49ers Sign Washington

Mark Washington a defensive end/linebacker from Texas State was signed by the 49ers after he wasn’t drafted in the supplemental draft. It is a two-year deal with no signing bonus. The 49ers are not commenting because the deal has not been officially signed.

Source: Matt Maiocco, ESPN

Related: Texas State’s Washington eligible for July 12 NFL supplemental draft


~ by 49ersNews on July 12, 2007.

53 Responses to “49ers Sign Washington”

  1. hm cool. glad to see we’re still looking for oppurtunities

  2. Although I doubt he will ever see an NFL game, it is still cool to see us pursuing some of these guys. Look at Jamal Williams, he wasn’t drafted (supplemental draft pick), but he turned out alright!

  3. Who is this guy? Practice squad backup?

  4. We keep signing guys but what is going to happen when it is time to cut the roster down? Who will be cut new or proven players. GO 49ers

  5. How many LB’S do we have on the roster?

  6. Does anyone think we should have given a 4th round pick for the tackle out of Maryland? Too much? I didn’t get so see or here much about him. So I really don’t know.

  7. I know that in pass rushing situations some linebackers will be rushing from the d-line, but that is a least 10 linebackers on the roster. I like competition at each position, but this is overkill!

  8. 50 Smith, Derek LB
    53 Ulbrich, Jeff LB
    56 Moore, Brandon LB
    99 Lawson, Manny LB
    54 Green, Roderick LB
    55 Navies, Hannibal LB
    95 Banta-Cain, Tully LB
    57 Bockwoldt, Colby LB
    52 Willis, Patrick LB
    58 Moore, Jay LB

    Did I miss anyone?

  9. Nope and it is going to be interesting on who gets cut….we will see.

  10. Ryan, I was looking at the Ravens and Chargers roster and the Ravens have 10 LBs and the Chargers I believe have 13! Maybe nobody is going to get cut. From what I understand, I think Nolan wants to keep fresh bodies on the d-line and linebacker crew. For example, playing B. Moore on first and second down and then bringing in more of a cover or pass rushing linebacker in 3rd down situations. Plus as I mentioned earlier, putting Roderick Green and Hannibal Navies at the DE spots in pass rushing situations. So maybe they will keep all of them.

  11. Probably won’t make the team but I like the fact that our guys are awake and making moves in July. Great management team there. By the way, did anyone read this SI article? http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2007/writers/richard_deitsch/07/11/alex.smith/index.html

  12. I wish we had news on Ashly Lelie and D Jackson cause with out them we arnt doing anything. But I really Hope they give Maxwell and Brandon Williams a shot at WR it wasnt fair they never let Williams try and Marcus Maxwell was getting compared to T.O. not in attitude though.

  13. I’m not worried about DJAX, but Lelie might try to fake an injury through his contract. Training camp starts in a couple of weeks. If Lelie tries to say that he is still injured then look for the niners to do something about it because you couldn’t more blantantly say, “Hey, I had a non-serious injury and I am going to milk it so I get paid, but don’t play.” If he is motivated he will help us a lot, but he just has always acted like a spoiled brat thus far. DJAX is the better receiver, but he would make a great number two or three receiver. I know Jason Hill is hungry and so is Battle, which means, “Put up or shut up!” If he screws this up then he isn’t going to get offered serious money by anyone again because they know he will continually pull this kind of move.

  14. I looked online and couldn’t find up-to-date information of D-Jackson and Ash. Ryan, I think Ashley thought he had it in the bag and there is a-lot more competition for Wide out than he thought. It is not like he has a whole lot of slack with the 49ers. I am happy that Nolan signed him, but I think in Ashley’s mind he was going to be the starter and nothing could change that. Ashley is wrong. I like Battle and wouldn’t give him up easily. He may not be the number one wide-out for any team, but he is a worker. Every team needs someone like that. I think that the 49ers will work with Ashley and he won’t get cut this year. Depending on how many WRs Nolan wants, we are looking at Gilmore or Jacobs. What do you guys think?

  15. Info on the new guy.


  16. Where in the HELL is everybody?

  17. I think I want Lelie to stop whining and faking his injury because if we get what we paid for then we are going to be beating up defenses. DJAX, Lelie going deep, Vernon Davis going across the middle, and Battle doing his think all at once? THEN WE GET GORE???? I don’t think we could ask for much more improvment in ONE offseason. Now we just need a healthy team and Jason Hill to fulfill his destiny of becoming the next Chad Johnson. As for Gilmore and Jacobs….that is a tuffy because I know they both WANT to be on the team and are trying to make the cut, but you already have five receivers that WILL make the team in Djax, Lelie (hopefully), Jason Hill, Battle, and Brandon Williams will just because of kick return possibilities and the slot.

  18. More info on the new guy. Funny stuff read!

  19. Ryan, you did not respond to Cowboy hater comments. He wanted a reply, you got to be a cowboy-49er fan because your passion for your hatres for the cowboys would be strong. You don’t have that hatrid for those hillbillies. You will come playoff time when your multiple personality new fan screename will be angered when those bastards try to knock us out of contention! Be a real fan ryan AKA Booby Boucher, stop googling your answers and facts and be a real fan like most 49er fans!


  21. I doubt if he will last on the roster this season after reading the statementon danny had left on his last comment.it looks like a practice squad casuilty or will be cut before the season starts.but thanks for the updates for such a slow football month.


