Vernon Davis is the MVP of OTA’s according to Matt Maiocco.

The MVP of OTAs has probably been Vernon Davis. After practice today, quarterback Alex Smith and Trent Dilfer both expressed how much the tight end has improved since his rookie season.

“He’s learning to play faster and becoming more instinctive,” Dilfer said. “He’s better using his abilities. Physically, he’s so gifted, but when you’re playing unsure you don’t capitalize on those abilities. You’re starting to see his talent come out.”

Dilfer agreed with the observation that Davis’ hands look better than a year ago.

“He’s catching the ball a lot better,” Dilfer said. “As he becomes more instinctive and there’s less thinking, you’re going to see his ability come out. He’s been real impressive.”


~ by 49ersNews on June 20, 2007.

91 Responses to “VD OTA MVP”

  1. wow

  2. VERNON DAVIS ROCKS!!! just please stay haelthy and let some of MO-JO rub off on our other receivers.NFC DOMININATION GO NINERS!!

  3. VD can’t be caught he is our weapon of choice and i choose to spread VD all over

  4. Get ready to see VD light it up!! He’s a lock for the probowl. I say between 700 and 850 yrds and 10 to 12 TD’s

  5. Wooooooo, can’t friggin wait til September, I don’t wanna catch no VD, but linebackers and safetys would rather catch one then cover him!!!

  6. This is exactly what we need if we are gonna make the playoffs. Vernon Davis has to come thru for us. It’s a must in Alex Smith’s development as well.

  7. I just hope he stays out off preseason to stay healthy.Remember what happend to Clinton Portis.we need to start developing a second tightend now.

  8. Delanie Walker is, and will, be that guy. He went to a small school but he can definitely be a threat in the passing game. His blocking may lack a little bit but will improve.

  9. I agree with you,the other Paul.Icant wait till the season starts.I also cant wait-n-see how much better Manny Lawson is.

  10. Lawson and Willis are going to be wrecking balls!!!

  11. …Greg Manusky must be salivating over all the LB speed we have…just imagine the many ways Willis and Lawson can be utilized…think about how Merriman and Shaun Phillips did in SD when he was there..Imagine..Lawson and TBC-OUR “Merriman and Phillips”..Willis just being everywhere, doin wit the coverages(blitzing occasionally; Willis can excel at both, especially coverage, with that speed).B-Moore lookin like a beast ravaging O-Lines, and most importantly, D. Smith and Ulbrich, standing on the sidelines, showin the yungstas the ropes…Its gonna be great guys..then we have the Secondary who is also to be feared(more hard-hitting than coverage-skilled, but we should be fine since we have Clements, Harris, Spencer, with Brown waiting in the wings…)If we do what we do, we should be a top-5 D..it certainly looks that way on paper.

  12. Could there be any better news? Honestly. Vernon is tha fucking man!

  13. willis has to start the season we could not go another year with that blind mullet derek smith.

  14. I actually could think of some better news….like DJAX and Lelie are completely healed along with the rest of our injuries….that would make me happy. Then Alex Smith could develope some chemistry with his new receiving core.

  15. Vernon Davis is a machine

  16. With the Giants playing horrendous baseball the next two months waiting for football are going to seem like an eternity.

  17. What did you expect from the Giants? They waste money on crap.

  18. But The 49ers will win something this year!! So keep it on a positive note.Just ask Nolan matha ffffuckaaaas!

  19. hell ya thats what i like to hear go 85

  20. I agree with you razoreater,Vernon should have a good season. I figured 5 catches a game times 16 games =s 80 catches.Then 80 catches times 15 yards a catch would = 1200 yard season and a touchdown a game would be 16.So if he stays healthy all season he should have 80 catches for 1200 yards and 16 touchdowns,but that is if he has 15 yards a catch.

  21. Has anyone else noticed how big Maxwell’s arms are,There huge!!

  22. […] VD OTA MVP Vernon Davis is the MVP of OTA’s according to Matt Maiocco. The MVP of OTAs has probably been Vernon Davis. After […] […]

  23. You shouldn’t try and predict his stats now. And why set a ceiling? I mean he could average 25 yards per catch with that body.

