On the Rise

Please meet the San Francisco 49ers, whose ownership did much more than spend a great deal of loot to fill its decreasing number of holes.

OK, the spending should be investigated and begins with cornerback Nate Clements. Clements left the mighty Buffalo Bills after being wooed by what is believed to be the largest contract ever bestowed upon a free-agent defensive player.

The Niners also wrote a big check for wide receiver Darrell Jackson, who should be a comfort to emerging QB Alex Smith and stud running back Frank Gore.

Another excuse for liking the Niners is their draft, which included linebacker Patrick Willis, athletic offensive lineman Joe Staley and potentially good receiver Jason Hill.

NFL’s risers and fallers – [Fox Sports]


~ by 49ersNews on June 15, 2007.

83 Responses to “On the Rise”

  1. Yes, big bucks but spent very well on 49ers future players. Great job management and lets kick some butt this season. Look out Seattle birds.

  2. Just seatle Mike?I say watch out to the every nfl team! Teams shall fear us once again!Long live the red and gold forever!

  3. Calm Down

  4. You calm down. 😉

  5. I still say we need a legit number one receiver,Jacson has said he always feels his turf toe injury all the time.the artical is on maioccos 49ers blog. but the rest of the team is bad ass!!

  6. does anybody think we are getting a bit overhyped and setting our expectations too high this year??

  7. Expectations too high for what? Predictions don’t have any bearing on how well a team actually does and being optimistic (with the potential for those good feelings to actually pan out) sure beats rooting for a perennial bottom dwelller (ie. Houston or Arizona).

  8. i predict 9-7 this season.

  9. Well just wait and see what happens this season and I dont maen preseason I will watch it but we all know it dont mean shit also it will be our DEFENCE that will make us or break us this year.NFC WEST CHAMPS GO NINERS ………

  10. You sell us short Zack. 11-5 for sure. And most importantly, a date with the playoffs.

  11. i think our defense will be fine.I think it will be our offense that will make or break us this season with all the injuries that have happend to the “O”line and wide receivers and gore with his history of injuries.

  12. and Alex smiths development will be a key to our playoff dreams.

  13. arizona must be defeated before PLAYOFFS are possible

  14. 10-6 baby!!!!!

  15. I agree with you razoreater,We could have been 8-8 or 9-7 last seaon if we would have beat Arizona once or twice last season.And i also agree with you Cal about our offense being the key too.A.Smith will be the key if we can beat arizona,last year we gave up on the run way too soon and A.Smith couldnt throw more that 2 TDs A game and plus that ref with that missed fieldgoal they said was good.

  16. You want someone to be a possible NR 1 receiver, how about this. Walker losing about 15 to 20 LBS and moving from back-up TE to our big, tall and solid hand wideout.

  17. Niners offense will be like KC’s and Chargers. Stud running back, great OL, good QB and a probowl TE. Our WR’s are better than KC’s and Chargers Wide outs.

  18. razoreater fucking hit it on the head. Nolan is 0 and 4 against arizona. Arizona is the key to the divison.

  19. Arizona? Arizona is trash, they have no offensive line and an amatuer defense. I’m sorry but their offense is going to break against our defense like water on rock.

  20. but the fact remains…we have not beat those birds in 2 years…but I’ll go on record at 10-6 this year.

  21. hell ya were on the rise ya NINERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Bawla i hear you man. I agree with you but for some stupid reason the 9ers havent beat them in two years. If the 9ers had beat them just once this year then the 9ers could have been in the playoffs…just think about that for a sec. So I will say it one more time, how the 49ers do against Arizona this year will be the key to winning the division.

  23. We really remodeled our D to challenge our division.IMO, the NFC West is the most offensively-athletic division in the L.Think about it, we got stud backs across the board(Franky G, Steven Jackson, Alexander, Edge)all the teams in the nfc west have good-to-great receiving groups(especially arizona with Boldin an Fitzgerald, and St. Louis with Holt, Bruce, Bennett, McMichaels),are QBs:two very good veteran QBs,two young rising stars..so in terms of offensive firepower as a division, were pretty much at the top or near it(IMO).So if we’re set to challenge our division, you know we’re set to challenge the league…our offense is young and very athletic, and we have the potential to be scary e..Alex Smith really needs to just manage the game and increase his completion percentage, decrease his picks(4 or 5 of them were from swatted passes).Utilize VD too….Let him be a DISEASE to other teams.