  23. So the Rams starting corner is out the first 4 games of the season or substance abuse, haha. Looks like in Week two Alex Smith will be player of the week which is perfect because then he will have confidence to be pro bowl material. 9ers Bitches

  24. SEE BOOBY BOUCHER RYAN CAn’t respond many him and his multiple personalitys are fairweatherd Cowboy-49er Fans. Can’t be both, If your a 49er fan you hate the cowboys with a passion for life! And if your fellow 49ers make a cooment on those bastards you back them up not talk trash- that proves my point – booby aka ryan you get angered when I discuss your other favorite team the Cowboys. Plain and simple get off the site you newschool fairweatherd newschool wannabe fan!

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  31. Does Erickson still run this site? I know all the sources are mostly from Maiocco.

  32. The World has come to an end! Ryan, it is just terrible that you’re a cowboy fan! I can remember all the times we have had it out on here about the 49ers and cowboys. I can remember you telling me that Tony Romo and T.O. and the greatest tandem of all time. I disagreed, saying that Ryan Leaf and some Wide-out for the chargers were the greatest of all time. Not Montana or Rice, Ryan Leaf and some dude. If you don’t believe me, than just look at the blog. Look how many times you mentioned the cowboys. The number I came up with is ZERO. Now that I have said that Dip-Shit will use your name or mine and talk about the Cowboys. Remember Ryan and shuttle Cock, Scottie G, Douche bag, and all the other decent 49ers fans you all are going to die. Your going to HELL and then your going to die (Mr. Garrison South Park) because you are cowboy fans. You can love any other team in the NFL, but you cannot like the cowboys! You guys are the scum of the Earth. Dip-Shit and I have had enough! If you guys haven’t figured it out…I am being a smart-ass. Hope you enjoy. And Please can I have a response.

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  35. Looks like we are definitly 100% 3-4, gotta have alot of linebackers in this scheme….. Great for competition too!

  36. Just so everyone knows, including you Danny. My grandfather played for the 49ers in the 50s and 60s, and he played with R.C. Owens, Leo the Lion, Y.A. Tittle and all those guys. His name was Jerry Mertens. He was the president of the NFL alumni west coast chapter but resigned a few months ago… I love the 49ERS and i have true red and gold blood, and fucking runs through me…and I don’t think anyone else here can say that. Fucking 9ers for life…lets stop bitching because we are all part of the 9er faithful and thats all that matter.

  37. Arock49 I here you, I think this will be the first season that the 9ers wont have to start a 4-3 for some games. And keep in mind that Clements is not afraid to shed the WR and go make a hit and the same with M Lewis, thats like having 6 linebackers on the field.

  38. I invite all of you to read my full statement! That means read it all the way through! Look at the bottom of my paragraph! It says that I am being smart-ass! In fact look at the top of the blog; you will see that I have even given links to information on the new guy! I know for a fact that Ryan is not a Cowboy fan. (Dip-shit goes after Ryan the most.) If you notice when I mentioned Ryan Leaf and SOME Wide-out are the greatest tandem, I couldn’t even think of a Wide-out that played for the chargers back then. How many people in the known universe say Ryan Leaf is the greatest QB of all time? He is the biggest joke. Most people say Joe Montana, Dan Marino etc. Look at another statement I said in the paragraph “Remember Ryan and shuttle Cock, Scottie G, Douche bag, and all the other decent 49ers fans you all are going to die.” If you look I said the DECENT 49ERS FANS! Now, I understand it is hard to read emotion on this site, but that is why I wrote down at the bottom, I AM BEING A SMART-ASS! Keep in mind that I am on your side making fun of Dip-Shit! Again make sure that you read a person whole statement, not what you want to perceive about that person.

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  43. a good read and they call out the right person…


  44. and here is how they rank us in fanstasy value…..wasn’t stoked about what they had to say about vernon davis or the receivers depth chart, which had taylor jacobs listed above jason hill in value.

  45. http://msn.foxsports.com/fantasy/story/6894166

    whoops sorry!!

  46. Thanks Ryan the 1st,Im a huge fan of A.Battle!I hope A.Battle starts over Lelie but i guess we will have to wait till the end of preseason to find out.And i also dont like that T.Jacobs is starting over Jason Hill eather.And they didnt have Williams on there eather.And fuck them…..Davis is going to be a beast this season.

  47. I agree, Battle has worked his way up and isn’t even close to being afraid to take a hit and I love that….I think he is going to turn a couple of heads this year.

  48. I hope Vernon Davis stays injury free this season because we dont have anyone near his skills on our dept chart this season.

  49. finally……

  50. We waived BJ Tucker…..Maiocco’s website is saying it atleast.

  51. more stuff….


  52. Ryan Stop writing to yourself and creating different names, it’s getting old. You keep creating screenames, agreeing with yourself over and over. (Grow up Child) This site is reserved for True 49er fans. I’m sure you’ll say I’m the SeaHawk fan becuase I agree with that guy. So far I agree with everything he’s said. The guy is right, it’s great having that rivarly between those two teams, all true 49er fans know of that rivarly, and they know how much we hate them!

  53. I’ve been on this site quite abit, and I’ve been reluctant to say anything to on the comment section. I must agree that the 49er-Cowboy Rivalry will always stand, and if you do not appreciate that from a fellow 49er fan than your either too young to know, or you like that guy said you are not a “Real Fan”, because real fan’s do not hate on fellow fans! especially if you discuss the Cowboys. You shoul always back them up!

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