  24. 16 TDs is a bit high…ESPECIALLY with a TE…Think about about it, Alex Smith threw 16 TDs the whole season last season, Last year’s leading TD catcher had 13 TDs(“The Player”), for TEs, Antonio Gates with 9; in ’05 Marvin Harrison with 12, TEs Anotnio Gates(again) with 10..so let that be an indicator that you might’ve set the bar a little too high..but with VD, its possible..we’re setting up perfectly to be a carbon copy of SD’s offense, but with a better receiving corps and O-Lineman…VD getting the experience and playing more confident will be scary for all our opponents once he realizes that defenders are raggedy-anns compared to him…

  25. Ye,I know its a bit high.but when Vernon Davis came back from that injury he had it seemed like ALEX/Vernon were getting a T.D. in every game.Thats why i said 16 T.D’s.Everything i said was a bit high usually tight ends only average 9 to 13.5 yards a catch and only have 50 to 60 catches.But the other tight ends dont have V.D.’s speed eather.

  26. That’s what I’m talking about. Vernon is a freaking freak of nature. We only had what…4 games with him last year? And he is only going to get better and better. Think about Algae Crumpler…then give him a 4.3 – 40 yard dash. I expect Vernon to be the extra chain mover (besides Frank).

  27. all i know is, im waiting to see the first lb, safty or corner try to take vd one on one and watch him get ran over. our offense is lookin pretty scary on paper my friends. speedsters and great hands in the wr core, vd and walker as the TE’s, franky boy terrorizing defenses and head coaches (see, mike holmgren) and ofcourse our boy alex smith scrambling, gunslinging and picking defenses apart. im so excited. oh guys i need a favor, i saw this jersey on ebay and it looks pretty damn good, i looked around and i found out that the 49ers authentic jerseys have the holes everywhere but the strip that goes down from the armpits. does this look real? thanks in advance http://cgi.ebay.com/Authentic-Frank-Gore-Jersey-49ers-54-XXL-2XL-Red_W0QQitemZ150133346958QQihZ005QQcategoryZ24972QQcmdZViewItem

  28. I’m loving this see the thing is if our WR’s is a threat on the field to where they come off the line of scrimmage and defenses start to double them that’s one of the situations where VD will get the ball and can hurt a defense with not only his catching and speed but his strenght can yall imagine him stiff arming and throwing people off him like the showed in the highlights in the draft when he was with maryland and runing in for a touchdown he will murder defenses GO NINERS.

  29. Ashley Lelie i really like this guy and i hope with this month off he will come back to training camp 100%. Do anyone else feel like he is not going to make the team i mean i think he could be a big help to us if he could just get back to what he was when he was in Denver

  30. Im not a huge fan of Ashley Lelie until he becomes more consistant and stops dropping passes.

  31. we’ll see how lelie does, i mean this is gonna be his only team where he had a good qb. of all the video’s i’ve seen of him, hes waiting for a jake plummer duck to arrive before he can take off, and he still had a great ypc. and dont get me started on mike vick. he could be a very pleasant surprise. no help on that gore jersey guys?

  32. Everyone knows V.D’s is a beast.I say it still depends on Alex Smith to see where this offense goes this season.He needs to start acting like a leader instead of a quarterback waiting for permision to start throwing the ball.He needs some kind of leader skills to be a good quarterback.But i know he is only 21.

  33. We need Marcus Maxwell to complete our roster at receiver! I’ve seen this man play in Germany and he is a Diamond in the Ruff! When he returns to Cali after the World Bowl, the 49ers need to put him on the active roster, or he’ll end up being our worst nioghtmare on a opposing team. I hate to make the comparison of a traitor to the 49er history and orginization, but Marcus Maxwell reminds me of that Traitor B.O. the Hillbilly! The good things he’s from Hercules, California and he’ll be loyal to his home state and the Bay Area, instead of that Dallas Hillbilly!

