Smith Done After Contract?

Matt Maiocco is reporting that linebacker Derek Smith is going to call it quits after his contract runs out. Smith is 32 and he has played 10 NFL seasons.

When he signed his three-year contract prior to last season, he said he would not play beyond the contract.


~ by 49ersNews on July 8, 2007.

66 Responses to “Smith Done After Contract?”

  1. who cares???

  2. glad to see some new news, glad to see that position goin to willis, glad to see smith go. i appreciate what hes done for the team but its time for him to go

  3. Smith played well for the 49ers. I think that his role with the team will be totally different. Was Smith the best known middle linebacker? No, but in years past he was a underrated LB. Like all players there comes at time to move on and he is very close to that point.

  4. The guy played his heart out for us, but we have to move on to a younger, faster, and more talented team when players such as Patrick Willis are available to us. Willis SCREAMS Ray Lewis to me. However, Derek Smith was great for us and never gave up so it is hard to talk bad about him.

  5. Without sounding like a complete idiot….I want to ask EVERYONE a question…..what are the chances that we go after that o lineman out of Maryland in the supplemental draft? You know Jonas “My pinky hurts so I will sit out four games” Jennings is going to get hurt. We might as well brace for impact now because we all know it is going to happen.

  6. Ryan, I read that the teams which have demonstrated a particular interest in Gaither include Atlanta, Baltimore and Jacksonville. Those are just a few teams or the many that are taking a serious look at this player. I wonder if Larry Allen retires this year, that is could possibly lead Nolan to look even harder at this guy. Nolan has been quoted as saying it all starts in the trenches.

  7. I just hope P.Will is going to be able to take most of the play time and not just third downs this season. D. Smith was an excellent line backer at times (intercepted a mcnabb pass on forth down at the one yard line to finish off the greatest goaline stand of all time!) BUT his time has come to STEP OFF the field!!


  9. J-One, I believe that Smith will start the season playing with him eventually taking a back seat to Willis. I don’t believe he will be happy with his role by the end of the season and then he will retire. I am happy that he played for the 49ers, but it the Niners should go in another direction.

  10. To think about it Ryan, K Harris’s contract is up along with Smiley’s…maybe ESPN should have put the Niners in the top three.

  11. smith has been pretty solid for the niners. however, he’s been the leader of the front seven for quite some time now and our defense has been awful for quite some time now. it’s time for a new leader to emerge … one that can make those around him better and therefore a better all around defense. we need someone with some personality, some balls, some swagger, and someone who will flat out knock the shit out of the opponent. THAT’S IT!! I’M GETTIN TOO HYPE AND IT’S ONLY FUCKIN’ JULY 8TH! I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE START OF THE SEASON. GO NINERS!!!!

  12. The sooner Smith is out of the starting line up the better!

  13. Good player but its time for some younger talent go PWILLIS!!!

  14. If this guy from Maryland is worth then do what must be done….just don’t go giving an outrageously high draft pick for him because you’d better believe that after this season we are going to NEED to replenish the o line. I would rather have someone KNOW the ropes and be with us this season since we are going to be NO WHERE near the position for us to grab Jake Long.

  15. With Larry Allen, Kwame, and Smiley all leaving we are going to need some new bodies.

  16. I know Kwame isn’t going to be that much of a loss, but Allen and Smiley will be and they are STARTERS so you’d better believe that next years draft is going to involve some o linemen. I just hope we can get some quality like we have been getting.

  17. If we can get that offensive tackle from Maryland.We wont have to worry about what happens to Kwame.

  18. staley was a good addition but our O line is still a weekness as well as wide out. if we take care next draft our offense will be covered. im still concentrating more on defense smith leaving isnt a great thing he was an above average lb in his prime and we do need more than two great lbs like willis and lawson. i think micheal lewis is gonna have a great year but we still need another good safety and another good corner. our dline is what needs to be worked on bryant young is gone next year and we need a solid dline to make sure lawson and willis can get in there to get the qb. i think mcnolan is doing a good job getting the right people in the draft and building a team using the later rounds to find strong players to build the basis for the team. the new niners era is coming back GO NINERS BITCH