  24. yea Scottie we were literally just yards(I dont remeber how far we drove)from beating them in week 1, or tying it and changing that outcome.*I meant to say scary explocive

  25. 9-7 is a realistic goal that we can achieve. Although 10-6 or 11-5 are possible, but we’d haffta be clicking on all cylinders.

  26. man it sucks that finally the 9ers are hitting their stride and ready for takeover that the rest of the division is also sick. like someone above said our division is stacked with some of teh best young offensive stars in the league. and i cant believe im saying this but beating arizona is going to be key this year, this could be the year they finally dont suck!!

  27. ..but its a good thing our division is stacked, because we need that challenge..I agree wit the Arizona thing..we need to get over that hump against the Cards.Also, with all the offensive firepower our division has, I’d say that our D is the toughest..St.Louis has done alright in that department, Seattle fell off with the losses in their secondary(even though they still have a fast LB corps),Arizona…well, outside of Adrian Wilson, theres not much to say…we have what it takes to win our division we just have to execute,limit mistakes, and do the dam thing!!!!

  28. ……do you guys think Bertrand Berry would make a good LB?I think I heard somewhere that he converted to a linebacker..

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  31. i heard that too BIGBIG, and arizona will use a 3-4 defense at times this season.


  33. someone is using my name BIGBIG!

  34. he must be that same guy that got kicked off using n.y.c.ninerfan that was on NINERCAPHELL.he was using the owners name and got Kickedoff!and the kyle he used was brighter than the one i use.

  35. Everyone who is talking big about Arizona is delusional. They went 5-11 last year people. Wake up. Are they going to be better than 5-11? Maybe. But not better than the niners. The niners have a running back that doesn’t need a great offensive line but has one. Arizona has an anemic offensive line. Leinart is hardly proven. And if they try to convert to a 3-4 defense now they might put up worse numbers than we did last year. No, I’m sorry. Arizona is nothing to worry about yet.

    Seattle is on the downslide too. It is St. Louis that has the best chance to rival the Niners for the division people. Their offense can take over a game. Give them breathing room and they will make you pay. Our improved defense should be a tough task for them.

    This is OUR division once again.

  36. Bawka I hear you on all that shit. And I agree with all of it. But football is a mental game. Arizona is not scared of the 49ers and thats why they have swept us the past two years. That shows something that 40% of ther wins came against the 49ers last year. There team isn’t getting any worse and they still have the mental edge of the 9ers. Until the 9ers can make them bleed (get a win) they are going to always think they are better. THIS IS THE 9ERS DIVISION if they want it bad enough.

  37. i agree with bawla, the rams are the most dangerous threat. look at all the recieving threats they have. plus they got a beast in stephen jackson. their D is not up to par with that offense. it should be a dogfight within the division all year. i mean between the niners, seacocks and lambs, the cardinals should be out of contention by the time we get to week 8. its gonna be tough but we look to be the strongest, fastest, hardest working team. and on paper our defense looks awsome hopefully that translates to W. gelling seems to be the new popular term in football so im gonna say, it all depends on how fast our new players gel with the team and the new coaches. Niners on top !!!

