sidelines of the raiders mini camp!

  34. Nate Clements,A.Battle and M.Lawson are ball talented .But they are butt ass ugly!

  35. I can wait and see these guys on the field because i read some where that nloan said they are going to let Lawson blitz a little more this season on passing downs.

  36. Am I the only one who thinks that Darius is a great possibility as long as the price is right? What do you guys think…yes or no and WHY????

  37. as far as Im concerned, he has no conduct issues and was a very solid player..consistent…I would love to have him, he also brings veteran experience and from what i seen he is a good coverage safety(no need for him to be an in-the-box safety with all that beef in Jacksonvilles front seven)so yes, I know i wasnt exactly for it at first, but the more I think about it, why not?We would be even better as a D AND have more depth at a spot that we need depth at..

  38. I got 12 letters to tell you why we wont go after Darius.and that is we signed M.I.C.H.A.E.L. L.E.W.I.S. to a big contract to play strong saftey and plus we got Vickiel Vaughn and Keith Lewis to rotate with plus we got Dashon Goldson to rotate with Mark Roman.

  39. You know what we need to do against Arizona.Throw the damn ball.Remember the last time we won, when we had Erickson,we threw the ball like crazy and Eric johnson had like 9 or 10 catches.Nolan likes to run it ALL the time.But we need to throw the ball to Vernon Davis like crazy too.

  40. I completely agree with you crazy…but think about many true coverage safeties do we have?And plus, do any of those guys have the experience of one Donovan Darius?I dont think think any of em put together(minus Michael Lewis, who should definitely be a starter)have the experience donovan would bring to the table…not to mention filling up our depth..darius’ coverage skills also would give him the nod at the FS spot..and just think if we could rotate Safeties, that would be a sweet concept dont you agree? plus, if it is successful, we’ll have set a precedent and teams will be copying our style..please excuse my babble guys, I’m a bit drunk right now(damn parties…and E&J..I’m drinkin on the rocks..AND i have practice tomorrow…)

  41. more thing. why should we necessitate the need to throw it when we have Franky G? we could open up a lot of things by simply running the ball to loosen up the D, then let em have it wit the Air attack(which, in my opinion, will be raw with our new weapons……stop doubting them guys, just focus on the good please, we shouldnt be so pessimistic with this offseason and improvements, not to mention the highest rated draft class

  42. Yeah, I know we signed Michael Lewis, but WHY couldn’t we play him at FREE SAFETY??? I know we have Vaughn and Keith Lewis, and Roman. However, wouldn’t we HAVE TO start Darius over all of those players if we were to acquire him. Realize….he got RELEASED. If we were to acquire him could you name a secondary that is MORE SCARY THAN OURS??? There would be a few that would be mentioned like the Ravens, Bears, Jaguars, and Denver, but who else??? We could do it and back load his contract….sign him to three years.

  43. I agree with BIGBIG, if you know anything about ANY GOOD FOOTBALL TEAM they ALWAYS HAVE A GREAT RUNNING GAME. It is just the STAPLE OF THE GAME. Frank deserves his carries and I am going to have fun watching people TRY to catch him.

  44. I read the Sac Bee today and they say Staley is going to push for the right tackle position because Kwame is injured and Staley has become bigger and more muscular…..not to mention that Nolan and CO. LOVE his commitment to their program and getting better. With this offensive line you kind of HAVE TO RUN THE BALL because 1)Frank Gore is a savage and 2) our offensive line in the top five right now easily.

  45. the more you guys make me think about it ,i wouldnt mind having him,its like the pats with Harrison a few years ago,i guess.

  46. Are there any talks of us getting Darius, or is that just wishfull thinking?

  47. i havent heard anything .so, so far its just wishful thinking.

  48. I dont think we will get him.But i could be wrong too. I think we should keep our options open for a offensive tackle since Harrises back spazms and Jennings always being injured.But like they said before we are 10 deep in offensive lineman.How many think we might start the season off with Snyder at left tackle and Staley at Right tackle this season.Iremember reading in O.T.A.s that one of the coaches said except for Allen that Snyder was our best offensive lineman on the team.

  49. Nolan said that Snyder was the next best offensive lineman in O.T.A.’s on tuesday.Because that Nolan was trying to let Snyder settle at gaurd but Could kick out at left tackle if said it on on tuesdays O.T.A.s if you dont beleave me.

  50. I’m gonna have to step in and correct you guys that want Darius…

    Donovan Darius is a liability in coverage which is why the Jags released him. They are switching to a Cover 2 scheme and need safeties that can cover. They drafted Reggie Nelson and at the end of their OTA’s they concluded that they had guys that could cover and could definitely afford to release Darius. It would make no sense for us to sign him because we spent so much on Michael Lewis, who is much younger by the way. Also, I don’t understand why no one gives Mark Roman his respect. He was a really solid player for us last year and is good in coverage. I already think we have a top 3 secondary as of right now.

  51. I didn’t see the interview until 11 last night they could had talked about niners football then fathers day at the end but to have them come on there to talk about fathers day had me like WHAT THE FUCK as far as darius it seems like where stocked at safety and I agree with Big M but dude will make you pay and hit you hard as shit so in a way I wish we had room for him and I spoke highly of roman and was very excited when greenbay released him and expecially when nolan said when he was signed and came to practice the he immediatly put his hat into players chest and that’s good to hear that he likes to hit hard.

  52. i agree with big m we dont want him, and as far as being a hitter-keith lewis does his best albeit noone in our lifetime will ever hit like him again, ronnie lott impersonation

  53. yea i just seen that too..he is much more of a force against the run bad bout that..but he was my picks leader every time I played as the jags on Madden..a big oops on my part.

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