The Drinking Game

For those that haven’t seen it, last year we created a 49ers Drinking Game to make things more interesting on Sundays. With training camp right around the corner, and everyone gearing up for the 07 season, we figured this year we would open up the comments section for you the fans to suggest more items to add to the list.

Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments section and we’ll add the best ones.

Full Drinking List


~ by 49ersNews on July 11, 2007.

41 Responses to “The Drinking Game”

  1. I’m looking forward to next season, all the media is trying to jump on the band wagon when those bastards did’nt even pay attention to us, or waste their breath on us in the past. Those bastards don’t want to really admit it be we are on to something special, I sense it pisses the national media off when they see us common back. Their doing their job, but it bugs them, because those scum bag Cowhicks have always been labeled themselves America’s Team. Who the fuck could label themselves the most important team! I DONT THINK AMERICA REPRESENTS CORNDOG-EATING WRESTLING WATCHING-COUNTRY MUSIC LOVING-EAST TEXAS HILLBILLY-BUDLIGHT DRINKING-JACKED UP TRUCK DRIVING- BIG BELT BUCKLE WEARING-STUCK UP-KAPPA METROSEXUALS! THIS DOES NOT REPRESENT AMERICA’S TEAM, THIS IS DALLAS TEXAS HILLBILLY TEAM!- AND THAT ONLY! SO EVERYONE REMEMBER THAT! THE 49ERS REPRESENT AMERICA!- CLASS AND STANDARDS! Not bullshit! And who better to represent that, than the TRUE AMERICAS TEAM-THE 49ERS!

  2. Every time the Niner’s get screwed on a obvious call take 3 drinks. ( The field goal the cards made against us) (or didn’t make)!

  3. Here are a few new ones….. 1) Take one drink every time you see Mike Nolan in a suit.Down a full beer if Kwame Harris or Derick Smith gets benched.And take 3 drinks everytime Darrell Jackson or A.battle or Lelie score a touchdown.And down the rest of your beer if we get a kickoff or punt return for a touchdown. And take 3 drinks everytime /Smith or Willis/Moore/Banta-Cain/M.Lawson gets a sack.And 5 drinks a corner makes an interception or down the rest of your beer if after we intercept it they score a touchdown.

  4. Take a drink everytime A. Smith touches the ball!

  5. Just f’in drink the whole game!! We don’t need to stinkin’ games holmes!

  6. Do a shot every time Nolan adjusts his tie

  7. Drink every time Gore makes a play over 20 yards

  8. Drink every time Gore or VD breaks a tackle (This should usually cause you to take at least three drinks in one play)

  9. BTW free tickets to ANY 49ers training camp date @

  10. On Gore…. A drink per yard, 6 drinks per TD, a drink per catch. On A Smith a drink per completion and 6 drinks per TD. On VD on anyother WR… a drink per catch, 6 drinks per TD. On DEF… a drink per tackle, 3 drinks per sack, 3 drinks per interception, 6 drinks per TD. Interceptions, fumbles, safeties or anything against us, you can take 3 full beers per each to soften the blow. Thats the drinking game fantasy style.

  11. OK, now this should definetly be added to the rules. The proper attire for The Drinking Game should be a dress suit, full tie. Any other combinations requires the player to drink a full shotgun beer to enter the game.

  12. How about we just wake up drunk before the game starts!!

  13. take a drink when the golden boy throws an incompletion.

  14. I love the Niner nation, we all a bunch of alcohlics!Much love to the Niner fam all over the U.S.

  15. Take a shot everytime u see fans shake there heads when the niners score on them!!! then tell them to fuck themselves!!!!

  16. What the hell,Im drinking right now just thinking about the season. GO NINERS!!!!!

  17. I’ll drink a shot each time those Cowhick bastards fuck themselves and Lose! Lose motherfuckers lose! Go 49ers!

  18. Everytime those fuckers lose I immediatly celebrate with a shot!

  19. Dude, no one else cares about the Cowboys. Shut up before I shut you up. You give your self away with the cowhick shit. It might take awhile to figure out it’s you if you didn’t say the same shit over and over again. Lonetexasninerfan, a.k.a 49ersgoldrusher is a piece of talking excrement.

  20. I have two, drink a shot everytime alex smith throws a touchdown bomb down the feild, and when we win the division drink a shot to every division title we’ve won in 49ers history and the current which should be this up coming season.