  34. Bring on MAD MAX!

  35. I’m tired of holding back.We are going to win the nfc west title!We are going to get are shit together on offense and defense.We will beat them silly ass eagles or dallas fucks in the playoffs and come really fucking close or beat them silly dumb ass saints we had em b 4 in our divition so we got the blue print on how to upset them shit stained colored bubble fucks in there own house.

  36. Hey everyone, after reading http://www.49erswebzone.com and http://www.sf49ers.com I have to say I am amped about the type of season Frank Gore is going to have. He is training like this is his last season ever and is getting no where near comfortable. Just watch……Larry Johnson WILL NOT HAVE A BETTER YEAR THAN GORE…..you heard it here first (and yes I know LJ is threatening to hold out). LJ is smart and dumb because the Cheifs will pay him just not this year and the reason is because they want to see how he can run without Roaf and Shields. Those two were the anchors of his o line and now he is whining because he knows the holes aren’t going to be as big this year. He IS TALENTED, but if he is under contract then he needs to not be all about me, me, me, me. Remember that player that played for the niners who wore #81? He acted a similar way.

  37. I’m watching the world bowl now and this Marcus Maxwell is all hustle. Gotta love his hustle, he just placed two key blocks to give his RB a TD.

  38. I say we should go after that offensive tackle from maryland. Gaithers stands about 6ft 7inches and 350 pounds then we could get rid of or trade injury prone jennings.

  39. Ryan, I’d be willing to say that Gore will have a better year than LT. With an improved right side of our offensive line, extra recieving weapons to throw to, and a budding quaterback superstar, it is definintely going to take some pressure off of Frank.

    Teams are going to key in on Frank from the get-go. He opens up so much for our offense. That is why Alex needs to get off to a quick start. Then, by game 3 or 4, Frank can go into workhorse mode because Alex has proven that he can make you pay if you do not play honest.

    Not to mention that Frank led the NFC last year on an offense whose time of possession was less than 50%. Our defense is going to be key to keeping our offense confident and keeping the ball in their hands.

    After all those crap years under Erickson, it is finally fun to be a Niner fan again.

  40. Well said Bawla.

  41. It will be a fun race to watch this season on who wins the rushing title between Michael Westbrook and Frank gore.

  42. Ryan… in my opinion, the Chiefs need to pay up on LJ. As much as I can’t stand players who hold out and whine for more money, LJ has a strong case. He carried the ball over 400 times last year, and with Brodie Croyle probably being the starter in KC, they are going to need him to be the workhorse again. Running backs last an average of 3 years in the league, less than any other position, so LJ needs to make sure he is gonna get paid his worth because it is definitely possible to overuse a running back. Look at Jamal Lewis, who was never the same after that workhorse 2000 yard season…

    and Jerry… Brian* Westbrook is not gonna be in the run for the rushing title. He’s more of a receiving threat and even though he ran pretty well this past year (1200+ yards), he came nowhere near touching Frank Gore and PHI also drafted Tony Hunt to take some carries from him…. I think it will be between Frank Gore, LJ, LT, or Steven Jackson… who knows Travis Henry could even be in the mix with Denver’s zone scheme that suits him so well.

  43. you are right BIG M.

  44. I’m with you Smashmouth49er, that guy Maxwell looks great. A. Battle did some good things in NFL Europe that translated well to the NFL…lets hope that Maxwell’s game comes across the same!

  45. Here Maxwell’s stats fot the game…Wide receiver Marcus Maxwell, of the San Francisco 49ers, caught two scoring strikes from Bramlet while registering 127 yards on five receptions. I think this guy has earned a right to work with the first team come training camp in just over a month!

  46. Darrell Jackson…..Ashley Lelie…..Vernon Davis……Arnaz Battle. Ladies and Gentleman, We have a Recieving Corps!!!!!!!!!

