Willis and Hill at Rookie Premiere

Update: Apparently NFL Network loves screwing us over. Like last month when Battle and the some others were supposed to be on, they decided to change it at the last minute. NFL Network says they will air it now next week on July 17th.

Tune into NFL Network today at 5:00PST to see a one-on-one interview with rookie linebacker Patrick Willis.


~ by 49ersNews on July 10, 2007.

16 Responses to “Willis and Hill at Rookie Premiere”

  1. this is great all these Niners getting attention…just yesterday they sat down to talk with Vernon Davis now Patrick Willis …finally were getting some respect

  2. In a way I think we are getting too much attention because I like flying under the radar and now we really aren’t. Teams will be looking out for us.

  3. I don’t care how much attention we get, or don’t get, we are gonna do the damn thing this year. We are hungry, this marks the year we are officially back, and are true contenders year in, year out!

  4. thats right and all i can say is…………ITS ABOUT TIME!!!!!

  5. Man i hope Jason Hill turns out to be one of the best young wideouts in the game. It is time for us to have that one piece as a wideout someone we can count on when we need like a Steve Smith. Im looking foward to him learning from D Jax and i hope we plays hard like A Battle and catches like Jerry Rice.

  6. Damn Jeremy, the makings of a perfect wideout or what? lol!

  7. What the fuck? I got football follies on my NFL network!

  8. That stinks….I don’t even have NFL network so consider yourself fortunate. Jason Hill (knock on wood) screams Chad Johson to me, they have the same strengths and played in the Pac-10…..I think that Hill is going to pan out big time, but can someone make me feel better about our offensive line situation AFTER this season. We HAVE to go O line or D line with our first rounder next season. But, I love the faith I am hearing in here….WE ARE GOING TO RIP IT UP THIS SEASON….KNOW THAT!!

  9. Use the draft, and free agency to fill the void in O, and D linemen. I think if we keep Smiley then out O line is pretty well done. Obviously we want to add some good depth. There are only three D linemen to fill, unless you know somthing I don’t, I would say we are well off.

  10. I DON’T KNOW anythign you don’t already know. It is just that I am a firm believer in the o line being REALLY IMPORTANT!!

  11. I turned to the nfl network and i saw football follies too.

  12. football folies suck where was the rookie premire. All nfl network knows is how to make the same commercial with three different idiots and talk about Tony Dungy if they dont talk about Dungy once a day there not happy. TO MOVE OR NOT TO MOVE “THATS NOT THE QUESTION” THEN WHAT IS THE QUESTION I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE IM GOING CRAZY I THINK IM GOING TO WATCH THE GOLF CHANNEL LOL

  13. They changed it to next week July 17th. Second time NFL network said the 49ers would be on and they change it….

  14. Man they aren’t giving the niners any respect….

  15. National T.V. will not respect us until we win another Championship-Plain and simple, We won’t get the acalades that those cowhicks would get, and those bastard cowhicks and the media have flooded the airwaves labeling them the next championship team, and I think that’s bullshit, the season has’nt even started, so don’t get ahead of yourself, but I too ryan want to stay under the radar so we can sneak up and shock the world and suprise their asses!

  16. I’m looking forward to next season, all the media is trying to jump on the band wagon when those bastards did’nt even pay attention to us, or waste their breath on us in the past. Those bastards don’t want to really admit it be we are on to something special, I sense it pisses the national media off when they see us common back. Their doing their job, but it bugs them, because those scum bag motherfucking Cowhicks have always been labeled themselves America’s Team. Who the fuck could label themselves the most important team! I DONT THINK AMERICA REPRESENTS CORNDOG-EATING WRESTLING WATCHING-COUNTRY MUSIC LOVING-EAST TEXAS HILLBILLY-BUDLIGHT DRINKING-JACKED UP TRUCK DRIVING- BIG BELT BUCKLE WEARING-STUCK UP-KAPPA METROSEXUALS! THIS DOES NOT REPRESENT AMERICA’S TEAM, THIS IS DALLAS TEXAS HILLBILLY TEAM!- AND THAT ONLY! SO EVERYONE REMEMBER THAT! THE 49ERS REPRESENT AMERICA!- CLASS AND STANDARDS! Not bullshit! And who better to represent that, than the TRUE AMERICAS TEAM-THE 49ERS!

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