  38. Bawla, dont judge Arizona’s season just because of their poor history..so what if they went 5-11 last year? Is that THIS year?No. you must not know we havent beaten them during the Nolan era..WE MUST BEAT THEM to take the division…St. Louis is tough,yeah, but our D can match up with their O,and we’ve shown that we can pressure Marc Bulger..St. Louis is the tougher team, I’ll give you that, but we still have to beat Arizona to win the division.we’ve shown we could beat Seattle and St. Louis, But the Cardinals we cant beat?We need that for Nolan and for any division title dreams…Besides, there is a reason Leinart was hardly proven….LAST YEAR WAS HIS ROOKIE SEASON!!!!!!!!And he still did alright(for a rook).Just because VY’s succes u compare Leinart next to him?Shame on you..it typically takes three years for a QB to really know what to do(which is why this is a make-or-break-season for Alex)…I agree with you on the decision to try to go 3-4 though…that might f*ck em over this year…but still, dont sleep on Arizona.you’re dumb if you’re just gonna overlook them like that.Dont.

  39. Oh please. Our defense has been way below par thus far in the Nolan era. And because of our tremendous offseason, we are a completely different team defensively. Not to mention some of the up-and-comers like Lewis, Harris and Lawson. Arizona has not improved their defensive inequities. They will get pounded by our deeper, more experienced offense.

    When we lost to Arizona, it was because of inexperience, turnovers and a terrible defense. We have improved significantly in all of those areas.

    And what has Arizona done? They still have huge holes in their offensive line, and they still have weak defensive backs. And I’m not buying a mental edge. They didn’t really beat us as much as we beat ourselves the last couple years.

  40. so basicly wich team has more turn overs will loose.usually alex smith cant leave the field with out a turn over at least once every game.until we eliminate our mistakes we will loose if the other team doesnt turn it over.

  41. I agree with you Vince,if we can get A.Smith to stop turning the ball over so much and keep F.GORE from fumbling we definatly would have no problems with winning.

  42. bawla ur right…we should’ve beat them in Week 1(we had I think 2 TDs called back because of…well, take a guess,and youre prolly right if youre thinkin of who I’m talkin bout.give you a hint…#77)We have DEFINITELY improved way more than they have..matter of fact, I never said anything about “Arizona’s this”, or “Arizona’s that”..I really said we just have to beat them to get over that hump for coach Nolan,we were an Arizona win away from goin to the playoffs last year, and dont sleep on em, because while they havent dramatically improved, they havent gotten any worse AND EVEN added a potential star or two in the draft(Levi and Alan Branch-I dont wanna hear about the work ethic issues with Branch, I know.I’m just saying he has potential to turn into something great.)…but yeah, Out of all the teams in our division,Seattle and Arizona look like they they could get the broom from us.. the Rams are definitely the team to look out for, but not the “key” to us winning our division

  43. o yea, I’ll take Boldin, Fitzgerald, and Bryant Johnson over our receiving corps any day(excluding TEs, cause IMO Vernon equals that out…scratch that, makes us better, even if they throw in Leonard Pope or whatever his name is)…..man Bawla u really know how to bring the debate…It’s good though, its good we all have our own opinions…thats whats so great about this country….

  44. please dont mind the patriotic talk I was just watching a documentary on other countries where people would get killed or jailed just for disagreeing with other people….well, since I’m talkin off topic, I just wanna say to all the daddies out there HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!!!!!!!and GO 49ERS!!!!!!!

  45. We should win week one this time! We are in our house with our fans. Last year we went to there house with a new stadium and we got a new defense we are going to interduce to the rest of the football league and hopefully a more balanced and improved offense.

  46. I hear you bigbig. You’re right, we do need to beat them twice this year because we can. As for Arizona, they haven’t had a season with more than 6 wins for more than 5 years so I’m not really worried about them. And adding Branch isn’t even going to get them to .500.

  47. My personal opinion, i think our whole divition has gotten better and by seasons end we will be as good or better than the nfc east.And i agree with everybody!!I just want our team the 49ers TO BE RECONIZED ONCE AGAIN AS A WINNING FOOTBALL TEAM!!!And BIGBIG what where you watching,i might have been watching the same thing.