  19. this is good news…

  20. I wish he would retire now! The man can’t get off a block to save his life. He is too little for the 3-4 D-fense anyway. Anytime you can see The WHOLE TOP PART OF A LINEBACKERS T-SHIRT UNDER HIS PADS YOU KNOW HES TOO LITTLE. Who cares about him leading in tackles, if the running back or whomever has already got 10 yards and the first down and WE STILL LOSING, YOU LEADING THE TEAM IN TACKLES DONT MEAN SHITTTTTTT! PATRICK WILLS BABY DONT PLAY WIT THAT! BESIDES BRANDON MOORE WAS THE ONE WHO HELPED THE DEFENSE PLAY BETTER ANYWAY

  21. Dont get mad, thats real talk. With Moore and Wills in the middle the guy sould be third string. Keep him for depth only. (President Of the Memphis Chapter of the Offical 49ERS FAN CLUB IN TN. WE WILL BE IN THE PLAYOFFS THIS YEAR!

  22. They talk about him being a leader on defense and when he sat down we got better.

  23. I agree with Danny,that smith will probably step down after this season because P. WILLIS will own his job at least by mid season,also Ryan the 1st that was a nice read on J.GAITHER thanks for info: That dude is a monster he would make a great addition to our O,line I think Nolan should go after him if not for now but for our future.GO NINERS!!!!

  24. I think we have to give it up to Derek Smith for all he has done. I know last season wasn’t pretty, but we all know he had eye-ssues. I think we will be happy with him this year when he is in.

  25. Me personally,I dont give a FUCK on what any one else thinks Derick Smith is the past and Patrick Willis is the future and im looking a head to the future and not the past….Go Patrick Willis.Remember this is a “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATLEY LEAGUE” and it had nothing to do with that slow ass,lazy eyed “M.L.B.” Derick Smith. It was all about Brandon Moore last season.last year Derick smith anishals D.S. standed for “DO SOMTHING” OR “DEEP SHIT”(for this season).Willis will be the man soon in 2008!!

  26. Thanks Russ, but think about this guys…BY, D. Smith, and Larry Allen to retire next year! If we are already way under the salary cap with these guys retiring it will open up even more. Hell if we can’t or don’t want to resign Smiley, we can go after another big free agent next year. What do you guys think? Feel free to respond!

  27. I will wait till next year to answer that because you dont know who is going to be resigned before this up coming season and who will get cut or whos going to retire.Thats too…. far away yet.REMEMBER we build through the draft not though free agentcy so dont get ahead of your self just yet and remember too that all these free agents we signed are going to afect our team salory for next season too and we wont have as much as you think we will.And to “derick Smith” as they said in “The Waterboy”-HEY WATERBOY YYYYYYOUR FIREDE!!!!!

  28. Zack, businesses forecast don’t they? They plan for the future, do they not? Not necessarily 100 years from now, but in the near future. Do you not think that the management team hasn’t come up with scenario(s) if Jennings goes down with an injury and who will replace him at left tackle? Do you not think that Nolan and company have an idea of which direction they would like to go if they can or cannot resign Smiley? Those ideas and scenario’s are for the future, not the present.

  29. […] Smith Done After Contract? Matt Maiocco is reporting that linebacker Derek Smith is going to call it quits after his contract runs out. Smith is […] […]

  30. yea dont forget we got a BEAST in b.moore!! everyone forgot or what?? Ithink we have the best backers in the NFL. HOLLA BACK NINERS FOR LIIIIIIFFFFEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Alright, let me ask EVERYONE (please don’t be rude)this…how high of a draft pick do we want to give up in order to get this Gaither guy because I, personally, am sold on him and WOULD give a 5th rounder, maybe a 4th if I was convinced the Jags or the team with the Innocent Pitbull fighting rink quarterback would take him in the 4th. We shouldn’t give a third for him and if the falcons want him in the 4th they will get him because I don’t think Nolan will even give up a fourth for him. The next question I have to ask everyone is…how much cap room are we going to have after this season?

  32. Stanley is jennings replacement if he goes down just like Snyder would be a consideration too.But Nolan said he would like to keep Snyder at guard instead of moving him around so much.(so theres that scenario.Smiley isnt going anywhere(in my opinion) if Allen retires next season.And yes they do plan for the future,but the g.m. said dont get used to getting alot of players like this past season, we build through the draft he said.and if Smiley does leaves . we will be replaced through the draft unless they can get a decent replacement for the right money.And we do have a replacement for Allen and that is Dave Baas there is the presant and future.Now we will need backups though….so its usually in the draft.And we drafted McDonald and posabley rayburn to replace B.Y..