  47. And dont forget Mad Maxwell and Jason Hill and Williams in the mix too!And so far A.Battle on http://www.sf49ers.com dept chart Battle is the second receiver so far anyway1

  48. about the LJ thing..he’s being smart, because like Big M said, he carried the ball over 400 times..that produces a lot of wear and tear on a RB, and really makes durability an issue in the long run(RBs take more punishment and hits than any othwer position).Plus he plays an angry-type RB style, so you know that he will get physical. and since he’s entering his prime, you never know…he could get injured in a bad way and never even see the money he deserves…so get that money LJ you deserve it..he’ll be alright even without Shields and Roaf(IMO).but still, I take Franky G. for the rushing title,JUST FINISH THOSE RUNS!!!!

  49. K.C. isnt gonna do didley shit.Hermon Edwards is always over rated coach.He can never keep a Quarterback healthy (Chad Penington or Trent Green).Chad Penington had a great season after Hermon Edwards left.everyone knows to stack the run this season against K.C. this season.That is why Frank Gore will win over L.J.!!

  50. Like I said above,-Bring on MAD MAX!

  51. He will complete our Receiving Corp!

  52. And Complete our championship roster, Bring on the Superbowl and those Bastards Cowhicks in NFC Championship Game! Hopefully those Wrestling watching hillbillies don’t make it that far!

  53. You sound like that person that was on here before from Texas, about drafting D.Jarrett,but that never happend.

  54. ya, he kind of does sound like that guy who was one dwane jaretts nuts. i like maxwell though, we’ll see if he shows enough in training camp, we know hes in football shape so he shouldnt miss a step in camp. i think we’ll keep six. if they got talent theyll cut from another department, maybe mo hicks or douglas as much as i like them both but i think their on the block, theyve been replaced with younger guys that are gonna be cheaper. clayton looks like a baller and mcdonald’s knees are holding up. our roster got much stronger this year, ulbrick may be on the bubble too

  55. bring on Maxwell, but off the subject, I want to give much love to the Oregon State Beavers. TWO time national champions.THEY ROCK AND SO DO THE NINERS.

  56. hey i dont know if anyone noticed but maxwell had 5 more catches, TWO for touchdowns and 137 yards in the championship game!!!! by next year this guy could be the big time starting big reciever on the team!!! straight up beast… GO NINERS!!

  57. I think that Nolan should give A.Battle a chance to be the number one guy this season and let Darrel Jackson be the number two guy.And i hope we got room for Mad Maxwell,but it will be hard with,A.Battle,Darrel Jackson,Ashley Lelie,Brandon williams and Jason Hill.

  58. He wont last on the Practice Squad this season, if maxwell goes there this year.

  59. i like battle too but he and darell starting wouldnt be very smart. their not that fast, their posession guys with ok speed. the split end should be a fast guy like hill or lelie

  60. I say we should run a three wide receiver set with a “I” formation with a tight end and a fullback.Rotate D.Jackson and A.Battle, Ashley Lelie and Vernon Davis.So they just cant focus on stoping Frank Gore.

  61. I think Mario your opinions are complete bullshit, we need to keep Douglas, get an education!

  62. suck my p____sy!

  63. Goog idea Mario, ummmm!

  64. that last comment wasnt mine. someone took my name. fuckin cocksuckers. there should be a login thing on this board. this is bullshit.

  65. come on lets stop with the bullshit and talk football!

  66. i didnt say stop with the bulshit either, why the fuck are u using my name?

  67. That pussies using my name too. fucking cowhick fan, maxwell loving turd smearing on a prison wall,man loving fucking retart stop using my name. computer virus.

  68. That same guy trying it on NINERCAPHELL and apeared to use NINERCAPHELLS name and got kicked off of there.computer gangsta wanna be nerd.same guy that apeared to be the seatlefan on frank gores bitch!

  69. Coach Jerry:
    you can’t run an I with 3 WR and a TE- that’s 12 players…
    We’re gonna be running tons of different formations this year though and we have lots of tools that we can interchange… Hostler and Manusky, although rookie coordinators, will get their chances to look like geniuses with all the options they have.

  70. Damn, we are balls deep in WR’s. I remeber a few months back that was our biggest need. I still think we need a DE to complete that big bad ass defense. What do you cats think?