  48. Also, that week one game is a MNF game…man, I cant wait for that…but Bawla who knows? for all we know, Arizona will pull a New Orleans on the League…wouldnt that be something? Anyway I’m really looking forward to our matching up against the AFC North(which is a really solid div., minus the Browns)AND a rivalry game against the Giants…this will be an awesome season, I’m definitely hyped more than I’ve been in a while…….Jerry, I forgot what it was called, but it was about middle-eastern countries, like Jordan. And ther’s one more more thing we have over the Cards that was not mentioned…we have physical inspiration:we just need to look at our walls, our FIVE Lombardi trophies

  49. Looks like on nfl live its all about the nfc east again today.I forgot all about lavar arington did he retire?And Tony Homos holdout.And i wish that dumb ass michael smith would go back to that shit hole where he came from Around The Horn.Mike golic-a former eagle/Ron jaw-former eagles,darren woodson former dallas,troy akmann former dallas,even the fucking fullback mouse johnson is a nfl analas now tiki barbra-he reminds me of that guy on the show in living color trying to act like sugar ray,trying to sound all political and shit.and dont forget sanders.

  50. The best of the west is going to be on sportcenter after the break,it is 6:30pm in jersey.

  51. are the 49ers the team to beat on sportscenter,is this a repeat?

  52. Damn it, everyone took seatle .Front runners!!!

  53. We will still shoot everyone’s credibility into nothing after this season.

  54. but on the nfl net john madden and steve mairioci said we could sneak to the top by season end.steve marioci and nolan trent dilfer and norv turner were playing bacci ball or how ever you spell it.nolan said that even though norv turner might be in sandiego that at some point he might return to the 49ers.i was like.oooooooooooshit that would be funny.

  55. If Seattle was the front runner, where did we land?

  56. on defense #2, on offense#3 they said arizona would be last on offense.

  57. I would rather be a team “flying under the radar” than the team to beat in the division or in the league. Guys I know that it sucks not being recognized, but I truly believe that the Niners will be a team that will gain a lot of respect. Most of the “experts” the talk football would enter a one legged man in a ass kicking contest. Who cares what they think! As Chris Berman would say, “That is why they play the game.” The 49ers have a lot to prove this year and that should mean they are hungry. GO Niners!!!!

  58. thats why im glad we got the colts first round pick.we should get a mid round pic.

  59. Jerry, as much as I hate giving the Cardinals their due and proper, but they can’t be ranked last on offense. I just hope we dominate them on primetime. THAT WOULD BE A STATEMENT!!! I am talking about an ALL AMERICAN ASS KICKING!!! Also, to Big M, I a while back it sounded like you thought I was a Mark Roman doubter. That IS NOT the case. I am not taking any shots at you at all, but I was just wondering if Darius could help us out. I knew and pretty much still know NOTHING ABOUT HIM other than the fact that he made the pro bowl. Roman WILL come through for us. I am just glad that we WON’T be getting killed by a flea flicker on the first play of the game anymore. Our D-line has its work cut out for them. THEY are the key to us being a top five defense or a top fifteen defense.

  60. In my fantasy league I am going to take a reach and use the niners for my defense this year because NO ONE is going to pick them and EVERYONE wants to doubt us….. watch and learn….they will dominate like KONG!!!

  61. Nah Ryan I wasn’t calling you out or anything I just don’t think people realize that he is a pretty good football player.

  62. Anyone know if Darrell Jackson is going to have to sit out this season cause of his injury. i read it on rumor mill and was wondering if it is true?

  63. if he is forget us on the rise cause he is our wr with experience then we would have to get a vet like eric moulds any1????

  64. give a source and we will find out…

  65. GO NINERS HELL YA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. hey ryan the 1st, It wasnt me doing the ranking,and that is what i said too when they said that about arizona.And if thats the case about D.J.,if he sits out the whole season then i say we should use Jason Hill as our third instead of williams or gilmore.I would like to see him as our second wide receiver but then we have Battle for then second wide receiver.