  33. I wouldnt mind having Gaithering like i said a few weeks ago!!But at that time Gaither wasnt sure he was going to enter the SUP DRAFT.3RD 4TH 0R 5TH if he is still there.And i wasnt being wise, thats just the way i am.And i said a few weeks ago watch out for that wide receiver from indiana at 6ft 7 inches and 215 pounds but he has a week suporting cast in indiana.he is my sleeper wideout in collage.

  34. That guy from Indiana is your sleeper pick for NEXT YEAR! So your thinking about the future! Just like I was talking about. I thought that you didn’t want to get ahead of yourself. I’m not trying to be a jerk, but regardless of not wanting to think to far ahead, everybody does it.

  35. Ryan, I’m not for-sure what we should give up. If he is that good, MAYBE and third. None of us got to see his workout so I guess only time will tell. He did go against Florida State and Miami, so needless to say he went against good competition.

  36. That’s too bad. I like what Derek brings to the table. To be honest, I’m surprised that more people here aren’t supporting him. Is he a playmaker? No. Is he a bona fide top tier linebacker? No. Does he try his best and give his best effort? Absolutely. Guys like that transform teams. I for one would love to see this guy extend his contract. I think the new guys can learn from him. Combine that with the fact that Derek is a very intelligent player.

  37. Anyone know about our cap situation after this season though…..

  38. NO, Danny he is my sleeper pick in COLLAGE not The N.F.L.this season(NOT NEXT YEAR).And yes i thought to far ahead last year and thought we would land A.Thomas who ended up with New England. So i dont try to think to far ahead and get fustrated.

  39. Ryan the 1st,try NINERCAPHELL on the top of his page for next years cap.

  40. all i gotta say is that it is about time…He is overplayed.

  41. Vincent Lottie July 9th 11:21 said it all. His analysis is right on. Enough with leading the team with tackles in the past. People don’t realize those tackles are usually 10 yards down the field & the missed tackles are horrific! He’s done! In addition, he played that way before the eye issue!

  42. Thank God he is going to be gone him and his mullet. Smith had one good year for us and that was it I think it was his first year with us his only great moment was when he stopped Mcnabb short of the endzone a couple of times since then he sucked i dont care if he led r team in tackles he still coulnt catch up with the rb or cover even a fb in the flat how many times have we got burned on that one NOW SHOULD BE WILLIS TIME THE NINERS WILL NOT KEEP SMITH NEXT YEAR UNLESS HE REDOES HIS CONTRACT SO THIS YEAR SHOULD BE WILLIS #52 BABY


  44. Zack, you make me laugh. With that last statement, I was reminded of Vince Vaughn in Dodge Ball talking to Christine Taylor on how he doesn’t like to set goals, because if he does he might be disappointed. If you’re going to get frustrated, get frustrated at the 49ers losing to the Cardinals twice. I can understand losing once, but not twice to a team that we are better than! Bud, you have to have a little hope for the future with the Niners kicking some ass this year! Some people seem to think that the 49ers might go 11-5 this year. Would that great…yes. If we go 9-7 will those people be frustrated? Yeah probably, but you got to have HOPE. You have to dream!

  45. Being frustrated and disappointment is apart of life. They can be stepping stones or stumping blocks. It is always a choice.

  46. Medford is right about D. Smith not being social at all. I went to the KC game last year and he didn’t smile or even look at the fans. People keep asking him for an autograph and I swear that guy didn’t hear or see people. He was a jerk about it. People might say that he is focusing on the game, but I got Jonas Jennings and Trent Dilfer’s autographs. Hell there were other players that came over a sign things. Like I said before I think he did good for the 49ers, but it is time to go in another direction.

  47. Hey Alex Smith predicts that the niners will get 10 wins this year….saw it on ESPN First Take…..that a way to step up. It is way more likely than when Jon Kitna said it.

  48. The way I see it we should have about S12 million next year. I think Nolan will try to re-sign Smiley with some of that. I think the rest of our needs can be nicely addressed with the draft. And hopefully, Kwame takes a bus to Seattle, Arizona or St Louis for 2008.

  49. I agree with ZURDO, take a hike and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Can anyone tell me what his contract is worth and at the same time can anyone research the question(hopefully the answer is NO) of whether Nolan wants him to stick around? I want Smiley to stay put, but Kwame has GOT TO GO!!! He has cost us some touchdown passes last year.