  71. Hey guys here is an excitng quote I found on sf49ers.com said by our lock down corner Clements of Smith. He definitely has a lot of potential, and has the capability of being one of the elite quarterbacks in the league,”He’s young, he’s mobile, he has a strong arm, he’s smart and he has a great core of players around him on offense. He is definitely going to do some damage this year.”

  72. What’s up BIG M,I never said i was a coach.My bad…i thought you could have a tightend in a three wide “i”formation.Then how about a singleback set or a shot gun formation since we run the Turner systeme instead of the westcoast offense?And how is Fresno State looking this season?

  73. Jerry, I was being sarcastic… hope you can take a joke… in a 3 wide I, you take the tight end out and bring in a slot receiver, but in our case, we could take VD and put him in the slot because of his speed. The point is to take a linebacker out of the box so we can try to run it at the void he left when he moved out… and as far as the Digit system and the West Coast system, Hostler is well versed in both so I expect to see a blend of both systems throughout the year, which excites me. But yeah I don’t think we’ll see a whole lot of single back sets because Moran Norris is such a great blocking FB, but we’ll see more than last year because there will be times when we want to spread it out and go to 3 or 4 WR sets which we’ll be able to do effectively this year with all of the depth we now have at receiver… but yeah we’ll definitely see a little of everything and the shotgun should be pretty effective as well…
    as far as Fresno State… haven’t seen or heard anything but I know they lost Paul Williams and Dwayne Wright after coming off of a bad year. However, I think Sean Norton will be a pretty good college QB and Bear Pascoe should be a good tight end for him.

  74. I was just messing with you.Yes i can take a joke.Is Sean Norton related to Ken Norton?

  75. I figured you could cuz of that Coach Jerry name… and no Sean Norton is a short white guy but he was named to the McDonald’s All-American team as a senior in high school. He didn’t get any big time offers because of his lack of height, but yeah he reminds me of a Drew Brees type, just a bit shorter… and i’m not going to the extent that he is going to be a Drew Brees in the pros or anything… just comparing him on the college level

  76. * at least what I think he CAN be… he is still unproven

  77. Our only real weakness, IMO, is our defensive line. But acquiring Aubrayo Franklin really puts my mind at ease. This guy is going to be huge (and he is huge) for our pressure on the quarterback. Plus, with the improved linebacking crew and secondary, our guys up front will have a little extra time to get the job done. I just hope that B-Y is able to give us one more solid year, he means so much to us.

  78. i cant wait till mcdonald gets into the starting line up. if that knee holds up he is a beast

  79. Mcdonald will contribute a whole lot to this team, and he is a beast- a very sexy beast with a hell of a body! I think Mcdonald will be here soon enough!

  80. A. Battle will be th number one guy this year, unless we have break out year from Hill.

  81. Thank god im not on this sight all the time.but that asshole is using my name again on that last comment. but he has some homophobic problems or he comes out of the closet on a keyboard and afraid to use his own name because his mom might find out about his sexuality.

  82. Can anyone explain to me why Brandon Williams never played a down last year, and is that the same plan for Hill?

  83. Shuttle Cock, Brndon Williams never played a down becasue his speed is not that great. A-lot of players might be slow, but have great hands. He didn’t have either. I think in the off season he realized he need to get is act together and improve, because he wouldn’t make the team this year. I watched him last year return punts and I think the coaching staff told him no matter what just fair catch the ball. I don’t think the coaching staff had much faith in him. Maybe to catch the ball and that is it.

  84. I don’t know about anyone else, but I can’t wait until football season starts. God, it feels like its going to take forever.

  85. i like boys and am proud!

  86. Yes,we know this mario, Stop talkin bullshit, this is a 49ers site not a shit talking site! Who thinks hill will be a dominate receiver this year, Willis and Manny will dominate!

  87. I think will have a break out year from our Defense and Offense, And I think the stand out players will be Frank Gore, the sexiest of them all Vernon Davis and our Tall lean athletic quarterback Alex Smith. I think the offense will stay in place, but it will get better than last year!

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  90. Hey Mario,he keeps using my name too.So if you hear any gay shit on here with my name its that asshole again.

  91. ya same here, just ignore his dumb ass

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