  67. And dont forget we got Vernon Davis too!

  68. I wonder wich rookie we will sign next?we still got to sign McDonald,Clayton,Goldson and then Stanley,Willis.

  69. I am curious to see how dangerous our linebacking core is going to be. They tired out at the end of games last year, but now they have quality, playmaking subs who can come in and contribute. Not to mention the fact that they can use Keith Lewis as a hybrid on 3rd downs and blitz him and drop willis or manny to confuse the offense. I hope we have some outrageous blitz packages and i think this, coupled with our new secondary will solve our 3rd down issues. Remember last year? Hold them for two downs then give up a 3rd and long. I CANT WAIT

  70. Hey just read this on espn.com under ULTIMATE DEPTH CHART, but it appears that Joe Theisman has jumped on the 49er band wagon.Not only does he say the 9ers have best defense in the NFC WEST, But he also said we are not only just going to the playoffs but we will win our division. I really dont like the guy much myself but it is nice to know that one of those talking heads is finally on our side and I really hope he is right.GO NINERS AND LETS KICK SOME ASS THIS YEAR………

  71. Just curious because it has been well known for some time that DJAX has a turf toe issue, but where did it ever say that he might miss the season??? I wanted to read that article because on http://www.sf49ers.com it sounds like he is sitting out, but is going to come back eventually.

  72. Plus, this is posted on Matt M’s website….

    Jackson does not seem too concerned with the time he is losing with quarterback Alex Smith.

    “His job is to hit the open receiver and my job is to run the route and get open,” Jackson said today. “As far as chemistry and having the same timing, that’ll come as the year goes on.”

    As far as building an on-field rapport between QB and WR, Jackson said, “That comes time. You don’t get it in one day; you don’t get it in one week; you don’t get it in a training camp. It comes over time. Some people pick it up early, and some people it takes two or three years to develop chemistry.”

  73. That’s bullshit if Jackson sits all season, I thought we screwed Seattle with a fourth round pick, but if he sits all season we truely got fucked!

  74. You can’t get upset about this at all until whoever started this rumor on this site comes up with a link or a source that we can access. For all you know that could be an angry seachickens fan who is trying to ruin your day and trust me, after getting away with highway robbery like we did on their franchise they are not above doing that.

  75. Well said ryan show us some proof and we will take it from there

  76. I hear you. I just don’t see Lelie doing much this season and other then Battle we don’t have much experience. Hill and Williams will be nice but they are very young and have a ways to come. With D Jax in the starting line up I just can see many more wins in our pocket.

  77. You guys are trippin; he isn’t sitting out the season for turf toe or even a broken toe… they’re letting him sit so his toe can heal and he can be ready for camp

  78. Thanks for setting them straight Big M. D Jax will be there when it actually matters. We still have plenty of threats to throw to even without him. Turf Toe can become a serious problem, so we need to keep an eye on it. But we have been known to take on injury players because of their upside. I think we shouldn’t keep D Jax around for more than 4 years, but until then he will be great at helping Alex progress.

  79. I have followed this site and your responses for quite some time and I thought I would leave some insight for a change. I actually have the same injury D Jax has, a hyper extended left big toe, or “turf toe” that I got playing Ultimate frisbee. I work out 4 times a week, and I am still able to run and do all of the things that i normally do. It’s obvious the strain on an NFL wide receiver’s toe is far more extreme than a simple white guy who stays active, but I wanted to make a point. I injured my toe almost two months ago now, and I can still barely bend it. It is the slowest healing injury I have ever experienced. At the same time, It’s much more like a thorn in one’s side than anything else. MY POINT is that i really don’t think, based on having the same injury, that darell would sit out the season due to what i feel in my toe. If anything, pain pills could cover it up and he would be fine. He will play, and him and Al will be fine.

  80. not so fast my friend turf toe has ended many nfl careers, having said that i cant imagine our docters clearing him for McNolan & co. go niners!

  81. Niners are looking at another 4-12 season, and that makes me very, very happy. I despise this team and their front-running fans.

  82. hahahahaha ooba gooba is a crack head !!!!!!!!! 4-12? you wish. reverse that and you’d probably be right. ur probably a raider fan, cowgirl fan or a dumbass seacock fan

  83. booba goomba has been hitting the kool-aid again-if someone were to say fuck san fransico 49ers – what do we do with a piece of shit like that?

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