Maxwell Making Noise

Marcus Maxwell has been lighting it up in NFLE and this Saturday his Hamburg Sea Devils take on the Frankfurt Galaxy in the World Bowl. Matt Maiocco has a nice little write up on Maxwell letting the fans know more about Maxwell and how some compare him to TO.

Full Story – [Maiocco’s Blog]

Maxwell’s NFLE Diary – []


~ by 49ersNews on June 20, 2007.

29 Responses to “Maxwell Making Noise”

  1. look here maxwell needs to get back here and get it done in front of nolan so we can drop ashley lelie and jason hill can be the man to stretch the field for us also did anyone utube the nfl access with are big bawlers on it the other night?

  2. Jackson, Lelie, Battle, Hill and… Maxwell. No question. I know we have Taylor and Gilmore, but Maxwell deserves the shot. Geez, he passed up a chance to be on the Jets to stay on our practice squad. Hill and Lelie give us plenty of speed to stretch the field, Maxwell gives us the big strong WR we need in the red zone and Jackson/Battle give us possession receivers. A very good mix of talent.

  3. He said some is comparing him to T.O oooooooh boy I hope he means talent wise which is no doubt that’s what he’s saying but alot of us probably don’t want him and T.O in the same sentence.

  4. God the 49ers have so many recievers…I wonder who they are going to keep…here is my ranking talent wise
    Jackson, Battle, Lelie, Williams, Hill, Maxwell (??), Gilmore, Taylor…I think the 49ers should drop Lelie because he is always injured. Nolan likes guys that can stay on the field and so do I. Drop Lelie and Taylor for sure. What do you guys think?

  5. I read his diary write up he did on himslf he seems like a real stand up guy ,He is showing good potential in europe,I hope he has great championship game .Then he needs to get his ass back here and show what he has got to offer to this years recieving squad.and your right R,CRAIG33 dont use his name and that bum ass cowhick T.O in the same sentence. GO NINERS…

  6. so its jackson and lelie as the starters. What happens to Arnaz Battle he isnt in special teams because brandon williams returns kicks. I never thaught we should have got lelie we should have dropped lelie and brought maxwell cuz lelie is a pussy and we need men with balls that will run in the middle of the field not out.

  7. Why would it be jackson or lelie as starters,I thought you earned your spot on the roster through competition camps,workouts and such and just because you bring them on your team it should not and does not automatically make them a starter.

  8. uh you do realize in that receiver corps you seemed to have left out our freak of nature and best receiving weapon-VD! from what i here we will be using him as we should be-moving him all around and making him our #1 priority in getting him the ball

  9. Your right on the money razoreater,V.D is the man!!!!

  10. we got a lot of cuts to do but i have faith that nolan will but the best player on the feald GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. the order should go as follows…Jackson Battle Hill Lelie then add in the BEAST VERNON!

  12. Hill has WAY better hands and hes a big playmaker! 32 touchdowns in the pac 10 111 out of 122 catches went for first downs THAT IS

  13. SKILLS

  14. i dont know if im just over excited but every time i here that we our perdicted to win the west it makes e want to face fucckk the seattle bird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just wanted to share a site always a new artical on the niners and vd is a bad ass mf and i think come game day we will watch a boy become a man go VERNON DAVIS

  15. Looking into the future i would love to see Maxwell as our starting beast of a reciever and Hill as our starting speed guy, but in teh meantime as long as long guys get some playing time, Jackson and battle will prolly lad the way and Lelie will be the slot man. the only thing that worris me is that i hope we have it figured out be the season becoase if we have to start the first 4 games figuring out who fits where we might start in an 0-4 hole. if we cant pass the ball because we have no set recievers and then teams start loading the box and we cant run we are going to be right back at 5-11, 6-10 So my only concern is to get the reciving core set by the time the season is set…. GO NINERS!!

  16. sorry bout the typOs im leaving for work!!

  17. And did T.O. go to nfl eorope or what ever it is called?I dont know how you can compare nfl europe to the regular nfl.ive seen a few players pan out in nfl europe and do jack shit in the nfl.Avery from Miami is one right off hand.I forget the name of that wide out from the raiders who was doing real good in nfl europe,but didnt do shit with the raiders.

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  19. as far as thats concerned zack, kurt warner and brad johnson came from nfl europe. they got a few rings between them. hey, if maxwell is bringin it over there he’ll bring it in training camn and like someone else said before, just because a player was brought in doesnt mean hes the garaunteed starter. if maxwell comes in as advertised the niners will be very hard pressed to cut him. we’ll see what happens, all i know is we’re gonna have an explosive offense no matter who our receivers are.

  20. who is down to face fuc the seattle bird

  21. mario i know that just cuz you bring in a player hes not guaranteed a starter but it works for nate clements and micheal lewis. so in some cases you do earn the role once you walk in.

  22. Oh i forgot Tully Banta-Cain

  23. that is true ninaz but look at the price tags on those guys and then look at lelies price. if im not mistaken contracts dont become official until they make the team, i could be wrong though. so if he gets beat by some other guys or nolan sees enough out of our rookies he might not make it. i think he will be sick though because he is going to have a real QB

  24. I thought Kurt Warner came from the arenea league?I like Maxwell,He got some huge arms.But i didnt see a lot of receivers make it from nfl europea.

  25. We need this guy, he will make a impact for our team I seen him played and he’s outstanding, I hate to saty this but his play reminds me of B.O. the Hillbilly!

  26. hey the player formerly known as SF-81 was an awsome player, he still is. he’s a huge headache and a team killer though. but for a few years he was the man for us. if maxwell is half as good as SF-81 he will make the team.

  27. sack lelie and plug in maxwell

  28. razoreator…I AM beginning to agree because he is hungry and won’t FAKE an injury simply because the niners brought in another talented receiver.

  29. Foo Foo

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