  21. Fuck you punk, you newschool 49er faN. Go fuck yourself, its easy to talk shit over the internet. Your probably some computer geek with a one inch dick. go jerk off pussy, and let the real fans stay on this site- little man!

  22. I’ve noticed whenever someone dislikes the Cowboys, which most all true 49ers fans do with a passion, you and your little one inch dick talk alot of shit, I’m tired of new, shittalkin, newschool 49er fans like yourself. Stop talkin shit you little weazle,get your twizzers and commence masturbatin you miserable little fool! Bobby booby join and get the fuck off this site! Commence masturbation you little shit!

  23. This year, I’m premiering in the Dallas Cowboy swimsuit Addition!

  24. Get the fuck out of here your a chick, or a She Male!

  25. Get off the site ASAP- Booby Boucher!

  26. This is a 49er Site!

  27. dude, you’re that guy that was going crazy right before the draft and screaming that the niners NEEDED Dwayne Jarrett or we were going to be horrible this year. Also, I TOLD YOU WE WOULDN’T DRAFT HIM!! Quit insulting people on here and just go away. YOU are the ONLY ONE who talks about the cowboys…nobody else on this site does because they are irrelevant. We will be just fine without Dwayne Jarret and the fact that the niners passed on him in the second round when we STILL could have drafted him. Quit cussing and calling people names…..just go away, please.

  28. Man, that bobby guy is a sick puppy!

  29. By the way the tackle, Jared Gaither, went to the Ravens in the 5th round of the supplemental draft today. Ole’ Norv burned a 4th rounder on that corner from Georgia.

  30. Ryan, We all know you have multiple screename including booby Boucher, Your a fucking behind the scenes cowboy Fan, because if your a 49er fan, a true 49er fan for more than 10 years you would know true 49er Fans hate the cowboys with a passion! And Hey Bobby boucher Aka Ryan the first – tell me something I havent heard yet, it will be revelant when we face those fuckers in the Playoffs when they stand in our way! So do some history you young newshcool 49er fan.

  31. Ryan I want to call you and your multiple personalitys out. Do you know the history of the 49er. do you realize in the last three decades when you were probably in diepers or not born the Cowboys always stood in the way of the 49ers. I watched those hillbillies knock us out of the playoffs right before our 94 championship, I’ve noticed they are tied with us for trophys, in the seventies they prevented us from going anywhere, they tried to prevent us in the 81′ NFC championship. And now this year everyone is labeling them the superbowl contenders. Well the facts are their for hatred to that team, and the rivarly which we will always have. We don’t have to be in the same division, sooner or later will face them, and they will stand in our way a try to get to number 6 before us! Do you want to see that in Ego maniac hillbilly-land, I don’t. I want to see us get their before them and win. I have a feeling we’ll face them this year in the playoffs or next down in hillbilly land.

  32. what do you think please respond non disrespectful and think about it!

  33. And on top of that they label themselves america’s team -how egotistacal can you be. If they represent America were screwed!

  34. Se who hates the Cowboys come playoff time! Ryan AKA Bobby boucher read the above and respond to the comments on rivarly!

  35. Sammy Joseph the Rookie corner out of LSU will be an effectice corner. What are his stats in Colorado! And Hey Bobby, that cowboy hater has some points about the cowboys, but are you really premiering in the Dallas Cowboy swimsuit addition calender! I don’t know to many chicks named Bobby! LOL!

  36. Who is in the swimsuit Addition, one of our Cheerleades? What? Awesome!

  37. I think he means that Booby guy!

  38. NEW NEWS from the supplemental draft…it involves the niners…

  39. Chargers selected CB OLIVER in 4th round of supp. draft. and T Gaither was taken by the Ravens in the 5th round
    those were only players selected in supp. draft


    Mark Washington, a versatile defensive end/linebacker from Texas State, agreed to a two-year deal with the San Francisco 49ers after being bypassed in the supplemental draft.

    Washington ran in the 4.6-second range in the 40-yard dash during workouts in front of NFL teams, but he was a little slower Tuesday when he worked out.

    Because Washington weighed in the 250-pound range, teams had to decide if they wanted him at defensive end or linebacker. The 49ers wanted him at linebacker and believe he has the ability and size to challenge for a position as a strong-side outside linebacker

  41. ok heres one.drink beer everytime the raiders score a touchdown.ha ha.we really shouldn’t do this one.wasting beer is not cool.

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