  50. are these guys serious????

  51. What the HELL! Rams in the top 10? Rams ranked over Seattle? Rams defense was worse than the 49ers last year. They get Mike Rumph in free agency and Rams are in the top ten. We should have never traded Rumph. He is game breaker all by himself. The man who said the Rams are this good is the same person that would enter a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. Rams have a good offense but defense is very questionable. Seattle is a good team, but not that good. I think that Seattle will win one game against the Niners this year for revenge. The other game of course will be won by the Niners. Seattle can’t stop a smash mouth running game. There to small. They are built for speed, not to stop a power running game.

  52. check this out…

  53. good stuff…

  54. I’m actually shocked that no one is suporting Willis.A few weeks ago that guy who started all that stuff”NO RAYBURN,NO ADAMS” was on here and everyone was saying Willis will start over Smith.What a bunch of front runners on Smith NOW.Thanks ZURDO I HAVE BEEN SAYING THAT THE WHOLE TIME.I predict 9-7(AS LONG AS FRANK GORE STAYS HEALTHY) this season 2 more wins than last season.A.SMITH BETTER BE A MAN OF HIS WORDS AND PROVE ME WRONG THEN.

  55. I do not mean to get off the subject, but the 49ers fan need to petition to get back the old 49er logo in the endzone, that we had during the championship years. We need to bring that back because it was classy and original. It had that lettering that stood out. I think all of us, as fans should write the 49ers and ask for thae old endzone logo back! I like the logo on the 50 yard line, but I dislike the new endzone logo we have currently, it has no character no class, its just plain and it doesn’t represent the best-classiest NFL franchise properly. So everyone lets do something about this. 49ers the old endzone logo would sell alot more merchandise!

  56. Thats what I’m talking about. The new logo is boring.

  57. The helmet logo is perfect, the classiest in the NFL we still need taht forever, but the old 49er endzone logo kicks ass! the current 49er endzone logo is boring!

  58. Do not change the helmet logo,but the endzone logo is what I mean! 49er spelled out in the endzone! Bring back the oldschool lettering!

  59. I like the new logo in the end zone the old one is boring to plain. The one we have now is this teams logo the old one is the old 49ers logo its 2007 time to keep new stuff.

  60. I think thats bullshit, the new endzone logo is generic, looks like I could of made it up on my personal computer on one of my fonts. You must be a young new fan to say that, because the old endzone logo has tradtion behind it the Eddie Debartolo ERA!

  61. K Harris is about $2.6 million against tha cap, thats like paying $1000 for a barrel full of shit. Thank god we pulled the Manny Lawson again and pulled in Staley. I dont know about you guys, but I have never seen a coach controlling a rebuilding process a Nolan has. Its amazing how he has been able to bring us back up, slowly but surely. Its almost like a blue print of how to rebuild a team. I might be jumping ahead a bit, but if we make it to the playoffs this year the rebuildin is done. Superbowl will come with time.

  62. Yeah, it is pretty close to a blue print of how to bring an organization back. No one is getting ahead of themselves. The niners (when compared to the rest of the NFC) doesn’t have many teams that they need to fear because we have an answer on defense and our offense got a lot better. I think the Bears and the Saints are the two teams in the NFC that we should worry about. Seattle will be good, but if we do what we did last year we should take it to them again. The Rams we should have beat both times, and the Cardinals are going to get special treatment from us on Monday night football.

  63. For those of you who like fantasy football it looks like we’re finally going to be able to draft a Defense. CBSSPORTSLINE is ranking the Niners Wrecking Crew as the 11 Best Defense in the League.

  64. hey vincent lottie
    you do realize that Patrick Willis cant shed blocks very well either and is very frustrated with the new defense just thought youd like to know.

  65. We need to bring back our old niners uniforms for good. Hey Misfitz you do relize that Wills has a 4.37 speed, a sideline to sideline tackler, led in tackles with a broke arm in college, will learn the 3-4 defense in the nfl and will be a better pro than Smith could wish for. WILLS MAY HAVE PROBLEMS NOW BUT HE IS A ROOKIE, SMITH IS A VET AND AINT SHIT BEFORE OR AFTER TO EYE SURGERY. 49ERS TIL ITS OVER!

  66. Smith and Ulbrich need to go next year bye bye!!! Way over paided!!!!

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